Eyeballs Growing All Over Me ...Again

Eyeballs Growing All Over Me Again A man comes home to discover a Bigfoot like creature watching his tv a giant robot pays a visit to a couple a new kid has some unusual toys to share an inventor creates a gorgeous robot in order to

  • Title: Eyeballs Growing All Over Me ...Again
  • Author: Tony Rauch
  • ISBN: 9781936383337
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • A man comes home to discover a Bigfoot like creature watching his tv, a giant robot pays a visit to a couple, a new kid has some unusual toys to share, an inventor creates a gorgeous robot in order to meet women, a girl becomes so ill she has her head replaced with a goat head, someone wakes to discover little eyes growing all over his body, small, hairy creatures come looA man comes home to discover a Bigfoot like creature watching his tv, a giant robot pays a visit to a couple, a new kid has some unusual toys to share, an inventor creates a gorgeous robot in order to meet women, a girl becomes so ill she has her head replaced with a goat head, someone wakes to discover little eyes growing all over his body, small, hairy creatures come looking to retrieve an object they had misplaced, and a boy finds an unusual pair of sunglasses in the weeds These are the whimsical, surreal adventures of Tony Rauch.

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    1. Tony Rauch

      Tony Rauch is an architectural and urban designer, and an all around great guy filled with nothing but good things Good things.He has two books of funky jazzy arty short stories in print I m Right Here Spout Press and Laredo Eraserhead Press Some dark and gothic, some kinda sci fi, some absurdist, some experimental, some fairytale, some fantasy ish, some dream like and surreal, some social satire.His two screenplays are available for reading on his website.Eraserhead Press plans to publish additional collections of his short stories, beginning with Now We Can Buy a Monkey surreal, action adventure, fantasy, sci fi, dream like pieces and then Despite Our Best Efforts absurdist pieces.

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    1. A man comes home to find a smelly bigfoot in his living room. A paperboy's curiosity gets the better of him and investigates an odd neighbor's house. A giant robot tears the roof off a couple's house. A man goes to a parallel dimension to hook up with an ex-girlfriend (nice Philadelphia Experiment reference!). A new kid starts school. All of these tales and more can be found inside Eyeballs Growing All Over Me Again!Normally, I subscribe to Johnny's Law when it comes to short story collections. [...]

    2. You can read my entire discussion here.Review snippet: "I’ve read Rauch before and found his collection of short stories in the book Laredo to be serviceable and entertaining enough to be worthy of a good review. However, Eyeballs Growing All Over Me… Again is a better collection. Less verbose, less neurotic, more confident – this collection is all together a tighter, cleaner, more relevant book. Rauch’s confidence as a storyteller has improved since I last read him. His stories show the [...]

    3. Eyeballs growing all over me…again is Tony Rauch’s third book. It’s a short story collection full of giant robots, miniature football figures that come to life, time travel, scientists, and giant chickens.The stories inside vary in subject matter, but most seem to be sci-fi. They reminded me of old episodes of Twilight Zone and as I read many of these I couldn’t help thinking these would make excellent episodes. Rauch is like the bizarro version of Ray Bradbury.One of the standout storie [...]

    4. (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)I never quite know what to say whenever a book like Tony Rauch's Eyeballs Growing All Over Me…Again comes in, because it seems that there are so many things stacked against its chances of being memorable; it's a collection of unrelated stories to begin with, never a good thing as far as trying to be distinct [...]

    5. Aliens. Goblins. Giant robots. Regular-sized sexy robots. Big hairy, smelly beasts. Dimensional travel. Mutations.These elements make up the series of fever dreams that is Eyeballs Growing All Over MeAgain, a collection of short stories by Tony Rauch.Each story packs a punch of weird into it, which makes it a good things that this is a short story collection. Eyeballs is a book best taken in small doses, and it feels like it would be very easy to get a Bizarro overdose if reading too much at onc [...]

    6. First off i would like to thank the author for asking me to review his book.From finding a Bigfoot in your living room, a robot who can get you a date, traveling back in time with aliens. Tony touches all genes here. His short stories are strange but interesting a laugh you will get, and you'll be scratching your head like what did I Just read. I read a few of the stories twice. my favorites:★People have been drifting away★Big Head★The BugOverall its a read you will enjoy!

    7. Single-author story collections can be problematic. Every story could have issues that might detract from the greater whole, spoiling the experience and possibly souring the reader to other works by an otherwise great author. After all, even Stephen King has his bad days.Fortunately for Tony Rauch, his collection "Eyeballs Growing All Over Me Again" avoids much of those many possible problems that can crop up in a collection. He presents an nice sampling of his range, and clearly shows his skill [...]

    8. ‘Eyeballs growing all over me again’ is a collection of short stories by Tony Rauch. Some are *very* short: just a paragraph or two. Some are pages long and split into parts. But the whole book is a carefully staged show of playfulness, and like anything playful, could be read by any age that could deal with the concepts. There are no viscerally grisly moments here, and no bad language.If a good narrative should hold a mirror up to life and make you look again, Rauch’s book wants to do thi [...]

    9. This is a nice little compilation of bizarro shorts. Not as in I went and bought some hideously patterned Hawaiian shorts, but actual bizarro short stories. There is a bit of everything in there. If you like bizarro, chances are that you will find multiple stories in here to tickle your fancy. I know I did. There were stories in there that I felt that had not quite been completedor they just left me feeling a bit empty. But then again, maybe I just didn't get them. The writing was diverse, and y [...]

    10. This book of short stories is as disjointed as its title. Overblown purple-prose descriptions vie with too-obvious and “why should I care?” openings. Blunt traumas via words share shelf-space with obscure metaphors. Lists masquerade as description, and unnecessary detail weighs any chance of pacing down as surely as a stone anchor. And it’s all in first person, present tense, which is further off-putting: especially when this choice becomes a vehicle for showing, not telling, POV character [...]

    11. I feel Tony Rauch is one of the greatest short story writers working today. His voice is one that is utterly alien, but also warm, friendly and familiar. He infuses the fringes of life and reality with a rarely seen measure of heart and soul.In 'i discover an army of', there's a dreadful but not hopeless finality as the main character discovers an army of things growing in tubes.In 'Send Krupac Through the Portal', one can identify with the title character's misfortunes as the girlfriend he gave [...]

    12. Very Strange, Very Weird, and Very Entertaining!Tony Rauch has an eye and an ear and writing skill that manages to put hallucinations or fantasies or nightmares into words. EYEBALLS GROWING ALL OVER MEAGAIN is a collection of short stories that will startle the reader, fool the mind, and introduce the public to a writer with a keen sense of humor wrapped in weird stories. His technique of offering this strange tales in short story fashion suits him well and he definitely has that idiom down to a [...]

    13. One of the great things about bizarro fiction is the diversity it allows; "weird" is open to all sorts of interpretation, and much of the fun of reading bizarro lit is seeing different authors' takes on the concept. With his collection EYEBALLS GROWING ALL OVER ME . . . AGAIN Tony Rauch presents twenty-three stories that view the strange through a bittersweet, whimsical, and practically life-affirming lens.In this series of vignettes (some as brief as a couple of pages) Rauch examines themes of [...]

    14. I received this book to give an honest review. So I read the synopsis on this and figured okay it was going to be one of those weird books I am sure I could get into it. I was wrong. I tried everything to really enjoy the book but it just didn’t call to me like I hoped it would, I am down for weird and different stories but sometimes they are not all right for me. Some of the stories were really way to short for me to really get into the story being told so I couldn’t fully enjoy it. I think [...]

    15. Eyeballs Growing All Over Me Again by Tony Rauch is an interesting collection of short stories.They range in style and tone, but invariably they offer some food for thought about our daily interactions and relationships, our morals and ethics. Though sometimes expressed on the nose, these questions about our behaviour are deeply ingrained in the stories, and they feel stronger and more meaningful for it.Overall I found reading most of the stories enjoyable, but towards the end I found myself fee [...]

    16. FULL REVIEW HEREeyeballs growing all over me .n is overall a pretty good collection of short stories and flash fiction. It would be one I would especially recommend to science fiction fans or to people who want to read a lighter kind of Bizarro fiction.

    17. Whimsical is a good description for this book but surreal might be pushing it. It is a solid collection of down-to-earth, relatable speculative fiction. Nothing offensive, for good or bad. Your enjoyment of this book really depends on your taste.

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