Covenant Humanity has always believed it is the only intelligent species of life in the universe But while excavating in Israel an archaeologist unearths a tomb that has remained hidden for years Inside

  • Title: Covenant
  • Author: DeanCrawford
  • ISBN: 9780857204691
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Humanity has always believed it is the only intelligent species of life in the universe But while excavating in Israel, an archaeologist unearths a tomb that has remained hidden for 7,000 years Inside lies a secret of such magnitude that the story of mankind is instantly rewritten and its future thrown into terrible danger Only one man can piece history back togetherHumanity has always believed it is the only intelligent species of life in the universe But while excavating in Israel, an archaeologist unearths a tomb that has remained hidden for 7,000 years Inside lies a secret of such magnitude that the story of mankind is instantly rewritten and its future thrown into terrible danger Only one man can piece history back together again Only one man will risk everything to prevent a catastrophe that could tear the world apart That man is Ethan Warner.

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    1. Disclaimer - I received a copy of this book directly from the publisher.Point Number one - this cover FUCKING ROCKS! In person it's all iridescent and shiny and shit and I love it. It depicts in one image everything I want out of a book. And then tragically there's the book itself which doesn't live up AT ALL.I would like to organize my review in a slightly different way then usual. It will be broken down into the four equal parts: 1 - MOST AWESOME STORY AND CONCEPT AND IDEA EVER - 5 stars for a [...]

    2. In the spirit of full disclosure, I did not read all of this book; I got halfway through and skipped over the rest to get a gist of what happens and then read the last chapter. I know many would say this is blasphemy, but in my humble opinion I was giving this book all the respect and attention it deserved. I see that many readers enjoyed the book and gave it good ratings and high praises, but I simply could not summon that degree of enthusiasm. I accept that the fault could be mine. The author [...]

    3. Running out of books by my favorite authors, I roamed the shelves of the local library and found this gem of a book! In all honesty, the cover intruiged me (as I am fond of books creating fictional stories with real science of controversial/questionable topics: ie. the life of christ, secret societies,origins of the universe,conspiracies etc.)and after reading the summary I was convinced. However, the first 3-4 chapters were a bit confusing as they bounced back and forth between characters in di [...]

    4. This got reviews at both ends of the spectrum. Reading some of those from the low end I see some people who are bitching just to bitch. I see this quite often and it really puzzles me. Read the synopsis of this book. That is what the book is about. I myself have read some books that I was disappointed in but generally knew what I was getting into when I read the synopsis. Sure sometimes a book might not live up to the expectations of where you think the story may go. But to bitch about a book kn [...]

    5. Great first novel from author Dean Crawford. "Covenant" is the first book in the Ethan Warner series and reminds me of the intrigue of "The Da Vinci Code" blended with supernatural events akin to the television shows "Fringe" and "The X-Files". The best part is that while the plot of the novel centers around alien remains found in the desert, the supernatural elements don't dominate the story, but rather focus on the interactions of the human characters and their own agendas for trying to recove [...]

    6. In full disclosure I won an Advanced Reader's Edition of this book in a Giveaway.Ethan Warner, ex-marine and ex-journalist is sent to Israel to investigate the disappearance of archeologist Lucy Morgan who vanished while uncovering the remains of what was either an Alien or an Angel. Ethan along with Lucy's mother Rachael begin to uncover a plot that involves unsanctioned human experiments with the genetic material from the Alien/Angel and government/corporation/church conspiracies. Meanwhile b [...]

    7. How do I begin to describe this book? Well it’s quite long (almost 700 pages) and pretty much all of those pages are action packed. The story has multiple threads and the action takes place in both the USA and Israel / Palestine. The main thread of the story is the disappearance of Lucy Morgan, an American paleontologist, last seen in a restricted area of the Negev desert in Israel. Lucy has been investigating a dig-site independently and found remains which appear to be extraterrestrial. Unfo [...]

    8. When humanoid bones are found in a remote dig in Israel, scientists start going missing. Ex war correspondent Ethan Warner is called in to conduct a missing persons search for Lucy and keep it under the radar to prevent derailing the peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians. However he must take with him Lucy's desperate mother, Rachel, and keep her safe in a troubled land. It soon becomes clear that there's more to these bones than meets the eye. Why are they so important? Are they the bon [...]

    9. From the very beginning of Covenant, the reader is drawn into the story through intrigue and action. American archaeologist, Doctor Lucy Morgan disappears and in steps maverick Ethan Warner, who has the skill of finding lost people. His mantra starts with ‘If you’ve got nothing, then nothing matters.’Reluctant to work discreetly for the Defence Agency, the leverage of a promise to find out what happened to Ethan’s fiancée Joanna (who went missing in Gaza three years ago) is used if he w [...]

    10. Newly released today is Dean Crawford's debut novel Covenant.Archaeologist Lucy Morgan is on a sanctioned dig in Israel. But it is what she discovers on her own time nearby that is unbelievable."The remains bore testimony to an enormously powerful creature, the internment a cavity over eight feet long.Ahmed looked at the bones, confused now by the unfamiliar terminology and the doctor's excitement. 'What's so special about it ?' A ghost of a smile touched Lucy's lips. "It's not human'."But befor [...]

    11. In short - I thoroughly enjoyed this book! After reading the numbers 1 to 4 in the Song of Ice & Fire books in quick succession I decided to read Covenant for a 'break'. After being immersed in the the Ice & Fire 'world' for so long, I worried that I wouldn't be able to get into this, but the short action packed chapters soon had me gripped and curious to know more - especially how the different strands of the story would come together. If I were to have any minor criticism, it would be [...]

    12. Not having anything to read for my journey one day, this was the only book within my preferable genres. I was a bit pessimistic at first, with the standard of writing not matching up to Michael Crichton, for whom the author had been compared to. The storyline was good and easy to get into with likeable characters. Finishing one chapter made you want to read on to the next immediately, something indicative of a good read! This is the first book by Crawford and he has got off to a good start, I wo [...]

    13. For a more detailed review, please visit my blog at cornishamy/2011/1I was looking forward to reading this book, as Crawford has been compared to writers who I enjoy, such as James Rollins and Chris Kuzneski.Dean Crawford's hero is Ethan Warner, an ex-marine turned investigative journalist who lost his reason for living when his fiancee, Joanna, was abducted while in Gaza. Ethan is brought in by the Defense Intelligence Agency due to his skill at finding missing people - excepting the one he rea [...]

    14. I really loved this book. I felt it was well researched and put together in a way that I definitely found compelling. I did think some of the writing was a bit clumsy, but that was to be expected as I believe it was Crawford's first book. I am searching for the sequel desperately as I want to find out what happens next!

    15. Quite facinating- extremely well researched- a great mix of sci-fi, thriller and drama- very much enjoyed the thr three separate yet connecting storylines- well done indeed.Rick FriedmanFounderTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB

    16. A good read, kept me interested the whole time. Interesting plot, will try to remember to see about other books with same main character.

    17. Humanity has always believed it is the only intelligent species of life in the universe.But while excavating in Israel, an archaeologist unearths a tomb that has remained hidden for 7,000 years. Inside lies a secret of such magnitude that the story of mankind is instantly rewritten – and its future thrown into terrible danger.Only one man can piece history back together again. Only one man will risk everything to prevent a catastrophe that could tear the world apart. That man is Ethan Warner.I [...]

    18. When I started this book, I had difficulty seeing past shortcomings in the writing style to the rather fun aliens conspiracy storyline.The writing style is like that of Dan Brown, say, with rather clunkily convenient expository passages, e.g. where a character will pause to review their own life stories, for the benefit of the reader. The use of imagery and metaphor, especially in the portayal of emotions is also often melodramatic.However, I persisted and am now over halfway through the book an [...]

    19. “Covenant” by Dean Crawford, published by Touchstone Books.Category – Mystery/ThrillerLucy Morgan has found the biggest discovery in history, a find that could destroy the teachings of all religions. She has discovered a seven thousand year old tomb that contains the bones of an alien.Lucy and her discovery are abducted by a group called MACE (Munitions for Advanced Combat Environments). This group is headed by a church calling itself, American Evangelical Association. Pastor Kelvin Patter [...]

    20. A heavily researched thriller that asks, "what if mankind were not alone in the universe?" and answers the question by mixing religion, Middle Eastern politics, and alien lore. The plot begins swiftly when archaeologist Lucy Morgan makes a startling discovery: humanoid remains at least 7,000 years old but she's then kidnapped and her mother, Rachel, asks former war correspondant Ethan Wagner to help find Lucy.The action then switches to America, where a well-liked senator faces the potential los [...]

    21. With Covenant, I judged the book by it's cover, literally. A skeleton semi buried in dirt and big yellow lettering - COVENANT. It was attention grabbing. I was convinced that I was not making a mistake purchasing it upon reading its impressive blurb. Now I know next time to not use just my perception of the book's cover and minimal information regarding its story to read it. The action and mystery contained in the story were structured entirely to cause a 'when does this chapter end' book to bec [...]

    22. I had high hopes for this book… but was disappointed. The premise of the book was sound, and Crawford had clearly done his research. However, the story was in many parts contrived. There were pages and pages of technical scientific explanation, and long-winded description of the middle-eastern conflicts, that were beyond the comprehension of your average reader. This made some of the text pretty hard to get through. Cramming so much technical information in was at the cost of character develop [...]

    23. This is Dean Crawford's first thriller and it's got a rip-roaring premise. A female scientist has stumbled on the remains of a 7000-year-old giant humanoid buried in the Middle East. When the scientist is kidnapped, former Marine Ethan Warner is bailed out of jail to unofficially to look for her in Israel and Gaza. Ethan has given up on life, but this mission not only gives him the chance to locate Lucy Morgan, but also find out what happened to his fiancee, who went missing in the region severa [...]

    24. I won an Advanced Reader's Edition through .Ok, very interesting book. I liked the plot and the whole idea. The writing, as a whole, was very descriptive.However,.I can't put my finger on it, but I didn't get "lost" in the story. You know, like when you feel you are there. Although I enjoyed the scientific view of the origin of life, I found the book to be preachy about it about half-way through. I'm all for educating the reader about a topic, but it was like a long, boring lecture. Way too many [...]

    25. Covenant is a terrific debut from author, Dean Crawford. The writing style is superb, rich in vivid imagery with very tight but fluid prose. The storyline barrels along at a tremendous pace, the narrative populated by interesting characters that stand out for their totally individual and discernible mannerisms, disposition, and nuances of speech. The real crowning glory for me, however, is the author’s effortless ability to tell the story from multiple viewpoints whilst slowly and cleverly bri [...]

    26. I bought this sucker for two bucks in a Half Price Books under the reasoning that, by God, I was going to leave the store with a crappy techno thriller to laugh my way through.For that two bucks, I got what I paid for - a vague mish-mash of a half-dozen conspiratorial theories slammed up into a badly written screed about well, I'm still not sure what precisely. As I write this, I am halfway through and the teeth-gritting pain has set in. We have 9-11, we have aliens, we have Evil Mercenary Corpo [...]

    27. I think we should have a genre specifically for thrillers with conspiracies running rampant in them. (Think Dan Brown and you'll catch my drift.)In this debut novel of what will by all accounts be a new series by Crawford, an archaeological find of what seems to be a celestial being or Alien is highjacked by a ultra conservative Christian sect run by a misguided if not diabolical minister. As he is also bent on undermining any attempt at peace in the Middle East, he has also purchased controllin [...]

    28. I confess, I would not have picked this book up were I not in holiday in the sun and in want of an easy read. My mum read it before me and raved about it (she fully believes in the alien conspiracy theory that drives the plot of this book), so I thought meh, why not.I did not expect much, but I did expect more than what I got. I found the plot predictable, formulaic, and the lead character had an awful lot of cliché 'manpain' going on that got on my nerves. The lead female character (I use the [...]

    29. COVENANT by Dean Crawford is a thriller that sneaks up on you like a friend that knows what scares youe fear of the unknown when it comes to fierce religions and what they believe. one of the most frightning aspects of this novelWhen the bones of a creature not known to any scientific origin is discovered buried in a desert in Israel and the scientist is kidnapped by persons unknown it sets off a chain reaction that flows from the inner workings of Washington D.C. to the bowels of the human soul [...]

    30. Covenant is an action-packed thrill ride that would make one hell of a movie.During an excavation dig site in Israel, a tomb is uncovered. A being so powerful it could change the history of mankind with just its existence is unearthed. But before it can be revealed to the world, the scientist who made the discovery vanishes. Enter Ethan Warner, an ex soldier who bares scars inside and out from his tours of war and his lose love. Coupled with a headstrong police officer, Warner tries to uncover t [...]

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