Infine, tu

Infine tu Impulsiva e bellissima sempre disposta a infrangere le regole pur di dimostrare la propria indipendenza Lily Lawson si diverte a scandalizzare la buona societ londinese E per salvare la sorella dall

  • Title: Infine, tu
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Impulsiva e bellissima, sempre disposta a infrangere le regole pur di dimostrare la propria indipendenza, Lily Lawson si diverte a scandalizzare la buona societ londinese E per salvare la sorella dall indesiderato matrimonio con lord Alex Raiford, arrogante conte di Wolverton, non esita a trattare il futuro cognato in maniera sfacciata e oltraggiosa Ma la risposta la soImpulsiva e bellissima, sempre disposta a infrangere le regole pur di dimostrare la propria indipendenza, Lily Lawson si diverte a scandalizzare la buona societ londinese E per salvare la sorella dall indesiderato matrimonio con lord Alex Raiford, arrogante conte di Wolverton, non esita a trattare il futuro cognato in maniera sfacciata e oltraggiosa Ma la risposta la sorprende Deciso a far pagare alla vivace Lily l audace intromissione, pur pacato e gentile Alex riesce a legarla a s in un gioco sensuale Senza immaginare che sar poi lei a rubargli il cuore

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    1. Lisa Kleypas

      LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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    1. Lily Lawson is such a great heroine. This is one of the books I love more for the heroine than the hero, although I really loved Alex Raiford. This is Lily's story. She is not perfect and she is considered a fallen woman. But the grit, and the determination she has makes you love her for who she is. Alex cannot resist her, and falls hard for her. I thought this book was so passionate and intense. The words just jump off the page and into your heart.Keira Knightley as LilyMatthew Marsden as Alex

    2. 3 to 3 1/2 StarsThis is my first Lisa Kleypas book and there is not doubt that she is one INCREDIBLE writer. I can see why most of my friends love and consider her one of their all-time favorite romance novelists. Unfortunately, this book didn't work for me like I had hoped. While I adored and fell head-over-heels in love with the hero, Alex, I can't say the same for the heroine, Lily. I started the book very much loving her vivacious, witty, and incorrigible behavior; however, by the end of th [...]

    3. Reseña completa: masromance/201 ha gustado muchísimo!!! Quizás no es una novela perfecta y serían 4.5, pero le voy a dar las 5!!!Es una puera guerra, entre voluntades. Con dos personajes dolidos que muestran una actitud tan diferente ante su dolor. Que se complementan.Lilly me ha gustado mucho, esa mezcla de bravura y ternura, arrojo y timidez. Sí que es cierto que en ciertas escenas a la autora se le va un poco la mano, pero me ha arrancado más de una carcajada con esas locuras. Alex es u [...]

    4. spoiler warning There is a huge misunderstanding. Hero is leaving with his righteous anger. Heroine calls out to him and he stops. Heroine explains without turning it into huge ball of omissions. They talk it out and solve the problem. Aaannd romance readers everywhere cries!!!Finally! This book gets a 5 stars rating just for that scene from me. I really liked the heroine and the hero as a cherry on top =)

    5. I liked this one. Strong heroine. Strong hero. Bit of a back story with her history. Oh she hadn't expected to enjoy this so much. She had never felt such pure delight in provoking a man."Lily, don't be afraid. I want to please you. Trust me.""Say yes," his fingers curled into her hair. "Say yes, darling." Bit pressed for time with reviews at the moment.It was unfashionable for a husband to dote openly on his wife, but Alex didn't seem to care.

    6. I loved this book, that after I finished reading it, I flipped to the first page and started to re-read it again. At first glance Alex Raiford is your typical A Alpha Male, wanting it his way or the highway. But slowly your shown what has left Alex so cold and unfeeling and that he’s finally has to see that he’s been hiding behind this pain and building a wall around himself and the one person he didn’t want around him in a million years is the one who opens his eyes. Lily is a cutting, ga [...]

    7. Maravillosa novela, absolutamente original en el género, tanto por sus personajes como por la historia, que es increíblemente emotiva, sobre todo acercándonos al final, cuando se va develando y solucionando el oscuro pasado de Lily. Me gustó mucho como va evolucionando la personalidad de los dos personajes principales, influenciados por el temperamento del otro, tanto que el libro se podría dividir en dos. En resumen, excelente autora, excelente libro hace tiempo que no sacrificaba tantas h [...]

    8. Originally Posted At Addicted To Romance. I was shocked to learn I hadn't done reviews on this series and that has GOTTA change now!! Because quite frankly both of these books are amazing. But let me discuss the first book in the seriesThen Came You. Now what is so great about this book?? Well quite frankly quite a bit. We have our heroine, who is unconventional, wild and free and doesn't like to be tied to. She likes to ride, hunt, shoot, wear trousers and jump into freezing waters for a thrill [...]

    9. What a page turner this turned out to be! It was nearly impossible to put down. This is right up there with Loretta Chase’s “Lord of Scoundrels” in terms of deliciously wicked banter between the h/h and the love-hate relationship is broiling hot with lots of unexpected twists and turns. Alex is one short tempered, bossy man who cannot handle not being in control all the time. He just can’t stand the “screw you”, devil-may-care attitude of Lily Lawson and does everything he can to get [...]

    10. Muy original. Lily y Alex son personajes súper carismáticos. Comparten escenas desopilantes, que me hicieron reír a carcajadas, y otras cargadas de una ternura deliciosa. «—Escúchame con atención, Wilhemina. Tus errores, tu pasado, tus temores… nada de eso va a cambiar lo que siento por ti. (…)—Ese nombre no me gusta.—Lo sé —dijo él suavemente—. Porque te recuerda tu niñez. Wilhemina está llena de temores e ilusiones, desea que la amen. Y Lily es fuerte y valiente, y le d [...]

    11. Ingeniosa. Pasional. Atípica. Una novela de personajes. Alex, Lily y Dereck son de esos personajes que acabas recordando a pesar de muchos libros leídos Son carismáticos, potentes, distintos Varias de las escenas me han parecido magníficas.Para mí, uno de los mejores de Lisa😍

    12. After all these years, still 5 starsAt the halfway point, I was certain that I must have been reading a different book to the one I had rated 5 stars. I was blubbering like a baby, swearing at men in general and calling Alex a bugger, bugger, poo bum git head (my most scathing insult). Had I got it all wrong? Maybe, I had read it with rose coloured glasses? It became imperative that I go on. I had to confirm that Lisa Kleypas is and was one of the Queens of Historical Romance.What a bloody fool [...]

    13. Maravilloso, delicioso, sin lugar a duda uno de mis libros preferidos de Lisa por no decir que me estoy replanteando la valoración de los otros libros que he leído de ella. Iba directo a un 5 estrellas, pero al final se queda entre un 4-4,5, ese final tan precipitado no me ha gustado demasiado, siento que la escritora alargo mucho la agonía de Lily y después se le echa el tiempo y resuelve la historia de un plumazo. Me ha parecido muy original la trama, muy avanzada tratándose de una novela [...]

    14. Addictive for certain, but did it have to had so much drama?If this had been cut to half its size, it would get a solid four star rating!As it was, it was just too much: I am an emotional wreck by now, and it's six o'clock in the morning! o_OThe positives:The banter between the main characters.The fact that they pretty much hate each other guts on sight, and for quite some time (yes, I choose to place this amongst the positives, lol)The fact that neither of them is your typical a hundred per cen [...]

    15. Overall rating: 3 starsCheating: NoLove triangle: Not really though hero is engaged to heroine's sister for first half -- there is no romance between them though -- it is not an engagement based on love or affectionAnything sexual with om/ow: NoThemes that may be triggers for some: dubious consensual sexHEA/HFN: HEAMy review:Unfortunately, this book was overall a disappointment for me. This was my second Kleypas book and it may be that her writing isn’t for me. While I really loved the last 25 [...]

    16. 5+ stars – Historical/Regency RomanceAlthough I’d previously read and loooved Kleypas’s Travis’s series, this was the first historical romance of hers that I read, and it’s no wonder that she’s such an incredibly popular romance author. The relationship between wild spitfire spinster Lily Lawson and stodgy Alex, Lord Raiford, from bitter antagonism to explosive passion that turns to cordial respect and then deep affection, is sheer magic to behold. This book inflamed my LK admiration [...]

    17. 2.5There is a lot of drama in this book, but I didn't mind that much. Then Came You gives you two very stubborn and strong-willed people clashing for the most of the story. It all starts when Lily decides that a man her younger sister is going to marry is not going to be good for her. I didn't get that. Only because he was unpleasant the first time they talked. You can't blame him for that really, because the first time he saw her was at a party when she jumped into the Thames to get her bonnet. [...]

    18. Hacia tiempo que no leía un libro de lisa y me he vuelto a reencontrar con esta gran autora Esta saga promete mucho , la protagonista es fuerte, independiente ( por las circunstancias ) y con un punto de excéntricidad que me ha encantadoAlex es un amor y ahora empieza siendo una cosa luego se descubre cómo un verdadero hombre enamorado La historia tiene su aquel y solo he echado de menos un poco más de acción .

    19. Sabia que me iba a encantar al leer los primeros capitulos y así fue.El relato de Lisa nunca me es indiferente y sus obras son un encantador de serpientes en mi, me cuesta mucho soltarlas en cuanto comienzo con la primer página y luego no quiero encontrar la palabra FIN. El único consuelo es que tengo un libro más para leer con personajes ya conococidos.

    20. This book started out rather good. The protagonist was bold and funny and independent. Also, my heart ached for her because her child was kidnapped. It was certainly emotional at times because of that.However, she started making really bad decisions, and it went downhill from there. And I get it. Desperation makes you do stupid things. However, I also wanted her to make smart choices, if she really wanted to find her child, and if she really wanted to be happy. It was just…complicated. There w [...]

    21. Wow. I’m sensing another Kleypas craze coming on! Have I ever said how much I love this woman!? I may have mentioned once or twice, but I absolutely adore her historicals! No one can really compare with her. Kleypas is simply the historical romance queen!Although this book wasn’t my favourite of her works, it was still pretty damn good! At first I wasn’t too fond of Lily. She was too showy, cared too much about being the center of attention and I didn’t like that at all. Lily says she do [...]

    22. Mi segundo libro de la Kleypas y tengo que reconocer que entiendo porqué es una de las "reinas" del género.A pesar de no ser muy de enaguas, he disfrutado mucho su lectura, quizás al final ha flojeado un poco para mi gusto, pero he estado casi todo el libro encantada con las idas y venidas de Lily y Alex.Preparándome para empezar el segundo, Mr. Craven ya me ha cautivado en éste, así que tendremos emociones aseguradas ;)

    23. This book made me fall in love with Lisa Kleypas again. I had devoured her books years ago, and then things happend and I just stopped reading altogether, and then I picked this upThis is one of those books where once the hero has decided to stop being stubborn, he falls like a 100 pound cement block! :-) Luckily for Lisa she has this ability to write these stories that make you want to pick them back up and feel that tenderness again and again, and thus makes her books 'keepers'!Reread: March 1 [...]

    24. After waffling between a four and a five, I'm going for broke and slapping a fiver on this wonderful story. Lily is a magnificent heroine. She just feels so REAL in everything she says and does. She's audacious and bold and makes mistakes, but she also has very human quirks and vulnerabilities that she doesn't want to reveal to anyone (or doesn't trust to reveal) after having gone so long only relying on her own independence. When Alex comes along and is smitten almost from the start, she doesn' [...]

    25. Overall rating: 5 stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Intimacy with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ Yes. The hero was betrothed originally to Lily's sister. It was not a love match at all. Alex does kiss her once and that's it. He was only trying to make himself want her essentially, but it didn't work.(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ Yes, very sweet!(hide spoiler)]My review:Lily was [...]

    26. So that was my first Kleypas. I hope to god that the other two I unfortunately also bought sight unseen aren't as bad as this one, because this was pretty rotten reading up to when I and the book parted ways.Most importantly, I couldn't at all connect to the prose. It was brittle, unemotional and as dry as tinder, not to speak of very, very boring. Boring appears to be a staple for this book, because inspite of their antics I found both H and h to be utterly yawn-inducing. In fact, if the most e [...]

    27. LOVED IT!!! If I could, I would sprinkle thousand stars on this book!Such an amazing story Lily and Alex's relationship was so dynamic, it sucks you in right away and you don't want to put it down until you finish. Lily was very adorable with her funny and inappropriate acts, sometimes she was too cynical but I liked her very much.And Alex I don't know which gorgeous part of him I should choose to begin with (of course I meant his character ;p) Alex stole my heart with his beautiful character fi [...]

    28. I never thought I'd say it, but there definitely IS such a thing as being too strong. Both Lily and Alex, the leads of this historical romance, are simply too stubborn and too closed off from the world to make for entertaining characters. If anything, their constant bickering grated on me and got old quickly. After all, the sexual tension is prevalent, but the dialogue goes in circles. Now, to make it clear, this isn't a bad book at all, but it's just not one for me. I'm tired of the push-and-pu [...]

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