A Girl Like You

A Girl Like You A Girl Like You A Donovan Creed Novel is the next step in the evolution of hit man and former CIA assassin Donovan Creed When Rachel Case goes to the doctor for a routine blood test scientists are a

  • Title: A Girl Like You
  • Author: JohnLocke
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  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Girl Like You A Donovan Creed Novel is the next step in the evolution of hit man and former CIA assassin, Donovan Creed When Rachel Case goes to the doctor for a routine blood test, scientists are astonished to learn she possesses a gene no one else on earth seems to have a gene that holds the key to protecting the world from the deadliest pandemic in history When goA Girl Like You A Donovan Creed Novel is the next step in the evolution of hit man and former CIA assassin, Donovan Creed When Rachel Case goes to the doctor for a routine blood test, scientists are astonished to learn she possesses a gene no one else on earth seems to have a gene that holds the key to protecting the world from the deadliest pandemic in history When government operatives kidnap Rachel in order to develop a vaccine, her lover, Donovan Creed, realizes the only way he can find Rachel is to enlist the help of her current husband, Sam A Girl Like You is A sure fire hit Another laugh out loud thriller in the tradition of Saving Rachel and Wish List.Every ten seconds, twenty four hours a day, a John Locke novel is downloaded somewhere in the world Authors, book reviewers, bloggers, newspaper and radio interviewers, and fans across the globe agree John Locke is one of the most creative contemporary talents in America today.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information This is the novelist 2x spaces , not the philosopher 1x space New York Times best selling author John Locke is the international best selling author of sixteen books in four different genres He is the 8th author in history to have sold one million eBooks on Kindle Locke has had four books in the top ten at the same time, including 1 and 2 His Donovan Creed thriller series has sold than 1,700,000 copies since January, 2011, and foreign rights have been acquired by six major publishers for Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Hungarian, and Lithuanian translations s brief biography NY TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR 8th MEMBER of the KINDLE MILLION SALES CLUB First self published author to hit 1 on Kindle First self published author to hit Kindle Million Sales Club John sold 1,100,000 eBooks in 5 months by word of mouth John wrote and published 6 best selling books in 3 separate genres in 6 months, part time John has had 4 of the top 10 eBooks on Kindle at the same time, including 1 and 2 He s also had 6 of the top 20, and 8 of the top 43 at the same time Every eBook John Locke has written and published has become a best seller.

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    1. Here’s another contender for the best opening line to a book: “MOST PEOPLE WOULD think getting bit on the balls by a water moccasin while sitting on the toilet in their own home would be the worst thing that could happen that day.” Sam Case learns the hard way that not helping Donovan Creed may reap all sorts of bad things. Including the fake amputation of his leg. Again, I really am enjoying John Locke’s Donovan Creed series. And what a deal: all are available for $.99 for your Kindle. [...]

    2. Donovan Creed is not a nice guy. He's an assassin for hire with his own set of rules. Because Creed is often used by the government for unsavory work, he gets a lot of leeway (and support) in his non-government work.In general, the Donovan Creed series is a quirky, twisted, roller-coaster thriller ride. Often the dialogue is cheesy, the action over-the-top and the protagonist (anti-hero?) bigger than life, but the book still manage to be a fun, quick and mindless read. These are the books you ca [...]

    3. I have some new things to talk about; yes besides the stuff I yapped about last week, yes, it is true. New stuff already! Here is the deal; I am adding a new segment to my blogtalk show, it is going to be all about writing process. Basically a panel of authors is going to discuss a facet of writing each month and hopefully something new can be learned and we can each get something from it. Let’s face it, gas is going through the roof, trying to get to one of these authorfests is tough and cost [...]

    4. Hilarious, mindless fun! There's action, mystery, and a big dose of humor. This was my first Donovan Creed novel, but I'm going to read the other ones too.

    5. This one was the best Donovan Creed so far. I was hooked within minutes. Even when I'm reading other books, I reach for Donovan Creed first. Yes, he's twisted. Yes, it's full of ridiculous scenarios. But this book is a wild, fun ride on an adventure roller coaster. Every page leaves waiting for the next surprise. I especially love how Donovan is becoming nice, dare I say? I love his character. And I love John Locke's writing.The only thing that keeps it from five stars is my own ego. How can I g [...]

    6. Throughout the series, Locke's books have mutated into quirky pieces of "art". Well art might be a strong word but let me explain. As with most art, you stand back in admiration of somebody else's creativity. That is the same way I feel when reading a Creed novel.Even though this book was short and sweet, with under 200 pages, it still had a lot of action, sharp humor and skin-crawling suspense. It is a bit cheesy (yet funny) that Creed makes numerous references to "a book he's read (or will wri [...]

    7. Another unpredictable book from John Locke. Following the journey to track down his kidnapped girlfriend, Donovan Creed exercises his great powers at breaking into homes and cutting off legs to bring about the extraction of information from those who always know what is best for mankind. One lesson of this novel is that government officials who are willing to allow you to make a sacrifice for the good of humanity don't want to be the first in line for that stuff. Don't miss this book.

    8. Absolutely wild, laugh out loud fun to read. I recommend for anyone looking for a quick read with non stop action.

    9. Continuing with my pursuit of the lone Hero (see reviews for Joe Pike novels, John Rain novels, and Jack Reacher novels) Donovan Creed is probably the most unique character I came across.I'd never heard of John Locke until I received my Kindle DX in the mail. Locke made his fame and fortune self-publishing his books in the Kindle world. For the Kindle, his books are ridiculously inexpensive (around $0.99 to $1.99). I was surprised at what I read and hooked from the start. Unlike my other series [...]

    10. Another roller coaster that never disappoints . There is a reason he is a best selling Author and has a loyal cadre of OOU's following his very new release .A new Author creating the same buzz and sharing similar rankings .WithoutSufferAbominationE.E. Borton

    11. I'm not going to liee Donovan Creed series has very little literary value I felt like I was potentially getting dumber as I read them:)That being saidey are short, entertaining (in that perfectly mindless sort of wayI enjoy a good mindless read occasionally), and best of all, they're only .99 each on the Kindle! Most entertaining $7 I've spent in awhiled the 7 books lasted me a full week:)

    12. This was my first John Locke novel. It was quite enjoyable right up until I got to the final chapters - the intrigue fell apart and I think he had a difficult time ending the novel, however the last paragraph builds the intrigue right back up for the next book. I think I will try the first novel in the series to see how that book was since A Girl Like you is actually book 6 of the series.

    13. Another solid, fun story from John Locke. Not that murder, mayhem, extortion, kidnapping, and government conspiracies are usually thought of a fun topics, but when someone like Donovan Creed is involved Scratch that. There is no one like Donovan Creed. A highly enjoyable story filled with twists, turns, and switchbacks. Hang onto your seat, you're in for a wild ride.

    14. ‘A girl like you’ is the first book I bought on my new Kindle. This is like renting ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ the first time you go the video store (which I also did). Did I like the story? I am shocked by the entertainment value of Mr. Creed’s adventures. What a great way to discover talented authors.

    15. I hadn't read a donovan creed novel before. It was a stunningly fast read. I liked the story ok, but I didn't love the characters. Maybe I had to read the other ones first to get to know Creed better. One thing, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of past books so I suspect to read these in order might be a little frustrating because there is probably a fair amount of rehashing past stories

    16. once I started Donovan Creed (or whatever his name is) i was hooked. John Locke is a truly LOL writer. his stories are delicioulsy unbelievable (and i do mean unbelievable) in the most entertaining, thrilling and gripping way. i have them all, and read them back to back.

    17. good again. rather addicting. not HUGE on the 'back story,' but we're getting bits and pieces. His girlfriend's husband, Sam, long out of the picture, continues to figure a bit too prominently for my liking. Creed is his usual superman-self. Doesn't dissapoint.

    18. Was trying to read this last night in bed & my wife said if you are going to keep laughing go to the couch. So off to the couch I went to finish reading the antics that Donovan Creed was getting into.This series just keeps getting better & better.

    19. Every time I read these books I find myself smiling, there is so much to enjoy if you like the quirky characters and speedy plots. I love reading other reviews and the fact that there is one 5* for every 1*

    20. This was the first book by John Locke. It was chosen a book club reading. The book was fun and I love Donovan Creed. He's something. You can't really describe him. Locke did an excellent good with Donovan's character. I love suspense and murder mysteries.

    21. The book was a great read, honestly I'm a little pissy about the ending, but even that I'll chuckle about. Loved Donovan's character. Everyone meshed well and the humor was just in the right places. Definitely worth the time and effort to enjoy it. Great job!! I definitely recommend it!

    22. I loved this book in the Donovan Creed series better than Saving Rachel: I really enjoyed the Spanish Flu angle and would've liked to read more of the scientific side.

    23. Took me a while to get into this book. Once there I started to enjoy it and do intend to read more of these books. Good suspense and romance.

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