The Gun Seller

The Gun Seller When Thomas Lang a hired gunman with a soft heart is contracted to assassinate an American industrialist he opts instead to warn the intended victim a good deed that doesn t go unpunished Within ho

  • Title: The Gun Seller
  • Author: Hugh Laurie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Thomas Lang, a hired gunman with a soft heart, is contracted to assassinate an American industrialist, he opts instead to warn the intended victim a good deed that doesn t go unpunished Within hours Lang is butting heads with a Buddha statue, matching wits with evil billionaires, and putting his life among other things in the hands of a bevy of femmes fatales, whWhen Thomas Lang, a hired gunman with a soft heart, is contracted to assassinate an American industrialist, he opts instead to warn the intended victim a good deed that doesn t go unpunished Within hours Lang is butting heads with a Buddha statue, matching wits with evil billionaires, and putting his life among other things in the hands of a bevy of femmes fatales, whilst trying to save a beautiful lady and prevent an international bloodbath to boot.A wonderfully funny novel from one of Britain s most famous comedians and star of award winning US TV medical drama series, House.

    The Gun Seller Hugh Laurie Buy The Gun Seller New Ed by Hugh Laurie ISBN from s Book Store Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie The Gun Seller book Read , reviews from the world s largest community for readers When Thomas Lang, a hired gunman with a soft heart, is contracted The Gun Seller Book Review Graeme Shimmin alternate The Gun Seller was written by Hugh Laurie and published in It is often described as one of the best comedy espionage novels ever written. The Gun Seller The Gun Seller is the first novel by English actor, musician, comedian, and writer Hugh Laurie It concerns former Scots Guards officer Thomas Lang and his reluctant involvement in a conspiracy involving international arms dealers, terrorists, the CIA, the MoD, beautiful women and fast motorcycles. The Gun Seller Summary eNotes Somehow THE GUN SELLER is just what one might expect in a first novel by Hugh Laurie, the British actor who plays Bertie Wooster to Stephen Fry s Jeeves in the P G Wodehouse classic JEEVES AND The Gun Seller, a book by Hugh Laurie Book review A Message from SFBook SFBook is entirely funded by Ant including hosting, development and any other costs If you enjoy the site please consider a small donation towards the cost of the upkeep and development of SFBook. PDF The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie Book Free Download Free download or read online The Gun Seller pdf ePUB book The first edition of this novel was published in May st , and was written by Hugh Laurie. The Gun Seller Quotes by Hugh Laurie quotes from The Gun Seller Death and disaster are at our shoulders every second of our lives, trying to get at us Missing, a lot of the time A lo

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    1. Hugh Laurie

      British comedian Hugh Laurie, OBE could have easily taken another career track rather than that of well known performer As a secondary and college student, he was also a world class oarsman He wasn t the only one in the family to have a passion for the sport, however His father won a gold medal at the 1948 London Olympics as part of the British national team The youngest of four children, Laurie went to Eton College, perhaps Britain s best known preparatory school During his time there, he became involved in rowing He quickly became one of the nation s best, and in 1977, he became one half of the national junior champion coxed pair In the world junior championships held in Finland that year, he and his teammate finished fourth in the world.The following year, Laurie entered Cambridge University, with the intention of studying archeology and anthropology He was also intent on joining the prestigious rowing team, rowing in the 1980 Cambridge Oxford boatrace More information on the race can be found at BBC SportHe reportedly became ill during his first year, however, and was forced to withdraw from the rowing competitions While regaining his health, Laurie had his first experiences as a performer by getting involved with the Footlights Club, a famed undergraduate comedy revue group In his last year at Cambridge, Laurie was elected President of the club, with fellow Footlighter Emma Thompson acting as Vice President.Traditionally, at the end of the year, the Footlights take their act on the road throughout the nation While on these tours, he met, via Thompson, a young playwright named Stephen Fry They collaborated on a sketch called The Cellar Tapes , which they entered in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1981 They were awarded Pick of the Fringe, enabling the duo, along with the other Footlight performers including Thompson to go on tour through England and eventually, Australia.Soon thereafter, Laurie, Fry, Thompson, Robbie Coltrane , and Ben Elton formed the television sketch program Alfresco , eventually leading Laurie to the famous in Britain, at least Black Adder series, headed by Rowan Atkinson , and also to the Jeeves and Wooster series with Fry.It wasn t long after these successes that he began appearing in films In 1992, he appeared alongside fellow comedians Fry and Thompson, as well as Kenneth Branagh and Rita Rudner in the ensemble comedy Peter s FriendsHe subsequently did outstanding work as a character actor in such films as Sense and Sensibility 1995 and 101 Dalmations 1996 In 1999, he took the lead in the adaptation of E.B White s Stuart Little, playing the adopted father to a walking, talking, fully dressed mouse, a role he d reprise in the film s 2002 sequel Stuart Little 2.After a two year absence from the big screen, Laurie returned to the multiplexes in 2004 with a supporting role in Flight of the Phoenix, a remake of the 1965 James Stewart action adventure film about a group of plane crash survivors who attempt to build a new plane from the wreckage That same year Laurie essayed the titular role as the cynical but trailblazing Dr Greg House in the primetime Fox Network television drama House.Laurie is also a musician of note, invariably performing as a keyboardist with the rock band Poor White Trash and the Little Big Horns He currently plays keyboards with Band From TV a band featuring other television stars who perform to raise money for various charities He added yet another profession to his lengthy list of accomplishments when, in 1996, he published his first novel, The Gun Seller Married since 1989, he has three children with his wife, Jo.

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    1. This book is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C !!!Maybe you haven't recognized the name of the author, but this Hugh Laurie is THE Hugh Laurie who was the star on the TV series House, M.DSure, maybe some of you would say "So what? He is an actor but can he write?" Oh, yes! He CAN write!Pain is an event. It happens to you, and you deal with it in whatever way you can.If you ever watched some episode of House, M.D. you can be familiarized with the personality of the character that Laurie portraited there, and you [...]

    2. I wish I could give this book 6 stars. I love Hugh Laurie. I love his dry, sarcastic wit. I love his accent. I want to hump his leg for writing this book. Yes. I really just said that. I picked up this book BECAUSE I love Hugh Laurie, but I didn't really have high expectations. I thought it would be humorous, but not a book to really be taken seriously. I thought it would be a little bit like a parody of the espionage genre, like Johnny English or Spy Hard, etc. I was prepared for it to be silly [...]

    3. I would like to please find the person who in the description of this book promised an "uproarious cocktail of comic zingers" and give them my best "Grandma Lydia look" (*) (*) If you are NOT familiar with the "Grandma Lydia look", which you probably aren't since the chances of you actually having met my grandmother are slim to none, I will explain. This is the look you get from a tiny 5-foot-tall sweetest Eastern European grandmother that makes you stop in your tracks and beg forgiveness for an [...]

    4. This book restored my faith in celebrity novels. The last one I read (by a former TV hero of mine) was so disappointing but Hugh Laurie is a first-rate wordsmith and an excellent storyteller. I already knew he was a brilliant actor (I'm midway through The Night Manager, and his performance is sending shivers down my spine), a comic genius and a super blues musician, so he is way more multi-talented than most of us. This book is an action thriller, which is not my usual fare. I suspect he has a g [...]

    5. Thanks to Chris for turning me on to this fun romp. Every now & then I'd just bust out laughing & it kept me up past my bed time to finish it. Random, odd, & meandering as it seems at times, the humor was a constant thread & I found that everything really was spot on. If the story occasionally took the long way around the barn, it was only so we'd sneak up on something unexpected.It's at least a 3 star thriller & is written so perfectly in Laurie's voice that I could hear &am [...]

    6. Someone I greatly admire in the book world was very excited to receive The Gun Seller as a Christmas gift which I pretty much took as an ultra-credible recommendation. The audio was at my library and I snapped it up. I didn't pay any attention to the author's named I'm glad I didn't because I likely wouldn't have read it. If you have never heard of this book, then don't research the author either. Just read it blind! I'm so glad I did. Obviously, after I finished this darkly hilarious piece of a [...]

    7. I bought this in hardback from Waterstones in Bromley when it first came out; I have a feeling I was revising for my A-levels at the time. A lot of comedians were publishing novels back then – Hugh's friend Stephen Fry had already done The Liar in 1991 (which was great – the book, that is, not the year), and before that I think it all started with Ben Elton's Stark in 1989, which I never got around to. Comedian-lit was a weird genre and not one, to be honest, that has produced many great wri [...]

    8. The only reason I read this book? You guessed it, Hugh Laurie. Anything to which his name is attached is worth a looksee. I'm not typically a fan of spy novels, so I must admit that some of the spoofing was probably lost on me. However, Laurie obviously enjoys the English language and bends and twists it to wit-laced results. As a narrator, Thomas Lang is sarcastic and self-deprecating, but also a genuinely nice guy. He's likable, someone you'd like to go have a drink with just to hear his runni [...]

    9. Fantastic. Fantastically funny. Fantastically savvy. Fantastically clever. Fantastically political. Fantastically cinematic. Fantastically entertaining. Fantastic. Hugh Laurie has only written one novel, but I hope there are more to come after his near perfect debut, The Gun Seller.Laurie takes a fairly standard "dirty CIA" story (ala Jason Bourne), tosses in some Wodehousian humour, takes the p*ss out of modern politics and democracy, builds suspense with some cracking chases, gun fights and 00 [...]

    10. The Gun Seller is a strange book, in a way. The first few chapters are sort of random and whimsical, with at least one laugh-out-loud line on every page. About a quarter of the way in though, it seems like it occurs to Laurie that he actually has some storytelling to do, and sets about doing it. The book grows gradually more serious from that point, until it is close to being a Robert Ludlum-style spy thriller. It also gets rather confusing. I had a hard time figuring out the motivations of some [...]

    11. Prošlo je skoro četiri mjeseca od pročitane knjige, no osjećam se isto kao i onda kada je se sjetim. - JES, pročitala sam je! :-) No, kako sam ju zatvorila, tako sam ju zaboravila. Ono što je u knjizi dobro, je naslovnica i to što sam pametnoga doznala o talentiranom Dr. House-u, gospodin Hugh Laurie! Tip genijalac, ali ovo mu definitivno nije trebalo. Naporno, dosadno, zbrkano, nebitno Za preskakanje savršeno!

    12. Audiobook review: the book started out strong, but got very tedious by the 2/3 point. Imagine watching a Mr. Bean marathon. Funny at first, but by the sixth hour, it's driving you up the wall. I think it's probably the format, and I might go back and read (not listen) this one someday.

    13. Hugh Laurie is a talented guy. I read this because I loved House MD and I wanted to know what he can do more. The book was ok but the action dragged at some points.

    14. This book has been on my to-read list for ages. Adding it was as simple as, “Hugh Laurie wrote a novel? Sold!” The fact that it’s a novel about a British ex-military freelancer trying to prevent the assassination of the American businessman he was hired to kill well, that’s just a bonus. Some books keep their wit bottled up and dole it out carefully over the course of the story. The Gun Seller isn’t like that: from the very first page, Laurie makes it clear that this is a tongue-in-che [...]

    15. Cynical, wry freelance soldier of fortune Thomas Lang is hired to kill a man, but being a nice chap, refuses the money and goes to warn the intended victim. His discovery that the victim, an American industrialist, is also the man who hired him is only the beginning of a series of bizarre surprises and twists in store for Lang, as he is reluctantly involved in a plot to instigate a terrorist act so that a new attack helicopter can be tested out in actual combat. He falls for the industrialist’ [...]

    16. I had to stop reading The Gun Seller around 1am, halfway through it, and believe me, the ONLY thing stopping me from reading to the end was an unfortunate dearth of eyelids propper-uppers, a la A Clockwork Orange.It is LITERALLY laugh-out-loud funny. Adam (spousal unit)couldn't concentrate on his computer war game, so often did I punctuate the living room's ual silence with raucous laughter and stifled snorts.But it is ALSO one helluva spy tale. He wrote it in 1996 and I can't for the life of me [...]

    17. Hugh Laurie isI suppose I should begin by saying I have something of a crush on him. In the beginning he was fantastic in "Blackadder" as the various Georges, then he was extremely fabulous opposite Stephen Fry in "Jeeves and Wooster", and then, having proved himself one of the best comic actors of his generation, he came to America to star in "House", and became not just one of the most versatile actors, but a sex symbol to boot. It was on the strength of this reputation that I started to read [...]

    18. Bilješka o piscu (na kraju) mi je najbolji dio knjige. Čovjek je svestran i svaka čast! Gledala sam ga kao gosta u showu Grahama Nortona, beskrajno duhovit i zanimljiv. Izvrstan kao Dr House!!! Ali ova knjiga mi je, poput naslova, bila vrlo komplicirana i nažalost, već je zaboravljena. Ocjena je pozitivna ali samo zbog prethodno navedenog.

    19. 2.5So, I picked this book up because it came recommended and because I like Hugh Laurie both from House and Black Adder, so I was curious as to what a book of his would be like.Well, the one aspect which seems to be promoted above all others is the humor - it's dry and droll and nigh constant. But, while I did find some of the observations wry and humorous, I did not, unfortunately, find it nearly as uproarious as some others did. I also found it to wear kind of thin after not too long a while.H [...]

    20. “Death and disaster are at our shoulders every second of our lives, trying to get at us.”I will try to prevent my adoration of the brilliant Hugh Laurie affect my review of his first (and, to date, only) published novel, but I will admit that it was the only reason I was initially interested in reading The Gun Seller. While the book itself might not be expressly profound or lasting, it’s great for some light reading (or airplane reading, as it was for me). Overall, this spy-genre spoof is [...]

    21. I have a piece of advice for you if you decide to read this book (which you should):Do not read it in an elevator, on a bus, in a hotel lobby, in a hospital waiting room, in the car when you're a passenger (or when you're the driver, for a more obvious reason), while standing in line at the bank/grocery store/customer service desk, while standing round waiting for the mechanics to finish with your oil change, at school, at work, or any other public arena where people can observe you.Why, you may [...]

    22. The Gun Seller, by Hugh Laurie $8.25 ***** Yeah. The author is that Hugh Laurie.If you've been reading these reviews of mine, you know I'm pretty tight with a buck when it comes to Kindle books. I love to troll through kinlib looking for promising freebies and I rarely buy a Kindle book priced higher than $4.99. And this book is priced pretty steepishly at $8.25. Yikes, right?HOWEVER . . . if you download the free sample, as I did, and read it, as I did, I'll bet you end up parting with that $8. [...]

    23. Perhaps it's unfair to review this book seeing as I haven't finished reading it yet, but I'll do it anyway! I think, perhaps, I picked up this book for the wrong reason. I wasn't particularly interested in the story, though it did intrigue me. In all honesty, I picked it up because Hugh Laurie wrote it and I love him. (More specifically, I love Robert Sean Leonard who stars with Hugh Laurie on 'House', but has not actually written a book so this was the best I could do) This, I have discovered, [...]

    24. This was a clever send up of the spy genre, but if Hugh Laurie were not working so hard to be clever in every single line, I think it would be a smoother read.While the narrator's thoughts on sex drives, cars, how people look like their desks, etc, etc, are wry, witty, and amusing - they do not further the plot or the move the action along.I will grant that it may be half the point of a spy novel to never know quite who is working for or with whom, this novel was overly full of characters who ap [...]

    25. Hugh Laurie is one of my favorite human beings on the planet. Actor, comedian, musician, rowing champion in his younger days, he’s an insanely talented person. Turns out that he’s one hell of a great hard boiled mystery writer as well!This fast moving story of a kind of jack of all trades detective who gets caught up in the world of arms smuggling, terrorism, international intrigue probably doesn’t sound very fun, but oh man is it ever.Anyone familiar with Hugh Laurie and his dark and snar [...]

    26. Well, I can't say I'm surprised that Hugh Laurie's comic genius extends to writing novels just as well as it does to bringing other people's novels to life. This one isn't just funny, it's better plotted than most James Bond capers and with more interesting characters to boot. Laurie also finds time to pepper the book with his protagonists charming philosophizing, like this when he's discussing why it is he thinks he is isn't in a relationship:"[Men and women] want different things. Men want to [...]

    27. Quelle lecture difficile! Franchement, je ne pense pas en garder un grand souvenir. Si je devais vous résumer l'histoire, je ne saurais pas quoi vous dire. Nous avons un personnage principal qui a le don de se retrouver dans les embrouilles, une femme fatale, des hélicoptères anti-terrorisme, des pistes de ski suisses, des américains et le ministère de la défense anglais dont on se demande pourquoi il a été intégré au récit. L'intrigue est très décousue et je me suis véritablement [...]

    28. Героят на Лори е много, ама много бъбрив. Разбира се, има доста хумор в него, но в същото време натоварва по някакъв начин, с всичките тези негови мисли. А книгата е в първо лице, така че мислите му са навсякъде.Същевременно действието върви по някакъв начин мъчително бавно и и [...]

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