Raven Strike

Raven Strike New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown The best military adventure writer in the country Clive Cussler joins forces once again with Jim DeFelice for another electrifying Dreamland novel Raven S

  • Title: Raven Strike
  • Author: Dale Brown Jim DeFelice
  • ISBN: 9780061713026
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown The best military adventure writer in the country Clive Cussler joins forces once again with Jim DeFelice for another electrifying Dreamland novel, Raven Strike In this breathtaking international thriller, Dreamland s elite Whiplash unit is called to action when an illegal CIA black ops mission goes frighteningly wrong inNew York Times bestselling author Dale Brown The best military adventure writer in the country Clive Cussler joins forces once again with Jim DeFelice for another electrifying Dreamland novel, Raven Strike In this breathtaking international thriller, Dreamland s elite Whiplash unit is called to action when an illegal CIA black ops mission goes frighteningly wrong in Africa and a powerful weapon of mass destruction falls into terrorist hands Raven Strike is explosive, page turning thriller fiction with political savvy and a razor sharp military edge, ideal for fans of Vince Flynn, Clive Cussler, Brad Thor, James Rollins, and for the army of loyal readers already firmly in the Dale Brown camp.

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    About "Dale Brown Jim DeFelice"

    1. Dale Brown Jim DeFelice

      Former U.S Air Force captain Dale Brown is the superstar author of 25 consecutive New York Times best selling military action aviation adventure novels FLIGHT OF THE OLD DOG 1987 , SILVER TOWER 1988 , DAY OF THE CHEETAH 1989 , HAMMERHEADS 1990 , SKY MASTERS 1991 , NIGHT OF THE HAWK 1992 , CHAINS OF COMMAND 1993 , STORMING HEAVEN 1994 , SHADOWS OF STEEL 1996 and FATAL TERRAIN 1997 , THE TIN MAN 1998 , BATTLE BORN 1999 , and WARRIOR CLASS 2001 His Fourteenth Novel AIRBATTLE FORCE will be published in late Spring 2003 Dale s novels are published in 11 languages and distributed to over 70 countries Worldwide sales of his novels, audiobooks and computer games exceed 10 million copies.Dale was born in Buffalo, New York on November 2, 1956 He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Western European History and received an Air Force commission in 1978 He was a navigator bombardier in the B 52G Stratofortress heavy bomber and the FB 111A supersonic medium bomber, and is the recipient of several military decorations and awards including the Air Force Commendation Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Combat Crew Award, and the Marksmanship ribbon.Dale was also one of the nation s first Air Force ROTC cadets to qualify for and complete the grueling three week U.S Army Airborne Infantry paratrooper training course.Dale is a director and volunteer pilot for AirLifeLine, a non profit national charitable medical transportation organization who fly needy persons free of charge to receive treatment He also supports a number of organizations to support and promote law enforcement and reading.Dale Brown is a member of The Writers Guild and a Life Member of the Air Force Association and U.S Naval Institute He is a multi engine and instrument rated private pilot and can often be found in the skies all across the United States, piloting his own plane On the ground, Dale enjoys tennis, skiing, scuba diving, and hockey Dale, his wife Diane, and son Hunter live near the shores of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

    359 thoughts on “Raven Strike”

    1. A fun read, well told. Pop corn for the brain.Aggravated by the way these cheap e-books don't play well on e-readers. Had to resort to manual page turning many times in this book.

    2. Not being a fan of techno-thrillers, I haven’t read a lot of Larry Bond, Dale Brown, Tom Clancy, or Stephen Coonts. I’ve read some and I’m occasionally in the mood, but I hate the ones that seem more like catalogs of high-tech government weapons and platforms than they seem like interesting stories. I particularly stay away from those which are allegedly written by the big four listed above with someone else. So, it’s strange that I picked up Raven Strike (Apparently, #13 in the "Dreamla [...]

    3. A good Dreamland book but not as intriguing as some of his other books.This book takes a long time to build the plot,otherwise it would be called an exciting and well put together story. The high tech gadgets that the Whiplash team uses keeps your interest as usual. I recommend reading the entire series.

    4. Whiplash Strikes AgainAnother Dale Brown novel with all of the political intrigue and in-the-filed action that a reader comes to expect from Dale Brown. The end came up a little too quickly and I would have enjoyed a little more a the story focused on Ken at the end. Now waiting for the next book in the series.

    5. Good Story,difficult to put downFast moving story of trending war with utilization of current military assets. Uav's are the weapon of choice with enhanced computer software control

    6. Excellent Ride, Brown did it againHard to put down, action from the beginning all the way to the last page. His use of weapons is awesome, and the characters and places are right on. Another great reading adventure as only Dale Brown can do.

    7. Once again Brown and DeFelice combine for a fun to read thriller. A new super drone gets loose from its rogue government keepers. Well done interesting thriller

    8. Highly recommended As usual with his books great reading. Keeps you glued to the book suspenseful and and action packed. Highly recommend

    9. Great StoryThis is a complex story with many twists and multiple segments. It is somewhat futuristic which is what you would expect from Dale Brown.

    10. In the throes of a covert operation in Africa the unthinkable happens, a top-secret aircraft the CIA is testing has crashed and must be recovered before it falls into enemy hands.Colonel Danny Freah is head of the special ops team tasked with the recovery of Raven the UAV that was downed. Freah and Nuri Lupo a top CIA operative are the first to arrive in Africa to meet with Melissa Ilse who was in charge of the testing. With a nagging feeling that he isn’t being told the whole story about the [...]

    11. A typical Dale Brown military/techno thriller with a experimental unmanned aircraft crashing in the Sudan The aircraft is nearly autonomous in operation and programmed to find, track and terminate an individual. A secret force is sent in to recover the aircraft but they have to deal with to opposed rebel groups, a Chinese arms dealer and a Russian spy who are all looking to get and use or sell the aircraft or at least the computer that controls it. Mean while back at home the CIA,, the President [...]

    12. This is #13 in the Dreamland Series. Since I have never read any of the previous novels in this series I was not familiar with the theme. If you like C.I.A. thrillers, this may be just the book for you.I got this book as a free NOOK Book so I decided to give it a try. Within the first five chapters the location changed as many times and I gave up. I'm sure this is probably a great book for those who can track a lot of back and forth locations and characters but I'm not one of those people. What [...]

    13. Considering I jumped into the middle of a series, I was able to follow along very nicely. Some of the characters seem too closely connected, but it was not a major distraction. The action was good, maybe a little over the top, but in a six million dollar man kind of way. End was a cliff hanger. Ok for a tv show but a little too much for a book. Now I have to decide if I want to invest more in the series or not. I just may. I did really like the writing style, managed to move from location to loc [...]

    14. Dale Brown, even with all his techno-speak and acronyms, is a master at blending war, personalities and politics in his action thrillers. 'Raven Strike' is no exception. While I don't know how much of it is compiled by Jim DeFelice, his co-author, together they've crafted yet another stellar 'Dreamland' adventure that sweeps you through war-ravaged Africa while playing out a government/CIA melodrama back home. You rarely know what's going to happen next and the finishes are always, figuratively [...]

    15. I usually really like Dale Brown's books, but this one was too confusingI felt like I had been dropped in the middle of a story - then the next page another story - turn the page and another oneere were too many things going on that didn't fit together and there was no real conclusion. The characters were very flat; I didn't like anyone in the story. Not at all typical of Brown's writing!

    16. Another Brown techno-thriller that mirrors, perhaps in an enhanced fashion, the technological capabilities of an industrialized society. If you are conservative to the point of being paranoid regarding the reach of Big Government, this novel will only strengthen your conviction that science and politics are strange bed-fellows, indeed.

    17. You have read this story before, probably several times. There are the evil terrorists set up against our heroic and highly classified but illegal black ops spies and soldiers and marines and the first female US President kept in the dark much too long. Fortunately, the crew of Whiplash save the day.

    18. A CIA mission in Africa goes wrong and the Dreamland team must rescue a secret un-manned aerial system (UAS) technology and it's operator. Dale Brown gives us a fast paced story with multiple plots that engage us through the book. This was my first Dale Brown book, but it will definitely not be my last.

    19. Plenty of action in this shoot em' up military thriller but that's about all it has going for it. A simple, straight down the path, fast paced adventure. The characters were stereotypical and rather dull. The dialogue didn't offer too much more and seemed thrown in just to fill space. The ending was predictable. No twists. No intrigue. Average story at best.

    20. A CIA Black Ops mission in the Sudan, involving a UAV with a "special" program, goes bad. The plane crashes and Whiplash is sent in to recover the aircraft and the control box. Except, when they arrive, both are no where to be found.Not as good as the original Dreamland books when Col Dog Bastain ran Dreamland, but a few of the characters and still around and Dreamland fans will enjoy it.

    21. CIA action, adventure set in Africa, it has good character development but one of the dumbest females ever who has to constantly be rescueda bit insulting to the rest of us of that gender. I haven't read any of the other books in the series but felt ok with this as a stand-alone. Interesting concept re the advanced tech which they try to rescue. Just ok so gave it 3 stars.

    22. Free Friday nook book-- I already typed a review cof this book this afternoon, but it didn't register! Igave it three instead of four, because while it was exciting, I felt that the sections in DC were weak, except for the bionic man at the end, which approached science fiction. Perhaps in a suceeding book, the reader will find out whether Danny gets together with the woman of his dreams.

    23. I have read a lot of Dale Brown and overall like what I have read. This story seems to drag through most of the middle while having an interesting ending. Of course, it also seems to stop mid-story. Will probably read more Dale Brown but this wasn't the best.

    24. When I first got the book I mistakenly thought I was getting a Dan Brown book. It reminded me of a lite Cussler, Clancy or Ludlum novel. There were some of the characters I really became interested in (Stoner) but don't know if I'll be reading more of this aughor's works (time will tell).

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