Double Dare

Double Dare Two hearts entangled in a steamy affair and a truth or dare game brought about by a mutual desire for erotic discovery Investment broker Abigail Douglas has got it all but Abby the woman longs for a

  • Title: Double Dare
  • Author: Saskia Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two hearts entangled in a steamy affair and a truth or dare game brought about by a mutual desire for erotic discovery.Investment broker Abigail Douglas has got it all, but Abby the woman longs for a secret affair, a playmate who knows nothing about her high powered business world, and Zac Bordino might just be the man He s mysterious and sexy just right for Abby s walTwo hearts entangled in a steamy affair and a truth or dare game brought about by a mutual desire for erotic discovery.Investment broker Abigail Douglas has got it all, but Abby the woman longs for a secret affair, a playmate who knows nothing about her high powered business world, and Zac Bordino might just be the man He s mysterious and sexy just right for Abby s walk on the wild side but very soon she finds that she wants , and his mysterious, evasive nature makes her curious Is there to this sexy, entrepreneurial club owner than meets the eye And why does she suddenly feel as if her every move is being watched Zac Bordino is perplexed when he realizes that the woman managing his business investments is the same woman he s having an affair with She s pretending to be a little nobody out for a good time, and because she s a red hot number he plays along, cautiously observing her to get to the truth From high powered offices in London to pulse pounding nightclubs in Paris, they find an insatiably perfect match in business and in pleasure But when Zac begins to fall for Abby, he has to decide whether to reveal the secret link between them, or try to win her heart first.

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    1. Saskia Walker

      I am the author of several erotic novels including ALONG FOR THE RIDE, INESCAPABLE, RAMPANT, SORCERESS, MONICA S SECRET and THE HARLOT I ve also had shorter work published in over one hundred anthologies I write across genres, and all of my work has erotic content, whether it s short erotica, a contemporary romance, or a novel set in a paranormal or historical world I consider myself a storyteller, and what interests me most is how relationships develop and unfold, how and why we get from saying hello to sharing our most intimate selves in moments of passion I also believe that the best kind of erotic fiction makes us turn the pages through a combination of a compelling storyline and explicit content That s what I want to read, and that s what I try to write for my readers I started out as a short story writer and my stories and novellas appear in over one hundred international anthologies including BEST WOMEN S EROTICA, THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW EROTICA, the Red Sage SECRETS series and the Black Lace WICKED WORDS series My work has also featured in several international magazines including COSMO, PENTHOUSE, BUST and SCARLET.After writing shorts for several years I moved into novel length projects and my work was subsequently picked up by two New York publishing houses as well as several smaller publishers It s been an amazing journey To my absolute delight two of my novels won Passionate Plume Awards and my work has twice been nominated for an RT Magazine Reviewers Choice Award I m now a full time author, and I have many stories to tell.I live in the north of England, close to the beautiful Yorkshire moors Before I settled down here I traveled extensively Visiting different countries contributed greatly to my desire to write that and an extremely vivid imagination You can visit my website for info saskiawalker.homeml

    802 thoughts on “Double Dare”

    1. Steamy Hot Sexy Scenes in this book. Makes you want a Zac for your self. Abby meets Zac after a short hot ride in the elevator, where they watch a couple who can barely keep there hands off there selves. Which in turn seems to make both Abby and Zac very horny. When Zac gets off the elevator at the same floor as her she asks if she can help him. He is delivering a envelope as a favor, so she takes for granted that he works for a delivery service. Before he leaves he leaves his card for the Club [...]

    2. I really enjoyed the overall story. Super hot, perfectly matched couple. Lots o' steamy sex. There were a few things that bugged me, but the overall story was good enough to overcome them. Things that bugged me:There's a short scene of f/f that really just looked thrown in there. Abby has a bi-sexual friend, and while she's talking about how much Zac turns her on, her friend takes advantage of her overheated hormones and gets Abby off. Um. ???? Why? Other than the beginning, where this friend go [...]

    3. 3.5Saskia Walker always manages to write steamy love stories, and sweet love stories. This time it was no exception.I loved the chemistry between the main couple, but I think it was too heavy on the sex part. There is a plot, behind all the getting-nekkid thing.Abby is an Investment Manager, and she doesn't know her new client is the hunk she just meet. They start dating - aka having lots and lots of sex - and Zac can't tell her the truth afraid she'll break up with him. It's a nice plot, howeve [...]

    4. I give it 3.5 stars. Good storyline. Forgettable characters, nothing really stood out about them. Story was way too long.

    5. Goes down as another off my 2018 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book by a female author. Seems Abby’s way of getting herself geared up to do something is to dare herself. When she meets Zac for the first time she has quite a few banked to follow through with the chemistry bubbling between them.So the chemistry between Abby and Zac when they first meet could be called electric. He holds the lift for her and while first looks get both their attentions it’s the fact that another couple in their [...]

    6. Definitely an erotic read. Lots of steamy loving in this one. Which starts out with one little white lie that turns into something much bigger. Abby just wants to have a good time with a mysterious stranger. Most men treat her differently when they realize she's an investment banker in charge of millions of dollars. So she just wants someone to have fun with who doesn't know that side of her. She finds that in Zac. He's everything she's been looking for and they fun they're having together seems [...]

    7. Abby Douglas is a finance guru just assigned an important portfolio that could define her career. While trying to catch the elevator to her office, she runs into a courier that is very attractive. When she learns that he is delivering a package to her firm, she plays the receptionist and accepts the delivery to get a better look at the stunning man. Zac Bordino couldn't believe his luck. He was just dropping off some papers for his mother, and ran into beautiful Abby Douglas. She assumed he was [...]

    8. A very well written erotic novel. It made a lovely change that there were only a few typos along the way, but they didn't distract you from the story, which is why I gave it 4.5 stars and upgraded it to 5 (as I would normally downgrade to 4).The book flows along at a really good pace. The author does an exceptional job of drawing you into the story and getting you to really care about the characters. I do hope there's a sequel, as I feel there is enough to justify another book, as I would love t [...]

    9. Came across this book by chance and so glad that I did. I loved this story! Abigail is strong, smart and secure in her own skin. She is passionate and driven. She is a force to be reckoned with. Zac is the son of rich parents trying to establish some goals of his own when he takes over some of his mother's business for a short time. His dealings with the business bring him to meet Abigail. They have an instant connection and their story develops into quite a steamy, yet sweet romance. The side s [...]

    10. Have just spend a dreary, miserable (weather wise) Sunday curled up with this book nice to have a HEA and not a trilogy.Well written. Love reading books set in London/Kew where as a former resident, I can relate to and picture.Not sure about the f/f moment, but at least it was only a short section.Only a few typos so another plus point there.Lots of steamy under the collar action which I just might reread Excellent book and would recommend4.5*

    11. Really liked this book! Sexy, interesting storyline line. Secrets, lust, a strong heroine working in a male dominant profession and kicking assrts of it seemed too lengthy at times, but not enough to make me want to put it down. Will definitely read more from this author! Seriously hot sex people!

    12. 3.5 StarsThis book was up and down for me. There were parts that I greatly enjoyed and then there were parts that almost made put the book down. The sex was hot, but at times it felt a little forced and awkward. Towards the end of the book I became more interested in the secondary characters rather than the main characters. Overall, a decent read.

    13. he knows who she is, but she doesn't know who he is. what will happen when she finds out?? actually, not a lot. I was expecting a massive fall out and make up, but it just went poof and finished. lots of rumpy pumpy, both for the main characters and the sub characters, but nothing overtly kinky.Not a bad read for a freebie

    14. I really enjoyed this book. It was not what I was expecting to read when my friend handed it to me. I had no idea what it was about. She just handed it to me and said "here, read this next." And so I did :)

    15. I thought it was hot, but there were some gratuitous scenes in there that took me out of the an otherwise great story. I didn't think that they were needed, the story was so good as it was without having to through in some extra-salacious scenes.

    16. This book was so much better than I thought it would be. Abby and Zac were hot together. Definitely a must read for anyone who loves wild and hot love scenes. I thought my iPad was going to melt! Great story line and characters!

    17. 3.5 starAt the beginning, the story promises something with a bit of intrigue, it turns out at the end, it does not seem to reach its climax. But anyhow in the flow of their interaction, both main characters reach their climax repeatedly . hot hot hot

    18. This book was offered free on and I couldn't be happier about giving it a try. It was definitely sensual, erotic and entertaining. A very well written book with a really good story line. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

    19. I did like the writing style. Abby and Zac's relationship is started and continued with lies. I finished this one after stopping a few times. It is hard to understand how two people fall for each other and still have lies between them. I don't want to say more, but this wasn't the book for me.

    20. I like this book.There was a strong smart female. And a strong smart male without so much conflict arising because of it.Great book for if you do want to read so much drama and just want to read a cute book

    21. Liked this book but not fond of the side action of minor characters. The story would have been fine without the short f/f scene. I enjoyed this read!

    22. This book was highly entertaining and i loved it. For a romance novel, it wasn't that predictable. Both of the main characters were very interesting and I liked them both.

    23. This is a longer adult contemporary romance book. Characters are open and adventurous in their sexual pursuits with their relationships being serendipitous.

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