Ghosts of Coronado Bay

Ghosts of Coronado Bay Nominated for a HWA Bram Stoker Award in the Young Adult category By all accounts year old Maya Blair is a typical teen age high school student She hangs out with her best friend Lucy has a

  • Title: Ghosts of Coronado Bay
  • Author: J.G. Faherty
  • ISBN: 9781936564095
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nominated for a 2011 HWA Bram Stoker Award in the Young Adult category.By all accounts, 16 year old Maya Blair is a typical teen age high school student She hangs out with her best friend Lucy, has a turbulent relationship with her ex boyfriend Stuart, and works at her family s diner the main restaurant on the island of Coronado Bay But Maya has an extraordinary secretNominated for a 2011 HWA Bram Stoker Award in the Young Adult category.By all accounts, 16 year old Maya Blair is a typical teen age high school student She hangs out with her best friend Lucy, has a turbulent relationship with her ex boyfriend Stuart, and works at her family s diner the main restaurant on the island of Coronado Bay But Maya has an extraordinary secret she can see, hear, and talk to ghosts And when spirits are near her they revert back to solid form She is what her deceased grandmother Elsa calls a Seer.For years, Elsa was the only ghost Maya knew But that changes when the century old wreckage of the Black Lady, a ship that capsized in Coronado Bay s waters, is raised from the ocean floor and placed on display in the local museum During a school tour of the Black Lady exhibit, Maya meets Blake Hennessy, a young, fair skinned boy to whom she is instantly attracted Shortly thereafter, a sensual, gothic young man named Gavin Hamlin crosses her path, and she is equally smitten Her feelings bloom before she realizes they are both ghosts Blake, the kind hearted spirit who cares for Maya s well being, and Gavin, the dark wizard who thirsts to finish the evil task he longed to complete 100 years before.To accomplish his nefarious plan, Gavin has to be human again And for that, he needs the blood of a virgin witch In his mind, Maya is the perfect candidate Now it s up to Maya, Lucy, and Blake to save Coronado Bay and the world from destruction But time is running out, people are dying, and Gavin s powers are growing.Things were so much simpler when all she had to worry about was a date for the dance.

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    1. J.G. Faherty

      JG Faherty is a Bram Stoker Award and ITW Thriller Award nominee and the author of six novels, nine novellas, and than 50 short stories He writes adult and YA horror sci fi fantasy, and his works range from quiet, dark suspense to over the top comic gruesomeness His novels and novellas, all of which are listed on , include THE CURE, CARNIVAL OF FEAR, GHOSTS OF CORONADO BAY, CEMETERY CLUB, THE BURNING TIME, LEGACY, CASTLE BY THE SEA, FATAL CONSEQUENCES, THIEF OF SOULS, THE COLD SPOT, and HE WAITS.He enjoys urban exploring, photography, classic B movies, good wine, and pumpkin beer As a child, his favorite playground was a 17th century cemetery, which many people feel explains a lot His personal motto is Photobombing people since 1979 You can follow him at twitter jgfaherty, facebook jgfaherty, about jgfaherty, and jgfaherty.

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    1. It’s the same story over and over…the girl has something every guy is craving to take from her. It isn’t a super cool, shiny new car, nor is it the latest PS3 game. It is a bit more personal, and once that guy takes it, it can never be given back.We will solve this riddle later as Maya had to do on her own. She is a typical high school teenager with the desire to hang out with her friends, stay away from the controlling jerk she was dating, and share as many secrets with her best friend, L [...]

    2. By all accounts, 16-year-old Maya Blair is a typical teen-age high school student. She hangs out with her best friend Lucy, has a turbulent relationship with her ex-boyfriend Stuart, and works at her family’s diner – the main restaurant on the island of Coronado Bay. But Maya has an extraordinary secret – she can see, hear, and talk to ghosts. And when spirits are near her they revert back to solid form. She is what her deceased grandmother Elsa calls a Seer.For years, Elsa was the only gh [...]

    3. Ghosts of Coronado Bay (A Maya Blair Mystery #1)By: JG FahertyISBN: 9781936564095Published June 10, 2011 by JournalStoneAvailable Format: Paperback, ebookMy Rating: ★★★★☆It’s hard enough being a sixteen-year-old girl, but try being sixteen with an ability to see, talk to, and even solidify ghosts!! That is exactly what Maya Blair can do. She is what her grandmother Elsa (who is coincidentally a ghost) calls a Seer. In every other sense, Maya is a normal teenager. She has a fun relati [...]

    4. I won this book in a give away.This book is a more edgy YA paranormal. 16 year-old Maya is living a pretty ordinary teen-age life: she has a horny best friend with an over-active libido, deals with the sterotypical mean cheerleaders, and has an over-possessive ex-boyfriend who can't seem to take 'no' for an answer. But there's more to Maya than meets the eye, because not only can she can see ghosts, but her close proximity makes them solid. When a 100 year-old ship is dredged from the bottom of [...]

    5. Bent on creating mass destruction and taking over the world come the "Ghosts of Coronado Bay." Maya Blair, a young teenage girl from Coronado Island, is a seer. She's been seeing ghosts since being very small, but the only one that has had any impact on her life has been her Grandma Elsa, until now. The town has dredged up a sunken ship for on display and with it has come not so-friendly spirits. Her story is filled with modern-day teenage activity, paranormal and magical occurences, and even a [...]

    6. Who would have guessed that ghosts could be sexy and seductive? In Ghosts of Coronado Bay, they are - with that striking swagger and danger that instead of sending me chills, gave me some hot flush coursing through my veins. I know I'm a bit exaggerating but the real thing is, I've enjoyed the story very much that I would consider rereading it any time soon. The plot was mellow but the suspense kept me engaged and thrilled and I wouldn't be bored by it at all.Initially I was expecting something [...]

    7. This was a book I won on the giveaways.16 year old Maya Blair sees ghosts, a trait passed down from her grandmother. Up until now, she's only seen and interacted with her Grandmother's ghost. As a museum is displaying the affects of a local shipwreck of almost a hundred years ago, Maya meets Blake, a boy she doesn't realize is a ghost until after she realizes she is interested in him. Blake has his own problems because he was a stowaway on the ship that sank. However, Gavin, the captain ghost of [...]

    8. I won this in a giveaway on LibrayThing. I had really no clue what I was getting into when I read this.The writing style was good. I like the uniqueness of the cover.Well, the plot was original. There was Gavin and Blake. Two ghosts who become romantic interests to the main character, Maya. She is a normal, typical teenage girl who just broke up with her jealous, possessive ex boyfriend. BUTe can see ghosts? "I can see dead people." Not exactly something you want to pronounce, right? Well, she w [...]

    9. It's terrible that it's taken me so long to read this! I was missing out. I have had so many stacks of library books that I haven't been able to read books I actually own. This was a perfect holiday break read: short but exciting. The story focuses on 16 year old Maya who finds herself deeply involved in both a love triangle and a mystery. Following the trend in YA literature today, Maya isn't just an ordinary teen - she is also a "seer" who can see and communicate with ghosts. Of course this sp [...]

    10. Maya is a teenager who can talk to her dead grandmother infact she makes her real if she stands close enough. Thier is a new exhibit at the musuem they have brought up a lot of things from the ship wreck of Black Lady. They even brought up some ghosts who are searching for a key and a book that is full of black magic.Maya meets Blake at the musuem and is shocked that she can see him and even touches him. Maya does not even realize he is a ghost. because around her ghosts have a body and form.May [...]

    11. Anyone up for taking over the world? This novel is a very quick, fast-paced read. Maya lives in a sleepy little town; she rarely looks for trouble, but trouble finds her nonetheless. Maya is soon deep into a plot to save the world, taking her readers on an exciting adventure. It is easy for the reader to enjoy reading about Maya and her friends; they are all quite likable and not overtly "teenagerish" or immature. Maya is a good protagonist, with qualities that are good, but not annoyingly "nice [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book! I really got to like the main character, Maya Blair, who can see ghosts and when they come near her they become solid again. The plot is that some ghosts from a 100 year old shipwreck come back and discover that Maya can make them solid again. And with her blood, they can become alive again. There is a good ghost, Blake, who tries to help and protect Maya, and a bad ghost, Gavin, who wants to kill her and then use magic to bring demons into the world. Kind of a crazy [...]

    13. A hundred years ago the ship Black Lady sank. Now the musuem in Coronado Bay is having an exhibit of the treasures brought up from the bottom of the sea. In comes 16 year old Maya Blair who has been able to see ghosts since she was a child. Blake Hennessey is one of the people who died on the ship and is drawn to the museum items and meets Maya. Enter Gavin Hamlin also one of the ghost from the Black Lady. Gavin was a sorcer and Blake was trying to stop him when the ship went down and both die i [...]

    14. Okay, so this book was a lot different than I thought it would be. The entire book was centered on a sixteen year-old girl's virginity. The basic story line is of a young girl named Maya who can not only see ghosts, but can make them become solid again just by being in her presence. She comes from a long line of ghost-seers, and her blood is special. So a ship gets pulled up out of the ocean in her town, and with it comes ghosts that died when the ship went down 100 years ago. Two of the ghosts [...]

    15. "Ghosts of Coronado Bay" tells us the story of a girl, Maya Blair who can see, hear, and talk to the ghosts. But the only ghost she knows is her dead grandmother Elsa, so when new ghosts start showing up in Coronado Bay, she will have a hard time trying to discover the real problem. Also you need to add two hot ghosts that will make Maya's live more difficult. Who is hotter?I love ghost stories, so that is why I fell in love with this book when I saw it on LibraryThing. Even though the cover is [...]

    16. Fans of the Ghost Whisperer will probably enjoy reading this one. Ghosts of Coronado Bay is very much like an episode of the hit CBS show, where the main character, who is connected to the spirit of her dead grandmother, can see and talk with the spirits of those who have passed on. The similarities to the show’s plot were comforting without feeling as if the entire thing was a rip off of some past plot from the small screen. As far as the story itself is concerned, the plot seemed to flow wel [...]

    17. Note: I received this book as part of GoodReads giveaways.The story sounded intriguing, so I entered to win this book through GoodReads giveawaysd I won! I was really excited to win and receive this book. Unfortunately, the book just didn't hold up for me. I read the first 30 pages, then skimmed the rest. Here's my breakdown:Story The story itself had a lot of potential for me. Since I didn't read the whole things straight through, I can't say with certainty whether or not it played out to it's [...]

    18. I won this book on Librarything.----Ghosts of Coronado Bay revolves around Maya Blair who can talk to ghost and make them solid around her. She soon encounters two ghost and doesn't know who she wants. The plot was fairly interesting. I did want to know what would happen to Maya, but I could would have been the same if I HADN'T read it.I felt like I was reading (yet again) a ghost version of Vampire Diaries. Maya doesn't know which one to choose: the good ghost or the hot, evil one?Isn't it obvi [...]

    19. This book started out good, I loved the opening with the crew of the Black Lady and what happened to them, I like the idea of what Maya could do and I like the description of Coronado Bay. Then it started to get weird.A few things that bugged me. First off, the author is a male and he constantly had the girls talking about losing their virginity, sex, and them being "horny". It was a little awkward. I am sorry, but that is not the only thing going on in teenage girls mind. Another thing, the aut [...]

    20. maya is a 16 year old who can see and make ghosts solid when they are near her which ends up getting her in a spot of trouble with some spooks who now recide in the museum of coronado bay. the storyline was intriging if a little lacking in action and maybe could have been a little longer.i found the character of maya to be well written and likable but she could have been a little more confident at times during the story.blake was just a goodie goodie that started to become annoying by the end of [...]

    21. I liked the concept for this book, even though I couldn't connect much with the protagonist. She wasn't all that likable to me, neither was her friend. And there were a couple inconsistencies in the book that stood out to me. Minor spoilers ahead: Maya kept ruminating that others couldn't see ghosts - except, of course, if the ghost was close enough to her. But then she was sad because her friends wouldn't be able to see her new 'boyfriend', the ghost Blake. Why wouldn't they be? If he's standin [...]

    22. Maya Blair may have to give it all to save her friends and town from heinous death.*** Author J.G. Faherty weaves a teenage tale of puppy love, immaturity, and typical bad boy attractions as Maya Blair, seer of ghosts, must prevent evil 100-year-old Gavin from coming back to life. Gavin begins his attempt to take over the world after his ship, The Black Lady, is raised from the sea floor, and put on display at a local museum. Maya’s gift gives him an opportunity to use her to obtain a human bo [...]

    23. I've been really looking forward to a YA novel with ghosts instead of vampires for a change. I soon found out though that JG Faherty's novel focuses not just on ghosts trying to come back to life through the blood of a virgin but even more so on high school girls who've only got sex on their minds. While I did like the ghostly premise I realized pretty fast that it was just the idea that was good but not the implementation in this book. As far as the cast is concerned, the ghost characters were [...]

    24. Sixteen-year-old Maya Blair is not your typical teenager - she can see ghosts. Not only can she see them but when they are close to her, they become solid. Up until now that has meant that Maya can visit with her long-dead grandmother. However, a new exhibit at the local museum changes all that. A sunken ship has been raised in the bay and, with the artifacts, it has brought with it the ghosts of the dead sailors. Among them are Blair, a young stowaway and Gavin, the last of a family of evil wiz [...]

    25. This was a good book for a paranormal mystery. It kept the flow of writing to a nice pace keeping things moving along where there were no dead spots. Usually I'm not one or much for these kinds of books and it often enough finds me where I can not finish the story but with this one I'm actually hooked and want to read more of the series. Maya is a girl who can see ghosts, she inherited the little gift from her grandmother who still to this day visits and makes sure to keep Maya safe while trying [...]

    26. **I won this book through First Reads**I was pleasantly surprised with this book. JG Faherty has a writing style that is easy to follow and kept me entertained right through the end. Typical teen paranomal romance: girl meets ghost; girl falls in love with ghost; girl meets ghosts' evil shipmate; girl falls for evil shipmate; girl realizes evil shipmate is out for her virginity and virgin blood; girl and ghost save the world.Won't say this was in any way believeable to me but it did keep my atte [...]

    27. No sure what I want to say about this book.This was a short and easy read. I felt like I should yell at Maya half the time. She lets her ex abuse her and I ask myself, why? she also starts seeing two ghosts and clearly one is bad news, but continues to see him and then push the good one away. But in the end Maya figured it all out. An ok read.(I recieved this book from Library Thing Early Reviewers Program, that doesn't affect my review)(Review was originally posted on my blog nicolelovescoacoa1 [...]

    28. This is an easy, short read. The beginning of this book definitely feels like it is a first time author. I felt like she started out trying too hard to find the right word choice so it made it feel choppy and a little hard to get into it. About halfway through the book though she found her mojo and I felt like it became quite entertaining. I wish there was a little more description of events and people throughout the book but it kept me reading.I got this book free through a giveaway.

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