Fairy Circle

Fairy Circle Saffron Keller high school graduate is terrified to leave the boundaries of her mother s yard Creatures that don t exist are about to show her why

  • Title: Fairy Circle
  • Author: Johanna Frappier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Saffron Keller, high school graduate, is terrified to leave the boundaries of her mother s yard.Creatures that don t exist are about to show her why.

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    1. Johanna Frappier

      Johanna Frappier is the author of THE FAIRY CIRCLE SERIES She loves looking for UFOs, interviewing psychics, and ghost hunting WOOD SPIRIT A New England Horror Story is from her dark er side D

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    1. Hea y'all I have been reading Fairy Circle and let me say I completely, absolutely, and utterly enjoyed this book. Author Johanna Pontes Frappier did an incredible job she took fairies, vampires, humans, and reincarnation and arranged them in a story that describes life and living in a whole new light. I would say her books moral is what you do in this life will determine where and what you are in your next life. I love that Johanna made sure to explain every detail of how past lives work, how y [...]

    2. From the moment you start reading, until the end of the booke author takes you for a wild and crazy ride. Fairy Circle in my oppinion is a mix between Wicked Lovely, Fallen and maybe a smidge of True Blood. You get the fairies, the vampires, and the past lives all mixed into one delicious book.I didn't fall in love with the main character, Saffron, but I enjoyed her immensely. I enjoyed her quirky nature and all the situations she finds herself in. She has these weird dreams, some explicit, ever [...]

    3. Johanna Frappier has such a distinctive voice. The main character, Saffron, just leaps off the page in full technicolour - she's quirky and vulnerable, yet she's got sass and feistyness too. Even without the awesomeness of the story, I'd still want to get to know her. Plus, her love interests are all hot!Saffron sees things that other people don't. It's creepy and terrifying and the intrigue catapulted me through the novel. I love the worlds that the author has created - present, past and magica [...]

    4. I just finished reading this awesome book! What an original take on fairies and vampires! I absolutely loved every second of it! I can not wait to start book two to find out what happens next with Saffron!

    5. I ADORED this book, everything about it just blew me away. There is so much emotion behind the main character, Saffron, that I was whisked away to her world the second I began reading. Not only did I feel her pain, but my heart literally ached for the girl and the unusual situation she had found herself trapped within. Unlike many books in this genre, I had absolutely no idea which way the story was taking me. It was completely unpredictable, leaving me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout, [...]

    6. Wow! The beautiful imagination of Johanna Frappier!! I loved the amazing details that she uses for everything. It feels as though I am walking along with them! Saffron is such a misunderstood person. Both by herself and the people around her. She has no idea why she is afraid of so many things until she is taken to the fairyland to meet Li and Ky. Even then, she's only given part truths. She's frustrated and alone. Shehas had a crush on a boy at school and doesn't know why he would look ather or [...]

    7. By Laura Dube (Rhode Island) This review is from: Fairy Circle (The Fairy Circle Series) (Kindle Edition) I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. It was so well written. Johanna Frappier has a great great imagination. I could imagine the scenery as I was reading. The detail in this book, was so vivid. It brought me back to my late teen-early twenties. I cannot wait until the next of the series comes out. By Steven This review is from: Fairy Circle (The Fairy Circle Series) (Kindle Edition) I' [...]

    8. Johanna Frappier has set the bar high with her debut novel, Fairy Circle, Book 1 of 3 in the Fairy Circle Series. While reading, I was transported to each scene by her vivid descriptions. I can see this novel being made into a movie. I'm not going to give any spoilers here. The main character was someone I wanted to cheer for. I really got into this story and couldn't wait until I picked it up again. I have not read Fairy Thief yet but it is on my to read list. If book 1 is any indication of Joh [...]

    9. This book is fabulous! Johanna Frappier has a wonderful imagination and a very distinctive voice. Whilst reading I had no clue as to the direction it was going to take next and on more than one occasion I was totally taken by surprise! If you love reading about the world of Fairies, Vampires and Ghosts then this is the book for you. I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment!

    10. This one felt like Alice in wonderland but with different set of characters and beings !! Johanna's love for the supernatural and ghostly is very much evident in this story , and i actuaaly felt like i was the one falling in the rabbit hole . This book is twisted ( in a good way ) on soo many levels . A pretty interesting read !

    11. Johanna has written in my opinion the most Amazingly unique story I have come across in a while .Every page I read made me feel more and more like I was actually in the story it was so full of details.I cannot wait to read book 2 in this series Fairy Thief.

    12. I came for fairies and I got vampires. Sigh. There's not much to like about this book. Saffron, the protagonist, besides a ridiculous name also acts ridiculous at every turn. NOTHING is explained until the very end. Sometimes Saffron will act in love with Ny, the fairy; sometimes in love with Markis, the human; and sometimes in love with Jethin, the vampire. Other times she's spastic or vacant. She's embarrassed at every little thing. She never leaves the house, although this seems to be because [...]

    13. "Originally posted The ParaNormal Romance Party ~Fairy Circle by Johanna Frappier Review & Giveaway~1st Line in book---> “Saffron, are you ok?”REVIEW:This was one fascinating story!! The whole time I was reading it, I had no idea what the end result would be!! The story is complex and leaves you guessing. You try to piece together the clues that you are given, but when you reach the endyou're left wanting to know what happens next!!! I know I am!! Mrs. Frappier, I am anxiously waiting [...]

    14. I really wanted to like this novel, as I am a huge fan of fairies and gnomes and ghosts. The beginning holds a lot of promise, introducing us to the fairy world and a range of supernatural creatures, but the beginning is all we really get. There is no development with these creatures, no in-depth look into fairies, and we're left with a story of what is possibly the most irritating protagonist I've ever encountered (Jethin had it right when he called her an annoying girl).I felt bad for Saffron [...]

    15. Fairy Circle by Johanna Frappier.This books central Character is named Saffron Keller. Saffron has just finished high school, her mother Audrey wants to know what her life plan is. Basically Saffron doesn't have one, she doesn't even want to leave her own backyard. Audrey nags and nags until Saffron takes a job in a store as a clerk. At night Saffron has weird dreams, that have fairies and other such creatures in them. She also sleepwalks around the time of the full moon so has to be watched so [...]

    16. I simply could not stop reading this one once I started. I don't read a lot of YA, so I can't say really, whether it is like others out there, but to me it seemed totally unique. Sometimes sweet, sometimes creepy, this book packs a wallop on every page. Another reviewer compared it to Alice in Wonderland, and I agree with that assessment. Fairy Circle is quite dark in places, so I would say it's probably better for older teens rather than younger. First book in a series, and you will want to go [...]

    17. What an odd book, the first 30-50 pages were torture, the writing clunky, the main protagonist Saffron was irritating as hell! I nearly gave up but only other reviews that said to persevere kept me going. I'm glad I did because the second half of the book was much better, and the introduction of a character in the last third of the book really gave the story an extra dimension. A certainly darker edgier look at the fae

    18. I found Saffron so annoying at the beginning and couldn't figure out what to think of Ny and Liwere they good, were they bad;are they there to help or hinder??? Coco.I adored her bluntnesss and am so glad that Saffron is working with her! Markis sounds so yummy :) OMG her momI know her mom loves her but WOW I dout I could stand to be around her much with all the bother about jobs and college.All I all I really enjoyed reading this and am already 20% into Fairy Thief!

    19. This was a book that I received. I found this book very dark. It was written for teenagers but I found that it had a lot of sexual expressions in it and parents should read before they allowed their teenagers to read. I would not let either of mine to read. I found the teenager in this book to be rude and depressing.

    20. What a fantastic story!! The author paints a beautiful picture of the fairy world comments on life and death I felt like my soul had been soothed by this offering I know - melodramatic - but I can't stress enough how much I loved this book. Sorry I only have 5 stars to use to rate it

    21. + original, interesting, fast read, a little bit dark.- unlikable characters, moralization, Saffron doesn't have any interests other then boys.

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