Slash and Burn

Slash and Burn Dr Siri might finally be allowed to retire again Although he loves his two morgue assistants he s tired of being Laos s national coroner a job he never wanted in the first place Plus he s pushing e

  • Title: Slash and Burn
  • Author: Colin Cotterill
  • ISBN: 9781616951160
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dr Siri might finally be allowed to retire again Although he loves his two morgue assistants, he s tired of being Laos s national coroner, a job he never wanted in the first place Plus, he s pushing eighty, and wants to spend some time with his wife before his untimely death which has been predicted by the local transvestite fortune teller.But retirement is not in tDr Siri might finally be allowed to retire again Although he loves his two morgue assistants, he s tired of being Laos s national coroner, a job he never wanted in the first place Plus, he s pushing eighty, and wants to spend some time with his wife before his untimely death which has been predicted by the local transvestite fortune teller.But retirement is not in the cards for Dr Siri after all He s dragged into one last job for the Lao government supervising an excavation for the remains of U.S fighter pilot who went down in the remote northern Lao jungle ten years earlier The presence of American soldiers in Laos is a hot button issue for both the Americans and the Lao involved, and the search party includes high level politicians and scientists But one member of the party is found dead, setting off a chain of accidents Dr Siri suspects are not completely accidental Everyone is trapped in a cabin in the jungle, and the bodies are starting to pile up Can Dr Siri get to the bottom of the MIA pilot s mysterious story before the fortune teller s prediction comes true

    • ☆ Slash and Burn || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Colin Cotterill
      369 Colin Cotterill
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    1. Colin Cotterill

      Colin Cotterill was born in London and trained as a teacher and set off on a world tour that didn t ever come to an end He worked as a Physical Education instructor in Israel, a primary school teacher in Australia, a counselor for educationally handicapped adults in the US, and a university lecturer in Japan But the greater part of his latter years has been spent in Southeast Asia Colin has taught and trained teachers in Thailand and on the Burmese border He spent several years in Laos, initially with UNESCO and wrote and produced a forty programme language teaching series English By Accident, for Thai national television.Ten years ago, Colin became involved in child protection in the region and set up an NGO in Phuket which he ran for the first two years After two years of study in child abuse issues, and one stint in Phuket, he moved on to ECPAT, an international organization combating child prostitution and pornography He established their training program for caregivers.All the while, Colin continued with his two other passions cartooning and writing He contributed regular columns for the Bangkok Post but had little time to write It wasn t until his work with trafficked children that he found himself sufficiently stimulated to put together his first novel, The Night Bastard Suk s Editions 2000.The reaction to that first attempt was so positive that Colin decided to take time off and write full time Since October 2001 he has written nine novels Two of these are child protection based Evil in the Land Without Asia Books December 03 , and Pool and Its Role in Asian Communism Asia Books, Dec 05 These were followed by The Coroner s Lunch Soho Press Dec 04 , Thirty Three Teeth Aug 05 , Disco for the Departed Aug 06 , Anarchy and Old Dogs Aug 07 , and Curse of the Pogo Stick Aug 08 , The Merry Misogynist Aug 09 , Love Songs from a Shallow Grave Aug 10 these last seven are set in Laos in the 1970 s.On June 15 2009 Colin Cotterill received the Crime Writers Association Dagger in the Library award for being the author of crime fiction whose work is currently giving the greatest enjoyment to library users.When the Lao books gained in popularity, Cotterill set up a project to send books to Lao children and sponsor trainee teachers The Books for Laos programme elicits support from fans of the books and is administered purely on a voluntary basis.Since 1990, Colin has been a regular cartoonist for national publications A Thai language translation of his cartoon scrapbook, Ethel and Joan Go to Phuket Matichon May 04 and weekly social cartoons in the Nation newspaper, set him back onto the cartoon trail in 2004 On 4 April 2004, an illustrated bilingual column cycle logical was launched in Matichon s popular weekly news magazine These have been published in book form.Colin is married and lives in a fishing community on the Gulf of Siam with his wife, Jessi, and ever expanding pack of very annoying dogs.

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    1. Readers meeting Dr. Siri and his cohorts for the first time in this eighth in the Siri series might very well wonder what they had stumbled into. Farce, cross-dressing, and the supernatural are not characteristics we instinctively think of when reviewing our knowledge of communist Laos, but Cotterill shows us that Laos has it all. A world more remote from everyday American life would be hard to find, but Cotterill manages to make a seventy-plus-year-old government coroner the best guide to Lao l [...]

    2. This is another funny and informative Dr. Siri mystery from Colin Cotterill. It is not the latest (published 2011). But it fits seamlessly in the series, albeit with references to prior episodes, but these in no way hinder your understanding of the story at hand.Laos, 1978, the ongoing aftermath of the Viet Nam war. The victorious Communist regime continues to struggle with a workable civic and social structure. Forget about “prosperity” or even basic amenities for most citizens beyond the e [...]

    3. The prose, the humor, the characters and the narration are just as good as ever. What kept this one from being a 5, in my opinion, was that nothing much other than a visit with some of my favorite characters in fiction happened until about halfway through the book. Not part of my rating, this book also ventures deeply into politics and history, presenting viewpoints of the conflicts in IndoChina which may be new to US citizens. Time spent with Dr Siri and his friends is always time well spent.

    4. The last?! Dr. Siri paiboun book about the lone state coroner of laos, and his crew of competent cutups investigating a possible MIA in the tribal NE part of the country in 1978. the usual mayhem ensues and dr. siri’s ghosts and spirits help him out of a bad bad jam. Fun mysteries, good plots, sardonic and funny characters, and lots of good info about SE asia and laos in particular during the 1970’s (just after usa dropped millions and millions of bombs on them in a “secret” campaign, [t [...]

    5. Hoping to wind his way down to his elusive retirement, Dr Siri is instead whisked across the country as part of an investigation into MIA American servicemen. The investigation is a joint initiative with the Americans, and throws an interesting group of characters together. Of course, the plot is secondary when experiencing a Dr. Siri Paiboun novel. Listening to Clive Chafer perfectly narrate Colin Cotterill's clever, informative, witty and charming prose is such a delight that all I want to do [...]

    6. In this latest adventure of the ever-entertaining Dr. Siri Paiboun, national coroner of Laos, the good doctor is "chosen" by the party leaders to accompany his nemesis Judge Haeng as members of a multi-national team going to a remote site in Thailand to find out what actually happened when the son of a US Senator crashed his helo in this unknown village. There are varying versions of how the aviator came to be in the area where his helicopter crashed, and how the chopper wreckage was discovered. [...]

    7. “A good communist is like a tree. He stands firm but knows how to bend in a strong wind. He is fertile but gladly gives up his nuts to less fortunate creatures”Slash and Burn, the eighth installment of the Dr.Siri mysteries, starts off when an American delegation led by Major Potter visits Laos, starting a joint operation to search for an American helicopter pilot who was lost during the war. Although presumed dead, a photograph delivered to the pilot’s dad, an American senator showed that [...]

    8. Dr. Siri Paiboun mystery set in 1970's Laos. Dr. Siri really wants to retire from his post as the national coroner of Laos. He's only just recovered from near-death at the hands of the Khmer Rouge and since he's over seventy, he figures he deserves to spend a few years relaxing with his wife. But he gets roped into one last job on a junket to northern Laos looking for the remains of a missing American pilot.Accompanying Siri--at his insistence, via a little blackmail of Judge Haeng, his nemesis- [...]

    9. Slash and Burn was a total departure from the norm in this series. It reminded me of an Agatha Christie novel, but of course with Mr. Cotterill's own little twist. Dr. Siri and company were in full detective mode with this one, and the action happened at a little hotel high in the hills, the Friendship Hotel. Of course, it was shrouded in smoke and the helicopters couldn't leave which left our merry group stranded with a bunch of Americans and a murder. This book was great fun. I enjoyed the pol [...]

    10. This is the first Dr Siri book i have read. Slash and Burn is set in 1978 and relations between Laos and the U.S. are still tense. Siri is ordered to assist a group of Americans who are searching for the remains of a helicopter pilot whose helicopter went down during the war. Mishaps are numerous and things begin to go terribly wrong. Cotterill uses quite a few Americanisms mixed in with Laotians dialogue in places it was laugh out loud funny. The question is will they find what they are looking [...]

    11. The series just gets better and better. The old Doc Siri his wife, colleagues and friends all find themselves assigned to a cushy job of joining a US delegation of looking for a dead US pilot who went missing in the CIA war on Vietnam. Unexploded bombs, an interpreter who can't speak English, spirits, a cross-dresser fortune teller, spies, bad guys and a scene where everyone gets high combine to make this book very humorous, a mystery and a reminder of the way the US fought it's war in Vietnam.

    12. I am mean with the stars - actually I really liked it. He tosses loads of characters in the air and mixes them around and I didn't get confused at all. I read that an Australian company was closing down a Laos gold mine in 2014 and it sounds like it was spite because the Lao government had realised it was making virtually nothing from the mining concession and wanted a decent cut! So 30 years after the book is set the 'Western Powers' are still extracting wealth from the country no surprises the [...]

    13. In Slash and Burn, the septuagenarian coroner Dr. Siri is pressured by his long-time rival Judge Heng to aid in the possible recovery of a long-missing US helicopter pilot, who happens to be the son of a wealthy US senator. The story becomes an Agatha Christie type story –everyone is a suspect and they all end up in a room together—but one set in the jungles of Laos and resolve with some local magic and herbalism. Dr. Siri and his team are a fine ensemble and Cotterill provides plenty of red [...]

    14. Immer wieder einmal habe ich mich gefragt: wenn die zierlichen (ggf. unterernährten) asiatischen Näherinnen in Myanmar die XXXL-BHs und -Unterhosen für die überernährte westliche Welt nähen was für ein Bild haben sie von den Frauen, die solche Textilien tragen??? Vermutlich so ähnlich, wie Dr. Siri eine us-amerikanische Diplomatin beschreibt: "Sumo in a sundress". Haha. Das wird mir so schnell nicht aus dem Kopf gehen. Leider wirkt "Sumo in a tracksuit" nicht annähernd so würdelos. Es [...]

    15. Although his escapade in Cambodia in the previous book should have sent Dr. Siri Paiboun into retirement, he is asked to investigate the site of a helicopter crash, trying to find and identify the remains of an MIA pilot. Since the presence of US pilots and aircraft in Laos was controversial and denied in the States, the search has unusual political overtones. A group of US investigators including a Senator, arrive on the scene. Then, one of these Americans is found dead in his hotel room from w [...]

    16. Dr Siri gets railroaded into a fools errand along with his nemesis and a collection of Laotians and Americans, but he tosses in a monkey wrench by insisting upon bringing his own team of professionals. There are more red herrings and misdirection than usual, along with a non American perspective on the real reasons for interference in the wars in Indochina. The fortune teller manages to appear and proves to be more useful than expected. Be ready for more twists than a bag full of pretzels and so [...]

    17. This series is such a treat. The mysteries are not the strongest, but the characters are beyond wonderful. And the setting in Laos in the late 1970's is an eye-opening experience. The author while sympathetic to the goals of the revolution and respectful to the people, has a wry and amusing perspective on the actual situation.

    18. I was a little lost in the varied twists and turns, maybe because I was reading a chapter when I had time. I am still a great fan of Dr. Siri, Dtui, Phosy, Mr. G, and Ms. D, Aunti Bpoo, great reading there. I enjoy this author's style of delivering the denouement, it is believable!

    19. Good story set in Laos and although it is fiction it gives some realistic facts about the Vietnam war (or the destructive American war as Vietnamese call it). It's a mixture of humour and crime in a very poor and fascinating country. I would definitely recommend it

    20. I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting some humor and found none. Didn’t care much for the characters. but the plot was pretty good.

    21. I have not been able to get the later Dr. Siri mysteries in order, but it doesn't matter. Once you have the main characters down, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

    22. It was an audible book and read by Clive Chafer -well done, liked the mystery story line and the setting of the post Vietnam history reference. It has a funny sort of flare to it.

    23. Great Dr. Siri who done it by Colin Cotterill. This time Siri and friends go on a hunt for an American MIA who went down some years before in northern Laos near the Thai border.

    24. There’s been a trend for some years to set murder mysteries in exotic locations. Indeed there’s one Crime Small Press which only publishes crime novels if the action takes place in somewhere like the Sahara or Mongolia and the main characters are indigenous too. Certainly there has been a flood of grim serial killer/FBI crime novels, police procedural novels and spunky female P.I. novels, perhaps readers needed a change. Alas, what happened was that a whole range of poorly researched, set in [...]

    25. After the misadventures our admired hero, the Laotian against-his-will-coroner Dr Siri had to suffer in the book Love Songs from a Shallow Grave (Dr Siri Paiboun Mystery 7) he surely deserves an all-expenses-paid holiday trip to the northern mountains of Laos.The more as he is literally counting the hours and minutes to leave his undesired working place for the long merited retirement.But - what is a holiday without Your nearest and dearest?In the end, with a little help from a close friend name [...]

    26. First Line: You know? Being shut up in a cage with a live bear was a piece of cake compared to being drunk and high in charge of a half-a-million dollars' worth of flying metal.Dr. Siri Paiboun, the National Coroner of Laos, is getting up close and personal to the age of eighty. He's announced his retirement, and he's counting down the days until he no longer has to deal with his incompetent superiors. You know what happens when you begin that countdown, don't you? Sure enough, Dr. Siri is place [...]

    27. The 74-year-old Dr. Siri has been trying to retire for years, but his country, 1978 Laos after the Pathet Lao revolution, just won't let him go. Now, though, it seems as if he might actually be able to achieve his long-held dream of retirement to spend his final years relaxing with his new wife and famous noodle shop owner, Madame Daeng. He shouldn't be counting the days, however, because his country has just one last assignment for him.In 1968, there was a helicopter crash somewhere in the nort [...]

    28. First Sentence: You know?Dr. Siri, the nearly 80 year old corner of Laos, wants to retire and spend some time with his wife before he dies; a death predicted by the local transvestite fortuneteller. Yet it agrees to one last job. Ten years earlier, during the Vietnam War, a US fighter pilot went down in the jungle. A search party of Americans and Laotian scientists and high-level politicians set out to find the pilots remains. They don’t expect to be trapped in a remote cabin due to smoke. Eve [...]

    29. Loved the series several years ago and recently rediscovered on Audible. Great stories and performance. The characters, story, and cultural details about Laos are endlessly entertaining. Slash and Burn focuses on Americans and their role in conflicts in Laos and Vietnam in the 1970s rather than on Asian culture and characters.

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