Costretta al silenzio

Costretta al silenzio Painter s Creek nell Ohio una cittadina rurale silenziosa in cui coabitano una comunit amish e una inglese ma anche il luogo in cui sedici anni prima si consumata una serie di brutali omicidi Kate

  • Title: Costretta al silenzio
  • Author: Linda Castillo Alberto Cassani
  • ISBN: 9788834716533
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Painter s Creek, nell Ohio, una cittadina rurale silenziosa in cui coabitano una comunit amish e una inglese ma anche il luogo in cui, sedici anni prima, si consumata una serie di brutali omicidi Kate Burkholder, che all epoca era solo una ragazzina, scampata in extremis dall essere uccisa ma quell esperienza le ha lasciatoun senso di terribile fragilit , di pePainter s Creek, nell Ohio, una cittadina rurale silenziosa in cui coabitano una comunit amish e una inglese ma anche il luogo in cui, sedici anni prima, si consumata una serie di brutali omicidi Kate Burkholder, che all epoca era solo una ragazzina, scampata in extremis dall essere uccisa ma quell esperienza le ha lasciatoun senso di terribile fragilit , di perdita di innocenza, e la sensazione di non appartenere pi alla comunit in cui viveva E, da quel giorno, il killer si misteriosamente fermato.Sono passati molti anni, e a Kate, che ormai una donna, viene chiesto di tornare proprio a Painter s Creek come capo della polizia sicura di poter affrontare l incarico, per il quale adatta grazie alle sue origini e alla conoscenza della zona Ma quando in un campo innevato viene ritrovato il corpo di una ragazza assassinata, di colpo il passato torna nella sua vita Kate decisa a fermare il killer prima che possa colpire ancora ma per dargli un nome e un volto, dovr tradire il suo legame con gli amish e la sua stessa famiglia e svelare un oscuro segreto che potrebbe metterla in serio pericolo.

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    1. Linda Castillo Alberto Cassani

      Linda Castillo is the New York Times bestselling author of the Kate Burkholder series, including Sworn to Silence and Gone Missing, crime thrillers set in Amish country Sworn to Silence was recently adapted into a Lifetime original movie titled An Amish Murder starring Neve Campbell as Kate Burkholder Castillo is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence and the Holt Medallion, and she received a nomination for the Rita In addition to writing, Castillo s other passion is horses, particularly her appaloosa George She lives in Texas with her husband and is currently at work on her next novel.

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    1. I really was just being generous here with the three stars because I really had to drag myself through this book. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. The writing was mediocre and I couldn't bring myself to like any of the characters. I literally figured out the plot line in the beginning and the view point changes were annoying and unnecessary. I know it's a genre books but it was just so derivative of every other mystery book I've read, there was nothing original or good about it. You can' [...]

    2. “I think most sociopaths are born, not made. Very few are created by life events.” – Kate Burkholder, Chief of PoliceIt’s a dark, quiet morning, the kind I usually relish while drinking a hot cup of coffee at my kitchen table with warm puppies at my feet. Today, I shiver in my onesie while I wait for my pot of coffee to brew. I’m facing the kitchen window that looks onto the otherwise idyllic, peaceful neighborhood, and thinking about the book I finished reading the day before. I wonde [...]

    3. This was such a good read. Lately I have been struggling to find a good crime thriller book that keeps me guessing and really in suspense. I'm really glad I stumbled across this one. The pace is fast and there is a lot of suspense. I found the book very difficult to put down. I really liked the main character, Chief Kate Burkholder. She is a strong, independent woman with an Amish background. I enjoyed learning a little bit about the Amish way of life and thought it clever how the author worked [...]

    4. This is the first book in the Kate Burkholder Series and Ijust loved it. One of the many reasons that I loved it so much is that I live in the Columbus, Ohio area where some of the setting is taken place. Kate is an eight year veteran for the Columbus, Ohio Police Force, who returns to her home where she grew up in Painters Mill,Ohio, where I have visited several times. She becomes Police Chiefthere. She knows the Amish town and residents very well. Since she left the Amish way of life, she is n [...]

    5. New author to me and I enjoyed it very much! The main character, Kate Burkholder, was interesting and likeable. She made mistakes but persevered and eventually got her man. The story was excellent, lots of really gross murders, lots of police work and then a great twist at the end. I was just beginning to wonder if it could be a certain person when it turned out to be so. I also very much enjoyed the Amish angle to the plot. It added an extra something to the whole and I learned a little about t [...]

    6. Posted toThe Literary Lawyer A Chilling Tale in a Beautiful Place - 4.5 StarsI am going to start this review with a confession. For reasons now lost to the ravages of time, I long had a prejudice against female authors. My impression was that books by female authors would be sappy, romantic, emotional or uninteresting. I went to university, got married and had two girls. Once the I got the aforementioned out of the way, I got back into reading and asked myself why it was I didn't read books by f [...]

    7. Rrrrripppp! Rrrrrrrippppp!That's the sound of me ripping this book. If you loved this and have troll instincts, stop reading now because I will not be kind.I really have to stop reading mysteries. I keep hoping this one will be the next P.D. James or Elizabeth George (in her good days); multidimensional interesting characters circulating in a truly gripping and suspenseful plot. Well, wrong again. "Sworn to Silence" was incredibly predictable and cliched, with stock, one-dimensional characters. [...]

    8. This book hooked me in the prologue and did not let go until the very last page. Whew!!!!! Easily a 5 star rating from me and tied for first place (with S.J. Bolton's Now You See Me) as my favorite read (of 45 books) in the last 12 months. Honestly, I cannot recall the last time a book pulled me in so deep that there was not a single break in my attention. Cover to cover immersion. Ms. Castillo has a number of romances/romantic suspense novels under her belt. Sworn to Silence, I believe, is her [...]

    9. When you go to work and can't concentrate because a book you left at home keeps calling your name-shows a great book! That's exactly what happened to me with this book.

    10. "Sworn to Silence" by Linda Castillo is the first book in the Kate Burkholder series. After reading two recent novels in the series that I won through Giveaway, I was so impressed with the writing , I went and ordered all her other books in the series. This is the review of her first novel, a gripping,tense story of a sexual serial killer in Painters Mill in Ohio, home of the Amish community. I am now hooked on the series.After sixteen years, it appears that a serial murderer is back, torturing [...]

    11. My first book by this talented author, and her first book, so a great place to start.Another one of our monthly Book Pals books, so thank you Sue for picking this book for me.A powerful, strong gripping, tense, chilling story of a sexual serial killer in Painters Mill In Ohio, home of many Amish residents.Former Amish girl and now Chief Of Police has a case on her stands, and her past that might come back to haunt her.A very well written, great paced, great strong characters.The last few chapter [...]

    12. Gelungener Auftakt! Die Zahlen der Toten hat mich von Anfang an gepackt mit einem spannenden Mord, vielen Verdächtigen und komplexen Beziehungen der einzelnen Charaktere untereinander. Kate und ich waren uns zu Beginn zwar nicht so grüne (ich fand sie etwas zu plump und übellaunig, fast ein bisschen kindisch-trotzig manchmal), weshalb ich auch einen Stern abziehen muss. Die Story war super geplottet und hatte genug Wendungen um dauerhaft spannend zu bleiben. Noch dazu möchte ich den Schreibs [...]

    13. Great book! Katie Burkholder is a sensitive (yet damaged) and kick-ass Chief of Police in a small town in Ohio with a large Amish population. Being formerly Amish herself, she has a special insight. Of course, it can't be too idyllic. So, a serial killer has to come to town. Thing is, he'd been there before. This is a great mystery/thriller with wonderful pacing. The characters are quirky, but not too quirky and then there is the stereotypical small town politics where politicians put the touris [...]

    14. Rating: 3.5 StarsI really enjoyed this book, the first in a series and the first time I’ve read this author. It was very well written and I enjoyed the vast array of characters associated with the police department, most especially Kate Burkholder. The small town setting coupled with the Amish background really attracted me to this series. The story was fast paced and kept my interest from beginning to end. I don’t know why, but I had the impression that this story and the series itself was [...]

    15. Painters Mill, Ohio Police Chief Kate Burkholder is suddenly faced with what looks like the re-emergence of a serial killer who hadn't struck in the last 16 years. The killer's signature is to leave Roman numerals carved on the murdered victim. Kate's conflicted as she's harboring a secret that relates directly to the case. Painters Mill is a town where the Amish and "English" have coexisted for years. Kate straddles both cultures as she was raised Amish but left when she was a teenager. I've ha [...]

    16. I was lucky enough to get Sworn to Silence, the first book in the series cheap as an Ebook after being rejected on NetGalley for Among the Wicked the latest book in the series. So, all and all it was probably for the best since I did enjoy starting this series from the beginning instead of the latest book. Police chief Kate Burkholder, ex-Amish, has to stop a vicious killer in this book that may be a copycat or a killer that murdered several women 16 years ago. However, she has personal reasons [...]

    17. Sworn to Silence was my first Linda Castillo book and it did not disappoint. She is such an amazing storyteller! I was hooked at every turn. Now to start the second in the series, Pray for Silence.

    18. Just recently I was talking about violent acts against women in books and how sometimes, if gratuitous, it can turn me off. There's a fine line for me in what moves the plot forward and what is over the top and just plain too much. I got turned off on James Patterson for just this reason. Right or wrong this bothers me even more when women write violent scenes, as is the case in Linda Castillo's Sworn to Silence. I have to weigh the merits of the violence to the overall story. Would the story ha [...]

    19. Chilling, Tense, Gripping, non-stop page turnerSixteen years ago a serial killer terrorized the small Amish community of Painters Mill, Ohio. Fourteen year old Kate Burkholder thought she survived the terror of the Slaughterhouse Killer but left Painters Mill and her Amish faith behind when she was eighteen. She also carried a secret from that terrible time. Now she has returned as Chief of Police. She thought she had come to terms with the past. Until the body of a young woman who had been tor [...]

    20. Sworn to Silence begins with a horrific murder. A young woman is tortured, raped, and killed – exsanguinated – and her body is dumped in a field where a police deputy finds it.Kate Burkholder is a young, ex-Amish woman. As police chief in her hometown of Painter’s Mill, Ohio, she commands a small force and must investigate the murder. There is a detail, however, that only the police know: Roman numerals carved in the victim’s abdomen. Has a serial killer returned? Is Kate in over her hea [...]

    21. Young women are being tortured and killed in a small town with a large Amish population. This police procedural follows the typical trajectory. The pacing was good and the romance did not over take the murder mystery.

    22. Wow! How lucky to find another great first of a series! Just when I thought I was running out of authors, I discover another one who is young and talented. (by that I infer lots of wonderful reads ahead!)With a great cover scene of dead cornstalks in a snowy farmer's field, "Sworn to silence" grabs you right away. Set in Ohio's Amish country, this mystery/thriller features a unique protagonist. A female police chief who was formerly Amish.Kate Burkholder has chosen to leave the Amish way of life [...]

    23. Sworn to Silence is a snow-filled thriller that will chill you to the bone perfect for crawling under a blanket with on a cold winter day. Kate Burkholder grew up within the Amish community of a small Ohio town, but left that life behind when she turned 18. Now many years later, she has returned to Painters Mill to accept the position of Police Chief of the town. At 30 years old, Kate is only peripherally involved with the people of the Amish community, and serves as a go-between of sorts betwee [...]

    24. This was my first ever Linda Castillo book. It won't be my last.Kate Burkholder, of Painter's Mill, Ohio, is not your regular Police Chief. She was brought up in Painter's Mill in the Amish faith, but left both when she was 18.Now back, she is faced with a serial killer, one she thought she had dispatched 16 years earlier. Not only is she battling the killer, and Amish prejudices against the English, but a multi-jurisdictional task force set up by the town council, some of whom seem more intent [...]

    25. My first Linda Castillo read and it was good! I like that the lead detective, Kate, has an interesting history having grown up Amish turned English and keeps the peace between the two cultures. A typical and unoriginal serial crime occurs in Painters Mill, Ohio, but still engaging and I was riveted throughout the whole book. Another great series of novels I will be picking up this year.I'll probably watch the movie at some point in time just to get a good visual of the characters and scenes of t [...]

    26. The story opens with a chilling scene of a woman bound and blindfolded, stripped bare of her clothes and dignity, exhausted from struggling, demoralised by the horrors inflicted upon her, she knows her death is imminent, but so desperately wants to live, determined to fight to the end, calling upon her mother for strength.When Kate Burkholder the Police Chief of Painters Mill Ohio, is called to the scene where the naked body of a woman has been dumped in the snow, there is no doubt in anyones mi [...]

    27. So, what you're saying is:1. Kate Burkholder leaves her Amish home at 18 with an eighth-grade education and has no problem getting a police dispatcher job with no high-school diploma.2. She goes from dispatcher to homicide detective in less than eight years.3. She then comes back to her small town to become chief of police.4. With *eight years* of experience.5. Total.6. And oh, the serial killer who terrorized her town 16 years ago is back!!7. But nope, can't be the same guy, because Kate was ne [...]

    28. What a fun detective series! This reminded me a lot of Karin Slaughter's writing! I'll definitely be continuing on with the series!

    29. I was so jazzed to have gotten this book from the preview list. It sounded like an interesting premise--mystery plus clash of cultures. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed though I didn't really understand why until collecting my thoughts for this review. Here are my three main reasons for not liking the book as much as anticipated:1. Changing the point of view. Half of the book is told in first person, the narrator being Kate, our fearless protagonist. First person helps draw out Kate's [...]

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