Forever And Five Days

Forever And Five Days Alpine Manor was the finest nursing home in Grand Rapids Michigan Clean efficient and safe elderly patients and their loved ones could always rely on the care they received there

  • Title: Forever And Five Days
  • Author: Lowell Cauffiel
  • ISBN: 9780786004690
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alpine Manor was the finest nursing home in Grand Rapids, Michigan Clean, efficient, and safe, elderly patients and their loved ones could always rely on the care they received there.

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      Lowell Cauffiel Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Forever And Five Days book, this is one of the most wanted Lowell Cauffiel author readers around the world.

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    1. re reading but I wonder why people want their senile mum or dad who suffers from Alzheimer to live like that? Is this just because they can't stand to lose them? Poor people are being force fed, bound and that was the normal medical procedure, not even talking about the crimes that were committed to them illegally.I have to make a testament cause i do not want to be treated like that.April 22 2014. Finished this morning.Not as good as I remembered. I did think the author was a bit biased and now [...]

    2. The overriding take-home lesson you get from "Forever and Five Days" is "Never put any relative into a nursing home, and never end up in one yourself."In the 1980s, the Alpine Manor Nursing Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan was one of the best in the state, staffed by dedicated professionals and providing a caring and pleasant environment for their patients. All that changed when Catherine Wood hired on as a nurse's aide. Wood was a huge woman, nearly six feet tall and at one point as heavy as 400 [...]

    3. This book is an indepth recitation of the deaths of six individuals at the Alpine Manor nursing home. The two aids convicted of murdering these victims were Cathy Wood and Gwendolyn Graham. An extensive background was done of both women. The source materials were both first and secondary sources. I've got to say based on the evidence in this book I'm not even sold on the idea that the murders were even murders. Here's what we know. The number of deaths were not substantially more than any other [...]

    4. The thing about Lowell Cauffiel is his writing style brings you in, makes you want to know the next bit. It's not always chronological and his subject matter is frequently difficult - who doesn't harbor a secret dread of helplessness in a nursing home or other such facility? - but you keep coming back. You can put it down because it can be overwhelming but you will always come back to it. You know, you absolutely know, that since he's written it, the culprits have been found out and exposed. The [...]

    5. When I read a true crime book I usually feel like I know what really happened but not this time. I’m still wondering if Gwen is guilty or if Cathy was the actual murderer. In addition, I’m fast approaching the age when a nursing home could actually be someplace I experience on a personal level. Sometimes family has no choice in the matter when a patient needs a tremendous amount of care so these homes are vital. After reading this, I can see why so many people hate the idea. It wasn’t just [...]

    6. True but drawn out storyThe author has so many threads in this true narrative that it's hard to follow along. At the end the reader still isn't sure if the correct guilty party is punished. Too many complicated back stories

    7. While the story is interesting, the book went on and on with details that didn't help it progress. I get it - they went to the bar for the 50th time, drank whiskey, and had sex

    8. Forever and Five Days is the story of the serial killings at the Alpine Nursing Home in Grand Rapids, MI. It is the story of nurses' aides Cathy Wood and Gwen Graham and their relationship. The book provided a lot of background material, on the aides and the victims. However, in this account, the accused overshadow the victims. But the victims are not forgotten. The story seems so unbelievable, but yet heinous. The way the accused played with people's lives and feelings bordered on the childish, [...]

    9. This is the true story of Gwen Graham and Cathy Wood, two lesbian lovers who committed five murders in 1988. They were nurses aides at a nursing home in Michigan and they smothered five elderly women in six days and then thought they had gotten away with it. They were caught because they bragged about the killings to others. Gwen Graham received five life sentences and will never get out of prison but Cathy Wood received 20-40 years and will probably go free in the next few years. It is an inter [...]

    10. Well, considering I know the story because I know someone in this book quite well I can say this book is very biased. They make Cathy out to be a monster and Gwen to be a little puppy dog. This is not the case. Cathy would not participate in this book because she didn't want to bring more pain to the families so they made her the scape goat. Believe what you want but this is more fiction than fact when it comes to the stories about Cathy. Just sayin'

    11. This is a good book to read, nicely written, kept me lingered on until I finished reading it. I just don't understand why did Catherine Wood and Gwendolyn Graham chose their elderly patients for victims. They kill their patients because of a stupid "love pact" they made with each other. These two should have gotten the death sentence. The story was well researched, it's a good true crime story.

    12. Psycho killer lesbians! 6 nursing home patients are killed by 2 nurse's aides in Grand Rapids. Or were they? It's a lot of she said / she said, no proof that anyone was murdered. Cathy Wood claims Gwen Graham killed the patients and Cathy helped plan the killings and was the look out. Gwen Graham claims she knows nothing about any killings and the autopsies were inconclusive.

    13. This turned out to be a disorganized, choppy, gossipy, way-too-long, unsubstantiated book that bore no relationship to the hype of it's author reviews. How can you believe anything an author writing a documentary says when there are no footnotes, no bibliography, nothing to indicate that the author is accurately quoting anyone? A waste of time.

    14. I have heard of a psychological phenomonan where two people find each other and form a third personality; the one that does things they would never do as individuals. Cathy Wood and Gwen Graham were such a criminal couple. So I hear was Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

    15. Terrific investigative journalism Terrific investigative true crime for those nterested in psychology of crime. To me, the real criminal got away easy. A book that leaves as many questions as answers. To me, she did not get what she deserved for the hell on earth she wreaked.

    16. Depraved nurses make a pact to kill the elderly patients they caare for. Subject is not light but a well researched Crime Story.

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