SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden

SEAL Target Geronimo The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden The true story of the killing of bin Laden by author and former U S Navy SEAL Chuck PfarrerOn May at a m a satellite uplink was sent from Pakistan crackling into the situation room of th

  • Title: SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden
  • Author: Chuck Pfarrer
  • ISBN: 9781429960250
  • Page: 115
  • Format: ebook
  • The true story of the killing of bin Laden by author and former U.S Navy SEAL Chuck PfarrerOn May 2, 2011, at 1 03 a.m a satellite uplink was sent from Pakistan crackling into the situation room of the White House Geronimo, Echo, KIA These words, spoken by a Navy SEAL, ended Osama bin Laden s reign of terror SEAL Target Geronimo is the story of Neptune s Spear fromThe true story of the killing of bin Laden by author and former U.S Navy SEAL Chuck PfarrerOn May 2, 2011, at 1 03 a.m a satellite uplink was sent from Pakistan crackling into the situation room of the White House Geronimo, Echo, KIA These words, spoken by a Navy SEAL, ended Osama bin Laden s reign of terror SEAL Target Geronimo is the story of Neptune s Spear from the men who were there After talking to members of the SEAL team involved in the raid, Pfarrer shares never before revealed details in an exclusive account of what happened as he takes readers inside the walls of Bin Laden s compound penetrating deep into the terrorist s lair to reach the exact spot where the Al Qaeda leader was cowering when the bullet entered his head SEAL Target Geronimo is an explosive story of unparalleled valor and clockwork military precision carried out by the most elite fighting force in the world the U.S Navy s SEAL Team Six.

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    1. Chuck Pfarrer

      Chuck Pfarrer is a former assault element commander of SEAL Team Six He has written op eds for The New York Times and the Knight Ridder syndicate, and appeared as an author and counterterrorism expert on C SPAN2, NPR, Alhurra, IPR, Voice of America, Fox News, and America Tonight Pfarrer serves presently as an associate editor of The Counter Terrorist, the American Journal of Counterterrorism Pfarrer is the author of the bestsellers SEAL Target Geronimo The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden and Warrior Soul The Memoir of a Navy SEAL His Hollywood credits include writing and producing work for Navy Seals, Darkman, Hard Target, The Jackal, Virus, and Red Planet He lives in Michigancmillan author chuckp

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    1. Fast read! Really hard to put down. It is an account of Operation Neptune Spear to capture/kill Osama Bin Laden, but it is much more than that. Former Seal Team Six operator Chuck Pfaffer also gives a brief history of the team, and describes other operations including the mission to save Captain Phillips from Somali pirates. Pfaffer's account of the Neptune Spear operation varies from the official government version regarding the roof-top insertion of one Seal element, and the timeline and cause [...]

    2. So this book surprised me for being better than I thought it would be. It is a good short history of special-ops, the take-down of Bin Laden, and does a good job at looking at the US from the mindset of the Taliban.Disturbing facts from the book include that the Taliban were able to gather hidden biological weapons from Iraq and repurpose them into working weapons that they have successfully used against the U.S. military at least over 100 times. The author cites various scientific medical journ [...]

    3. This “inside story of the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden” offers an interesting perspective of an important event. After the destruction of New York's World Trade Center in 2001, Bin Laden's name became anathema to the western world and became legendary among his followers as well as his enemies. This book was written by a former Navy SEAL who viewed the mission of the terrorist's pursuit as both bold and valorous and yet somehow emotionless and methodical. His insider's view of the backgro [...]

    4. How do you write a book about a raid that was less than 40 minutes long? Spend a lot of time talking about other things than the 40 minute raid described in the title. I understand the benefit of the special op's team knowing the background and emotional motivation behind their target, but that doesn't mean I need the full history to appreciate the raid itself.So all that being said, if you enjoy reading stories of special forces and black op's, it is a decent read. A few notes: if this book inc [...]

    5. Former Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer has written a comprehensive account detailing the formation of the U.S. military's elite unit--the Navy SEALS and their intense and grueling training. He reveals the role they played in numerous top secret missions including a riveting account of SEAL team 6 participation in, and undertaking of, Operation Neptune Spear--their daring raid on Osama bin Laden's compound at Abbottabad. The accomplishment of this assignment brought resolution to the nation and to the fa [...]

    6. by the by: am i the ONLY one in the USA who didn't know that Saddam Hussein actually did have WMD's that we later found/knew about, after having declared "No WMD's ever found"? i'm a little confused (not surprising for anyone that knows me). i thought even George Bush admitted in his latest autobiography that there were no wmd'sped through this book in no time. a lot about SEALS, their training, psyche, missions prior to Osama…the have my highest regard, respect, and thanks, for keeping our na [...]

    7. Good background on the SEALs and some of their numerous achievements. One can't help but admire the men who push themselves to become Navy SEALs - it's an incredibly tough road to get there. Interesting take also on a former SEALs take on politicians and the US "intelligence" community. Also a good overview of the actual raid on Bin Laden, although as numerous other reviewers have pointed out, it is in the latter part of the book. What was particularly interesting (and not a little disturbing wa [...]

    8. An amazing fast read that takes you into a well insighted crafted woven tale about the heros of our armed forces like the Navy Seals team 6 accomplishments.Excellent information about this historical operation of our times.Highly recommend for anyone enjoys military history and reading about anyone who dared to serve in our armed forces especially those in the Special Forces/Operations warriors.

    9. I was not sure how I would like this book so I was hesitant to get it. I am very glad I did; it was informative, easy to follow, interesting, well written and cleared up some misconceptions. I really recommend this book for a behind the scenes look at the who, what, where and why's of May 1, 2011; as well as SEAL missions that took place long, long, long before that day that had nothing to do with OBL, and everything to do bravery, loyalty and courage.

    10. Kudos to the author for pacing the book with such intrigue and background to the story. Very in-depth potrayal of the crisis from middle east and Lebanon. The growth and evolution of terror tactics and principles is depicted in great detail.The chronological order of events goes awry at times, the only drawback in otherwise a great read.Inspirational and an eye-opener to the core.Rating: 4/5

    11. It's hard to miss my interests with what could be here. I liked hearing about SEAL training and am interested in the main event it promised to chronicle, but the book ended up being too rambling for me.

    12. Who knew there was a Journal of Counterterrorism? Enjoying the history of the Navy SEALs and background on Osama Bin Laden.Learned a lot about the Navy SEAL teams, Ghost helicopters, Osam Bin Laden.

    13. Pfarrer supplements a three-hour operation against OBL with the history of the Islamist movement and various SEAL operations to produce a very interesting, fast-moving story. His description of the actual raid is as exciting as anything I've read, fiction or non-fiction.

    14. The best book about SEALS I've read so far. Facts and philosophy of SEAL training and a good description of the mission. All the other SEAL books I've read focus on what a macho SEAL the author was.

    15. I gave it two stars because I felt it was hard to follow. It started it out with the brief history of the seals that could have been expanded. Throw in the "Maersk Alabama" incident because? The story is about Osama Bin Laden not a hijacked ship. What I did find unnerving is that on page 90 the author is talking about Marines returning from Lebanon and no one knew they were silent because they media did not talk. Funny when he mentioned the six day war on multiple occasions that they author fail [...]

    16. Very informative and interesting. I learned a lot about how the SEALs train and use their skills and tactics in combat. There is a lot of historical background about the SEALs that I enjoyed as well.

    17. Well written narrative. It builds respect for the SealsOutlines how both sides have lied/covered up about presence of WMD's. They were there in abundance and actively used.

    18. I have just finished SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden. What an absolutely incredible read. The ultimate superlatives are totally inadequate in discribing the exploits of the SEALs. Their training programs are so very hard to believe. The SEALS themselves are so incomparably supreme in whatever they are called on to do. Several quotes from the book clearly illustrate their reason for existence and for being so good: "SEALs retain the ability to serve a [...]

    19. This book was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time, amazing to say the least. Not only did it go into great detail about the courageous mission to capture and eliminate Osama Bin Laden, it touched into the extremely demanding and selfless lives of the members of Seal Team Six. Each of the men honored enough to be selected for this elite counterterrorism team puts his life in great jeopardy every day for the country he loves. Selfless acts of courage, bravery, and mind blowing audacit [...]

    20. At first I wasn’t sure of whether or not I should read this book, having read other works surrounding the mission that killed Bin Laden especially the work No Easy Day. I was glad that I read it because this book definitely manage to contribute to the conversation of what happened that day. What makes this book unique is that this book was written by a former SEAL who interviewed the SEALs operators involved with the Bin Laden raid. From these interviews the author attempt to synthesize all th [...]

    21. This book was actually very surprising to me for many reasons. There was many things I liked about this book, but also many things I disliked about this book. For starters, this book is filled with lots of interesting facts and information about Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban. The first 150 pages are almost all history, and the events that took place leading up to finding Bin Laden. It also talks about all the training that takes place to become a seal and how Seal Team Six came to b [...]

    22. Like many other reviewers-here and at -this book has many problems, starting with really low level typos and whatnot, factual errors about Vietnam and recent geopolitical history and finally, the paucity of chapters about what the title indicates the book will deal with. I haven't read Chuck Pfarrer's other books, but did read an internet article indicated that whether or not actual research had been done for this book (it's hard to believe that anything about the SEAL mission was told to the au [...]

    23. If you’ve watched the History Channel, the Military Channel or other educational networks, you’ve no doubt seen how Navy Seals are trained. In this behind-the-scenes look at the take down of Osama bin Laden Chuck Pfarrer takes us through the Seals’ Hell Week in Coronado, California. You’ll feel like you’ve just run a triathlon when you’re finished reading that chapter alone.A former Navy Seal Team Six member himself, author Pfarrer may be breaking new ground here. He has some provoca [...]

    24. I really like the background and detail in the book. The political commentary is a bit much at times, but he is unabashed in his critique. No one is safe, nor should they be. Republicans, Democrats and Independents are all critiqued or I get the feeling they would be should it become expedient. He really takes the backs of the SEAL operators and what they put on the line. I really appreciate this perspective. Many times authors delve into politics in political narrative books to defend positions [...]

    25. This work by a former SEAL doesn't just give you a brief play-by-play of the night Osama was captured. There is a history of how the SEALS, and the Green Berets by the way, got started and the objectives of each. (I thought Green Berets did what SEALS did, only on land instead of in the water. Not really. Green Berets train indigenous people to rise up and fight against oppressive regimes. SEALS are the U.S. answer to the Ninja - they don't deal with politics, they take out enemies quickly and q [...]

    26. Most of you will pick up this book looking for an exciting story about how we got to Osama bin Laden. To be honest, the hunt for OBL takes up the last quarter of the book, and it's a pretty clinical re-telling of what happened, based on the author's first person interviews with participants. The rest of the book is background materials and filler, mostly a history of SEALs/SEAL Team 6 and a history of how Osama bin Laden came to be. [the rest of this is less book review and more political rant]T [...]

    27. This book provides an inside account of the Navy SEALS training, and that is the saving grace of this book. While the book as a whole is very engaging, the conclusions that the author comes to are hard to believe. One of these is that WMD's were indeed in Iraq, but the Al-Qaeeda somehow managed to sneak them under the US forces' noses. Even if we believe this to be true, it is really hard to believe that chemical and biological weapons which Al-Qaeeda managed to sneak away are still potent today [...]

    28. I have to say I looked forward to devouring this book as I pretty much read everything on terrorism, but this book could have been 2/3rds shorter only the last part being about the operation that ended in Osama Bin Laden's death as well as a few others in the same compound.The rest of the book after the introduction covers the history of the SEALS and SEAL TEAM SIX, Indoc and Hell Week, the origins of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, as well as a bunch of personal views of weapons of mass destruction in [...]

    29. On May 2nd, 2011, Navy SEALs entered Bin Laden’s compound. Bin Laden was a terrorist and the leader of al-Qaeda. Well on this day the SEALs captured and killed Bin Laden and changed the war on terrorism. Chuck Pfarrer captured this moment and the whole mission in his action packed book, “Seal Target Geronimo”. This book takes you on the inside and reveals previously unknown happenings in breathtaking detail. Charles Patrick (Chuck) Pfarrer III was born on April 13, 1957 in Biloxi, Mississ [...]

    30. "As these attacks were being carried out, Osama moved from Waziristan to a newly constructed one-acre compound a short walk from the front gate of Pakistan's Kakul Military Academy. Situated on a triangular lot, the main house was a two-story rectangle surrounded by cement and cinderblock walls that ranged between ten and twenty feet high. The windows facing the street on the north side of the main building were bricked in. It was the biggest house for several miles, and everybody did their best [...]

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