Screw Santa

Screw Santa Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M elves public exhibition bondage sex toys A group of twelve elves who found each other after leaving the North Pole at different tim

  • Title: Screw Santa
  • Author: Joyee Flynn
  • ISBN: 9781610347792
  • Page: 186
  • Format: ebook
  • Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, elves, public exhibition, bondage, sex toys A group of twelve elves who found each other after leaving the North Pole at different times has been living together for decades They are comfortable with their new way of life away from the Christmas atmosphere they despise The only things missing for these s Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, elves, public exhibition, bondage, sex toys A group of twelve elves who found each other after leaving the North Pole at different times has been living together for decades They are comfortable with their new way of life away from the Christmas atmosphere they despise The only things missing for these serious gamers are their human mates.Horse s hatred of Santa brought him to Illinois, where he has always viewed guys as entertainment rather than people to start a serious relationship with That is, until he meets Bren.Bren Griaule is a detective who is used to being in charge whether he is at work or in the bedroom When he meets Horse, he has a chance to relinquish some of that control.As the two start their relationship, will Bren be able to accept Horse s dominant ways Will the two of them be able to eliminate the threat that indirectly led to their meeting

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    1. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to read this book, but whatever it was, it in no way prepared me for how horrible this was.This reads like a 12 year-old's daydream - with a bunch of public sex/kink tossed in. Joyee Flynn has finally managed to create the uber-MarySue. In her universe, Elves are immortal, telepathic, super-strong, filthy rich mind-readers with the ability to teleport, heal themselves and others, change their physical shape and size (every part - if you get my drif [...]

    2. Rating: -100Once again Flynn proves that nothing is sacred and there are indeed no boundaries she and her wantonly twisted "imagination" will not cross.

    3. 2 starsI loved the concept about elves left the North Pole,but the whole story didn't convince me as much as I'd expected.

    4. This series is not for everyone.If you want to read something intellectual,thoughtful and witty, I advice you to move along.This is just a cute, simple,fun read, and if you like this Author and her kind of writing, this is for you.

    5. 1.5 stars. I'll round up to 2 because it's not quite a 1-star book, but it was pretty bad.Elves. Their human mates. Constant bouts of boring sex. Stilted writing. A ridiculous plot. Stay away. Stay far, far away. (I would say more, but I've already wasted enough time on this book simply through the act of reading it.)

    6. I read this book because of the title. I expected maybe some ironic commentary on the commercialism and extreme sentimentality of Christmas. Instead I got invincible elves, weird unsexy sex, total apathy towards the MC's and a predictable storyline. I will not continue with this series, cool names or not.

    7. Ok, Ill admit it, these types of books are my guilty pleasures. Light fluffy incredibly sexy.12 elves leave the North Pole because they hate Christmas. Horse is the one this book is about when he meets his mate, Bren.

    8. This book requires a sense of humor to like. I mean, I was interested in the concept and in seeing what can be done with elves who hate the North pole. And, yes, some of the 'features' they have are different from those of other paranormals. But I can't say they were new or interesting enough to really fascinate me.As a form of light entertainment which makes me laugh, though? That it definitely did. The names alone are a total hoot, and at least I know that at the end of every book the next elf [...]

    9. My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: joyfullyreviewed/new-rHorse and his eleven friends are all elves who left the North Pole due to their hatred of Christmas. Now settled in Illinois, they spend their time gaming, going to clubs, and getting very inventive with their lovers. Then a series of coincidences bring Horse into contact with Bren Griaule, a man who tempts Horse like no other. Could Bren be his mate? And will the human detective be able to accept Horse’s dominance and supern [...]

    10. typical joyee flynn serial romance. nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can't be finished. what is typical joyee flynn? imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no t&a (see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah.). out of sheer laziness, i will be using this as my template for all books by :joyee flynnsunny daylynn hagenstormy glennscarlett hyacinthcarol lynnegabrielle evansunless otherwise noted. i'd apologize, but i'm not sorry. i figure it's about as much time as the [...]

    11. Screw Santa is a pretty fun fluff read introducing you to a world of elves, specifically a "family" of twelve who are sick and tired of everything Christmas. But when Horse (did you know that elves name themselves?) meets cop Bren Griaule after doing a good deed, things are about to change in the "Smith" household. What starts as insta-lust quickly turns into more as Horse realizes that Bren is his fated mate and tries to introduce him to the world of the supernatural. Cute, sweet, and very stea [...]

    12. Interesting idea/concept of 12 elves who have left the North Pole because of issues they have with the big man in red or just things concerning the holiday. I liked the family like setting that was present and light sometimes dirty banter between all of them. I have to say I thought there was going to be some hardcore bdsm going on (whipping, gagging, some degrading acts, etc) between Bren and Horse but there wasn't really. The whipping/beating of the poor subs in the club dealt with more bdsm t [...]

    13. This is a series of 12 elves who have left the North Pole to live in the human world. Each book tells about each elf finding their "mate". It is a wonderful series. I am writting this review after I have finished all 12 books. I was able to read a book each night when I went to bed. I usually read for about 5 hours after I go to bed. I love this author. I think I am about the finish all the books that she has written. Once you read one of her books you will pretty much know how the book will flo [...]

    14. Six sentences into this book had me laughing out loud.What an interesting concept for a series. Twelve elves leave the North Pole at different times to end up forming their own family when they slowly find each other. What do they have in common, welley are all short, gorgeous, immortal, magical, un-mated, gay and TOPS! Oh and don't get me started on their names.I enjoy this story and I'm looking forward to the next 11.

    15. I thought this was a good start to a fun series. It was just enough to keep me wanting more. I am not one for extreme kink so this play right into what I love. Joyee never seems to disappoint me. I love her books and this series will be one I will read again and again even if it isn't Christmas time. Just the story behind it makes it worth the read.

    16. I've read the reviews on this book and I guess to each their own but really this book had it all. While I agree that the D/s wasn't all that real, I don't think that it had any effect on the actual story. I liked it :)

    17. easy 3.75 starsI love a bit of fun reminded me of a jet mykles quirky storyI was reluctant to start these and now I want to read the whole series and they are ot all out yetI don't know how patient I am.

    18. Um.This was a pretty amusing and utterly ridiculous story of refugee elves. Okay, they're not on the run. They just don't want to work for Santa like all the othe straight elves do.I should hate this story, but it turns out that I can enjoy trashy romance.

    19. I love these quick-fluffy-funky-dunky weird as all get out stories. The BDSM element was a funky twist, nothing like elves from the North Pole going all toppy! :shrugs: I liked it. But I like Man Love pocket stories like this.

    20. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and/or to read more within the series.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    21. 2.1, parts were good. not sure if this series is for me. the term mate/my mate is used over 100 times, gets a little repetitive and this author really really really likes public exhibition scenes.

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