About Average

About Average Can average be amazing A girl challenges herself to become extraordinary in the latest from bestselling author Andrew Clements Jordan Johnston is average Not short not tall Not plump not slim Not bl

  • Title: About Average
  • Author: Andrew Clements Mark Elliott
  • ISBN: 9781416997245
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Can average be amazing A girl challenges herself to become extraordinary in the latest from bestselling author Andrew Clements.Jordan Johnston is average Not short, not tall Not plump, not slim Not blond, not brunette Not gifted, not flunking out Even her shoe size is average She s ordinary for her school, for her town, for even the whole wide world, it seems BCan average be amazing A girl challenges herself to become extraordinary in the latest from bestselling author Andrew Clements.Jordan Johnston is average Not short, not tall Not plump, not slim Not blond, not brunette Not gifted, not flunking out Even her shoe size is average She s ordinary for her school, for her town, for even the whole wide world, it seems But everyone else They re remarkable She sees evidence everywhere on TV, in magazines, and even in her classroom Tremendously talented Stunningly beautiful Wildly gifted And some of them are practically her age Jordan feels doomed to a life of wallowing in the vast, soggy middle So she makes a goal By the end of the year, she will discover her great talent By the end of the year, she will no longer be average She will find a way to become extraordinary, and everyone will know about it Well known for his expert ability to relate to kids in a school setting, bestselling author Andrew Clements presents a compelling story of the greatest achievement possible personal acceptance.

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    About "Andrew Clements Mark Elliott"

    1. Andrew Clements Mark Elliott

      I was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1949 and lived in Oaklyn and Cherry Hill until the middle of sixth grade Then we moved to Springfield, Illinois My parents were avid readers and they gave that love of books and reading to me and to all my brothers and sisters I didn t think about being a writer at all back then, but I did love to read I m certain there s a link between reading good books and becoming a writer I don t know a single writer who wasn t a reader first.Before moving to Illinois, and even afterwards, our family spent summers at a cabin on a lake in Maine There was no TV there, no phone, no doorbell and email wasn t even invented All day there was time to swim and fish and mess around outside, and every night, there was time to read I know those quiet summers helped me begin to think like a writer.During my senior year at Springfield High School my English teacher handed back a poem I d written Two things were amazing about that paper First, I d gotten an A a rare event in this teacher s class And she d also written in large, scrawly red writing, Andrew this poem is so funny This should be published That praise sent me off to Northwestern University feeling like I was a pretty good writer, and occasionally professors there also encouraged me and complimented the essays I was required to write as a literature major But I didn t write much on my own just some poetry now and then I learned to play guitar and began writing songs, but again, only when I felt like it Writing felt like hard work something that s still true today.After the songwriting came my first job in publishing I worked for a small publisher who specialized in how to books, the kind of books that have photos with informative captions below each one The book in which my name first appeared in print is called A Country Christmas Treasury I d built a number of the projects featured in the book, and I was listed as one of the craftspeople on the acknowlegements page, in tiny, tiny type.In 1990 I began trying to write a story about a boy who makes up a new word That book eventually became my first novel, Frindle, published in 1996, and you can read the whole story of how it developed on another web site, frindle Frindle became popular, popular than any of my books before or since at least so far And it had the eventual effect of turning me into a full time writer I ve learned that I need time and a quiet place to think and write These days, I spend a lot of my time sitting in a small shed about seventy feet from my back door at our home in Massachusetts There s a woodstove in there for the cold winters, and an air conditioner for the hot summers There s a desk and chair, and I carry a laptop computer back and forth But there s no TV, no phone, no doorbell, no email And the woodstove and the pine board walls make the place smell just like that cabin in Maine where I spent my earliest summers Sometimes kids ask how I ve been able to write so many books The answer is simple one word at a time Which is a good lesson, I think You don t have to do everything at once You don t have to know how every story is going to end You just have to take that next step, look for that next idea, write that next word And growing up, it s the same way We just have to go to that next class, read that next chapter, help that next person You simply have to do that next good thing, and before you know it, you re living a good life.

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    1. Usually, I am very engaged with Andrew's books. I'm captivated. My mind wandered a bit with this one. I did enjoy that Jordan was in the band. She feels very average but she is good in a crisis. The biggest scene in the book felt rushed at the end.I feel like this could have used more development or something. The book is about average.

    2. Andrew Clements delivers a pitch-perfect novel for elementary-aged readers here. It works on so many levels - it addresses trendy issues like the unrealistic focus on fame in youth culture and bullying, but it also speaks to kids who just aren't too comfortable in their own skins, and who are trying to discover who they are and who they want to be. Clements does all this with a masterful hand that is never too heavy or preachy, but always simply and in a relatable way. But wait, there's more! Al [...]

    3. No superstar in 6th grader Jordan. No super-duper grades. No super-duper looks. No super-duper athleticism. Just your super average run-of-the-mill kid. When you read as many fantasy books as I do it is refreshing to get a normal protagonist once in a while which is what I liked best about this book. While Clements descriptions bring alive the story and characters, the forced plot kept it from standing out in a crowd.Jordan is finishing up the school year and is in the orchestra, but struggles a [...]

    4. I have read 14 books by Andrew Clements in the last 8 months. With each book I have a greater appreciation for him as an author, and for his understanding of children and their development. Most of his books are wonderful realistic reads, and this book lives up to all my expectations. Andrew Clements is one of my all-time favorite authors for children's books or middle grade reads. And this book will speak to everyone who thinks they are not the star, the athlete, in the in group. But it deals w [...]

    5. Jordan Johnston feels that all her sixth-grade schoolmates are talented or pretty or somehow above average, while she is justaverage. Throughout the story other characters point out to her what she's really good at, but she either doesn't believe them or doesn't understand what they're hinting at. I guess it's human nature to compare ourselves with others, but I learned a long time ago that, if you do that, you'll never come out on top. It's much better to look at what you are good at and can do [...]

    6. Part of our new Interactive Read Aloud program. Good story with a good message. All I have time for is new school books

    7. I am usually a fan of Andrew Clements' work. I enjoyed Frindle and The Landry News as well as others. But this book really didn't work. The premise, of having an average female protagonist, is good. But the execution doesn't work. The antagonist is a girl who is bullying the main character. It is very typical Female Relational Aggression, which is a cutting and damaging. The heroine muses to herself that the physical bullying she was aware of was brought to the school authorities and then halted [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book and honestly wish it was around when I was younger. The book is about a girl named Jordan who is seemingly average at everything, and how she gets bullied by a more popular girl named Marlea. Jordan makes a list of things she is good at, including gardening and babysitting, and her list is found by Marlea and gets her teased by many kids. To sum it up, Jordan eventually realized her talents and starts to find her identity and own talents, and realizes she is better tha [...]

    9. Sweet. A bit implausible, but that's ok. The thing is, not everyone is a Stargirl, a bookworm, or a misfit some kids are just nice average kids. And at some point they'll find their niche, or prove their worth, or discover their special talent. And they deserve stories w/ characters they can empathize with.This is a much easier and shorter book than I expected, given that the characters are finishing their 6th-grade year. And sometimes they act and even think like third-graders. But given that J [...]

    10. This is a warm tale about Jordan, a girl who feels she is just average (or below average) in almost everything she does. She even makes a list of her above, about, and below average things she can do. A mean girl, Marlea, finds the list in the trash and begins to bully Jordan. While this could have been a story about bullying and dealing with being bullied, Clements chooses to have Jordan rethink her own thoughts to deal with the bully. She focuses on positive thinking and tries niceness with Ma [...]

    11. I absolutely loved the first half of the book. With a daughter that is at an age where you worry how they are fitting in and a society that is so focused on bullying I thought this would be the perfect book. It goes a long way in showing that everyone can find things that they are good at. I am also very fond of Jordan's plan to counter Marlea's bullying with niceness. I just wish that the book had ended with Jordan finding her own place without the help of a natural disaster. Some way that othe [...]

    12. I would "drop" this. Books dealing with bullies are everywhere these days, and I was looking forward to one by one the best contemporary children's authors. Unfortunately, this is probably Clement's most lackluster book. It is anticlimactic and unremarkable. Jordan depicts a very common situation among elementary school students. She has no talents to speak of, and is completely average in every way. She does not magically discover a talent; which is one aspect of the book that I did appreciate. [...]

    13. Maybe that is more like 2 1/2 stars. I really enjoy reading Andrew Clements with my son, but this book was somewhat of a disappointment. The idea of a girl who seemed just average was appealing to me who had similar feelings in school. She has a idea about some of the things she is good at (very few), but someone's strong points aren't always obvious. Eventually she is able to make a real contribution. Meanwhile she has trouble with girl "bullying," something not everyone recognizes but is all t [...]

    14. What a great story about courage and quick thinking. This book will be a great companion novel to our weather unit. If tornadoes scare you, this book might scare you, but the ending is just right! I would like to read this book again just to examine the main character's personality traits and to figure out what motivates her to act on the way that she does. I think you will like this new novel from Andrew Clements.

    15. For such a short book, the repeated jumping back and forth in time was distracting. And the most exciting part of the whole story took place over just seven pages. The whole thing just felt like it was missing something.

    16. I listened to this one on cd in the car with my little girls, and it was good. Not my favorite, but it has a good message about bullying and embracing who you are. Finding the good in everyone, and bring kind.

    17. Love Andrew Clements. Love this story of a girl who never stands out in anything, but is an absolutely outstanding girl.

    18. Jacob and Ellie are listening to the audio. They are totally going through an Andrew Clements phase, checking out all the audios from the library this summer.b 7/3/17

    19. "Jordan's memory was a powerful force. A moment from the past would sneak up and kidnap her and then force her to think about it until she discovered something she didn't know she knew." ―About Average, P. 9 Andrew Clements has put together a pretty good book here. Sturdy characters, a sincere sense of humor and an unexpected twist or two are all important to the story, and the references sprinkled in to pop culture are refreshing and not as prone to dating the book as in some novels. I especi [...]

    20. A cute middle-grade story about finding out what your best at and putting that to the test in the face of bullying and outside forces. Andrew Clements makes me wish someone had narrated my elementary/middle school experiences.

    21. Andrew Clements is best known for his book, Frindle, which puts a student and his teacher at odds with one another when he makes up a new word for "pen," and everyone starts using it. Since then and even before, Clements has written many more books of appeal to students. One, The Report Card, tells of a girl that is extremely gifted, in fact a genius, who has managed to hide that truth from everyone including her parents, because she does not want to be seen as different than her friends. Clemen [...]

    22. This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.About Average, Andrew Clements’s latest school story, is about Jordan Johnston, a girl who feels terribly average. She’s okay at a lot of things, but feels great at only a few, and those things are continually mocked by a mean girl in her class who found her “Things I’m Good At” list in the trash. Jordan tries her hardest to be nice against all odds and basically kill her classmate with kindness, but it’s difficult, and Jordan dou [...]

    23. My only real complaint with this book is that it had a lot of potential that it didn't tap into. The kindness challenge that Jordan sets for herself with the school bully could have been an entire book in itself, and instead felt sort of random and unfinished. And tons of this book was slow and unmoving -- I feel like a lot of deadweight could have been cut so a lot more interesting things could have been added. That said, there were things I really loved about this book. I did love Jordan's kin [...]

    24. This was an enjoyable story, with some thought provoking bits; but the ending seemed out the blue and didn't seem to fit with the trajectory of the story line.

    25. What I thought about the book about Average was that it was a really good book. I liked the fact that Jordan Johnston went and took the time to save herself and all twenty two students and her teacher when a F 2 to F 3 tornado came flying in to town of Salton Illinois. I also liked the fact that she was not afraid to deal with Marlea picking on her in the bathroom of school. I also liked the fact that her parents went and thought of her as an average student in school and that she was just a slo [...]

    26. Jordan Johnston is a young girl on the brink of middle school who desperately wants to be known for being really good atmething. Anything. She wants to stand out, be noticed, be acknowledged for her expertise. She thinks she's just average. She's even made a list detailing 1) What she's good at (a very short list), 2) what she's OK at (a much longer list), and 3) what she's not at all good at (longer than the first list, shorter than the second).Andrew Clements is good at writing stories about k [...]

    27. Easy read about a girl who is extraordinary at nothing until she saves her classmates from a tornado that struck the school building. Touches upon some bullying.

    28. A few chapters in, I thought it was so bad I almost closed it but it got better. Without the ingenuity of some of Clement's other books and saccharinely oversimple, but still OK.

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