Inadvertent Disclosure

Inadvertent Disclosure Tiny dynamo Sasha McCandless returns in Inadvertent Disclosure It s been six months since an airplane crash altered the course of attorney Sasha McCandless s professional and personal life She s busy

  • Title: Inadvertent Disclosure
  • Author: Melissa F. Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tiny dynamo Sasha McCandless returns in Inadvertent Disclosure.It s been six months since an airplane crash altered the course of attorney Sasha McCandless s professional and personal life She s busy building her solo law practice and tending her budding relationship with federal air marshal Leo Connelly, who helped her stop a madman.When Sasha drives from Pittsburgh to rTiny dynamo Sasha McCandless returns in Inadvertent Disclosure.It s been six months since an airplane crash altered the course of attorney Sasha McCandless s professional and personal life She s busy building her solo law practice and tending her budding relationship with federal air marshal Leo Connelly, who helped her stop a madman.When Sasha drives from Pittsburgh to rural Cold Brook County to argue a run of the mill discovery motion, she finds a town bitterly divided over the issue of hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale beneath them Outsiders from the oil and gas industry and environmental activists threaten to rip apart the fabric of the small town.Then the town s only judge is murdered, and Sasha can t just walk away But, as she and Leo work to find the killer, she learns that the biggest threat to the town comes from within Sasha must try to save the town before it fractures beyond repair.

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    1. Melissa F. Miller

      USA Today bestselling author Melissa F Miller is a former attorney who traded the practice of law for the art of telling stories.She is the author of than two dozen bestselling legal thrillers, suspense thrillers, romantic comedic mysteries, and forensic thrillers All her work shares two common threads pulse pounding, tightly plotted action and smart, unlikely heroines and heroes.Her books feature such diverse protagonists as a pint sized attorney and mother of twins who s trained in Krav Maga a Native American government investigator who relies on her heritage to guide her when the chips are down a Buddhist forensic pathologist who refuses to harm any living creature and a trio of twenty something sisters just starting out in their careers who find murder and mayhem wherever they go.She s edited medical, scientific, and technical journals, as well as educational books clerked for a federal judge worked for major international law firms and run a two person law firm with her lawyer husband.Now, powered by coffee, she writes crime fiction and homeschools her children When she s not writing, and sometimes when she is, Melissa travels around the country in an RV with her husband, three kids, and their cat.To find out when Melissa releases a new book, visit melissafmiller and sign up for her email newsletter.

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    1. I love a book with a good title, and ‘Inadvertent Disclosure’, the new instalment in the Sasha McCandless series, like its predecessor Irreparable Harm , has a distinctly ‘legal’ flavour right from the outset. Picking up from where ‘IH’ had left off, we find Sascha working for herself after leaving Prescott & Talbott ; she is still dating FBI agent Leo Connelly and practising Krav Maga, a skill which, of course, will come in handy in the course of the story. During an out-of-town [...]

    2. This book was better than the first. Miller seems to have found her groove with Sasha McCandless. More importantly there is less street fighting and more courtroom/legal drama. This book tackles the complicating world of shale mining and mineral rights. I found the book interesting having worked on some crazy mineral rights deals during my time in commercial title insurance. Naturally, we weren't fighting white collar criminals, but the concerns and effects of mineral rights deals are legit. The [...]

    3. Nothing annoys me more than accidentally reading the second book in a series, and worse, not realising it until the author does that tiny paragraph that intends to gloss over the events of the first book and catch readers up. That's what happened with this book, but thankfully, it was such a good story that it totally wiped out any bad feeling I had from making that mistake. Sasha is an attorney who gets caught up in what at first seems like a single case of the state trying to take guardianship [...]

    4. I am not much of a fan of legal mysteries generally but I downloaded this immediately after finishing the first book of the series. I like the main character very much, she comes through as a very real individual and the legal 'investigations' she gets involved in are so far believable with a storyline that is not overwhelmed by courtroom drama.Very different kind of plot in this second book and one that particularly interested me as I am from an area where oil and gas leases and fracking is a [...]

    5. Excellent. Glad I found Ms. Miller's books to read. Enjoy her take on things and her books are refreshing. Going to read others in this series.

    6. I listened to the audible audiobook. This isn't a bad book, although I found the plot predictable. I rather liked the main character, attorney Sasha McCandless. I did not read the first in this series, but little depended upon that except for her first meeting with her current lover and unofficial "partner," Air Marshall Leo Connelly. Sasha is appointed to handle a case completely outside her area of expertise, which already seems rather unlikely. Although she is an attorney, this is not a legal [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars rounded up to 4 starsSecond book in the Sasha McCandless series. Sasha is in Springport to file a discovery motion for her client VitaMight. While in court the judge lands her with a cantankerous client for an incapacitation hearing. The town is simmering with the oil and gas fracking arguments, some want it, some don’t. Then the judge is killed and Sasha is appointed special prosecutor. It’s an enjoyable legal thriller. I like the fact that the story is so plausible and relevant f [...]

    8. Entertaining but not enthrallingI always like reading about Sasha. But including Leo in this case was a bit odd if reality is considered. And the ending was questionable; but I assume that will be addressed in book 3. Did not hold my attention well enough to put down other reading material, so took longer than usual to read.

    9. You're going to love themGreat! This is the second in this series. I'll order the third right away because I'm enjoying the character development. And I'm enjoying her legal knowledge. It won't disappoint.

    10. Sasha is unstoppable!A legal thriller yes but enough action to keep anyone happy, except perhaps the main character! Kept me reading well past my bedtime.

    11. Excellent readThis is the 2nd book I've read from this author. Great read kept my interest. Couldn't put it down until I finished it.

    12. Vibrant, thrillingI can hardly wait to get the next book! Gotta wait til I get my check though.As a short person, 5', I love the way Sasha is able to take care of herself!

    13. I have just finished Inadvertent Disclosure and I like Sasha McCandless. I guess that means I like Melissa F. Miller. Ms. Miller writes the McCandless series of books and novellas that star Sasha.McCandless is just under 5 feet tall, less than 100 pounds and can break your bones with her bare hands with Krav Maga, a fitness and self-defense discipline. She is also a very good civil lawyer (being a civil lawyer is perhaps her only flaw as I like my fictional lawyer characters to wander around in [...]

    14. First paragraphs, "CHAPTER 1   Firetown, Pennsylvania The present day Monday, 4: 30 a.m.   Jed Craybill stared up at his ceiling and waited. Tall orange flames licked the sky, reflected in his bedroom window. The flares of gas whooshed as loud as any airplane. With each whoosh, the floorboards shook and his bed rocked back until the headboard hit the wall behind him. He’d known for months that this night was coming: after a well pad was completed, the controlled burn off of surface gas began [...]

    15. Enjoyable It was a fun story with characters that were easy to get attached to. Some areas I think of as typical but the events and the ending make it worth reading.

    16. This is one of the books in the 9 book package I picked up at for .99. It is actually the second in the Sasha McCandless Series by this author. I just went in and got the 1st in the series which at the moment anyway is free--(they do change quite quickly so no promises!). Having never read a mystery by this author I did not know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. There are references to the first book so I suppose you should read them in order--I really am curious as to how Sasha and h [...]

    17. I was hesitant when I started to read Inadvertent Disclosure, the second book in Melissa F. Miller's second Sasha McCandless legal thriller. The opening flashback almost put me off, but by chapter 2 the heroine made the scene and things were off and running. I was glad to see that she didn't dwell on the fracking debate beyond that necessary to move the story line forward—both environmentalists and Big Oil are shown with short comings in a fairly even-handed way. Set in rural Pennsylvania, whe [...]

    18. Judge Paulson has appointed Sasha McCandless, attorney at law to represent an elderly client who stands to lose his rights. Someone claims the client is incompetent and that someone needs to be appointed to take care of his affairs. There's much more at stake here. Springport, Pennsylvania is home to heavy hydrofracking, a bone of contention among the town's residents which has lawyers on both sides scurrying about.Though as an attorney, Sasha seems to be equally involved in detective work, this [...]

    19. This is the second Sasha McCandless novel, and while I'd strongly recommend starting with Irreparable Harm (because it's excellent), this could equally well hold its own as a stand-alone story. I really love the mix of legal drama, thriller, and sleuthing aspects to this series, and in this book Sasha returns as independent and irrepressible as ever, with a new set of legal challenges to face. It's also fun to watch her developing relationship with Connelly, as they manage to snatch odd moments [...]

    20. I read the first book and had to immediately pick up the second. While still a good read that I finished in about 2 days, the conclusion seemed rushed and not thoroughly thought out.I hate the conclusion for Heather Price's character, because it doesn't seem at all believable. Also, Jay, where did he go? What happened to him? How is Jed? What happens with Russell? I wish that the book gave a better description of the outcome of all the court cases too. Like what happens with Danny Trees & PO [...]

    21. Kept me turning pages from the startThis is my second in the McCandless series and it won't be my last. While some of the specifics about the underlying cases between the companies and the poor town it was pillaging was a bit confusing, I appreciate that the book was smartly written and didn't treat the reader like we were incapable of grasping the concepts.I still would like more interaction between Sasha and Leo and definitely something that resembles romance between them. Because right now, L [...]

    22. I read this novel as a stand alone, not having read the first book of the series. That fact was no impediment in enjoying this installment at all; there are no linkages to the first novel as far as the plot is concerned.The plot itself is suspenseful, though by the time the reader is at about 80%, the story becomes predictable. The character development is good; despite the fact that I had not read the first installment of the series where the protagonist (Sasha) would have most likely been intr [...]

    23. Good story of ruthless greed, murder, and relationships.The plot concerns getting land, however they can , and fracking it along with some downtown yuppifying in a small town. The company and city players are even using judges, law officers, relators, and doctors to take elderly people's land by declaring them incapacitated, then splitting profits. Leo proclaims his love, but Sasha is conflicted. This story has and is happening in many US towns causing bad water and seismic tremors. Some people [...]

    24. This is apparently the second in a series about Sasha McCandless, a lawyer who is deadly because she knows the martial art Krav Magna. I could sympathize with the characters in this book because we live in a county in PA which has already been ruined by fracking. Landowners were excited about selling their rights for big profit, only to find out how piddling the amounts are--after the greedy companies subtract their post production costs. Anyway, Sasha comes from Pittsburgh and ends up staying a [...]

    25. Enjoyable legal thriller with plenty of twists and turns. What begins as what seems to be a pretty straightforward case turns dark and dangerous in a hurry. When the town judge is murdered, there is no shortage of suspects that arise. From the local environmentalist to the big, bad oil companies, Sasha gets in much deeper than originally anticipated. Loved the characters and the pacing was enough to keep me wanting more. Not sure how I wound up with book 2 without reading 1, but looks like I'll [...]

    26. Her client needed information so Sasha drove hours out to Clearbrook County to serve the papers. As she's getting ready to leave, the judge assigns her to a competency case. Her client is ornery and the town is full of corporate lawyers fighting on either side of the fracking cases. She hopes that it will be a simple case of blocking the county from taking over the old man's life. Then the judge gets killed and she's stuck investigating the death.I recommend this case to anyone who likes a battl [...]

    27. Part 2 and 3 of a Melissa F. Miller Trilogy featuring Pittsburgh Lawyer Sasha McCandless as she gets involved in a small town, big oil company conflict, aggravated with local politicians using their positions to feather their nests. And she takes on the defense of the husbands of two lawyers from here old law office who have been charged with the murders of their wives. Good legal tales with action spots as Sasha, who is barely 5 ft. tall and 100 lbs takes on bad guys twice her size using her kr [...]

    28. I enjoyed this book too, but not as much as the first Sasha McCandless book. Six months after her last adventure, Sasha is on her own and gets sucked into a web of small town misadventures surrounding the hydrofracking industry. Fracking is a well known topic in Pennsylvania but I'm not sure if it's known everywhere.The characters are good and the plot moves well, though without many twists and turns. The plot itself was a little confusing (the part with Jeb made perfect sense but the hotel was [...]

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