Pariah Pariah asks you to imagine being forced to cut yourself off from society You can t go near your friends your work colleagues even your family Because if you do they will die Imagine the pain of not

  • Title: Pariah
  • Author: DavidJackson
  • ISBN: 9780330520263
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pariah asks you to imagine being forced to cut yourself off from society.You can t go near your friends, your work colleagues, even your family.Because if you do they will die.Imagine the pain of not being able to see your spouse and your children You have to live apart from them You can t go into work Your environment becomes a claustrophobic hotel room, with seeminglPariah asks you to imagine being forced to cut yourself off from society.You can t go near your friends, your work colleagues, even your family.Because if you do they will die.Imagine the pain of not being able to see your spouse and your children You have to live apart from them You can t go into work Your environment becomes a claustrophobic hotel room, with seemingly no escape You cannot risk talking to strangers in case it is seen as an act of friendship that puts them in danger It is the ultimate in solitary isolation.How long could you bear to live like that How long would it be before you became desperate for it to end So desperate, in fact, that you might be willing to sell your soul to anyone who offers you a way out NYPD detective Callum Doyle is about to learn the answers to these questions It starts with the murder of his partner But that s only the beginning Pariah was Highly Commended in the Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Awards It has been variously described as a slick, edgy and cinematic novel, and a brilliant, fast paced debut with taut, action packed prose.

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    About "DavidJackson"

    1. DavidJackson

      I am the author of a series of crime thrillers featuring Irish American NYPD Detective Callum Doyle The first in the series, Pariah, was Highly Commended in the Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Awards It is published by Pan Macmillan The follow ups are The Helper and Marked, and I am hard at work on the fourth in the series My writing influences include Ed McBain, Dennis Lehane, George Pelecanos, Robert Crais, Michael Connelly and Harlan Coben, amongst many others My favourite quote about my work is one from the Guardian, now carried on the front of my novels Recalls Harlan Coben though for my money Jackson is the better writer.

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    1. I actually read Cry Baby which is the fourth in this series first. I loved it that much that I had to start from the beginning.David Jackson is without a doubt one of my new favourite authors. This is the third of his books I have read within the space of a couple of weeks and I have absolutely loved every one of them. In fact his books should come with a warning sign saying 'highly addictive' on them as believe me, when you start his books you don't want to stop.Pariah is the first book in the [...]

    2. Great book. had me on the edge of my seat. very gritty and gruesome in places and I loved Cal's sense of humour. will definitely be reading the rest of this series.

    3. This got off to a slow start for me, in spite of the book starting off with a murder! For a while there, I thought I might give in but towards a third of the way in, I would say, the book really took off pace wise.Characters were good, believeable, the kind of lead detective you would expect from this genre. Though I suspect in my case Callum Doyle may grow on me as his character grows through subsequent books!!The plot was good and I really didn't guess who the murderer was until I think I was [...]

    4. The first thing to say about this crime debut is that you rarely get so beneath the skin of a central character in crime fiction as you do with Doyle- you really felt engaged with him as a person as well as involved in his professional life as a police officer. I think this added to the novel as you shared his confusion at the situation he found himself in and were almost getting to the bottom of everything at the same pace as him, rather than having your mind racing ahead and trying to solve th [...]

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    7. Pariah me ha parecido una lectura interesante pero irregular en el ritmo; es lo que yo vengo llamando una lectura “valle”: arranca muy bien y se mantiene hasta más o menos la mitad de su extensión, entonces tiene una bajada de interés que vuelve a remontar en un par de capítulos y así llega hasta el “sprint” final.Es la primera obra que leo de este autor, habrá que leer algo más de él.

    8. PARIAHNOUNAn outcast.A person who is not accepted by a social group, especially because he or she is not liked, respected, or trustedNONYMS: leper, undesirable, untouchable.Doyle is a good cop, he's a devoted father and a happily married man, despite some shaky ground in the past. Things seem pretty darn good, until his partner is executed. Doyle is warned to stay away from everyone and anyone, or they will end up dead too. This is no idle threat. The bodies begin to pile up and Doyle finds hims [...]

    9. Callum Doyle really looks as though he has no place to go. Every step he takes someone is close on his heels and with fatal consequences. It's this premise that makes the book a page turner. From the start, it grabs hold of you and doesn't let go. It's fast paced and has you thinking and wondering all the way through as you follow Doyle through a jumble of violent murders and seemingly unanswerable questions. Just when you think things can't get any worse, they do and with a great story telling [...]

    10. Pues me ha gustado porque he descubierto a un nuevo autor que tiene potencial para escribir buenos thrillers, si continúa en la línea iniciada con “Pariah”. Primera entrega de la serie del detective Callum Doyle, un personaje con un trágico pasado, y al que parece que las cosas le van a peor, cuando comienzan a asesinar a personas cercanas a él, centrando todas las sospechas en su persona. Para evitarlo, tendrá que aislarse de todo y de todos, y mientras su vida se desmorona, intentará [...]

    11. By David Jackson. Grade A+Pariah was just what I needed to break my month-long fast of books due to exams. It is a gripping, thrill-packed book to remind you of what it is like to literally hold your breath and tremble with curiosity, turn the pages with trembling fingers, close your eyes in frustration when an unexpected turn of event happens, to sigh with relief when the killer is unveiled and to finally sulk when you realize that the book is over.It’s a bad enough day for NYPD detective Cal [...]

    12. NYPD detective Callum Doyle is the star of this book set in, yes you guessed it New York! He’s in a bit of a pickle though as the other detectives are already worried about working with him following the death of his partner in the corner of a car park complete with a hooker… but it only gets worse.This fast-paced thriller puts us in the shoes of a man who is forced to cut himself off from those closest to him when their lives appear to be in danger just by being associated with him. Unable [...]

    13. Pariah is a well constructed, fast paced tale of Callum Doyle’s descent into his own personal hell. Not exactly the favourite in his precinct, Doyle suddenly finds himself in a world of isolation when a string of events turn out to be connected and Doyle is warned that anyone he contacts or associates with will die. He quickly moves out of his home and into a hotel room but unable to work or be with his family soon eats away at him. He has to decide how far he’ll go to get his life back – [...]

    14. Uno iettatore tra i poliziotti.“Il percorso è cominciato e non si torna indietro. Il prossimo assassinio è inevitabile.”Pensavamo che il genere poliziesco non avesse più niente da dirci, ma David Jackson, per il suo esordio letterario, ha scommesso con se stesso di dimostrarci il contrario. Devo ammettere che ci è riuscito, entrando nel vivo della vita tra colleghi poliziotti e mostrando quali sono i meccanismi che li accomunano, facendoli sentire “fratelli”, e quali quelli che li al [...]

    15. Pariah is the debut novel from David Jackson. It is written like a Hollywood movie whilst combining the overall feel and structure of hit US crime dramas like CSI, Criminal Minds or Law and Order. So, if you like a good action movie or crime drama, you'll want to give this book a try.David Jackson has identified key elements to make a successful crime thriller, and put those ingredients together in a way that is original, yet easy and enjoyable to read. Pariah is not literary and it is not your [...]

    16. I should start by saying that I know Dave. Not intimately, but well enough. He was one of my lecturers at University (in fact my most engaging lecturer) and so I went into the novel wanting to like it. I don't think it's coloured my opinion, but I thought it worth noting.I really enjoyed the book. It has an original story line, flowed very well and has interesting, well fleshed out characters. There are twists and turns that I wasn't expecting and there are moments when I really didn't know whic [...]

    17. This was actually a surprise. It has been lying in my bookshelf for long. Bought it only because of discount. The story is that of a cop, Cal doyel, entangled in the mysterious web of conspiracies. A detective at 8th precinct, His partners are murdered within a span of 24 hours. All the suspicion is onto the detective. That makes him a pariah. How he gets out this, That makes one hell of a story. It starts with mystery that slows down a after few chapters. Then picks up in between till the end. [...]

    18. Callum Doyle, NY detective, is forced into isolation by a killer intent on murdering anyone who Doyle comes into contact with. This cuts him off family, friends and colleagues, especially as his proximity to the deaths brings him naturally under suspicion. It relies on the reader sharing Doyle's rather irrational belief that an anonymous killer will be true to his word in not killing his family as long as he has no contact with them. Jackson manages to sustain the tension towards the inevitable [...]

    19. This has been reviewed as in the same vein as Harlan Coben. It is a cops and gangsters story set in New York. Cop Callum Doyle's life falls apart when his partners are killed and pretty soon everybody close to him ends up getting hurt. He is taken off the case and effectively placed under hotel arrest while his fellow cops investigate why anybody would want to do that. It isn't long before we learn that his fellow cops are not all that united in their love of Cal. Ultimately he has to find a way [...]

    20. read cry baby , and I couldn't wait to pick it up . read pariah and I couldn't wait to put it down . Cry baby was a stand alone thriller , but pariah is part of a detective series of books which didn't drag me in , I felt nothing for the main character who was rather dull . I really struggled with this book and was really disappointed after the brilliant cry baby . Give me Peter james and the detective Roy Grace any day

    21. I had not come across any of David jackson's work before but saw this book recommend on the amazing author Mel Sherratt's web page. I am glad I took her advice to download this book as I have really enjoyed reading it. The story held my attention from the first page and kept me in suspense right till the end. The main character had grown on me and I can not wait to read the next book in this series! I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a well written gripping read!!

    22. A detective’s partner is lured to his death then the detective’s ‘new’ partner is blown up.The story was good, full of suspense and with a fast pace. There were a few places where the writing was a bit clunky and / or where there appeared to be missing plot points. At the end the motivation and actions of the killer didn’t seem plausible.If you enjoy gritty crime thrillers this is one to read.

    23. An exciting debut novel from another US crime writer. I found it differed from the usual crime fiction I read in that the central character actually has a happy home life, and the plot plays on this to a large extent to create the suspense. The perp and motive was fairly predictable as the book moved forwards, but I still enjoyed getting there. Will definitely be getting his follow-up.

    24. A good little detective book. Unfortunately, a few characters were introduced to the story that I feel really complicated things. I was very confused. I also got the impression that this was a sequal I felt like there was a previous book which explained more about the characters' bsckgrounds - this one lacked that. This book was okay - nothing more, nothing less.

    25. It's been a long while since I have read a New York cop tale, preferring the Big Apple TV crime, however I'm glad I returned for Cal Doyle. Very clever premise matched with sassy dialogue and larger than life characters means I will be returning for more. Deserves to have high States profile too. Authentic

    26. Pariah is one of the best crime novel Debut. The Central character of Callum Doyle is going to stay in the mind of the readers forever and they would love to learn what is in store for him next. The book is a page turner like a movie which is an edge of the seat thriller. The ending could have been better i feel but it is just my personal opinion.Overall The book is too good and is a must read.

    27. a promising and readable debut. There were two major problems. One : the ending was a mess. Two: I knew who the perp was one third of the way through the book. But I am looking forward to reading the next Cal Doyle book.

    28. A very interesting premise sets this book on a very twisted path indeed. Excellent character development, you feel their pain. As the poor hero becomes ever more marginalised and outcast you have no idea how it will end. I'll say no more. I will, however, be very keen to see what happens next

    29. Not what I expected, in a good wayThe beginning, upon introducing the main character, was a little slow. However, the rest of the book is well worth it, wonderfully written. I will definitely be following Doyle's story.

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