Love Unlisted

Love Unlisted Grace Shields keeps her hectic life manageable one way and one way only she makes lists lots of them Lists of her favorite Jackie Chan movies Lists of her boyfriend s Pros and Cons Lists about her fa

  • Title: Love Unlisted
  • Author: Stephanie Haddad
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Grace Shields keeps her hectic life manageable one way and one way only she makes lists, lots of them Lists of her favorite Jackie Chan movies Lists of her boyfriend s Pros and Cons Lists about her favorite places to get a pizza To Grace, each one is a very serious matter And that s why no one ever reads the lists Well, no one except for a few people who got a holdGrace Shields keeps her hectic life manageable one way and one way only she makes lists, lots of them Lists of her favorite Jackie Chan movies Lists of her boyfriend s Pros and Cons Lists about her favorite places to get a pizza To Grace, each one is a very serious matter And that s why no one ever reads the lists Well, no one except for a few people who got a hold of them by accident 1.Her best friend Bernsie, who understands the lists might be the only thing keeping Grace out of an asylum 2.A child psychologist she was forced to see after her father passed away and the listing become than just a hobby 3.A very nearly almost fianc who left Grace because of the lists.Now, as Grace struggles to deal with a career that s getting away from her and the frustration of living with her brother George, the lists are all she can do to cope.Enter Colin Kilbourne, a free spirited musician with a knack for ruffling Grace s pristine feathers And spilling coffee on her favorite work clothes Immediately drawn to his carefree, stress free attitude, Grace knows they d be mismatched in every possible way But that mischievous charm is hard to resist What s a girl to do when the lists tell you to do one thing and your hearts tells you another

    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] ☆ Love Unlisted - by Stephanie Haddad ✓
      415 Stephanie Haddad
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    1. Stephanie Haddad

      Stephanie Haddad s earliest works featured unicorns and talking pumpkins who overcame adversity, evil, and the threat of being baked into pies With age, her writing has evolved to grown up topics, like love and the complicated relationships between people As a life long lover of cheerful fiction, she strives to tackle real world issues with wit, hope, and lots of humor Her short stories have spanned many genres, but her full length novels stay firmly planted in happy endings, via both romance and women s fiction Stephanie joined the Romance Writers of America in 2009 to celebrate her addiction to perfect plot resolutions with other writers just like her Combining a passion for the human condition with a penchant for the romantic, Stephanie strives to write every story as though it is a conversation shared between friends.As she balances new motherhood, a freelance writing workload, and an independent publishing career, Stephanie continues her work on a planned three book women s fiction series, a collection of romantic urban fantasy short stories, and several single title romances She lives, loves, and writes near Boston, MA, the home of all of her novels.

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    1. I've never really been the "chick lit" type, but this book was glued to my hand. I feel like I was very emotionally busy throughout reading it; I teared up about 4 times (this is coming from someone who cries during every episode of Grey's, so it might just be me) and was literally "LOL-ing" throughout most of the book. There were a few points where I thought for sure I had figured out a side-plot, but Stephanie Haddad would never make it so easy. I found myself second-guessing myself up until t [...]

    2. So painfully predictable. I was really hoping for some sort of twist, but I didn't get it. I mean, Colin randomly showed up where Grace was working on a few occasions. Talk about creepy? I thought Grace was going to get that checked out? And then Colin was hiding a few secrets, so you expected something huge to happen. (view spoiler)[There was a lot of build up to that, but nothing really happened. She's like where do you teach? And Colin always avoids the question. Until one day, he just gives [...]

    3. Love Unlisted had what seemed to be a cute premise. A hyper-organized event planner falls for a laid back musician who helps her stop worrying and learn to live without lists.Instead, a young woman suffering from severe mental health issues stemming from her father's untimely death is bullied and berated by everyone in her life for her coping method. Instead of encouraging her to seek professional help, her cardboard love interest steals her property, tells her she's too co-dependent, almost get [...]

    4. This book really hits home for those who just can't see their talent and can't decide what they want until they almost loose it all. The compulsion of the "listing" for the heroine really mirrored many people's insecurities and their inability to let go of the past. All in all, a great read and a great book to help you re-evaluate the priorities in your life!

    5. This was a beautifully written book. The author had me emotionally invested in it right from the beginning from lauging to crying. I didn't think it was going to grab my interest as much as it did. Loved it!

    6. Overall, I enjoyed the book and the characters. Some parts were a little slow and I felt like the story could've been a little more evolved but it was still an entertaining read.

    7. As a fellow 'lister' (but far less hard core than Grace) I enjoyed this quick read. Light and funny this shallow look at a twenty-something finding herself and putting some past issues to rest kept my interest and developed a plot that was easy to follow. Grace, a party planning wannabe, finds herself working with an ex and surrounded by coworkers who seem to pull off their gigs with more success. She is hardworking, super organized and overachieving but fails to catch the prize. At her earliest [...]

    8. This book made me laugh so hard. A list, a post it, and her Dad's memory. Being so neurotic Loved this quote"I loved my Daddy more than anyone on earth. I write the lists so I can keep him with me.  Because I have to."   Grace Shields keeps a list for everything. She must have stick in paper and pens LOL When it comes to guys she has a pro and con list. They are just so funny. I know lots of us think them, but Grace, well, she writes them. Two people know about her listing phenom skills, her b [...]

    9. It's been a long time since I've read a "chicklit" novel that made me want to slap the silly girl protagonist. I was beginning to think that finally authors were getting it. Girls are not all helpless, damsels in distress, who needs a man to to survive.And at first, I was a big fan of Gracie, and her independent streak in this book. Except that she was a blubbering mess never able to stand up for herself. And I wanted to be a fan of the "mysterious musician" with the soul patch Colin. Except tha [...]

    10. Actual rating: 2.5 starsCute story, very well-developed character development, liked the main protagonist. It wasn't exactly a cookie cutter story which is great. The ending was a little surreal. Colin and Grace's relationship wasn't swoonworthy, exciting for a chick-lit read. Colin just was a blah, not endearing character. Actually, I hated him pretty much from the getgo, specifically he was way too judgmental and couldn't accept Gracie the way she was. Without my love for the main squeeze, thi [...]

    11. Very much in the chick-lit genre, ideal for a summer holiday read. Some of the characters could possibly have been developed a bit more, and it felt like the ending was possibly wrapped up a bit too quickly, but I obviously enjoyed it as I couldn't put it down! Every so often I read something like this to lighten things up between the other books I read, and have to say this is probably one of the better ones. It is a quick read at only 219 pages. It is badly let down by poor editing; missing wo [...]

    12. The story of Grave Shields as she confronts with her neuroses and ultimately the loss of her father. I was hooked to the story from the beginning. I found myself irritated with her and wanting to smack her through the pages of the book. The only character I didn't dislike was her beat friend Bernsie. Bernsie was more down to earth and realistic than any of the other main characters.Even though (or maybe because) she irritated me so much, I was rooting for Grace to overcome herself.The book was a [...]

    13. I kind of wore myself out on chick lit in high school, & in recent years I've been gravitating towards stories with a little more depth. Love Unlisted: A Novel was a refreshing dip back in the chick lit scene.It was all in all just a fun thing to read! It was a little fantastical at times, but what chick lit isn't? The main character, Grace, made me laugh throughout the entire novel. I felt like I knew the characters, like I was siting right there with them & watching everything go down. [...]

    14. A cute premise but the male characters felt pretty one-dimensional to me. The first half drags on for an unnecessarily long time and there's a weird conflict between the protagonist and her love interest that's not resolved in a satisfying way. And I'm honestly not sure why the male character was in love with the protagonist in the first place. In the beginning, every time they met she was kind of a huge bitch to him. That's not really attractive in a person. I know that a lot of chick-lit loves [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book. It was funny, made smile and was really cute! It was realistic, had real life drama but also a fairy tale kind of love story that doesn't seem impossible, like it comes out of the movies.I loved the characters, and could picture them perfectly in my head. Brilliant writing, overall! Also made you fall in love with the characters (character, lol) at a normal pace, not too fast that you thinkWhy do I like this person? and not too slow that you feel like putting the book [...]

    16. This was a goofy little book. I read this and "A Previous Engagement" on a recommendation from a friend. They're clean-ish in the sense that the characters' intimate moments are not described to the readers, which is rare in romantic lit. The books were also really inexpensive (free? I can't remember) so we read them. Even though the stories are silly and the characters can be frustrating, I have to admit that Haddad's work is far ahead of other free (or really inexpensive?) ebooks. Her writing' [...]

    17. As I started this book, I didn't think I was going to like it, but it ended up being an engaging fast fun read. I too love to make lists, although not to the extent that Grace does, but I could relate to this part of the story. I loved Grace's quirkiness and all her phobias. The subplots and other characters were just as likable and endearing. I already have two other Stephanie Haddad books and I am looking forward to reading them.

    18. I'll admit that from the first chapter I was hooked on this book. Grace is a compulsive lister. She has lists about pretty much anything you can imagine. Really Grace seems compulsive about most things in her life. Control, cleanliness, not dating people with small nervous ticks, and her career.Books by the Week: Love Unlisted

    19. Average: 3.7 stars.This is the perfect beach read. Had I known, I would have brought this book to the beach instead all the other books I actually read on the beach. I read this in between busy times, considering how terribly busy I have been, and mind you, it has relaxed me.The storyline wasn't that breathtaking, but it was a lovely book to read. I would recommend this book for ladies who plan on reading a book on the beach - short and sweet.

    20. Okay so I don't do this often, but I have to write a review about this book although some may call it 'chicklit' I call it amazing. This book was cute and awesome. I love how the main character learns to deal with her quirks. I also love that she makes pros and cons lists for all of the guys she dates. Its hilarious. This may not mean a lot to some but I would actually pay for this book (and that is saying something about my cheapness). Get this book

    21. Although I have never been a "Lister", this book and its cast of characters was very relatable to me and I loved the story. Holding onto the one thing that remibds you of a loved one is very endearing even if at times it would seem strange to some people. I loved how there was a splash of humor mixed with sentimentality and overall got caught up in the complex world of Grace. thanks for a great read

    22. This is a great beach read; I did not want to put it down! I got this book for free, one I could just leave at the beach when I was done to save room in my suitcase, but I know i will be reading it again! I loved the characters, and the book was very light and relatable, while being naturally funny. I had never been a fan of this genre, but this was a hit!

    23. Aww! This book was really sweet. I loved Colin! And I loved Grace. Even though her character was completely neurotic and she has a serious case of OCD, she made me laugh throughout the whole book. I also liked how the author intergrated Ava and Jay into the book from her other story Love Regifted. But I would read Love Regifted first because it takes place before this one.

    24. I should've learned my lesson after my first free download of Haddad's book, A Previous Engagement. This book, unfortunately, was more of the same. Boring, flat characters coupled with meandering plot lines. I wanted to care more about these characters than I actually did. Don't waste your time.

    25. This was okay. I enjoyed it at the beginning, then it got a little dorky. But it still kept my interest, since I haven't read a "romantic" book in such a long time. It was a good change of pace. I didn't appreciate the lack of morality, and people jumping in and out of bed with one another, but that's what I get for a free kindle download!

    26. While I really enjoyed this book, it bothered me that her "friend" Ava told her that Grace wasn't good at her jobeven though I really believe it wasn't Grace's fault at all that things kept going wrong! And I found Grace a bit whiny. And her friends didn't seem very sympathetic about her mental health problems either.

    27. I read this book after reading Stephanie Haddad's first novel "Previously Engaged." The characters in "Love Unlisted" were likeable and this was a quick read. However, there were some questions never answered, some things were a bit far fetched, and the ending was a bit abrupt. Overall I enjoyed the book, but not as much as her first book.

    28. This book was a pretty predictable romance novel. As long as you go in with those expectations, it's a good enough book. Had some errors and some times where the characters were not as developed as they should have been. Ok.*Read as a book with a blue cover for PopSugar 2016 Reading Challenge

    29. A book that most women can connect to in some way. We are all guilty of over analyzing various aspects of our lives, it just so happens that the main character has it mastered. There are some very frustrating moments where you want to shake her through the pages, but in the end she learns a lot about herself.

    30. This was a free read with , and I love free books. It was funny and very predictable. I can't complain because it was free, but as a avid reader this book was "ok". I've read a lot worse and I've also read better.

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