A Dead Red Oleander

A Dead Red Oleander When a late in the season emergency forces Lalla Bains to accept a greenhorn ag pilot for her dad s cropdusting business she sighs in relief After all he comes highly recommended his physical is sp

  • Title: A Dead Red Oleander
  • Author: R.P. Dahlke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a late in the season emergency forces Lalla Bains to accept a greenhorn ag pilot for her dad s cropdusting business, she sighs in relief After all, he comes highly recommended, his physical is spotless, and with a name by Dewey Treat, what could possibly go wrong Then her quirky relatives arrive from Texas and things go south in a hurry Dewey Treat drops dead, hisWhen a late in the season emergency forces Lalla Bains to accept a greenhorn ag pilot for her dad s cropdusting business, she sighs in relief After all, he comes highly recommended, his physical is spotless, and with a name by Dewey Treat, what could possibly go wrong Then her quirky relatives arrive from Texas and things go south in a hurry Dewey Treat drops dead, his tearful widow claims he was murdered, clobbers Sherriff Caleb Stone with his own gun, and makes a run for it Lalla, convinced the widow is innocent, sets out to prove it against the express wishes of fianc Caleb Stone Feds, local law, suspicious ag pilots, nutso relatives, and her daddy s new sidekick, Bruce the goat, make life a living hell for Lalla Will her nosey nature solve the crime and save the day Or put them all in mortal danger

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      485 R.P. Dahlke
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    1. Lalla Bains and her dad are selling their crop dust business, but in the meantime Lalla hires a new pilot - Dewey Treat - to help them in their last season. Unfortunately, Dewey ends up dead at their "end-of-business" party (at least he died at the right themed party!). Lalla ends up taking care of Nancy, Dewey's widow, and brings her to her home because she feels Nancy might also be in danger. Of course Lalla's suspicions turn out to be founded, but there's no way a tiny little thing like her w [...]

    2. Naturally I read it! I wrote it. Here're what reviewers are saying: "I'm so happy that Lalla Bains is back! This is was my favourite book of the three and it's all there: crime, mystery, suspense and great characters! I really liked the glimpses into Lalla's thoughts as she goes back and forth with new theories. Her dad completely lost in a house full of women as Lalla's great-aunt and her cousin (Pearlie) come from Texas for her wedding is hilarious. I Matos, review"This author is an exception [...]

    3. **I won a copy of A Dead Red Oleander after entering a contest on a blog. I have no affiliation with the author or publisher and have not received payment for my review.**A Dead Red Oleander starts off with a bang. Why is this woman – Lalla - handcuffed beneath a truck? What did she do? Who left her there? Is someone coming back to finish her off? The prologue did an excellent job of drawing the reader in wanting to read more. Chapter one begins stating "6 weeks earlier". Lalla hires a tempora [...]

    4. R.P. Dahlke, you know all about 'er.?The "Red Dead" sleuther series writer? She's kinda like 'er gutsy gal Lalla, she who be the wannabe investigator, When she hits 'er groove, she too is highly over-active, that R. P.'s a real go-getter! She cranks 'em out like pure Con-Ag butter, Not creamy, sliding, like that kind of butter! Heck no! She keeps 'em threaded tight together. Kinda like white gloves worn by an ole grandmother.And funny? Gram's big ole dimpled belly?it be shakin'  up all n [...]

    5. This book is the third book in the series. The author has created a wonderful crime/mystery that will make readers laugh. I know I did several times while reading this book.The characters Lalla Bains and her fiancé Caleb are at it again. Lalla is trying to end the season of crop dusting in the black and the business will be sold. Caleb is just trying to keep Lalla out of trouble. It seems like Lalla always has trouble following her around is always in trouble. If she is not trying to solve a my [...]

    6. Lalla Bains is back, and this time she’s not alone. Her nuptials only days away, and the newest pilot for the crop dusting company dies at a prewedding party. The authorities arrest the man’s wife. Lalla insists the wife is not guilty, but her fiancé Caleb is not so sure and warns her not to meddle in the case. We know that would be impossible for Lalla. She’s off to track down the real killer accompanied by her cousin Pearlie, a little pistol-packin’ Texas gal who is often more of a hi [...]

    7. The opening of the book absolutely hooks youa gorgeous blonde handcuffed to the bottom of a vehicle on the side of the highway in 100 degree weather. What a wonderful read this was. If you are going to the beach, the pool or even just staying home and avoiding the heat, this is a great read for you. Both my husband and I loved A Dead Red Oleander although I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is my favorite in the series. That would be tantamount to having a favorite child - just wrong. Each bo [...]

    8. A Dead Red Oleander by Rebecca Dahlke was light reading, entertaining, and most enjoyable.Lalla Bains, an aero-ag pilot, is about to go through some life-changing events, including an upcoming wedding. Waking up to find herself handcuffed to the bumper of a truck out in the middle of nowhere is only the beginning – or is it the end? The new pilot she’s hired for the crop dusting business is murdered during an end-of-the-season party at Lalla’s home, and his wife, Nancy, is the chief suspec [...]

    9. Don't start a novel like this expecting exquisite cuisine with a fine wine--think more along the lines of a kickass cheeseburger at an old school truck stop, and as long as you don't pay attention to the grease stains or find the clientele around you an issue, you'll do fine.The writing was sometimes sloppy, and the dialogues trite--but the plot advancement was rollicking and the central character, a feisty, crop-dusting thrice-divorced woman from Fresno who gets involved in solving murders, sup [...]

    10. Lalla Bains is back in this third book of the Lalla Bains mystery series. A Dead Red Oleander by R.P. Dahlke is a fun, fast-paced mystery, that keeps you guessing, with fun along the way. Someone has killed Dewey Treat and Lalla is determined to find out who and why. Solving the murder is not easy. Twists and turns keep you guessing. In this third book of the series we meet Lalla's Aunt Mae and Cousin Perlie from Texas. Do they help or hinder the investigation? I loved this addition of character [...]


    12. I picked up the third Lalla Bains mystery without realizing there were two others, but had no problem diving right in. Lalla's a headstrong woman who is very easy to relate to. Her long-suffering beau Caleb is a great character - irritated and frustrated with Lalla's commitment to helping her new friend find out who murdered her husband, but loving Lalla all the more for her determination.A DEAD RED OLEANDER is a twisty mystery with unforgettable characters and laughs galore. I really enjoyed th [...]

    13. Lalla Baines just can't keep her nose out of police business. When Dewey Treat is murdered at her father's ranch and someone tries to kidnap his wife Nancy. Lalla can't stop herself, she must get involved against the wishes of her boyfriend Caleb. Lalla and her cousin Pearlie, is on the trail of a cold blooded killer. Everyone he bribed to find his target is turning up murdered and Lalla is left to die of dehydration or blown to bits by a bomb under the welcome mat. Caleb at his wits end trying [...]

    14. I like the characters in this harmless series. Lalla Baines is a cropduster pilot, former model, and snoop. Her fiance Caleb is the sheriff around Modesto, California. Caleb's father is selling the cropdusting business, and at the farewell barbecue for all the pilots, their families, Lalla's eccentric relatives, and the people of the community, one of the pilots suddenly drops dead. Thus begins the next Lalla Baines adventure. More interested in Lalla getting herself and her cousin Pearlie in sc [...]

    15. Lalla Bains is getting married! What with finally tying the knot with her childhood friend, Sheriff Caleb Stone, just around the corner, and her crop-dusting business practically sold, it looks like life is serving up roses.Not so fast; first Lalla's got to finish her last crop-dusting season and she's short a pilot. Then she's descended upon by meddlesome Texan relatives who try to highjack her wedding plans, and instead of roses, the poisonous oleander crops up.This is a fun read, with a littl [...]

    16. This was my first RP Dahlke book and it won't be my last. Her crop dusting sleuth, Lalla Bains, has moxie in spades.Lalla’s fiance, cop Caleb Stone, wants her to leave the Dewey Treat homicide investigation to the professionals, but Dewey was one of her employees. As she investigates, she learns Dewey isn't the man she thought he was, complicating her investigation.Lalla is relentless in her pursuit of justice, putting life and limb and engagement at risk.An engaging read!

    17. You can always the summary of a story so I don't bother to write it. These reviews are merely my opinion of the book and I have to say, I really liked this one. Lalla (the main character) has some relatives that you just have to laugh with - her gun toting great-aunt and cousin who come in for her wedding are just hysterical. This is a murder mystery with a good amount of humor thrown in. A nice summer read.

    18. I have enjoyed this mystery series and would give 3.5 stars if I could. Lalla Bains is an ag pilot and gutsy, intuitive investigator. Lots of fun characters and new, unexpected plots keep each book from feeling too much the same. Lalla is less quirky than Stephanie Plum, a good thing as too much quirk can make any coincidences and lucky breaks seem contrived for an investigator. I will be looking out for the next book in this series.

    19. Fun light readI started in the middle of the series. Very similar to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, even with the cop boyfriend and sassy great aunt instead of grandmother. There's even a line in the book where Lalla says I'm not Stephanie Plum. Ha. But it's still light and fun.

    20. Lalla Gaines runs a cropdusting business (she's a pilot herself, and is forced to hire a greenhorn pilot late in the season. But something seems 'off' about this pilot. especially when he drops dead at the company BBQ.Lots of fun characters, romance is second to the mystery (thank you), and it was an entertaining read.

    21. This is the third book in the "Dead Red" series, with more scheduled in the future. The protagonist, Lalla Bains, is an aero-ag pilot who also manages to get involved in murder mysteries. The writing style is one I enjoy, the characters are interesting, and the murder mystery is well developed with a number of twists. The book didn't "grab" me as tightly as others, but it's a good read anyway.

    22. Central California, land of mystery?The heroine is a down home type who has a knack for solving murders. While finishing the crop dusting season, getting married and trading wisecracks with her colorful relatives. Driving through central California you would never suspect it could be such a hoot. Fluff, but cute.

    23. Good readI read 4 before 3, but it really didn't matter. I believe each could be standalone. Good mystery and funny. The characters are solid, smart and funny.even the "dumb blondes". They bungle their way through solving a crime heedless of the havoc they cause. And the men in their lives can only shake their heads in confusion. Highly recommend.

    24. Funny and fun to readFunny and fun to readLove her characters. Author knows how to introduce and make characters fun and intriguing. Plot has lots of twists and turns but easy to follow. I enjoyed her style of writing. The cousin from Texas was maddening but you learn to love her.

    25. Thriller and love story.Yes, May the road rise up to meet you Lalla and Pearlie. I hope their will be more books about them, and I will be reading all of them. Those delicious dinners made my mouth water. Another short story that will be keeping you warm in the winter.

    26. A light entertaining read. Goes quickly with enough twists to keep it interesting. Dahlke's work will probably never make it into the classics but they make it as a good conjurer's story. Can easily follow it even with distractions.

    27. What will happen to Lalla Bains when her father buys a goat? A new sidekick, Bruce the goat and cousin Pearlie Bains set Lalla on a collision to four murders and numerous run-ins with a contract killer from Las Vegas. A non-stop ride on the wild side I am sure you will enjoy.

    28. Writer always keeps my interest. This one definitely kept me up all night. Cover photo drew my attention & figured anyone who would use a goat had to be creative writer. Story will keep you wanting more.

    29. Another fun readAnother fun read in the Dead Red series. Lalla just keeps getting involved in solving murders no matter what Caleb says. I enjoyed meeting her relatives and learning it all runs in the family.

    30. ReviewOne of the better free books I've ever read. The mystery is of the Stephanie Plum style. Not bad and not to predictable.

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