Adopted Reality

Adopted Reality In a September memoir unlike any you ve read this thrilling psychological adventure follows the ups and downs of bipolar and examines relationships biological and adopted Laura had always been M

  • Title: Adopted Reality
  • Author: LauraDennis
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  • Page: 396
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  • In a September 11 memoir unlike any you ve read, this thrilling, psychological adventure follows the ups and downs of bipolar, and examines relationships biological and adopted.Laura had always been Miss Perfect but she just couldn t do it any.They say not to make than one big change in your life at a time, but with a break up, a job change, a move across the counIn a September 11 memoir unlike any you ve read, this thrilling, psychological adventure follows the ups and downs of bipolar, and examines relationships biological and adopted.Laura had always been Miss Perfect but she just couldn t do it any.They say not to make than one big change in your life at a time, but with a break up, a job change, a move across the country, and the separation of her adoptive parents, when Laura gets the opportunity to reunite with her birth mom she is not passing it up Then a beloved uncle dies in the Twin Towers and the tension that has been building explodes While everyone proudly believes she s fulfilling her dream to dance, Laura insanely thinks she s a spy for the Illuminati who unwittingly perpetrated 9 11 Will she learn to exist between the highs and lows, ultimately discovering her own Adopted Reality

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      Laura Dennis was born in New Jersey and raised in Maryland, but she learned how to be a sane person in California, where she lost her mind and found it again in 2001 A professionally trained dancer, Laura gave up aches and pains and bloody feet in 2004 to become a stylish, sales director for a biotech startup Then with two children under the age of three, in 2010 she and her husband sought to simplify their lifestyle and escaped to his hometown, Belgrade While the children learned Serbian in their cozy preschool, Laura recovered from sleep deprivation and wrote Adopted Reality.

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    1. Laura Dennis is one of the names I'm familiar with from the world of Internet memoir writing forums. She's very smart, with movie star good looks and she's an American expatriate, living in Bosnia with her husband and family. I can't remember where I won her book but several months ago my name was picked from a random drawing. Lucky me! Laura's memoir, Adopted Reality is a page-turner. The story begins with a tornado of events that sound as if they're right out of a spy novel. But this is real-- [...]

    2. I hope this is an exciting and informative book for anyone who has ever struggled with mental illness, personally or trying to help a friend or family member. Adoption touches 6 in 10 people - either directly, or indirectly - the aunt of an adopted child, the biological cousin of a child that was given away. I'd love to hear what you think!Lauraauthor, Adopted Reality available on and Smashwords for $5.99visit me at adoptedrealitymemoir

    3. 4.0 out of 5 stars Living in the real world, July 15, 2012By Johanna van Zanten - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Adopted Reality, A Memoir (Kindle Edition)This book is a record by the author of her life and the march towards her discovery of her mental vulnerabilities that raises the question: do I have Bi-Polar Disorder? I almost did not finish the book beyond the first chapter, which describes the reality of a person in an acute hypomanic stage. I was a [...]

    4. I have never read a book quite like this one before. To be completely honest, when I began reading this book (my fault for never reading the descriptions) I was a bit lost. I kind of felt like I fell into the middle of a Dan Brown novel and I had to check to make sure that A.) I was reading the right book, and B.) it actually said "memoir" on the cover. I was and it did. Once I got my legs underneath me, this book was heartfelt, honest and an amazing read. If you have been adopted, have bi-polar [...]

    5. Author Laura Dennis’ memoir “Adopted Reality” tells the story of how expectations of personal perfection inevitably lead to sorrow and failure.It’s a universal story of our flawed humanness which ultimately gives hope to all us who are imperfect.For Dennis, her sense of self-worth and her desire to maintain unreasonably high standards arise from her feelings about being adopted. More than a story of adoption, however, this is a story of bipolar disorder. Dennis describes in painful and s [...]

    6. Laura Dennis's Adopted Reality, A Memoir opens with riveting and tense words:"I've successfully infiltrated the Illuminati's West Coast cell. I suspect they're onto me."Although the reader senses in these words a psychological thriller, Adopted Reality is so much more. Dennis writes with authenticity the raw truth of her many-sided life. Always searching for love as affirmation of her worth, she tells a story of personal perfectionism destroying happiness, how our flawed humanness is a natural p [...]

    7. With raw honesty and thoughtful reflection, Laura Dennis crafts a stunning psychological thriller in her true-life memoir, Adopted Reality. She weaves in three major life events- adoption, reunion with her birth mother and a bipolar episode following the 9/11 terror attacks where her beloved Uncle Tom died in the Twin Towers and she believes she was responsible for his death. I was hooked from the first sentence,” I’ve successfully infiltrated the Illuminati’s West Coast Cell.” It reads [...]

    8. My Review: The first paragraph of Laura Dennis’ memoir, Adopted Reality, begins with the words: “ I've successfully infiltrated the Illuminati’s West Coast cell. I suspect they’re onto me”, which immediately drew me into her world and made me want to read the rest of her book.Laura crafted her compelling story of being adopted, wanting to reunite with her birth mother and facing the possibility of mental illness to read as smoothly as if it was a novel’s story line she was chroniclin [...]

    9. Adopted Reality provides a mesmerizing view of the cost of family secrets, especially the secrets of a closed adoption. In the absence of the real facts, like many adoptees, Laura invented an endless array of scenarios. The often-repeated parental reassurance that her birth mother had loved her enough to relinquish her, became the fuel that drove perfectionism, self-doubt, and fear of rejection. The author pushed herself to the point where reality and mental health fractured. With heartbreaking [...]

    10. This is a beautifully written memoir about what happens in an adoptee's life when reality and fantasy collide. Laura does a great job painting the picture of emotional torments gone crazy. Dissociation is paramount to what I experienced as an adoptee. I was also a dancer who drove myself to perfection until my life fell apart. It is easy for me to understand her fear and dillusions because they are very real. If you know an adoptee, are adopted, or are an adoptive parent, please read this. By sh [...]

    11. Adopted Reality has been described as a psychological thriller because of the narrator’s psychotic episode believing she was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and, thus, had caused her uncle Tom’s death. But this memoir is really about the capricious values and beliefs that underpin an adoptee’s fragile sense of self. When her need to know her true identity brings about a desire to be the perfect daughter, self-destructive behavior starts emerging. The dr [...]

    12. I was given a free copy of this book in return for my honest review.As this is a memoir, I actually found it difficult to read. This wasn't because it was written badly, just because the story was almost painful.I did, however, find it difficult to form an attachment with Laura. Having not found myself in any of the situations she has been in (i.e I am not adopted, never been anorexic, etc). When I first started reading it, I was confused. I struggled to see how this was a memoir at first. By th [...]

    13. Laura Dennis paints a wild abstract picture of what it feels like to be spun into the wild confusion of a life riddled with bipolar disorder. Laura allows the reader to join her in her numerous, difficult obstacles she is forced to face all at once. These obstacles lead to the inevitable experience of a severe manic episode into which she delves the reader allowing them into her head. Laura shares her deepest desires, feelings, losses and achievements giving the reader the positives and negative [...]

    14. I finished this book in 3 sitting; it is that enthralling. The author extracts order from chaos by becoming the observer of her own life, sorting through issues of adoption and mental illness as well as the coping mechanisms she'd developed to deal with them.A great read for anyone interested in the experience of being adopted, of emerging mental illness, of being strong of will, wildly talented, and becoming self-aware.

    15. This memoir read like an exciting novel, and I had a hard time putting it down. I was hooked from the beginning, curious to find out what was going to happen next. Not only was it interesting and well written, it was very informative on both the topics of adoption and bipolar disorder. I highly recommend this read!

    16. 3.5/5 StarsBlog review in progress. I need some time to process this review. This is a very different book.

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