When Saint Goes Marching In

When Saint Goes Marching In WARNING This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable It is six years later and Saint and Xenia have two beautiful sons and are

  • Title: When Saint Goes Marching In
  • Author: Tiana Laveen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WARNING This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.It is six years later and Saint and Xenia have two beautiful sons and are enjoying their lives in sunny California Having started a new leg of his career, Saint takes on innovative responsibilities, relishing the excitement of his job from wealthWARNING This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.It is six years later and Saint and Xenia have two beautiful sons and are enjoying their lives in sunny California Having started a new leg of his career, Saint takes on innovative responsibilities, relishing the excitement of his job from wealthy Rainbeau men hiring him for sexual assistance with their wives, to planning to snare a prolific, insane, and hate filled killer on the loose Still doing conferences, Saint is distracted by recent harassment and tortures that target Rainbeau men and their spouses in a small town in Missouri Asked by the White Knights of the Round Table to assist in the troubling case, Saint uses his mental agility and psychic abilities to help capture the man responsible and bring him to justice Just when he thinks the drama is over, another predicament arises in the form of Saint s sultry ex girlfriend who has an axe to grind She is a blast from his past but she won t disappear without wreaking havoc As their lives unfold, revenge is served to Saint in a manner that is of nightmarish proportions, demolishing his personal life irreparably Saint is forced into a new life that becomes an emotional roller coaster as he chases a serial killer while simultaneously trying to regain the love and trust of his soulmate Will Saint be able to outsmart a sociopath Will Xenia and Saint survive this true test of their union March with Saint and come find out.

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    About "Tiana Laveen"

    1. Tiana Laveen

      Tiana Laveen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio She moved away, and now lives inside of her mind, but her heart is occupied with her husband, two children, and twisted imagination She enjoys a fulfilling and enriching life that includes writing books, public speaking, drawing, painting, listening to music, cooking, and spending time with loved ones.Tiana Laveen is a uniquely creative and innovative author whose romance fiction is geared towards those who not only want to temporarily escape from the daily routines of life, but also became pleasantly caught up in the twisted, well developed journeys of her unique characters Tiana creates a painting with words as she guides her reader into the lives of each and every main character Her dedication to detail and staying true to her characters is evident in each novel that she writes.

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    1. Whew! Xenia and Saint's relationship was definitely put to the test. I enjoyed this book more than the first - the intimacy b/w Saint and Xenia just seemed stronger and more authentic. And as with the first book, this book featured lots of steamy love scenes which were beautifully written. Also, I enjoyed reading Saint's speeches and actually found myself nodding my head in agreement a few times. I plan to continue with the series.

    2. I know I am late to the party, but I am totally hooked on this series. I was on the fence at 1st even after reading a sample from the 1st book in the series. For anyone who may have doubts about the series/books, take it from me it gets better. On to the next!!

    3. Saint Saint is steadily drawing me in. I love him and the Queen and the Princes. I'm rushing on to the next book to see what happens next.

    4. When Saint Goes Marching InTiana Laveen is amazing. When "The Saint Goes Marching In" was a mystery, romance and paranormal wrapped into one. Saint's confidence, strength and vulnerability makes him a stand out character. He's not a perfect man, he has his flaws and demons. Xenia complements him and that is what makes them shine as a couple.And what can I say about Saint's conferences - they keep a reader on their toes. The information he doles out is very interesting and it also makes him a tar [...]

    5. An Exciting and Sensual Interracial Romantic Comedy ThrillerWhen Saint Goes Marching In is an exciting and sensual interracial romantic thriller that earned a rating of five stars. I found this book a very suspenseful thriller as Saint chase a serial killer while going through a painful separation from his wife and children after an ex girlfriend got her revenge against him. This book is entertaining and humorous and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading very good interracial romanti [...]

    6. OMG, OMG, OMG.I love this book!!!! OMG!I just love Dr. Saint Aknaten. I wish he were real, I'd marry him yesterday if I were single! This book was a real learning experience to me as well as entertaining. Tiana had to do a hell of a lot of research to do this book. It is so well done. All of the characters were complicated and had such wisdom to share from Saint to Xenia, to Lawrence to Pam, to Saint's father and even Raphael and Latrice. Payton and Stanley even had something to contribute about [...]

    7. Jealousy is as cruel as the grave! Why is it that when people are in love and happy, it is always someone that feel like they have to destroy that relationship. But one thing I know what God put together let NO MAN TAKE ASUNDER!!! If the man told you you are not wifey material then believe what he is saying. Women it is time for us to know our worth! We are The Queen Of Diamonds!! Reading this book help me see various things: 1. The character of a soulmate 2. The unconditional love of a soulmate [...]

    8. I fell in love with the first book and now I am in love with this one. Most people hate the speeches but I love them. Saint is deep and in your face with his ideologies. I almost stopped reading the book because I was really upset with what Saint's ex did to him and tried to destroy his and Xenia's marriage. Glad I didn't. I am glad that I understand the whole supernatural aspect of the book. I get it. I love this author. It is like she thinks like a man. I really identified with the characters. [...]

    9. Hate 2 say this but, I skipped around this book Not saying that it's absolutely horrible, but it could have been better. Definitely not as good as the 1st, for a better look, please see my review for the 1st installment: /review/show/Personally, I feel like $7.99 was entirely too much for this book, when it should have been $2.99. I will not be reading the next installment, unless it's for a free in-store reading at a Barnes & Noble outlet.Save your money. 2 1/2 stars

    10. Wow, Makes You Think!I see why others enjoy this series because it really causes one to think. I believe authors write truth in fiction and Tiana's stories more so because she writes from the perspective of the male character. Saint and Xenia are an amazing couple and I am hoping she teaches the Queen's in the next installment since she is the first lady. Can't wait to read the next installment.

    11. I love Saint and Xenia this was a really good story and Saint gave many good speeches in this book one thin he said in this book that I truly loved was *If you believe you are a diamond, if you know your value , you are less likely to settle for less . You'll never question your own price because you'll know your invaluable.* There are numerous comments like that in this book but I have two complaints. 1. there are too many long speeches I feel Saint has much more of a story to tell.

    12. Unusual interracial romance that touches on many social issues such as race, religion, politics, class, friendship, sex, gender roles, family, marriage and the supernatural. The language can be raw but it somehow seems appropriate. If you want something off the beaten path try this book and the others in this series.

    13. Awesome!What can I say about Saint & Xenia that already hasn't been said?! This is the kind of marriage every little girl dreams about having; a man openly showing his devotion and love to you and your children; a man who understands he has to make love to your mind first; a man that would protect you by any means necessary! My goodness.if only Saint was real!

    14. A great followup to the first book, naughty sins. I completely enjoyed this. I enjoyed what Saint had to say. The speeches were on point and I loved it. Well written, worth every penny and exciting and the love scenes were HOT.

    15. I am currently on book three of this series and my mind is still blown away. The rawness and explicit truism that keeps Saint obsessed is also a very explosiveI have read all of Ms. Laveen's books and this is by far my most favorite series.

    16. Thanks Tiana. I wanted another story about these characters so bad. I didn't find out about this book until a day ago. Needless to say, finished in one day and it was AWESOME. I can't wait until the next one. There will be a next one, right?

    17. Saint and XeniaWell these two went through the ringer in this story. These books are really making me reflect on my own relationships. When you really love someone, you must learn to not only forgive, but true in the love you have for that person. I really love these two.

    18. Book 2I really enjoyed book two. I found the book entertaining. It contained passion and humor from the boys. I can't wait to read book three.

    19. Wow! What can I say about this sequel?! It was fabulous from beginning to end! Saint & Xenia are definitely among my fave couples, he is just one amazing alpha male, mmmm!

    20. You can't go wrong with Saint!!!! Ms. Laveen knows how to satisfy every inch of a person's yearning. Love it!

    21. So well writtenThese books are so well written and they flow. A beautiful love story and action, I love these books. Read them

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