Pieces of Jade

Pieces of Jade Sentenced to death by the man she loves Jade has no control over her future She is the Emm a the girl whose magical blood keeps her kingdom s cursed soil fertile and ensures the survival of her peop

  • Title: Pieces of Jade
  • Author: Lani Woodland Melonie Piper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 239
  • Format: ebook
  • Sentenced to death by the man she loves .Jade has no control over her future She is the Emm a, the girl whose magical blood keeps her kingdom s cursed soil fertile and ensures the survival of her people But her destiny is ruined when pirates take her magical medallion, the loss of which is treasonous, and the prince she loves is honor bound to sentence her to death.FSentenced to death by the man she loves .Jade has no control over her future She is the Emm a, the girl whose magical blood keeps her kingdom s cursed soil fertile and ensures the survival of her people But her destiny is ruined when pirates take her magical medallion, the loss of which is treasonous, and the prince she loves is honor bound to sentence her to death Forced to flee to the pirate she hates .Jade escapes from prison, but her sister is captured and will die in her place unless Jade returns with the medallion still on the pirates ship In disguise, she joins the pirate crew where she finds herself drawn to the first officer, William, and his claims of the crown s hidden brutality in the kingdom But when Jade learns the fate of every Emm a before her, she is finally forced to choose her own destiny die a martyr or live a rebel.

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      239 Lani Woodland Melonie Piper
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    1. Lani Woodland Melonie Piper

      I became an avid reader in elementary school, when I first discovered the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins series In sixth grade, I began writing plays and recruiting with force when necessary my friends to act them out Most of these early works were inspired by She Ra, the epitome of girl power to my young self.I have a hard time enjoying any book without at least a little romance in it I live in Southern California with my husband, our two children and a large collection of board games I have worked as a spot welder, babysitter, janitor, photographer, gymnastics coach, and movie extra I enjoy bonfires at the beach, hole in the wall restaurants, speed talking, chocolate as a cure all, and the word precisely I m the author of Breaking Pointe, Stronger, THE YARA SILVA TRILOGY, including Intrinsical, Indelible, and Inevitable, and Out of Bounds, the third book in the Pom Pom Periodicals series With Erica Cameron I m the co author of the Laguna Tides series, starting with Taken By Chance I also co wrote the pirate adventure Pieces of Jade, books one and two of The Pom Pom Periodicals That s The Spirit, Give Me A C and two short stories in Enchanted Love Stories of the Paranormal with Melonie Piper.

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    1. Pieces of Jade is a YA fantasy whose main character is Jade, a teenage girl protagonist with (of course) special magical powers and (of course) more than one guy who loves her. (The Dreaded Love Triangle hasn't quite appeared in this first volume, but it sure looks like it's coming.) The setting is a magical fantasy world is an interesting one with some unique aspects that I haven't seen before. Jade, because of the magic that - literally - runs in her blood, has been co-opted by the royal famil [...]

    2. I had the privilege of being a reader for this book, and I absolutely loved it. If you like my books, I'm sure you'll love this one, as they're both packed full of action, romance, and magic. Highly recommended!

    3. I LOVED this book. Loved. It really does have everything. Action, romance, adventure, mystery I completely fell in love with the characters and can't WAIT for the second book! Great blend of pacing, world-building, voice, and tension. Woodland and Piper know how to craft a tale.

    4. Loved. Loved loved loved. I LOVED this book. Everything about it. I was fully investid in it from the first page. Everything was perfect, exciting and magical. Got to the end. Cliffhanger. The ending set up the book to have an amazing sequel. Then found out there is no sequel. I wanted to take a star off for that but its just too good ❤

    5. It has been a while since I gave a book 5 stars, but this one definitely deserves them! I loved the story, William, the characters, William, the relationships, William, the action and romance. Did I mention William? :-) He is my new favorite book hero! Quite often when I read a book I will think of things I would have changed, but not this one. I was reading into the wee hours of the morning because I couldn't put it down. I hope the wait for the next book isn't too long.

    6. Amber Gest-Troyeranks for recommending this book! I can't say enough about it! The magic, the mystery, and oh the love. I can't wait for the second book to find out what path Jade's life will take. Hurry and give us the story Lani!

    7. What an awesome blend of magic, mystery, action, and smoldering pirates! Jade is one awesome protagonist! She's smart, strong and very determined. And I love that about her. William has definately made my Bookboyfriend list for the year. *swoon* Proper review to come!

    8. Pieces of Jade by Lani Woodland and Melonie Piper is the fantastic story of Jade, the Emmía, whose blood is sacred to her kingdom. Her blood is what keeps the soil fertile and the kingdom thriving. She feels honored to server her kingdom, though she knows she will die young in child birth due to her frequent blood sacrifices and not having a strong constitution.When a mistake and series of circumstances end with Jade losing her medallion and having to throw her lot in with pirates, she feels li [...]

    9. My friend recommended this book to me when she was only half-way through it, like she literally called me up and told me to buy the book now so we could read it together. It's like Graceling and Howl’s Moving Castle and Dragonfly all combined- I loved all of those books, and, therefore, I loved Pieces of Jade!The magic is really cool. As in, I totally want to live ther. Not quite Harry Potter, but still cool. And Jade is such an awesome character. She’s so firey and really works to get what [...]

    10. For fans of The Girl of Fire and Thorns or Pirates of the Caribbean, this story will take you on a magical adventure that will leave you begging for more.This book was so much fun to read! After just one chapter, I was hooked. I don’t normally read a lot of ebooks, but I’m so glad I stumbled across this one. It’s such a bargain at that price and beats out other fantasy books I see on the shelves at the bookstore. Pirates AND magic—it doesn't get better than that! A fast, gripping story t [...]

    11. I admit, when I read the summary I thought this book may not be for me as I am not someone who is "into" pirates. I was wrong and after the first few paragraphs I got sucked into Jade's world. I found myself being taken on a journey with adventures and double-crosses I never saw coming. I found myself wanting to pick up the story and keep reading it even though I knew I had to go to bed. It was so refreshing to read a story that had an original plot line. Also, the authors gave the reader a deep [...]

    12. So, I liked this one. I thought it was a fun High Fantasy type story and I enjoyed the world building and look forward to continuing the series. I admit, I was expecting a bit more in the romance department, (view spoiler)[ Since the majority of the book Jade is disguised as an old woman I just had a hard time picturing her and William together. I kept seeing an old woman. Even though I guessed Williams secret, I still didn't feel anything between them. I kind of think the book would have been b [...]

    13. Wow I loved this story about swashbuckling pirates and amazing magical powers. Such a great combination and amazing adventure. So many twists and turns and surprising events. The ending was sweet, but the adventure isn't over yet and so I went looking for the next book and sadly there is no sign of it. LANI WOODLAND WHY!!!!!!! I so want to see what happens next. It just can't end this way. Please write the next book! I am dying to see what happens!!!!

    14. This book is brilliant. I couldn't tear myself from it. I could not sleep be reaching the conclusion. This riveting tale had me hooked (no pun intended) from beginning to end. I want to give it more stars.

    15. WOW This was truly amazing!I couldn't have read a more perfect pirate book than this one!Even though most of the time I was just like:ANDAt some point at the end this happens:It was truly an exciting magical adventure that has wrecked me and set my expectations for the next book I read so high; that I believe I won't be able to read anything for a while:

    16. This was a fun and emotion-filled adventure! The story hooked me right away, and I loved the world--the magic in particular fascinated me. I enjoyed most of the characters, too, though I wanted just a little more from a few of them because I liked them so much. Really worth a read-- I loved it!

    17. Loved this nice surprise. Bought it in 2013 so about time I read it. But where is the sequel?!Jade was a fun character. At first she seems weak and maybe clueless but she’s strong and fearless as she embarks on a new adventure with pirates and disguises and daring rescues. I really liked the pirate men Clayton and William. It’ll be interesting to see if the love interest changes later on.

    18. Very good tale. The characterization had a few weak spots, but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless, and am very eager to get my hands on the sequel.

    19. From the cover to the blurb to the preview, I knew I wanted to read this story. It completely engaged me, even if that sometimes meant I was voicing my frustrations over certain characters' choices or plot elements! The characters are really intriguing, and the situations Jade finds herself alternately hysterical and heart-wrenching (and occasionally bizarre, LOL). I really enjoyed the adventure. It has sort of a historical-fantasy-dystopian vibe. I'm glad to see this is considered Book 1, which [...]

    20. This book could have had real potential. However, what ruined it for me was the characters. They're not nessesarily dislikeable characters, but I felt like they could have been built up so much more. I couldn't feel any chemistry between them, especially William and Jade, and I just didn't understand where their romance came from And the love triangle didn't add anything to it for me. But I have to admit, the story itself was pretty enjoyable.

    21. If you love adventure, mystery a bit of romance and of course pirates then this book is perfect for you! Filled with twists and turns and the element of surprise throughout, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and was honestly sad when I finished it. Fingers crossed there's more to come but I 100% recommend this book

    22. This isn't my favorite pirate book. The adventure was good, the violence and blood letting a little disturbing, the romance just didn't connect for me. A good book but just didn't keep my attention.

    23. This book had a little bit of everything in it romance, swashbuckling, pirates and magic! I loved it. I liked the mythology of the magic. I also really enjoyed all of the characters. I'm already looking forward to the next book!

    24. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! It was so good that I couldn’t put it down. There were so many amazing characters, but I have to say that William is by far my favorite and I’m so excited to see what happens next.

    25. The story was very well written and the characters are great. Though the story is unique, it reminded me a lot of THE PRINCESS BRIDE. Or even HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE with pirates. But it was definitely a unique fantasy with a strong female protagonist. I can’t wait for the next book!!

    26. 3,5 stars.i couldnt put it down until I finished. however, i couldnt really feel the love between jade and william. I feel they were lacking spark they seem more like friens that inlove. I care more about clay than william,clay was more interesting. overall a nice read.

    27. My favorite book of hers! I am super excited about the next book in the series. There was intrigue, magic, fantasy, politics and excellent levels of romance!

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