يدا أبي

  • Title: يدا أبي
  • Author: Myron Uhlberg مايرون أولبرغ مازن معروف
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover
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      171 Myron Uhlberg مايرون أولبرغ مازن معروف
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    About "Myron Uhlberg مايرون أولبرغ مازن معروف"

    1. Myron Uhlberg مايرون أولبرغ مازن معروف

      Myron Uhlberg is the critically acclaimed and award winning author of a number of children s books He recently published a memoir of his life in Brooklyn, New York, growing up the oldest hearing son of deaf parents He lives with his wife in Santa Monica and Palm Springs.

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    1. أدين بالشكر لمشروع كلمة للترجمة لإختيارها هذا الكتاب الماتع والمختلف لشدّ ما أحببت قراءته ومطالعة صوره بكل إهتمام الكتاب يدخلك عالما آخر وأظن أن هذا ما يبحث عن القارىء عالم آخر غير ما يعيش فيه ربما لا يعرف عنه شيئا كعالم تنعدم فيه الأصوات وتسود فيه الإشارات فتصبح اليد صاحب [...]

    2. رواية "يدا أبي" للكاتب الأمريكي مايرون اولبيرغ والمترجم مازن معروف. تدور أحداث القصة الواقعية حول والد المؤلف لويس اولبيرغ ووالدته سارة وكلاهما أصمان. وينقل القصة عن لسان والده بلغة الإشارة. اقتباس "أكثر ما يتجلى بوضوح في ذاكرتي هما يدا أبي. نطق ابي بيديه. كان أصما. كان صوته في [...]

    3. 4 ½ starsI have read a half-dozen or so books about Deafness in my research on Hearing Impairment, and each of them is entirely different. Hands of My Father is unique in that Myron Uhlberg is not deaf, but as he says in the first sentence of this biography of his parents and younger brother, Irwin, and a memoir of his own life: My first language was sign.As a traveler, I speak a smattering of Spanish, French and Thai, but twenty-something years ago a night class on Signed English was offered a [...]

    4. في عالم مايرون أولبرغ"اليدان تتكلمان لغة غنية"أبلغ أحيانا من لغة اللسانفقد شاءت الأقدار أن يولد لأبوين أصمينفيعيش بين عالمين متباينين، وجهين لقطعة نقد واحدة، كل منهما نقيض الآخرمتأرجحا بين طفل وبين بالغ دفع به كي يكونه فكرا وسلوكابين الصوت والصمتويخوض صراعا للدفاع عن استق [...]

    5. يد أبي الكاتب بيحكي تجربته الشخصية مع والديه المصابيين بالصمم "ابن معافي لوالدين مصابين بالصمم" تجربة انسانية تستحق الاهتمام ف الجزء الاول بيتكلم عن والده طفولته وكيفيه اصابته بالصمم عن كفاحه وعمله عن كيفية مقابلته ل"سارة" اللي هايتزوجها وهاتكون ام "مايرون" بيتكلم عن ذكري [...]

    6. ما اعظم ما يمكن ان يواجهه طفل لم أفكر من قبل ماذا لو ولدت لى اب و ام أصمينتستحق أكثر من الخمس نجمات طفل لى ابوين اصمين ان تفتح عينيك على واقع .وتدرك انك غريب كيف عاش ؟كيف تقبلوا الفكرة ؟كيف عبروا ؟كيف واجهوا عالم أصم عن ذوى الاحتياجات كيف عاش أب و طفل أخ و أبكيف كان حلقة وصل بين ع [...]

    7. This is the author's memoir of growing up as the hearing child of 2 deaf parents in Brooklyn in the 1940s. Myron was called upon to be the translator for his parents, navigating them through the hearing world. He knew this forced him to grow up much more quickly than he would have liked, but this is not a "listen to my horrible childhood" memoir. Myron has nothing but love for his parents, his father in particular.The writing is spectacular and is such a unique and well-told story I recommend it [...]

    8. As posted in [amazon]:As an American Sign Language (ASL) instructor with a background in Deaf history and culture, I loved *Hands of My Father*. Myron was born to Deaf parents in Brooklyn during the Great Depression. As the oldest child of the family, he soon became appointed as the family's interpreter. While that might seem such a heavy burden, that was the way it was to hearing children of Deaf parents before the advent of interpreters, relay operators, teletypewriters, the ADA, etc. While bu [...]

    9. ببساطة رائعأنصح الجميع بقراءته فخوض تجربة أن تكون إبن لوالدين فاقدي السمع هي تجربة مؤلمة وجميلة كم أود أن أقول للكاتب ولأخوه بأنّهما أوفر حظاً وأحسن حالاً من الكثيرين الذين لهم أباً وأماً سليمين يكفي الحب الذي لم يبخلا به عليهما أحببتُ أباه جداً لقد نجح في جعل الكثيرين يح [...]

    10. I loved reading this book partially because it brought me back to the world of deaf culture that I was briefly immersed in some 20 years ago. I felt nostalgic for the more intense communication that is felt by virtue of necessity amongst the deaf. No ipod in one ear, glancing up from the computer, nodding an ah-huh, glancing around while someone else is talking. It's eye to eye, attention on the other person or you've missed it. The author did an excellent job of communicating the sweetness and [...]

    11. هذا الكتاب هو سيرة ذاتية لمايرون أولبرغ مع والديه الأصمّين وهو السبيل للوصول إلى أقرب نافذة على عالم الصم. دائمًا ما يتطرّق إلى البال عند الحديث عن زوجين من ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة، كيف سيصرّفان حياتهما؟ هل يفكّران بالإنجاب؟ وكأننا نمنعهم الحق الذي أعطاه الله لهم للحياة. السي [...]

    12. Oh my gosh!!! Flipping the pages and chocking with my tears. How the deaf can suffer so much in the hearing world by the inhuman treatment of ignorant people.The lovely stories that been told by two hand touched me so bad, I've read the translated copy from English to Arabic and it is I can say a success. And looking forward to read the original copy. I don't think I'll be able to look at the world of the deaf and at sign language the same and actually would like to know more about it.Must read [...]

    13. You know I like a book when I start writing down quotes from it. I'm not a quote person; I don't remember dialogue. I prefer ideas and concepts to the words people choose to express them in. But I gotta say, this book is written beautifully:"Does sound have rhythm? Does it rise and fall like the ocean? Does sound come and go like wind?"My father spoke with his hands. He was deaf. His voice was in his hands. And his hands contained his memories.Sign is a live, contemporaneous, visual-gestural lan [...]

    14. I am profoundly hard-of-hearing. I started losing my hearing early and now am in my 70s and I am going Deaf fast. I get by with very powerful hearing aids, but they do not work very well. So I am trying to learn Sign. Learning Sign has been tough for me. I do not belong to any signing community so learning seems impractical for me. But this book was a revelation, showing sign to be a vital and beautiful way of communicating, and putting a face on those natural signers who were born Deaf, or who [...]

    15. استمتعت بيها وأخذتنى بين صفحاتها وتعايشت مع أبطالهاالرواية سيرة ذاتية للكاتب مايرون عن نشأتة كطفل صحيح السمع بين أبوين صمثم مع شقيقة الأصغر المصاب بالصرع أثناء فترة طفولتةوالتعامل معأصحاب هذة الحالات فى بدايات القرن الماضىوالسخرية المستمرة منهم كأنهم أطفال أو حيواناتكيف [...]

    16. أروع مافيه أنه أدخلنا لحياة والد أصم وأألم مافيه نظرة الناس لهذا الأب ذلك العصر.فقد ساد في وقتهم اعتقاد - أتضرع لله أن يكون انقرض-على أن الأصم ناقص عقلياً ! لفتتني علاقته بوالده كثيراً والذي يُعتبر بلسان الكاتب أمر غير مألوف بين سائر الناس، وباعتقادي أن السبب يعود لاحساس هذا ا [...]

    17. My aunt was born deaf. My uncle is hearing and so are all three of their children. Because of this I was curious about this book, to understand better how these two worlds connect and sometimes collide. The author shared some great stories to help the reader understand the feelings of conflict due to the ignorance of deafness, especially at the time--being a hearing child born to deaf parents. He had much responsibility as a translator for his parents and caregiver for his younger brother when h [...]

    18. I absolutely loved this book! It is so obviously written from the heart of Myron Uhlberg who had a very unusual but very interesting childhood. It is so easy, through reading this book, to see the different dynamics of life that a boy might face as the eldest son of two deaf parents. It answered so many questions for me about the deaf world, in such a simple and thoughtful way. I loved how Uhlberg recalled his father. You could feel how much he loved him in his remembrances. It was very well wri [...]

    19. (اليدان تتكلمان لغة غنية)(اليدان المتسختان لن تنطقا بجمال ووضوح)سيرة ل كاتب الكتاب وهومايرون أولبرغوولادته صحيح السمع ل أبوين أصمين واتخاده لغتين :لغة الفم(الكلام) ولغة الإشارةوتحمله المسؤولية في سن صغير*******ذكرتني هذة الروايه ب موقفرأيته في مكان ما, وهو قيام فتاة مع والدتها [...]

    20. This book is one of 's BEST BOOKS OF FEBRUARY!I love, love, loved this book. I think Myron Uhlberg is an absolutely masterful storyteller.Hear/see Myron read an excerpt along with a sign language interpretation: Myron on YouTube

    21. لم أعطها النجمات الأربع ولا الخمس بسبب الملل الذي اصابني في وسطها،مع ذلك هذا العمل بديع تعرفت من خلاله على عالم الصم من زاوية من عايشهم عن قرب من كانا أبواه أصمين ونقلا له خبرتهما عن الحياة عن حبهما عن خيباتهما عن أحلامهم بيديهم و نصحوه وجهوه بايماءاتهم الصامتة. الصفحات الأخ [...]

    22. مقتطفات من كتاب يد أبي للكاتب مايرون أولبرغ -----------------أخبرتني يداه في احد الايام , وبأسى و حزن , بقصة اصابته بالصمم , كان قد لمم اجزاء تلك القصة من وقائع كشفتها له اخته الصغرى , خلال فترة اقامته في كنف العائلة , فقد ولد ابي طفلا يتمتع بحاسة سمع سليمة , الا انه اصيب في سن مبكرة بالسح [...]

    23. I've always been interested in stories about life in America in the early 1900's though Uhlberg's story is from a perspective that's new to me, from the perspective of people shunned by an ignorant society for their lack of hearing. Both of Uhlberg's parents were deaf and their hearing parents and siblings made very little effort to communicate with them, and so they grew up virtual strangers within their own families. They were each sent to special schools for the deaf where the children were s [...]

    24. مايرون أولبرغ تعلم عن ذلك الإحساس الشنيع بأنك أمام ثقافة غريبة عليك و لا حيلة لك للإلمام بها بالكامل و تفسيرها حرفياً سيكون بمثابة قتلاً لها و إجراماً هستيرياً منك و أنت تموت ببطيء من فضولك و تحاول فهم هذه الثقافة الغريبة و ها أنت تشبع روحك توبيخًا لأنك حاولت فك شفرتها حرفياً [...]

    25. هذا الكتاب سيرة ذاتية لطفل ولد لأبوين أصمين , كان عليه أن يعتد الحياة في الصمت وأن يكون لسان أبويه للعالم السامع الخارجي , الكتاب يذكر مواقف تدل علي إصرار بالغ القوة وتعرج لدراما المعاناة حينا أخري ترجمة مازن معروف من أجمل الترجمات التي قرأتها حتي الآن , وهذا الكتاب بالذات لن [...]

    26. Hands of My Father by Myron Uhlberg is another one that has been on my list since it was first released. I think I heard about the book on NPR or somewhere similar but I'm not sure. Deafness and sign language has been an interest of mine since high school. I had a friend who was learning ASL for her volunteer work.Myron Uhlberg was born during the Depression as a hearing child to deaf parents. Though both parents were fluent in American sign (or the precursor of it as Uhlberg explains), their fa [...]

    27. I loved this book, and I'm not just saying that because I won it in a giveaway. It was fascinating to read about the secret world of the deaf. How the Uhlbergs raised their hearing sons, how they taught them to live in the hearing world, what their life was like, it was fascinating. It made me so mad to read how his parents were treated like they were somehow less than human, or at the least, unintelligent because of their handicap. How horrible to have your own family not be able to, or not eve [...]

    28. An outstanding depiction of a young boy's affectionate relationship with his father who is deaf. The story of the brilliant author, Myron Uhlberg, who I will always know as "Moo." I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Uhlberg when I was a student in middle school. Myron read some of the work I had done for english class, and told me I had true potential to be an author. Myron gave me the inspiration to write, to take my writing seriously. Now, being a senior in high school, I am pursuing a major in [...]

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