Mine 'Til Monday

Mine Til Monday Dorothy Albright has known Mud Taylor all her life They ve shared skinned knees picnics and rope swings d somewhere along the line a first kiss Then Mud grew up one summer and left her behind He s

  • Title: Mine 'Til Monday
  • Author: Ruby Laska
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dorothy Albright has known Mud Taylor all her life They ve shared skinned knees, picnics, and rope swings.d somewhere along the line, a first kiss Then Mud grew up one summer and left her behind He s a forgotten page in her history, until a crisis in her professional life brings him back.Dorothy s dream boss is looking for a certain kind of prot g e the married kindDorothy Albright has known Mud Taylor all her life They ve shared skinned knees, picnics, and rope swings.d somewhere along the line, a first kiss Then Mud grew up one summer and left her behind He s a forgotten page in her history, until a crisis in her professional life brings him back.Dorothy s dream boss is looking for a certain kind of prot g e the married kind Unfortunately, Dorothy s social life has taken a dive while her career has taken off, and there s no fianc in sight, fictional or otherwise.Then she remembers Mud, and she has to admit that her old best friend is the only man who can help her pull off her plan, even if he stirs up long buried passions.

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      Ruby Laska grew up in a small midwestern town, where her passions included state fairs, Vince Gill, and the local library A recent West Coast transplant, she lives and works in Emeryville, California When not writing, Ruby loves to explore San Francisco s neighborhoods, stopping in at every shoe store and searching for the perfect cup of joe.Ruby is the author of BLACK GOLD Boomtown Boys Series BLACK HEAT Boomtown Boys Series BLACK FLAME Boomtown Boys Series LARISSA LEARNS TO BREATHE Cupid Island Series MANDY MAKES HER MARK Cupid Island Series PLAIN JANE S BIRTHDAY WISH Cupid Island Series A MAN FOR THE SUMMERALONG FOR THE RIDEHEARTBREAK, TENNESSEEMINE TIL MONDAYMOUNTAIN SONGMISS BONNY S BURIED TREASURE Short Story

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    1. I believe the overall rating to be severe in comparison with others; in my opinion, it's not among the very worst romance you can read.It's a short read with something like 150 pages. I had a rather pleasant time reading it, the writing in itself being ok and the flaws not so obtrusive as to irk me. There is nothing really new and original in there but it was average in comparison with other Harlequin contemporary romances.The story was not very original, though one scene surprised me. The heroi [...]


    3. Also posted to Jen in BooklandI had read another book by Ruby Laska, but I couldn't remember if I enjoyed it or not (it was a while ago). I started this book not expecting to enjoy it much, but found I really liked this. I was worried it was going to be an all sex no story kind of romance (I don't really like those). It wasn't the best book ever, but it was quite entertaining and I found I didn't want it to end. A perfect rainy day read - light and easy and fun. Dorothy and Mud have obvious chem [...]

    4. When Playing House Leads To More. . .Nice quick read with characters that heat up rather quickly for being so against each other. Pretending to be something you aren't always backfires and this book does in a good kind of way since the characters realizes their relationship could be real. There was no real huge plot twists that left me wanting to read this book in one sitting, so this is definitely a light read by the pool or fill the time kind of read.Wanting to nab a promotion to prove herself [...]

    5. The story line has been done before and there wasn't a lot of variation or much in the way of twists in the story. It was a quick and fun read. The characers were very likable and written in a way where I had an image of them in my head. They share a history from when they were children. I enjoy these types of stories and always like hearing of incidents from the pair's youth. This was done very well and I liked the way their childhood was referenced. The book ends at 85% - which I hate! I'm alw [...]

    6. This book was an easy read book that I got off the kindle free best-sellers list one night. I liked the story behind how Dot and Mud had been brought back together by a plan of Dot's to get her dream job,I also loved how they finally came together at the end and the best friends from the past became more than friends when they were older, however the story was VERY predictable in the way that you knew the minute that Dot's plan was formed, that they would end up sleeping together/falling in love [...]

    7. This is a story of two childhood friends who grow up and drift apart.Dorothy has always had feelings for Mud ever since she was 12. Mud kissed her when he was a young teen and always thought that he had made a mistake. While Dorothy continued to watch Mud from afar for several more years, he thought she had grown up to be very tight laced and untouchable.After Dorothy makes a huge story up to try to land a job with a different company she needs to find someone to step in as a "fake" fiancee. Mud [...]

    8. A few words to describe this story, in my opinion: boring, unimaginative, predictable, and did I say boring yet? There was just nothing unique about this story. Two life long "friends", pretending to be together for a job offer when they really weren't together, complete opposites, yet both secretly in love with each other but neither will admit it. If you think that was a spoiler, it's not. However I'm pretty sure anyone could figure out the rest of the story with a simple guess. To make it wor [...]

    9. A feel good easy read.Dorothy and Mud - what a cute couple that you wouldn't expect. I think we have seen this type of story played out a little in the movies and in another book or two - but this one is different. I love how the past is brought into the story and you learn about these two people.I have to say, that one of my favorite parts in the book is the relationship between Mud and the kid he has working at his store. I truly believe that most kids from tough homes could do great in life i [...]

    10. confessionsofabookwhore2014.blThis was one of those free books. Looking at my TBR, I have a few more by Ruby Laska too.I don't know what it is, but they're is something about Dot, that irritated me. It wasn't like a woodpecker at my head, more like a fly buzzing round. I just wanted to get in her face and show my annoyance.I got the feeling that she considered herself better than Mud, because of her up bringing, job, perfect-ness. It was like Mud didn't match up to that and if I was Mud, i would [...]

    11. Very disappointed. The book was going along reAlly good but it was like the author got in a hurry to finish the book. this book has a lot of potential. I felt like the last half of the story was not finished. what happened to Matt, Tony, or her boss? Why did Dot not question Mud about the other woman? what happened with the other woman? He leaves her hanging? really! if you are going to leave out so much of the story then don't waste the time to write it. PLEASE DO NOT waste your time reading un [...]

    12. Dorothy asks her old friend Mud to help her out for the weekend. She needs a fiance to help her land her dream job, and she can't think of anyone better suited for the job.Unfortunately she didn't think what "playing house" with her old crush might do to her heart. They have some quick ups and downs and then the book wraps up rather quickly. There wasn't anything special about the book. It made for a good, quick read in the car on a road trip since I couldn't get any of my library books to downl [...]

    13. Free book. Good, quick read. I didn't really find that some loose ends like others have mentioned mattered much. Maybe the one girl, now that it was mentioned. I didn't even think of it until I read the review. At the beginning I had a hard time visualizing "Mud". I kinda made up someone in my mind, lol. For a free book thought was worth it. Not really any spelling/grammatical errors. I'd read this author again.

    14. Mine 'Till Monday was a short story about Dot and Mud, childhood friends with deep feelings for each other. He did her a favor and lost his heart; having vowed to never get into a relationship with a woman, it took Mud a while to figure out how he felt. Dot knew how she felt but she also knew Mud and understood his commitment issues due to his family background. Once Mud faces how he feels about Dot, you will have to read the story to find out what he dose in the ladies locker room

    15. I got this one as a kindle freebie!! Already read, predictable plotbut was a light, romantic read between two old friends!! I did not like Mud and Dot much, but Miranda's character was admirable.This is one of your love stories where lot of miscommunications happens and at the end, there will be a quick reconciliation. I hate when the stories end abruptly, there should be some romance at the end as a part of happily-ever-after!!

    16. this was a quick read and really just had me confused from the very beginning. It was so all over the place that my head hurt so much from having to read and re-read paragraphs and pages to get why the story kept changing, which was obviously thoughts of the characters.Another book that had huge potential but failed in my books

    17. I really liked the sound of this book and I've read a couple like it already so I decided to give it a shot. The problem is I that I struggled to finish this book Tho I really don't like leaving books unfinished! The writing style was good, its a fairly quick read, and I loved the main characters nickname but for me, I'm just glad I finished it :)

    18. Glad I didn't pay for this book, it was a sometimes funny light read. Nothing less, nothing more. There was an over abundance of inner monologue and second guessing by both characters. Just like the last book I read and reviewed I feel as if the ending was rushed

    19. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were great. Sometimes I wanted to reach inside my kindle and shake them because they were obtuse at times! The book was slightly predictable but it is definitely worth a read if you enjoy a quick, funny, romantic read.

    20. I thought this book was a lot of fun. I thought the writing was good - the plot was interesting. I didn't find it that predictable (even so, I don't mind predictability as long as the story and writing are good) It was free - but I wouldn't mind paying for it. I'd say - give it a try :)

    21. I couldn't remember reading the book the first time so I read it again. It kept my interest the 2nd time but I feel like the story ended too soon. I would've liked a chapter or epilogue to be complete.

    22. A good story that twisted the lives of the central characters, from childhood, through to adulthood. Unrequited love is always a good classic storyline & this has been modernised. Being honest I was just wanting a bit more & it ended quite abruptly.

    23. Boring. Everything about this was boring. Romance was almost non-existent despite the very earnest efforts of the author to build up some sort of tension. Basically they just needed to actually talk to each other and the book could have been about 10 pages long.

    24. As other reviewers have stated, the story is predictable. But aren’t all love stories sort of predictable? It’s a fun, feel-good story. I liked the characters, could have done with a little less graphic sex. If you’re looking for an easy read I would recommend Mine Til Monday.

    25. This book lost me like 15% in. If it ever picked up or got better I wouldn't know because it was buried in a crap start and I lost intrest. Sorry but it just wasn't for me.

    26. This story had a lot of potential but in the end I felt as if the author rushed the story. I would of liked more from both the characters and the ending.

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