Starseed Kaila Guidry has always known she is different After all her mother insists Kaila hide her hair under a tin foil shield and a wig before leaving the house When Kaila meets Jordyn Stryker one day at s

  • Title: Starseed
  • Author: Liz Gruder
  • ISBN: 9781937178291
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kaila Guidry has always known she is different After all, her mother insists Kaila hide her hair under a tin foil shield and a wig before leaving the house When Kaila meets Jordyn Stryker one day at school, she starts to understand the origin of her mother s seemingly irrational fears.Jordyn Stryker was born and raised far from Earth, a starseed, one of six new studentsKaila Guidry has always known she is different After all, her mother insists Kaila hide her hair under a tin foil shield and a wig before leaving the house When Kaila meets Jordyn Stryker one day at school, she starts to understand the origin of her mother s seemingly irrational fears.Jordyn Stryker was born and raised far from Earth, a starseed, one of six new students sent undercover to Louisina s Bush High to learn human ways When Kaila is pushed to her limit by high school bullying and cruelty, Jordyn steps in and awakens her to a new reality, and to love Out of loyalty to him, Kaila looks the other way when the real purposes of the starseed begin to unfold.As the horrific plan behind the starseed visit to Earth moves forward, Kaila and Jordyn, caught in an impossible love, must face who they really are and decide where their true loyalties lie.

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    1. Liz Gruder

      Liz is an author and a yoga teacher lives in New Orleans Her YA novel, Starseed, just released by WiDo Publishing She is currently working on a collection of ghost stories and another YA novel Question everything, believe in yourself and never give up Like Liz on Facebook facebook authorlizgruderFollow Liz on Twitter twitter LizGruder

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    1. Before I read it:Requested it on NG because of the creepy cover. What do I say I'm morbidly curious about this one. I mean look at that thing. It's like someone wanted to imitate the Lux covers but couldn't afford to use real models so they photoshopped Barbie and Ken's face on there. Or it sort of reminds me of Earth Girls Are Easy that old 1980's movie. Sigh, don't expect me to finish this one, but I'm going to at least make an attempt just to see if your really can judge a book by it's creept [...]

    2. Initial reaction: This novel gets so many things wrong that I'm very surprised that it was marketed as a YA, but that it was even written and sent out the way it was at all. And this saddens me because it not only comes from someone who self-published the work, but also works in a health related spectrum. It's not just the fact that this was poorly written, had every imaginable sci-fi stereotype you could throw a book at, and disjointed presentation with randomized scenes that don't go together [...]

    3. Read more reviews at my blog, Words and Tea Bottles.Received as a free ARC from NetGalley.This book was ridiculous. That is the first thing that came to mind. Usually I do try to find something good about a book, but no redeeming qualities come to mind this time around. I’ll break it down.The prose is painful. It’s simple at best, and whenever a new character is introduced, it follows the “Character name, who was physical description, did action” formula. Descriptions themselves are plen [...]

    4. Liz Gruder’s headstrong heroine, Kaila Guidry, elicits a reader’s encouragement from the first page. Fans of P.C. Cast will find themselves similarly transported into Gruder’s exploration of the dark sides of faith, love, higher dimensions, and, of course, high school.

    5. I was initially unsure of what to think about this story. It's hard to say that I was looking at the plot subjectively because the subject of aliens has always been an interesting topic. About four days before I read this story, I had actually watched a documentary about the same subject. Well, alien abductions and hybrids and so on. So to say that I was on an alien overload would probably be an understatement. But despite my preconceived notions of where the story was going and my opinion of th [...]

    6. Starseed is a really great book. If somebody asked me to recommend a book that was fantasy Si-fi, I would recommend this on.I think that though Starseed is a good book, there should be more of them. This book feels like an ending hasn't occurred along with The Mist on Bronte Moor. If you ask me, I would buy a million of these books and keep them for collections if I had the money to.

    7. I guess I should start by saying that I'm really conflicted in my thoughts on this book. On the one hand, it was hands down one of the weirdest things I've read in a while. There were a lot of things that frustrated me -- although, that's not necessarily bad, right? Because, at least the book left an impression. On the flip side, it was just so odd and unique that it was compulsively readable. I just couldn't stop without finishing, so that's a definite positive for this title!So, starting with [...]

    8. StarseedI’ve been having a difficult time lately finding a good YA Sci-fi mix that really kept my interest, and didn’t do a complete 180 on my radar. However, after reading Starseed, my faith in YA Sci-fi has been mostly restored!When I first saw this book on NetGalley, I almost passed it over. I’m glad I didn’t! But I almost did because I had, at first, believed this would be a bit of a “The Host”/”I Am Number Four” crossover. Again, happily, I decided I was probably wrong (espe [...]

    9. To be honest I kind of thought the book was supposed to be a parody before I read it. Looking at the cover I think it is understandable how I got that impression. This wasn’t the case.Kaila grew up in a strict home with odd rules. She was forced to wear hats lined in plastic-garbage bag like material her whole life to protect her from a danger that her mother never fully explains to her. At the start of the book Kaila throws a tantrum because she is sick of being home schooled and wants to go [...]

    10. I was gifted this book by the author for an honest review; R4R. Which makes writing this review so difficult. After reading the first 25%, I skimmed the majority of this book because it was so boring, full of cliches and just not believable (I know it is science "fiction" but even fiction needs to be believable to the reader. First off, the cover! The book cover is simply horrid. UGH, look at it! Had I not read the description (and been intrigued by the storyline) before seeing the cover, I thin [...]

    11. I received this book through the Read it and Reap Program in exchange for a review.This book is getting quite a few mixed reviews, and it is completely understandable. Funky cover aside, the book has some things going for it that work very well, and other aspects that take away from it being as enjoyable as it could be. One reviewer said something along the lines that the ideas were strong, but the execution was poor, and that is probably the best description, although I would put lacking at tim [...]

    12. I got this book in a R4R and must say that I wouldn't have read to the end if I hadn't promised to do so. As an Indie author myself, I find it very, very hard to give a bad review. Usually, I simply refrain form reviewing books I didn't like. But as I said, I promised an honest review, so here it is:There are some major problems with this book (I'll get to them in a minute), but the biggest is the beginning. For 1/3 of the novel, the story is simply plain boring. Nothing interesting happens. We [...]

    13. In all honesty, sci-fi is a genre I enjoy, but haven't gotten into much, and space-y books are always a question mark for me. The synopsis of this book caught my attention though, so I thought I'd give it a try. The beginning was interesting, taking a look at Kaila's family and life, and she seemed pretty relatable. With the exception, of course, of her tin foil head-covering and blonde wigHer first few meetings with the aliens, masquerading as High School students, was quite humorous, and had m [...]

    14. *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*First of all I want to comment on the cover it just kinda threw me a bit, although I am one who can sometimes judge a book but its cover I must be honest and say that I dont think I would have picked this up on my own but I read the summary before seeing the cover and it pulled me in, I did enjoy the book and I just put the cover out of my mind and carried on.I found this story to be a nice look into human nature, how we [...]

    15. Kaila Guidry has always known she is different. When she meets Jordyn Stryker at school, she finds out just how different.Jordyn was born and raised far from Earth, a star seed, one of six new students sent to Louisiana’s Bush High to learn human ways. But Jordan did not count on meeting a girl like Kaila.When Kaila is pushed to her limit by high school bullying and cruelty, Jordan awakens her to a new reality—and to love. But to prove herself, Kaila must look the other way as the real purpo [...]

    16. Wow. When I read the synopsis of this, it seemed great. It's an intriguing idea that isn't present all that much in newer novels nowadays, so when I was able to read it for the Read it and Reap Program, I was pretty happy.But then I actually started reading it. I truly didn't care for this at all. The main character, Kaila, isn't half bad. She's relatable, as she just wants to fit in and live a normal life. Her parents have kept her at home, but she doesn't understand why until she goes to schoo [...]

    17. Starseed was a fun read. It was a little slow in the beginning, but then picked up and held my interest. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out and kept reading. A different sci-fi teen book, but all taking place on Earth so I could relate. A unique young adult read with aliens in high school and not sure who the good guys or bad guys are. Some of it reminded me of Roswell, but totally takes a different path. The bullying theme was good because high school can be rough with people picking on [...]

    18. I just finished Starseed and really enjoyed it. It features Kaila, who is half extraterrestrial but born and raised in Louisiana. When she goes to school, she meets these students who are half human, half extraterrestrial and they are kind of out there, but fun! Starseed is a love story as well and I enjoyed the romance element. Kaila falls in love with Jordyn, who doesn't have emotion because he was raised as an alien, but since he's half human, so develops emotion. Kaila gets bullied at school [...]

    19. Starseed is a well written book on teenagers and bullying. The bullying is on several levels with well defined lessons. Asking for help when needed, being able to define and correct a bad situation, to help others even when circumstances are difficult, and to rebuke all negative energy are just a few. Actually the lessons in this book can go on and on. Family, Friends, Animals, Earth, and Universe!! As a parent, the situations, science fiction or not, brought forth in Starseed are issues I think [...]

    20. Everyone wants to be different, and Kaila really is. Kaila finds out she’s a Starseed—half- alien and half- human. Now the once home-schooled Kaila, is struggling to fit into her new high school. She quickly makes a couple of friends, and falls in love with Jordyn, another Starseed. But Jordyn wasn’t raised by human parents, and his view of humans and their emotions, is very different than Kaila’s. As the book progresses, Kaila struggles with bullies in school. As she uses her alien powe [...]

    21. A really fun sci fi read that had me enchanted from the first page. I like Kaila, like her family and friends, really loved her two dogs and how she talks to them and they talk back. And although I don't usually care for high school drama in YA novels, it was the aliens and their strange "mother" who kept this one hopping. The aliens cracked me up. I thought their robotic ways -- we don't like humans but we are trying to be like them anyway-- were hilarious.

    22. Wha-Dafuq did I just see? This cover is hideous. A full-on, bloody disaster. And from what I've been reading, the story follows suit. Welcome to my will-never-read shelf, book.

    23. My Rant:Starseed was riveting. I completely loved this story for several reasons. The first reason would be that I now have another book to add to my YA list that I can share with my niece, that is an advent reader. She loves to read the same book I do, and I try to encourage her reading. The story was so fast pace that I could not believe how quickly I was reading the story. But what I loved about this book was the underlying lesson that is being taught by this story.We are all born with the ch [...]

    24. eBook copy provided by author via We ♥ YA Books! in exchange of honest reviewRating: 1.5 starsAfter pounding almost a week on what I disliked of the book, I got to various conclusions. While I was reading the story, I got a bit interested in the beginning. It made me want to know more. But then things went downward/ The story was boring and had a lot of clichés, like the popular people of the High School and labels on all people. I don't go to a school in the USA but come on! Certainly not al [...]

    25. I liked this book. I did. I didn't love it, it wasn't life changing, but I found it enjoyable. It was a quick read for me.That cover though. Oh my goodness. Looks great from a distance, but I would always hide it under something when I wasn't reading it because the people would stare at me. If you thought flipping it over would get you away from the disturbing, blown up eyes, you were sadly mistaken. They are on the back too, except their eyes are black. Just as creepy.But I'm not here to judge [...]

    26. I’m a strong advocate of the reading non-hyped books club. Because 1) I don’t particularly like reading a book that everyone and their cat loved (expectations are a very dangerous thing) and 2) yay for new discoveries. I truly believe there are unexplored gems out there worth reading. That said, I'm actually amazed I finished STARSEED. An enjoyable read. I was done with it in two days. On the less green side of the fence, this was my first time getting into a fiction book about starseeds, an [...]

    27. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Okay, first off, let me say: I don't like the cover. Really, if I just came across this book in the book store, I probably wouldn't pick it up. It's kinda The description caught my attention, though, so I figured I'd not judge the book by its cover and give it a try.Starseed is a sci-fi alien abduction/invasion story with an alien/human hybrid twist. Kaila is a reclusive teen who lives with her mother, stepfather, and grandparents. [...]

    28. You know from the opening paragraph that something very strange is going on in the house that Kaila Guidry shares with her loving but overly-protective mother, stepfather, and maternal grandparents. Kaila wants to know what it is, and you, the reader, will very quickly find yourself wanting to know, too. When Kaila's hat falls off, along with the protective garbage bags her mother forces her to wrap around her head every day, the weirdness and indefinable fear that dominate's this family's life [...]

    29. Real Rating: 3.5 starsThis review can be found at Life of a YA GirlI received an ebook of STARSEED from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.First off, if you're turned off by the strange, 80's looking cover, don't! It'll make perfect sense once you dive into this world where nobody is exactly what they seem. Kaila has been home schooled her whole life and lives under a roof where her mother and grandmother are overprotective. Bound and determined to break free of the jai [...]

    30. So there were parts to this story that I really liked, and there were parts I felt could have been improved upon.First off, I loved the sci-fi story line that there are aliens among us, known as hybrids-half human and half alien, or Starseeds. I found Kaila to be relatable to modern day teenagers in her quest to find out where and how she belongs in the High school scene. I also found her desire to understand her human self vs. alien self to be believable. I loved the alien world presented in th [...]

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