Tainted Angel

Tainted Angel A deadly game of deceptionA notorious beauty with a shadowy pastIn the time of Napoleon Vidia Swanson appears to live a gilded life of ease and luxury Beneath this fa ade however she works for the

  • Title: Tainted Angel
  • Author: Anne Cleeland
  • ISBN: 9781402279058
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • A deadly game of deceptionA notorious beauty with a shadowy pastIn the time of Napoleon, Vidia Swanson appears to live a gilded life of ease and luxury Beneath this fa ade, however, she works for the Home Office as an angel, coaxing secrets from powerful men who may or may not be traitors to the Crown In the course of her latest assignment, matters take an alarming turA deadly game of deceptionA notorious beauty with a shadowy pastIn the time of Napoleon, Vidia Swanson appears to live a gilded life of ease and luxury Beneath this fa ade, however, she works for the Home Office as an angel, coaxing secrets from powerful men who may or may not be traitors to the Crown In the course of her latest assignment, matters take an alarming turn when she realizes that her spymaster suspects that she is the one who is tainted a double agent working for the enemy.Lucien Carstairs is a fellow agent with his own dark secrets unless he is setting an elaborate trap to reveal her own supposed treason Backed into a corner, she can only hope to stay one step ahead of the hangman in a race to stop the next war before it destroys them and destroys England.Tainted Angel offers up a compelling game of cat and mouse in which no one can be trusted and anyone can be tainted.

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    1. Anne Cleeland

      Anne Cleeland writes a contemporary Scotland Yard mystery series that is featured in the top 100 best sellers She also writes a historical series of stand alone books set in the Regency period A member of International Thriller Writers, The Historical Novel Society, and Mystery Writers of America, she lives in California and has four children annecleeland annecleeland.

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    1. This is a nonstop Regency thrill ride. There's not a single dull moment in any of its pages.Vidia is a spyd she appears to be a double agentor pretending to be. England or France? Where does her loyalty lie? Her "agency" has come to suspect her and has even gone so far as to send a fellow agent to seduce her, get her secrets, marry her, etc. And the entire book has a reader wondering just who is playing who.I LOVED this heroine. Vidia is a woman not ashamed of who she is, not afraid to go after [...]

    2. Twists and turns abound in this exciting Regency adventure. Anne Cleeland meticulous attention to historical details brings the reader fully into the world of spies, traitors, and espionage against the backdrop of Regency historical fiction. The setting is Regency England in the time of the Napoleonic war. Our heroine Vidia, is a spy and she is one of the most intriguing, dynamic characters that I have ever read about. Vidia is in service as an “angel” a woman who uses her beauty to lure sec [...]

    3. My thoughts:This was a spy/mystery/romance/historical. A nice little mix and I thought I knew, but I had no idea at all ;)Vidia was an enigma. Her fellow spies believes she is tainted and I was unsure. She was way too comfy around her mark. So I kept wondering about her and her benefactor. In the end I wondered about everyone. You can't really trust anyone in this book and first at the end I could relax and trust people, trust them to know what they were doing.That is the whole thriller/mystery [...]

    4. Vida is absolutely gorgeous. And absolutely dangerous when she wants to be. Now Vida finds herself tangled in conflicting loyalties and unsure of how best to proceed.Vida herself is a fun interesting woman character. I love the wit and power she displays at times throughout the book. Unfortunately, I thought the story itself didn't live up to her as a character. The story was very flat at times and the ending was very disappointing. And the love story was really frustrating as just didn't match [...]

    5. I didn't love this one, but it had great potential. The "distracting" beauty of Vidia was continually mentioned through the entire book and was, quite frankly, distracting. I didn't believe that she was a capable spy because she seemed so caught off guard in so many situations. I really wish that this was a sequel. Cleeland gave so many glimpses into past missions and character relationships, and I think they would have made a great read. Because of the sequel-feel of this book, I always felt li [...]

    6. Recommended for: people who like romantic spy adventures, Regency/Georgian/Napoleonic periodWhen starting a new book, context plays a big part of getting into and staying into a story. So without detracting from the importance of a killer opening paragraph, it probably doesn't bode well that I kept wondering if I was reading a sequel of a series where a lot has already happened. Let me make this easier on ya'll who are looking at this fresh: this is a stand-alone where the characters have a lot [...]

    7. Double and triple talk, threats and counter threats, plots and counterplots. Games of cat-and-mouse, crosses and double-crosses, lies, lies and more lies. Nothing is as it seems in TAINTED ANGEL by Anne Cleeland, a complex tale of spy and counterspy in Regency England.Vidia is no stranger to the double-dealing, underhandedness and betrayal of the espionage world. As a so-called angel, her job is to use her considerable beauty and charm to ferret out secrets from powerful men. But now, someone ha [...]

    8. I am a big fan of Cleeland’s weirdly compelling Acton and Doyle modern British police procedural series, and I love Regency romances, so this book seemed just the ticket. Set during the Napoleonic Wars, it features a beautiful and clever woman who may or may not be a double agent, and the handsome agent she loves who may or may not be double-crossing her.Honestly, I could not even begin to follow the intrigue, so I stopped trying. There are cloaks upon cloaks and daggers upon daggers. Way too [...]

    9. I'm telling you straight away, if you like Michelle Diener and her 19th century spy historical novels, you'd really enjoy Anne Cleeland.She calls Tainted Angel "regency Mr. & Mrs. Smith" but I'd say, add "Ocean's Eleven" to this mix. Tainted Angel is a delightful regency heist with some pretty phenomenal banter between its main characters. I loved it!Vidia is a British spy who is suspected of double-dealing. Enter Lucien Carstairs, who is sent to determine if she is indeed a "tainted" angel. [...]

    10. I could hardly keep up with the intrigue; who was after whom. Romance, intrigue, spies, in a historically lush environment. I now want to know more about what went on during the time of Napoleon. Trust is a big issue, on all sides. And trust saves the day, though it is hard-won. I enjoyed enough to read it within 24 hours. That fact is the reason I give it five stars. Not many stories will keep me going, like this one.

    11. I love Anne Cleveland's heroines. They're smart and sassy and boy do they keep the men hopping. Vida is a spy with more than one master. How she keeps them guessing about her loyalty will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a fun adventure, love story, and mystery. You'll love it.

    12. I have to admit, this book made me really confused at the beginning. I was starting to think that I was reading the second book by mistake, but then it all turned out well at the end. I enjoyed reading this book because it had a little bit of everything. Mystery, romance, badassery ( on the female side :D) and a weird kind of friendship circle they had going on LOL. All in all, I would recommend this book as a comfortable read, and let's just say I enjoyed it (most of it, anyways)Peace.

    13. Took me a few years but I’m now able to write a review for this book that I won in a giveaway! Cleeland is a new author to me so I didn’t set that high of a bar, but even then, she did pretty good! I loved the strong female leading role and her inner conflicts that she had! It reminded me of a female version of James Bond almost! Very well done and great read for anyone interested in spy books/movies!

    14. Wow! What a thrilling, twisty spy novel. Almost impossible to determine the loyalties and alliances between all the characters. Fascinating history after the first Napoleonic war and rich back stories of the main characters. This is also a love story and has a tough, clever heroine. Great read!

    15. This review originally posted on my blog, drey's library.I have to admit to being a bit confused at the beginning of Tainted Angel, when we meet Vidia, the grey-eyed man, and a fellow spy, Lucien Carstairs. It’s probably because I wasn’t familiar with certain terms, for example “out of coverage,” which brings to (my modern) mind cell phone coverage. But that’s neither here nor there in this review, so let’s keep going, shall we?Vidia Swanson is beautiful, and has made a life working [...]

    16. I love a good spy book and this story really kept me in the dark, like a stranger overhearing conversations and not understanding what is really happening.During the Napoleonic war, the English home-office would sometimes recruit young women, with no connections, as “angels”, special agents who would use their powers of seduction to extract important information from the enemy. Vidia Swanson is one of these agents and her current mission is to spy on a very wealthy man, named Brodie, who has [...]

    17. I requested to read Tainted Angel by Anne Cleeland because the premise sounded promising. Who wouldn’t want to read a Regency historical romance novel with a female lead who is essentially a spy? Needless to say my expectations for this book were pretty high. I had some conflicting emotions while reading this book. To begin with, I did like this book overall, but there were times I didn’t enjoy reading it. My major complaint about this book was the extremely slow pacing of the plot; at times [...]

    18. Vidia is a spy - but for whom is she spying? That is the question that drives the plot of this suspenseful novel. She is what is known as an "angel" - a woman who is placed with a man to try and learn his secrets so as to pass them on to her agency. The concern is that she has become tainted and can no longer be trusted. but is that true? The man sent to seek the answers is the one man that Vidia cannot resist but she must for the sake of her mission.This was a book chock full of twists and turn [...]

    19. Although this is a spy story, it has intrigue, suspense and romance with a twist. The action takes place in Regency England during Napoleon’s war. England is on the brink of financial disaster. The twist is a strong beautiful woman who is a successful spy with years of experience. This most interesting and dynamic woman can successfully understand and undermine the powerful men she meets. I cannot stress enough her strategic powers and how she is able to meet and beat her aggressors. Her great [...]

    20. So, I can't really decide if I like the way Cleeland reveals her plot twists. She doesn't reveal anything until her characters tell others in the plot, so you are just as lost and in the dark as some of the characters themselves. In other books, I have loved the character development and witty dialogue, but I felt that this book just fell a bit short. Lina had the potential to be a great character but I just got lost in all of the gimics (different languages, references to past assignments, etc. [...]

    21. Vidia Swanson is an "angel," who tries to charm information out of men who may or may not be traitors to the crown. She is quite successful until her latest mission, which involves a target suspected of stealing gold from Wellington's troops. However, it is Vidia who is suspected of being a double agent for Napoleon. To complicate matters, she becomes involved with a fellow spy, Lucien Carstairs. There are a lot of twists and turns in this mystery-spy novel. You never known who's on what side or [...]

    22. I'm only on chapter 9, 21% and the book is real confusing. You don't know whos side she is n or who the people around her are. There is a lot f back story that is talked about, but not enough to understand. I am hoping that it becomes more clear as the book progresses.I have to say that half way through I ended up giving up in this book and just skimming through the last pages to find out what happened in the end. There is such a huge back story that it makes it soooooooo confusing for the reade [...]

    23. I give it five stars. When I started reading it I had a very hard time putting it done. I wanted to keep reading it. I love how the story is woven and how it ends up. In the beginning I did question if she was a double agent or not and enjoyed the ups and down of the story. It was an incredible read that had me guessing till the end. Which is hard because most books don't. I also was sitting on the edge of my seat because it plays on all emotions. I love reading books that are exciting and this [...]

    24. This book gets two stars only because I think there is the kernel of a good story in it. I had to stop after just about 100 pages, though. The plot was confusing - assuming there was a plot - and the repeated references to how beautiful the POV character was rapidly became annoying. It was very difficult to figure out what was going on in the story. The author was so oblique in the telling of this Regency romance/spy story that it was impossible to understand it. She had too much telling about t [...]

    25. I really really tried to read this. It started off really good. A kick-ass heroine. But then I realized that it's slow-paced. I don't know how many times the author described that the heroine was beautiful and alluring to men. And the author strings us along slowly to describe the background of said heroine. The one redeeming quality is that the sex scenes aren't very explicit which adult books usually exploit. The one looming question is she on the Brit or French side???? Apparently I don't car [...]

    26. I do love a good mystery and this was one of the best. I had no idea who was double crossing whom and why at any point up until the end. The ending by the way did explain everything it was not one of those where you end more confused than you started. The romance was much faster than I had expected and far less filled with tension. There were some external forces at work but I wasn't too stressed that there'd be anything other than a happy ending.Overall I really enjoyed this book and am looking [...]

    27. This was a pretty interesting book for me. When it started I was all ready to do a 4 star review. But as it went I found it more and more a 3 star book. It started strong but quickly lost its steam. The romance seemed rushed and most put in just because the author could and not because it was needed for the story. Too many times when the plot hit a wall it seemed like the author looked for the "quick way out" rather then trying to make it intriguing. It was a good story that had the potential to [...]

    28. TAINTED ANGEL has an intriguing storyline with supporting characters that are perhaps more interesting than the main character. The main character, Vidia, can be tiresome with her beauty but she does possess some strength of character and some wit. The plot moved along at a good clip and there was adventure and intrigue around every bend. Over all I enjoyed the novel, despite a few failings, and would be interested to see what Cleeland does with the series.

    29. the story concept is good and the book enjoyable if you're just looking for a very light read. otherwise, the writing is poor. some of it is just plain trying to hard, constant references to remember the time wet escaped from this situation from all characters as a way to plump out the main character's background story became painful as it continued through the entire book, oftentimes not really fitting in to the flow of the story at all. very contrived and disruptive to the reader.

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