While I Was Gone

While I Was Gone Jo Becker has every reason to be content She has three dynamic daughters a loving marriage and a rewarding career But she feels a sense of unease Then an old housemate reappears sending Jo back to

  • Title: While I Was Gone
  • Author: Sue Miller
  • ISBN: 9780345435002
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jo Becker has every reason to be content She has three dynamic daughters, a loving marriage, and a rewarding career But she feels a sense of unease Then an old housemate reappears, sending Jo back to a distant past when she lived in a communal house in Cambridge, Massachusetts Drawn deeper into her memories of that fateful summer in 1968, Jo begins to obsess about theJo Becker has every reason to be content She has three dynamic daughters, a loving marriage, and a rewarding career But she feels a sense of unease Then an old housemate reappears, sending Jo back to a distant past when she lived in a communal house in Cambridge, Massachusetts Drawn deeper into her memories of that fateful summer in 1968, Jo begins to obsess about the person she once was As she is pulled farther from her present life, her husband, and her world, Jo struggles against becoming enveloped by her past and its dark secret While I Was Gone swoops gracefully between the past and the present, between a woman s complex feelings about her husband and her equally complex fantasies and fears about another man Miller writes well about the trials of faith The New York Times Book Review Quietly gripping Jo shines steadily as the flawed and thoroughly modern heroine As in her 1986 novel, The Good Mother, Miller shows how impulses can fracture the family USA Today Marvelous poignant powerful Seattle Times Post Intelligencer Riveting While I Was Gone celebrates what is impulsive in human nature The New York Times Miller weaves her themes of secrecy, betrayal, and forgiveness into a narrative that shines Time

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    1. Sue Miller

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Sue Miller is an American novelist and short story writer who has authored a number of best selling novels Her duties as a single mother left her with little time to write for many years, and as a result she did not publish her first novel until 1986, after spending almost a decade in various fellowships and teaching positions Since then, two of her novels have been made into feature films, and her book While I Was Gone was an Oprah s Book Club pick in 2000.

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    1. Onvan : While I Was Gone - Nevisande : Sue Miller - ISBN : 345443284 - ISBN13 : 9780345443281 - Dar 304 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1999

    2. This story of a wife and mother suddenly revisiting her past had great moments and held my attention. Still it had long, boring passages.I found the protagonist annoying and self-indulgent in a way that didn't jibe at all with the way she thought of herself. Further, her inability to see it, even in the end left me unsatisfied.At points, her descriptions and observations, while interesting and well drawn, dragged on. Her focus on minutia rang untrue to me, her description of her marriage and her [...]

    3. Okay, okay, I know it's on Oprah's Book Club now, but really, some great books are - don't let your possible distate for Oprah Winfrey deter you from reading this book.Sue Miller is a wonderful writer, and the story in While I Was Gone is incredibly compelling. I read it in one sitting and ignored chores for it. It's easy to read, conversational, straightforward. It seems for many pages that it's going to be a nostalgic memoir, about a middle-aged woman, in a long, comfortable marriage past its [...]

    4. I expect every Oprah's book club pick to get 3 stars (unless the book's by Toni Morrison). While I Was Gone is that special breed of book that plummeted to 2- and 1-star territory after chapter 10.The novel started out well enough. I empathized with Jo, the main character, as she looked back on running away from an unsatisfying relationship. I understood that you can detest a particular lifestyle at one point of your life, and find it's exactly what you need at another. (Happy relationships are [...]

    5. Somewhat unwillingly,I reread this novel for a book group.And I found details about Sue Miller's style that I had not paid attention to in my first go round.She is a master of natural description and I slowed to savor the snow falling in New England and the pleasures of walking the dogs late on an autumn evening. Miller strikes me as both a highly moral author and one who is scrupulously honest about her characters inner thoughts and motives. The tension between these results in gripping prose a [...]

    6. Can we say Boring? Oh it really wasShe jumped from her current life to her teenage years back and forth like a ping pong ballAnd when I finished the book I sat there question what was the whole point of reading it? I mean yes there was an issue that was solved but it just didn't say much about the story. I found a review by another woman on good reads and I have to say I agree with her 100 percentShe saysI liked this book until I realized that I has 1/3 of the way through and couldn't figure out [...]

    7. One of the benefits to reading So Damn Much is I often forget what I've consumed, allowing me to discover it all over again.I spent the first 20 pages of While I Was Gone thinking it felt very familiar, but I couldn't quite put it all together. I was viewing the story through a veil of forgetfulness.So on this reread, I was able to invest in the characters, immerse in the world and be surprised all over again.

    8. If there was a half star, I'd give it another half, but giving it 3 seems slightly too generous for a book that left me so annoyed. I loved Joey's past story, when she was living in the house with the others. I never thought I'd find the hippie-esque lifestyle very appealing, but something about those particular characters really drew me in, and I just became totally involved in that section of the book. But there is something charming about a group of 20 somethings trying to find out who they a [...]

    9. Thank God book club is tonight. Because the minute I closed this book (in fact, a few pages from the end even), I was torn by a desperate desire to discuss this book in depth with someone! So many intriguing topics and issues she brings up. One that struck me as very profound is this: Jo has a happy life. Three young adult daughters more or less succeeding in the real world, a successful work life, a wonderful husband, happy marriage, cute dogs, adorable house. And yet, (or perhaps because of) s [...]

    10. I first read this book 10+ years ago when it was chosen as an Oprah's Book Club pick. I liked it well enough then to hang on to my copy; I don't keep every book, because I just don't have the space, so I'm very choosy about what I do keep. I knew I'd want to reread this one some day, and I'm glad that I did.Veterinarian Jo Becker lives a comfortable existance in a small New England town, married with three grown daughters who are out of the house. Comfortable, that is, until someone from her pas [...]

    11. The author says in the back-of-the-book interview that she found it hard to like Jo and I agree with her. I found Jo to be too self-centered and Daniel to be somewhat of a jerk. I also felt the kids were spoiled. No one in this family seems really loving. They're all involved in their own pursuits to the exclusion of everyone else. I agree that Daniel's sermon represents a turning point and was one of the more pleasurable sections. I do find it odd that Jo doesn't participate more in Daniel's li [...]

    12. This book was in places very beautifully written but for all of that I found the heroine and the choices she made quite selfish. Here's a woman with a loving husband, a prosperous career she loves and not a worry in the world. She's willing to toss it all away because, to me, she seems either bored or regretful that her life is so easy (we should all be so lucky!). This made her very difficult to sympathize with and made me want to strangle her. I did enjoy the fact that in the end her "problem" [...]

    13. The comfortable life of a middle aged woman is disrupted when she meets up with an old acquaintance. So far, so potentially boring. And there were indeed times when I wanted to give up on this story, when I didn't really care what happened to the characters. But Sue Miller has a gift for describing detail that drew me in completely. She places the trivia of our lives under the microscope and the resulting analysis is just so accurate. A great writer - she just needs a better story.

    14. I loved this book! Very well written by Sue Miller, astonishing story. Really makes you think, do you really KNOW anyone?? Everyone has a dark side and what can be unleashed in extreme anger and frustration is quite frightening

    15. Miller is one of those authors who can't resist taking adjectives and turning them into verbs. The results are horrific. My advice to you is to turn away now, read no further."I tried my hardest never to still.""The animals gentled and stilled.""Her laugh shrilled.""The flesh of her neck was silvered with sweat."As with all books that have "reading group discussion guides" at the back, I find it hard to say anything about this book. For all of the long, prodding questions the discussion guide wa [...]

    16. Endings are hard on people. They're even harder on novels. By the time readers arrive at the end of a story, they've built up an emotional and intellectual investment. They've earned - or think they've earned - a certain expertise about the plot, the tone, and the characters in between the covers.Novelists can get away with anything at the start of a book, but by the end, like it or not, writers are entangled in a kind of collaboration with their audience.Two of last year's finest books slipped [...]

    17. In any given day, there are an infinite number of things I would like to get away from -- phone calls, traffic, laundry, work. Who hasn't wanted to get away from their lives or to experience what it's like to be someone else? But the fact that I, like so many others, stay grounded and don't indulge the urge to run made it hard for me to like Jo, the main character.Jo's a runner. Sue Miller gives a lot of examples of things she runs away from. She runs away from home when she was eight or nine ye [...]

    18. Ick. One star for a decent plot, and a respectable theme. I dislike being told all about a character, especially by the character herself. Show me, and let me experience the story rather than instructing me. I found much of the narrative to be a little trite, and sometimes too "Harlequinesque". Far too many mundane details about insignificant acts, such as an entire paragraph on making risotto. No, I did not think that such ramblings of routine ran counterpoint to Jo's impulsiveness, nor that th [...]

    19. Added 2/14/11.I started reading this book 9/7/11 and finished around 9/16/11.This book kept me reading. It's the 4rd book I've read by Sue Miller. Each one seems better than the last.This book, _While I was Gone_, isn't a mystery book but there's a bit of mystery in it which keeps you reading.Below is a quote from the book which gives us some food for thought:p.266: "Perhaps it's best to live with the possibility that around any corner, at any time, may come the person who reminds you of your ow [...]

    20. I'm two-thirds of the way through and am not sure how I feel about this book. I think I'm hitting a slump with it, the action is stalling and I'm not sure where it is going. It has been interesting reading about a mother/wife who is at the point in her life where her daughters are grown and moved out of the house. It makes me think about how I will handle that stage of my life someday. UPDATE: A year or so ago I read a book by Sue Miller called The World Below. I really enjoyed that book, and wa [...]

    21. The title pulled me in. The narrator--a middle-aged woman, veterinarian, mother of two grown daughters, wife of a pastor--explores her own life from the vantage point of an intense personal crisis. Memories--from college days in the 60s--catch up with her, though one suspects she slows the forward pace of her immediate life so that they will certainly overtake her. The struggle thus begins--or continues, heightened. Sue Miller's past-becomes-present plot isn't original, but the writer's renderin [...]

    22. I think that most of us feel separate from the person we once were, as though our earlier life belongs to someone we used to know; a person we have now lost touch with. This is certainly true for Jo Becker, whose restlessness and unhappiness in her first marriage led her to escape to another city where she lived under an assumed name in a house shared with several roommates. Years later, when Jo's daughters have all left home to live their own lives, Jo is adjusting to her empty nest with her mi [...]

    23. Thirty years ago, bored by the prospect of her future in a safe marriage, Jo ran away and spent a few months in a communal house in Boston, enjoying the hippy lifestyle while keeping herself distanced from it. That all fell apart when she came home one night to find Dana, the commune's earthmother figure, brutally murdered by, it seems, an intruder intent on raiding the occupants' housekeeping money.Now Jo is a successful vet in a small Massachusetts town, happily married to her second husband, [...]

    24. This novel is a psychological examination of the main character who is narrated in a very reflective first person style. This psychological unveiling is why I loved this book!Sue Miller really understands people. Her insights into human behavior is startling at times in its accuracy. With loaded word choices her sentences lay heavy with meaning. I would be interested in anything she has written or will write. Miller does remind me some of Berg. A new beloved author!"I was remembering the way it [...]

    25. I thought this one was a bit clunky at first. It didn't begin to flow for me until about the third chapter, but once it did, I sopped it up pretty eagerly. The book deals with selves. The ones we were, the ones we've become, and the ways we choose to incorporate our pasts into our present lives. It deals with self-justifications of the shameful, hurtful or otherwise negative actions we play out. Honesty and trust within the familial structure are weighed heavily against the images one hopes to c [...]

    26. Jo Becker is a Woman in her fifties,she is a veterinarian,her husband,Daniel is a Minister,they have three daughters,the family has had,up to this point,a good life. During the sixties,when she was about twenty two and had fled from her ,than ,husband,to Boston where she moved into a group home ,a kind of commune, where one of her roommates,Dana, was murdered,and now forty years later one of the housemates,Eli Mayhew ,has moved to the small New England town where Jo lives and everything that hap [...]

    27. I like a book that is full of believable characters and this is one of them. Took me a bit to really get interested in the story, but once I did I couldn't put it down. Stayed up until 2 am to finish it. I figured there would be more to Dana's murder than it seemed there was at first. Actually wondered if she had killed herself and one of the other housemates witnessed it but didn't say anything. Looking forward to trying another book by the same author. Not sure what else she has written.

    28. Sue Miller is a fine writer. But - someday I'll learn that I don't like books that were selected for Oprah's Book Club. Every one I've read is a morose downer. There was nothing at all to like about the female protagonist. She'd managed to mess up every relationship she'd ever been involved in, including her marriages, friendships, children and too-good-to-be-true husband. This is nothing against the in-depth writing and plot development. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

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