The Life of Mahatma Gandhi

The Life of Mahatma Gandhi Part The end and the beginningDeath before prayers The beginnings of an extraordinary man M K Gandi Attorny at law Gandhi and the Gita Indian interlude Toward greatness A mob scene Gandhi goes to wa

  • Title: The Life of Mahatma Gandhi
  • Author: Louis Fischer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Part 1 The end and the beginningDeath before prayers The beginnings of an extraordinary man M.K Gandi Attorny at law Gandhi and the Gita Indian interlude Toward greatness A mob scene Gandhi goes to war The transformation begins September 11, 1906 Gandhi goes to jail Letter to a son Tolstoy and Gandhi The shape of things to come The victory Part 1 The end and the beginningDeath before prayers The beginnings of an extraordinary man M.K Gandi Attorny at law Gandhi and the Gita Indian interlude Toward greatness A mob scene Gandhi goes to war The transformation begins September 11, 1906 Gandhi goes to jail Letter to a son Tolstoy and Gandhi The shape of things to come The victory Part 2 Gandhi in India, January 9, 1915 March 23, 1946 Home in India Sit down, Gandi Children of God Indigo First fast Goats milk The history of British rule in India Murder Gandhi enters politics Gandhi s families Operation and fast Funds and jewels The Silent year Collapse Prologue Drama at the seashore Parleys with the rebel On the way home Climax Without politics Descent into war Winston S Churchil versus Mohandas K Gandhi My week with Gandhi Will power Jinnah and Gandhi Part 3 The birth of two nations, March 23, 1946 January 30, 1948 On the eve of independence India in suspense Gandhi revisited Pilgrim s progress Asia s message to the west Tragic victory Gandhi hoes his garden The future of India The last fast the last actA Note to the Reader Sources Bibliography Index

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    1. Louis Fischer

      Foreign correspondent and analyst of world affairs.Fischer worked as an European correspondent first in Berlin later in the Soviet Union The works he wrote during his stay in the Soviet Union are criticised for its apologism and the denial of the Ukraine famine Louis Fischer first visited Gandhi in 1942 and again in 1946.

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    1. Gandhi: The ObserverTo change something you love is the hardest. It requires you to set aside your love for the thing and be objective. Real change cannot be imagined otherwise. My favourite description of Gandhiji’s uniqueness of vision comes from Naipaul.Naipaul says that Gandhi saw India like no other, he observed critically, with an impartial, almost colonial eye. And then he acted on them. And this is what made his vision of India so revolutionary. He questioned things that were taken for [...]

    2. I just finished reading ‘The Life of Mahatma Gandhi’ by Louis Fischer and one word that can describe my feeling at the moment is awe. We were taught in school about India’s history, about our freedom struggle, about our fearless leaders and their countless sacrifices. We studied the contributions of leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar, Lajpat Rai et al to our struggle for independence, but as we grow up and become enmeshed in the humdrum of our daily activities, these names begin t [...]

    3. As I turned the last page of Gandhi: His Life and Message for the World, I felt like I should say to it, “It’s not you. It’s me.” The fact is, I had a hard time reading this book. This is one of those books that is better than my rating would indicate. My own personal issues prevented me from fully enjoying the book.More than anything else, I think my problems stem from Louis Fischer’s writing style, not from his subject matter. Perhaps biography writing styles were different in 1954 w [...]

    4. Gandhi was a hero of my first teacher, my mother, and in reading this book, I now see that much of how she strove to raise me came from his example and teaching. I read a biography of the "Gandhi of the Frontier" Badshah Khan two days ago, and bought this book last night and read it in its entirety today because the example of the Muslim Pashtun leader who created a non-violent uniformed army of 100,000 Pashtun and his love and respect for Gandhi touched me deeply. As a Muslim who is tired of th [...]

    5. I would like to avoid making this a review of Gandhi rather than of a book about Gandhi, but for the best possible reasons that is hard to do. The author knew Mohandas Gandhi personally, visited him repeatedly and, so far as I can ascertain, reflected his philosophy in this moving account as faithfully as still water. The book, in reading, seems to melt seamlessly into the Mahatma as if you were at his feet. There are three or five men whom I would call the greatest of the last century - Gandhi, [...]

    6. Men and women and children knew, or felt, that when Gandhi fell by the assassin’s three bullets the conscience of mankind had been left without a spokesman. Louis Fischer clearly loved Mahatma Gandhi. An entire nation loved him. How could such a tiny little man impress the world in such a way? Before I read this book I knew next to nothing about him. Only that he had strange diet practices (“Many such experiments taught me that the real seat of taste was not in the tongue but in the mind,” [...]

    7. Admittedly I have a very poor memory. I read books and then what seems like just minutes later most of the information which had so thoroughly engrossed me is erased from my mind. However, Louis Fischer's book and, more so, Gandhi's life so captivatingly described therein, contains scenes, sayings, concepts, and descriptions which I'm sure will stay with me forever: “In the midst of death life persists, in the midst of untruth truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists.” “N [...]

    8. Gandhi is a Great of the 20th century. This book is more personal as the author had met Gandhi – its focus is on Gandhi the man. It cites his speeches and how Gandhi influenced events around him. Gandhi was a doer and the method and means were everything.Compare Gandhi with the rise of communism (Lenin-Stalin) of the same time period and there is no doubt who and which approach is the more admirable and humane. Marxism-Leninism led to the death of millions.The book describes many aspects of no [...]

    9. This is the type of book that had a lot of potential. What ruined the book for me was Fisher's writing style. Throughout the entire book, Fisher idolizes Gandhi. There is not one passage of criticism which is unusual considering that Gandhi can be a controversial figure. His blatant worship of Gandhi made me highly critical of his telling of Gandhi. Another thing that made me highly critical was his lack of citations. Fisher reports that he spent a total of four weeks with Gandhi before his deat [...]

    10. I am not wise enough to write a review of a book which is a biography M.K Gandhi. Nevertheless i will write a very compelling line from this bookMountbatten told the royal empire society on 6 October, 1948, that in India Gandhi 'was not compared with some great statesman like Roosevelt or Churchill. They classified him simply in their minds with Mohammed and Christ'.Millions adored the Mahatma, multitudes tries to kiss his feet or the dust of his footsteps. They paid him homage and rejected his [...]

    11. I Overall I really enjoyed this book, but I wish it would have been a little more linear (or something). I am glad to understand Gandhi and his life and philosophy better. I'm interested to read another biography now, from a more er. . historical perspective.

    12. I have to admit that it took me three tries to finish this book. I think I started it at least two years ago. The first two times I got about 100 pages in and lost steam. The content was mostly interesting, but I was getting bogged down by a lot of the political details. I started over once again from the beginning, convinced that reading this biography would be "good for me." This time, after about 200 pages, I couldn't get myself to read anything else until I finished.Gandhi has to be one of t [...]

    13. Although I was not very fond of the last half or so of the book, the first part in which Ghandi's philosophies and beliefs were explained intrigued me. The story of Ghandi and all his inspiring achievements is a truly riveting tale of devotion and real faith, which is something rarely seen today. Greed, desire, corruption. none of these things penetrated the seemingly invincible barrier that was built in his highly disciplined mind. He had unbending faith in both himself and in his countrymen, a [...]

    14. I had been planning to read about Gandhi for a very long time. Finally, I got hold of this book, which is written very well. However, the writer has compromised his status as a biographer in his bid to write about Gandhi. He has overlooked many events in Gandhi's life (esp. the paradoxical views of Gandhi in a lot of matters). Overall, the book is great as it makes you walk and talk with Gandhi in a virtual setting but lacks an incisive description of many aspects of Gandhi's life. Because of th [...]

    15. For a 620-page book on Indian politics this is remarkably readable. It's also pretty even-handed and gives a good idea of the man as well as the Mahatma. Fischer doesn't gloss over some of Gandhi's less appealing aspects (his relationships with his own sons, for example), but you can see why he inspired a devoted following. What mainly come through are his compassion and determination. I like the way Fischer handles the ending, too.

    16. Great biography on the amazing and inspiring life of Ghandi. "He always tried to exalt the individual; hence 'it has always been a mystery to me,' he wrote in his autobiography, 'how men can feel themselves honored by the humiliation of their fellow-beings.'"Bramacharya, 'fully and properly understood,' he wrote in 1924, 'means search after Brahma,' or God. It 'signifies control of all the senses at all times and all places in thought, word, and deed.' It includes yet transcends sexual restraint [...]

    17. Gandhi's life is one I've been itching to learn more about for a long time, and his life surprises me in many ways. I knew little of how he got his point across to people, and was especially surprised by his beliefs (I didn't know he wasn't completely Hindu, nor that he was inspired by the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5). While there are things I disagreed with on Gandhi's views, I did appreciate his dedication and drive to do what he believed right, and for the best of others. He did much of [...]

    18. The editorial description of the book went "This is a biography of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948). He led the fight for Indian independence from British rule, who tirelessly pursued a strategy of passive resistance, and who was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic only a few months after independence was achieved." The editorial description is notable in light of facts of history that took place around independence of India - for one thing Gandhi desperately wished to visit the newly partitioned land of [...]

    19. Over all I am not too pleased with this book. I'm very interested in biography and and pretty anything in that category but when I started reading this book I knew it was a mistake. Even the beginning of the book was boring. I read the first 100 pages and didn't like it. The reason I read that many pages was I was waiting for the book to get interesting but frankly it didn't. It had very small print that hurt my eyes and along with that it was flat out boring. There wasn't any cool or interestin [...]

    20. To be honest I was really bored reading it. It’s like history in class once again. But after finishing the book wait a minute he almost always died for the principles he is fighting for. He sacrificed himself so many times even though this might cost his life. His compassion is beyond. I’m still glad I’ve read his biography. He is fearless if it means it’s for the greater good. His life is deserved to be known.

    21. An insightful read into the life of one of the most prominent figures of the 20th century and "the spokesman for the conscience of all mankind". Through superior moral example alone, Gandhi has led arguably the most well known and successful display of passive resistance in history. One can't help but to think there is a lot to be gleaned from the story of this extraordinary individual - and this book does not disappoint in confirming that.

    22. Surprisingly excellent. I was dubious about this book: I had to read it for a class. But I learned a lot, and my respect for Gandhi has grown. The book was obviously written by someone who really loved Gandhi, so very few negatives are portrayed. It also ended very suddenly -- I would have liked to read more about after his life, but the book ends at Gandhi's death.

    23. If you're seeking a simple overview of Gandhi's life and work, this will do. I came away from the book with a good sense of his accomplishments (which were, of course, amazing). Fischer seems way too reverent, however; aside from his homeliness and subpar parenting skills, Gandhi comes across as perfect. I'd like to see a more balanced look at the man (if it exists -- maybe he actually WAS that flawless).

    24. Occasionally there comes along a person who can captivate the hearts and minds of the people around him. Rarely does someone come along that can captivate an entire country. Rarer still a person who can capture the attention of the world. Mahatma Gandhi appears to be one of the latter.I was intrigued when I picked up Louis Fischer's Gandhi: His Life and Message for the World. I knew next to nothing about Mahatma Gandhi, and was interested in reading a biography with an unbiased view - no pre-con [...]

    25. This is a primer biography for Gandhi, written in the 50s by a reporter who stayed w him on occasion. Organization is a bit weird, but if you're looking for something shorter than 300 pages, this is a good choice. All of the stars go mostly to Gandhi the man. The most surprising thing to me is that growing up Gandhi was an extremely shy introvert, prone to jealous and verbal outbursts in anger. He felt his emotions explosively and trained them thru iron will to become the man he was. The transfo [...]

    26. Concise and elegantly written biography of the man George C. Marshall pertinently described as the ‘spokesman for the conscience of mankind’. Two things in particular strike me about the man, and one thing about the book. Firstly, that Gandhi’s profound humility enabled him to be endlessly flexible in his politics, from his positions on social issues to his strategies in high politics. For example, as a young man he would not attend inter-caste weddings, let alone out-caste weddings involv [...]

    27. Dari hal 315:Tahun 1926 adalah tahun diam. Silent year. 52 Senin Gandhi tak bicara. Hanya kadang menjawab dengan tulisan saat wawancara dan melakukan korespondensi. Dia ingin jeda sehari saja dalam sepekan. Itu dia lakukan karena pernah merasa tercabik menjadi potongan karena harus melakukan banyak perjalanan dan banyak bicara.Pada masa ini Gandhi masih dalam usaha mencari solusi perselisihan Muslim dan Hindu. Menurut dia, resepnya adalah perlakuan lebih baik mayoritas Hindu kepada minoritas Mus [...]

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