Nocturnes This edition features five additional stories never before published for an American audience in a dark daring utterly haunting anthology of lost lovers and missing children predatory demons and v

  • Title: Nocturnes
  • Author: John Connolly
  • ISBN: 9781416534600
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • This edition features five additional stories never before published for an American audience in a dark, daring, utterly haunting anthology of lost lovers and missing children, predatory demons, and vengeful ghosts In these stories, John Connolly ratchets up the tension to almost unbearable and irresistible levels Nocturnes is a deliciously chilling collection.

    Nocturne Definition of Nocturne by Merriam Webster Dec , Nocturne definition is a work of art dealing with evening or night especially a dreamy pensive composition for the piano. Nocturne Nocturnes This is the story of the Charles Heidsieck who opened the market for Champagne sales in America just prior to the American Civil War He is a reluctant French spy and is captured and spends Nocturne definition of nocturne by The Free Dictionary nocturne n k trn n A painting of a night scene An instrumental composition of a pensive, dreamy mood, especially one for the piano French, from Old French, nocturnal, from Latin nocturnus see nocturnal nocturne n kt n n Classical Music a short, lyrical piece of music, esp one for the piano Art Terms a painting Nocturne Definition of Nocturne at Dictionary Nocturne definition, a piece appropriate to the night or evening See . Nocturne music Britannica Nocturne, French Nocturnal , in music, a composition inspired by, or evocative of, the night, and cultivated in the th century primarily as a character piece for piano The form originated with the Irish composer John Field, who published the first set of nocturnes in , and reached its

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      John Connolly was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968 and has, at various points in his life, worked as a journalist, a barman, a local government official, a waiter and a dogsbody at Harrods department store in London He studied English in Trinity College, Dublin and journalism at Dublin City University, subsequently spending five years working as a freelance journalist for The Irish Times newspaper, to which he continues to contribute He is based in Dublin but divides his time between his native city and the United States.This page is administered by John s assistant, Clair, on John s behalf If you d like to communicate with John directly, you can do so by writing to contact at johnconnollybooks, or by following him on Twitter at JConnollyBooks Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See other authors with similar names.

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    1. The cover says this book is terrifying and delightful I don't know about terrifying, but it is mostly a delightful read.Framing a collection of short stories, three of which had never previously been published are two novellas, The Cancer Cowboy Rides and The reflecting Eye which features Charlie Parker.There were a couple of short stories near the beginning of the collection I did not particularly like, but the rest were really good, particularly the Inkpot Monkey. In my opinion, the two novell [...]

    2. A really good collection of short stories that I read in the beginning of 2014. Usually, the quality of short stories varies very much, but I think this is one of the best collections of short stories I have ever read. Then again, this is John Connolly, writer of the excellent Charlie Parker series. So of course, these stories must be good!

    3. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a huge fan of short story compilations. While I've only read a handful of collections, I find they take a lot of effort to get through. It's not that the quality of the work isn't up to par with that of a full length novel, it's just the ending of one story followed by the beginning of another can sometimes come across as exhausting. You get all invested in a story and it's characters and all of a sudden, it's over. Then, you begin again.Seeing as Connolly is o [...]

    4. This is one of the best story collections that I have read. Nocturnes is a great title as the stories are truly the stuff that nightmares are made of. It is rare that a single author collection doesn't have one story that would be better off in the dustbin but that is the case here. Even the worst story is pretty darn good.On a side note, as Connolly is the author of the excellent Charlie Parker detective series I thought that some of the stories in this collection, particularly The Underbury Wi [...]

    5. In hindsight, the title for this book was rather apt. While I did not think about it at the time of reading, all the stories here are ones where the night is dark and full of terrors. There are things here that go bump in the night and the night itself gives you the biggest bumps of them all. Connolly was not an author whose books I had read before and he did turn out to be good ( in the early Stephen King kind of way). These are short stories packed with punches, teeth and claws. Here is what I [...]

    6. El irlandés John Connolly es mundialmente conocido por las novelas protagonizadas por Charlie Parker, y ha demostrado más que de sobra su capacidad para crear atmósferas sobrenaturales. Siempre pensé que Connolly sería un buen escritor de relatos cortos, y con ‘Nocturnos’ lo ha conseguido con creces. Sus relatos recuerdan a los autores de fantasmas más reconocidos, M.R. James, E.F. Benson o Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, pero también hay elementos de Stephen King, e incluso algo de Clive Ba [...]

    7. Señores que este jefazo es todo un ESCRITOR. Es lo primero que leo y no descarto leer sus novelas detectivescas (aún sabiendo que no me gusta ese género). Buen terror y tratante de todo su ámbito, con el clásico de fantasmas, psicológicos y otros de criaturas monstruosas. Enfermedades oscuras y confusiones familiares.Ninguno malo, lo cual es un éxito en una recopilación de relatos. Si te gusta el terror: LEANLO.

    8. Pretty good collection, I really enjoyed The Cancer Cowboy Rides Again, The Underbury Witches, Nocturne and Deep, Dark Green. But the Charlie Parker novella The Reflecting Eye pushed it up to 4 stars.7/10

    9. Absolutely fabulous collection of horror stories. Loved it, loved it, loved it!I first picked this up to read the novella at the end, as it concerns a 'villain' who shows up in the Charlie Parker series which Mr. Connolly also writes. It was obvious - in this other book, a novel - that I had missed something, though it was made clear who and what this villainous person was. Still, he had a back story and I hadn't read it. SoI read that novella first and it fit into the series perfectly, precisel [...]

    10. This is a book of short stories, so I would think that the best way to respond would be to each one individually all 15 (though there is, apparently, a different version with even more stories - so it looks like I will be buying the updated copy at some point!):"The Cancer Cowboy Rides" - This was a quite chilling and remarkably grotesque story about a living cancer, embodied in "Buddy". A truly disgusting story, it was certainly entertaining and a quite solid short story."Mr. Pettinger's Daemo [...]

    11. I really have a love and hate relationship with horror short stories. Every now and then I really love one and it affects me. Yes, Shirley Jackson I'm talking you! This was my first book by John Connolly and it really wasn't the best one for me to pick. I should've started with "The Book of Lost Things." I will still get to that one though, I think it will be more my style. I listened to this one on audio. It took me forever. To be fair, it always takes me longer on audio because I'm antsy. I've [...]

    12. In every one of these short stories Connolly succeeds in raising my neck hairs, even if at times it is only a small bit. I like to think that I'm immune to the average horror story atmospheres and tropes which is to say that for an author to have any pull on my emotions they must do either A) take the normal horror game to new heights or B) Do something completely off the wall altogether. Connolly does a mixture of both of these options which produces many diverse and refreshing stories. I reall [...]

    13. Generally I consider most short story collections a mixed bag at best, unless your name is Stephen King. And the reason I read this one is firstly the inclusion of a Charlie Parker story, which was imho the best story in the book at the same time. Secondly I was kind of curious how mr. Connely did do outside of "Charlie Parker universe". And while he did not really dissapoint he did not always deliver as good. I did enjoy the opening novella and the short story on the Witches, which might have b [...]

    14. Group read with Literary Darkness GR groupWhen reading this book I kept thinking: "I'd read something like this before!", so perhaps I did read plenty of those short stories from somewhere else in the past.Plus, John Connolly's themes, style and writing reminds me strongly of Clive Barker's short stories, I'm not saying who is ripping off who, but the resemblance is still strong.

    15. El relato de terror más académico no puede ser mucho mejor que el de Connolly. Cuentos de gran solidez, con momentos inquietantes y que se leen de principio a fin con la mirada pegada a sus bellas palabras. Difícil encontrar a alguien que pueda detestar esta literatura.Cómo escribe, Connolly. Es la primera vez que lo leo, pero la sensación (en la que muchos coinciden) es que no solo conoce su oficio, sino que lo desempeña con la maestría del mejor artesano. Del artesano que, incluso, tien [...]

    16. От slovoyadets/Съвременните тинейджъри сигурно си мислят, че това е заглавие от поредицата "50 нюанса сиво" обаче не е. Напоследък реших да си припомня някои от разказите в този страхотен сборник на Джон Конъли (ах, тия ирландци, все страхотии са им в главата).Истинска загадка е как [...]

    17. When I have some downtime, I'm working my way through the audio versions of John Connolly's Charlie Parker series. I've read the series a number of times, but listening to them has been revelatory--mainly in how overly fast I read and how much I actually miss! So, having that excellent reader's voice in my mind, I've just started reading this new (to me) Connolly book of short stories. Great stuff so far. I'll update when done.I finished this great little collection last night and highly recomme [...]

    18. 3 Stars - Good bookA collection of creepy stories -nothing more and nothing less. If you're going to read this, I'd recommend reading it during the Halloween season. I'm sure people can enjoy the book outside the constraints of Halloween, but I'd imagine it's less fun. I gave this one 3 stars because there are some 2 , 3, 4, and 5 star stories. 3 seemed like a good average; it also means that this book is worth the read. I'm almost positive that everyone can find at least one story they enjoy. O [...]

    19. A wonderful selection of short stories from Mr Connolly, including one featuring Charlie Parker (The Reflecting Eye) , I re-read these, some each night over the last little while (February 2014) and once again was enthralled and delighted by each of them.There is a great mix here – my favourite being “The Underbury Witches” – I do like a good evil witch story – closely followed by “Some Children Wander By Mistake” which, frankly, freaked me out, anyone who has the clown phobia shou [...]

    20. “Aun me cuesta creer que algo viva allí abajo.Porque lo que hay allí abajo no vive.Existe, pero no vive.”Cuentos para un conductor solitario en medio de la noche, no hay mejor manera de describir esta joya de libro. Reminiscencias e influencias de todo tipo, terror gótico, Stephen King, Poe, Lovecraft, Barker incluso, comedia de terror, etc. calculadas con precisión de relojería por uno de mis autores favoritos. Connolly logra una antología excelente, macabra y obscura para disfrutar c [...]

    21. This is a very strong collection of horror stories, which are quite different in tone and style. I like most the ones, which are connected with the legends about ancient faerie or divine creatures - with them Connely touches the greatness of H.P. Lovecraft.

    22. John Connolly comienza su recopilación de relatos con “El vaquero del cáncer cabalga”, una narración digna del mismísimo Stephen King, y ya no pierde interés en ninguno de los 19 relatos siguientes. Como es lógico, algunos están más logrados, pero el maestro del terror da sobradas muestras de porqué es un número uno en ventas en su terreno. Sabe infundir miedo, y lo que es mejor, sabe escribir como los ángeles, aunque sus historias nos transporten al lado contrario. A ese inframun [...]

    23. The Cancer Cowboy Rides (4 stars) - Interesting idea. Decent character development. Started out good but lost steam near the end. Really no absolution and the ending was choppy. Cut up scenes that didn't really run together into coherence. I mean I guess I understood in the end but he could have kept it smooth like the rest of the story. I think I would have liked him to flesh it out a bit. It could have made a decent book.Mr. Pettingers Daemon (3 stars) - I really liked the atmosphere in this. [...]

    24. 3.5This is my first Connolly and though I did not love it, I was impressed enough to hunt downThe Gate(which I really liked) and plan on reading much more.I did find a lot of the stories to be obvious (see, The Cycle or The Bridal Bed, or derivative (see pretty much every story butCancer Cowboyor Some Children Wander by Mistake), or just not scary/creepy, but some did stand out:The Cancer Cowboy Rides : This reads like vintage Stephen King and that is a very good thing. I really liked this story [...]

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed John Connolly's novel, The Book of Lost Things, and thus was intrigued by this volume of some of his short fiction pieces. For the most part, they were enjoyable supernatural stories, if a bit predictable. Very rarely was I outright surprised by something that Mr. Connolly wrote, and for me, the mark of a good horror story is that it surprises you. There were also a few plot holes in his stories, particularly in the Charlie Parker novella, which bothered me as I read. I also [...]

    26. I absolutely love John Connolly, & this book is exceptional. The stories are written in different styles & voices -- one of the things I like about Connolly is that his books aren't all the same. Many of the stories here are set in between-wars & post-war England, which I find particularly compelling -- these stories have a certain old-fashioned (but not boring) quality to them. My favorite piece was probably "Some Children Wander By Mistake", which I found chilling & sad, or "Th [...]

    27. Una antología redonda, Connolly es un discípulo de grandes como M. R. James o E. F. Benson, dos de los mejores autores de horror de la historia. Y como buen deudor de éstos, sus relatos son puro terror del más clásico. El primer relato, "el vaquero del cáncer cabalga" vale toda la antología

    28. I'm a short story fiend so this book really spoke to me. Connolly is a fine writer and these stories are suspenseful and page-turning. I especially like The Shifting of the Sands.

    29. I don't read much horror anymore. But John Connolly's name kept popping up in various places--not least in the Recommendations right here on . I found out he's written a series of thrillers involving former NYPD detective Charlie Parker, who investigates murders that involve supernatural elements. Even noted thriller writer Harlan Coben called Connolly "one of the best thriller writers we have." So I decided to read his first collection of short stories, and I'm very glad I did. "The Cancer Cowb [...]

    30. I first encountered John Connolly when I read his wonderfully gothic fairy taleThe Book of Lost Things. It’s been years but I do remember the captivating and spin-chilling nature of his plot, and the poetry of his prose.Collected before Lost Things was published, Nocturnes contains similar tones and themes. Most of the stories read like modern fairy tales. And also like fairy tales, most of them can be summed up in a basic formula. A person or family that comes in from outside the village goes [...]

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