Over The Line

Over The Line Book Three in the Mastered series He can t say he wasn t warned From the moment he s cautioned to avoid the submissive who snares his attention Dom Michael Dayton is intrigued With her tight dress f

  • Title: Over The Line
  • Author: Sierra Cartwright
  • ISBN: 9781781843529
  • Page: 459
  • Format: ebook
  • Book Three in the Mastered series He can t say he wasn t warned From the moment he s cautioned to avoid the submissive who snares his attention, Dom Michael Dayton is intrigued With her tight dress, flowing hair and honest dialogue, what could be perfect than a few hours together Sydney Wallace fears only one thing being tied down She lives for adventure and fuBook Three in the Mastered series He can t say he wasn t warned From the moment he s cautioned to avoid the submissive who snares his attention, Dom Michael Dayton is intrigued With her tight dress, flowing hair and honest dialogue, what could be perfect than a few hours together Sydney Wallace fears only one thing being tied down She lives for adventure and fun, including the occasional BDSM party By always scening with different Doms, she avoids emotional entanglements that might complicate her life A man who owns a ranch and has roots deep into the soil is definitely not the kind of Dom she wants to play with Sydney has never met anyone as complex as Master Michael Dayton From the moment he issues his first command, she knows he s different He watches her reactions, sees what she wants, and unselfishly gives her what she needs Getting involved with a man like him would be the biggest risk of her life, crossing over all of lines she s drawn to protect her way of life After the first night together, Michael realises he should have heeded the warning But it may already be too late

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    1. Sierra Cartwright

      Sierra is a USA Today, International Best Selling author who wrote her first book at age nine and hasn t stopped since.Sierra invites you to share the complex journey of love and desire, of surrender and commitment Her own journey has taught her that trusting takes guts and courage, and her work is a celebration for everyone who is willing to take that risk.

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    1. Book 3 of the Master Series and Sierra Cartwright is my new favorite author. This book doesn't waste anytime jumping into scene play! WOW! And some very hot scenes throughout the entire book. I would have liked to have seen just a bit more character building in the beginning; a chance to get to know Master Michael and Syndey a bit better first, but Ms. Cartwright makes up for that in, and throughout, the book. This entire series has captivated me, I love it, and I'm looking forward to the next b [...]

    2. The third book of Sierra Cartwright's series Mastered did not disappoint. Master Michael knew what he wanted and no one could deter him. He had been warned that Sydney was not a committed submissive. But Michael didn't care.Sydney intrigued him as well as turned him on. Sydney loved her kinky sex but she had great difficulty giving up her independence to be submissive with any Dom. Their relationship is frustrating and fulfilling at the same time. This story is fun, sexy, hot, and satisfying. Si [...]

    3. Oh yeah, I really liked Master Michael. He knows what he wants and expects submission but likes a strong independent woman and still expects her to be her own person and to have her dreams fulfilled tooA perfect Dom!

    4. This is one of my favorite BDSM authors, and this book doesn't disappoint. It's a relatively short read but packed full of action. You get glimpses of each characters emotional back story, but not a lot. Non stop BDSM scenes, I wished there was more of the emotional view point during those, but other than that, great scenes. I've read all of this series & am looking forward to the next book, due in August.

    5. Sydney and master Michel was another great read luved the connection through the bdsm lifestyle would luv to give theses books 5 stars but I can't when they finally connect in a real relationship the story is over needs moreinput then I'd give them the 5 stars.

    6. Brilliant! Sierra Cartwright's name on the front is enough to sell it to me anyway. Definitely not disappointed. The 'Mastered' series is just hot, and I loved this latest offering, Sierra at her butt-clenching best. Imaginative, creative, plenty of 'ouch!' and I can't wait for the next one

    7. Intriguing story! Master Michael is hot! Sierra gives us good chracters and we feel like we know and understand them. I am really liking this series! Looking forward to the next one!

    8. Sydney is a manipulative brat. She thrives on her freedom, no strings attached sex and BDSM play. She's been burned in a relationship and wants no part of another one. Master Michael gets Sydney like no other Dom ever has. He plays her like a fine violin. He too has been burned in arelationship ans is definitely not looking for another. He just wants Sydney's submission and she is not giving it willingly.

    9. Hot little SubbieI loved how Master Michael just oozed dominance and knew everything she needed and how to push her beyond her comfort zone especially when it came to love and submission. A love story with tons of heat!!!

    10. BDSM done wellWhen Dom Michael sees Sub Sydney at a scene party, he's instantly attracted. Despite the warnings of several of his friends he has to have her. And not just for a night. Forever. I enjoyed the other two books in this series, but I didn't like this one as much. Maybe it was I couldn't connect with the characters as much, but I was as in love with this book as much as the others.That doesn't mean that the book wasn't good, it was, the sex is hot as always and again I like that the au [...]

    11. Title: Mastered: Over the LineAuthor: Sierra CartwrightPublisher/Year: Totally Bound Publishing 6/21/13Length: 156 pagesSeries: Mastered #3OverviewHe can't say he wasn't warned…From the moment he's cautioned to avoid the submissive who snares his attention, Dom Michael Dayton is intrigued. With her tight dress, flowing hair and honest dialogue, what could be more perfect than a few hours together?Sydney Wallace fears only one thing—being tied down. She lives for adventure and fun, i [...]

    12. Posted @ shaynareneesspicyreadsspoSierra Cartwright is one of my favorite BDSM Erotic writers. When a novel has her name on it, you just know you are in for a sexy, emotional, mind-fucking treat! OVER THE LINE is book 3 in her Mastered Series, and it did not disappoint."It seemed he wasn't satisfied with her just offering her body unconditionally to him. He wanted more."Sydney was born with the adventure bug. Both of her parents were adventurers and she kept up with that way of life, trying to n [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book, although not as much as some of Sierra Cartwright's other book. Michael Drayton is a Dom and a member of The Den. After being burned by his ex-wife, he doesn't do relationships, but enjoys playing with the subs who attend parities at The Den. Sydney Wallace is a sort-of-sub - she enjoys the sex part but doesn't want anyone telling her what she can and can't do. She had been collared in the past and it was a bad experience she doesn't want to repeat. Master Michael sees Sydne [...]

    14. another jewel in this series !!! they just keep getting better and better !!! loved the honesty and the fears that are in this book cause we can relate, cause we all know that no matter how good something is, your fears and set ways are hard to change!! but when he loves you enough not to settle for less that what you both deserve and demands all from you, you are hard pressed not to go to him this is what happened with Michael and Sydney. he wanted to challenge and he didn't tolerate half give. [...]

    15. finished Over the Line (Mastered) by Sierra CartwrightI love Sierra's books, they are more than just Bdsm, they show the connection of the two people, the highs and lows, the pitfalls of two strong personalities working towards a happy relationship.I really liked Master Michael, he came over as a kind and caring person! Even though he is a Dom, he still thought about Sydney's wellbeing. Although they each had their own ideas of how they would work together, not without issues, after all Sydney w [...]

    16. Wit Patience NeWhen attending a BDSM party, ranch owner Dom Michael Dayton is warned to avoid any entanglement with submissive Sydney Wallace, yet he chooses to ignore advice and scene with her. Sydney lives for adventure and freedom and has so far avoided emotional involvement and deep commitment by only scening with different doms. But after she spents time at Dom Michael ranch she eventually recognises his patience, caring ability and his unselfish wish to fulfil her sexual needs. He in turn [...]

    17. I very much enjoyed reading about Sydney and Michael. Their chemistry is through the roof and their scenes are incendiary. Sydney leads an enviable life of travel and adventure, she actually inspired me. Michael is very much happy living on his huge ranch. He learns to loosen the dominant reins and she learns submission doesn't mean being a doormat.I took away one star because love seems to be an afterthought, it wasn't believable.Definitely on my 'read again' list. Don't miss this or any of thi [...]

    18. As much as I've enjoyed this series by Sierra Cartwright so far, this one just didn't do it for me. I didn't really feel the connection between these two, and when the proclamations of love cameally? I just didn't buy it, sorry! Now, having said that, there were still some pretty steamy scenes so don't regret reading at all. Looking forward to reading the next one, and hope it's up to the standards of the first 3.3 stars (mainly for the steam)

    19. Over the Line (Mastered Book 3) (Kindle Edition)Great bdsm book, love all I have read of Sierras books. Would well recommend this brilliant author and her books. Michael has been warned to stay away from the sub Sydney, she never scenes with the same Dom twice as she's afraid of getting any emotional attachments to anyone. Michael can't help but be intrigued by her though and thinks what harm can a few hours do? A few hours could be too much though!

    20. Probably 3.5. I really liked this; and I love Sierra Cartwright's writing style. I don't love the small mindedness that some of her characters seem to have. It seems unlikely that Sydney, who seems smart, adventurous and loving, wouldn't recognize that past experiences aren't necessarily the norm.

    21. I am loving this series :) this book is very special to me for a few reasons :) love the characters one issue is I wish she would write about a few "real" women and not have them all the skinny .women who have a ton of confidence I am told a lot of Doms prefer full size subs except you rarely read about them in books .which makes me a bit sad .

    22. Thoroughly enjoyed, almost as much as my Cartwright favourite, Danger Zone.A Dom unwilling to compromise what he needed, with the patience to let his would-be sub come to her own conclusions. And to still both be individuals at the end of it.Enjoyed "Michael" immensely, and I can always appreciate a heroine with the gift of well-timed sarcasm!

    23. That was amazing - I really liked it! Sydney and Michael go together like peas and carrots - never have two messed up people been more perfect for each other. Too stubborn, too set in their ways, too driven and too much for anybody else, but perfect for each other and a perfect story!! The series keeps getting better and better

    24. I read this a while back (this is 3rd in a series of 6 books), but I remember LOVING the whole Mastered series by Sierra Cartwright. The whole series centers around characters who frequent an exclusive BDSM club outside of Denver.

    25. Probably my preferred book so far in the series. Maybe a little bit too short. I really liked Michael's patience and understanding and yet his decision not to relent. Oh, and I obviously love the goat !

    26. It's been a while since I read a D/s story. Master Michael is seriously hot. I loved how the relationship developed between him and Sydney Her girlfriends were greatlooking forward to the next book

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