Host Like Dr Frankenstein brilliant scientist Joe Messenger will stop at nothing in his quest for immortality

  • Title: Host
  • Author: Peter James
  • ISBN: 9780752837451
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Like Dr Frankenstein, brilliant scientist Joe Messenger will stop at nothing in his quest for immortality

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      421 Peter James
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    1. Peter James

      Peter James is the international bestselling author of many award winning novels His Detective Superintendent Roy Grace series, set in Brighton, has been translated into thirty seven languages with worldwide sales of over eighteen million copies, and has given him eleven consecutive Sunday Times number ones In 2015 WHSmith customers publicly voted him the Greatest Crime Author of All Time and in 2016 he became the recipient of the coveted CWA Diamond Dagger lifetime achievement award for sustained excellence Peter has also written a short story collection, A Twist of the Knife, and his standalone titles include Perfect People and The House on Cold Hill He has also co written a non fiction account of Brighton s toughest cases with former detective Graham Bartlett entitled Death Comes Knocking The Perfect Murder, Dead Simple and Not Dead Enough have all been turned into smash hit stage plays All his novels reflect his deep interest in the world of the police Three of his novels have been filmed and before becoming a full time author he produced numerous films, including The Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons He divides his time between his homes in Notting Hill, London and near Brighton in Sussex.

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    1. Another gripping and chilling book by Peter James. Chilling because of the storyline of how in 1993 we viewed technology and now 20 plus years later, having read the book on my kindle and now typing my review on my ipad, we depend so much more on technology than we should! This book was in my thoughts even when I wasn't reading. A thought provoking book in my opinion is the best type to read. So now I am off to shall download more of Peter's books.

    2. I enjoyed this but thought it lacked menace. The concept, back in 1993 would have seemed revolutionary and alien. These days, the technology we have is still light years away from the type of events described here but it feels more possible and yet totally dated all at the same time. Of all the Peter James early 90's books this is the one that has least stood the test of the passing years, most likely because it relies upon technology that advances faster than we can keep up with. Who hasn't bou [...]

    3. I read this book 17 years ago and I picked it up purely because I had nothing else to read. At that time my reading material was Danielle Steel and other romance books. So, just a few pages to help me drift off. 3am I was still awake, totally enthralled. Best book I have read to this day. Now I wonder if it was because it was my first venture into this genre, but somehow I doubt it.I've read everything of his now. All fantastic. Well all the standalone books. The Roy Grace series has kept me wai [...]

    4. Wait, this took me nearly *10 months* to finish reading?! 🤯 No way! 🤭😅Anyway, I borrowed this from a Work colleague after I told her I’d randomly bought, read & enjoyed The House On Cold Hill-Also by Peter James. She said that this was one of the best of his many Books so far.I found it a bit difficult to get into at first as well as huge & so put it down for a while. But then I picked it up again & really got into it. 😊It’s a long Book for sure, but the character [...]

    5. When I say this book as unbelievable I dint mean in a good way. I mean that I just couldn't believe a word of it. Peter James can write really great crime books and some of his supernatural thrillers are good too. "Host" is science fiction - not my thing at all. All the usual things you'd expect from the author are there: it's thrilling and full details of suspense but it doesn't make the story any more believable.

    6. One of my favourite books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read hundreds.The character growth, the intertwining story lines coupled with the science subject matter. Also the moral and ethical exploration within the twists and the ending.I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this book and have gone back to it many times.

    7. Truly terrible. Rolled my eyes so many times reading this, so tropes. I skim read the second half. It was entertaining though, hence why it wasn’t quite a DNF; skim read to the end to find out what happened. Predictable nonsense, and incredibly self indulgent writing. No one needs to read a painstaking description of a decomposing face

    8. As with all James' books, this one did not disappoint. I'm almost done with all his pre-Grace tales (I've read ALL the 'Dead'-novels to date) and believe me, coming from someone who worships the quicksand Stephen King walks on, James is closing in on the nr 1-author status. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but its as if he sees the 'real' world through a different set of eyes and he seems to catch that magical view every time he ventures off the known 'ye' olde detective storyline'. Host is d [...]

    9. This book is wonderful. I got it by mistake as I originally thought it was part of the Det Grace series. However I read it and how glad I was.At first I was not sure about the subject - Crogenics. Not something that would normally get my attention. The story follows the story of Professor Joe Messenger and his life long mission to beat death. To create the perfect crogenic system so that no-one ever has to die again.It is in the pursuit of this dream that he meets Juliet, a young, attractive pos [...]

    10. I first read this book around 20 years ago, before I started writing stories myself - it instantly became my favourite and I wrote to the author who graciously replied. I wanted to see if the book would have the same effect on me 2 decades later. Well, it did. and it didn't. I still feel the story to be a ripping yarn: an un-put-downable-page-turner of the highest quality, especially towards the end, but now I noticed all the grammatical mistakes, unintentional ambiguities and poorly expressed p [...]

    11. Just like his brilliant Roy Grace series, this book is intriguing and exciting like all his others and in this instance centres on the idea of artificial intelligence and cryogenics. The author achieves all this greatness by utilizing bonkbuster techniques in his writing to keep you hooked. The characters he has created are well crafted and make you want to get to know them. To the point where you just cant put his books down. They read like film scripts sometimes, something the author knows a l [...]

    12. Chilling! The fact the tech is outdated makes it more scary - there's something eerie about being phoned by a computer in the night. There were times when my heart was in my mouth as I wondered what awful thing was going to happen next and read with horrified fascination as Joe was tormented by an omniscient, omnipresent and seemingly indestructible presence.

    13. Just finished reading this and as it's not my usual genre, in the beginning I could pick it up and put it down quite easily. However it became thoroughly engaging. A very earie ending. This book was certainly a roller coaster ride.

    14. The concepts here were really well driven - plenty of terror. The perfect psychological/sci-fi thriller. Some images like the shattered head still make cringe. Also raises lots of questions about human longevity and rather thought provoking.

    15. While conceptually this book might have been years ahead of its time the writing is amateurish in places and bogged down with unnecessary writing. Wanted to read this after having read of James's latest novel. Massive difference in writing. Unfortunately this was one which I could not finish

    16. this is one of those books that keeps you thinking even after you put it down. it's a borderline 4 to 5 stars. the only thing that kept me from marking it a full 5 stars is that it gets a bit slow in some places. most definitely give this one a read!

    17. took me a little while to get into the story but i have to say a brilliant read mystery / murder and sci fi some of my favourite ingredients in a book everything Peter James writes is a winner

    18. A good read, kept me interested to the end. I've enjoyed the Peter James books I have read and am looking for the earlier ones I missed.

    19. The cover calls this a scientific technothriller. I call it AWESOME! It is gripping and fascinating and just a wonderful read.

    20. This novel requires a little suspension of disbelief because of the fabled technologies involved, but is in all other ways interesting and fun.

    21. This is a good book that requires persistence, but rewards you for staying the course! You don't need any technological knowledge to enjoy reading this suspense thriller.

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