I'm No Angel: From Victoria's Secret Model to Role Model

I m No Angel From Victoria s Secret Model to Role Model In December year old Victoria s Secret Runway Angel Kylie Bisutti stunned the fashion industry when she chose faith over fame and fortune and made the switch from supermodel to role model In

  • Title: I'm No Angel: From Victoria's Secret Model to Role Model
  • Author: Kylie Bisutti
  • ISBN: 9781414385853
  • Page: 429
  • Format: ebook
  • In December 2011, 21 year old Victoria s Secret Runway Angel Kylie Bisutti stunned the fashion industry when she chose faith over fame and fortune and made the switch from supermodel to role model.In I m No Angel, Kylie shares her story from her early years struggling to make it big in the cut throat world of modeling, her big break winning the Victoria s Secret RunwaIn December 2011, 21 year old Victoria s Secret Runway Angel Kylie Bisutti stunned the fashion industry when she chose faith over fame and fortune and made the switch from supermodel to role model.In I m No Angel, Kylie shares her story from her early years struggling to make it big in the cut throat world of modeling, her big break winning the Victoria s Secret Runway Angel competition, and the disillusionment and spiritual warfare that followed, to the moment she realized that she could no longer reconcile her career with her Christian beliefs, surrendered her life to God, and dedicated her life to preaching a message of modesty and inner beauty.Along the way, Kylie talks about her personal struggles with inadequacy, low self esteem, and her near constant quest for approval in a world where you can never be thin enough, pretty enough, or sexy enough She helps readers understand that true beauty lies within and that real fulfillment comes from knowing, loving, and serving Christ.

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    1. Kylie Bisutti

      Kylie Bisutti is an American model who won the 2009 Victoria s Secret Angel At 19, she beat out 10,000 other girls to win a modeling contract with Victoria s Secret,, Victoria s Secret Model Search competition,broadcast online through CBS and concluded during the December 1st airing of that year s Fashion Show Placing first through fan voting over fellow contestant Jamie Lee Darley in the final round earned Bisutti, nineteen years old and a newlywed at the time of filming, the prize of walking in the annual show alongside Victoria s Secret Angels like Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes.Although Bisutti continues her career in the entertainment business,she did not work with Victoria s Secret after the show She later said lingerie modeling conflicted with her Christian values My body should only be for my husband and it s just a sacred thing Bisutti states that she will only choose wholesome jobs that will honor her Christian beliefs.

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    1. Really enjoyed this book. Here's why:1) She has a story to tell with a beginning, middle, and end, which she relates in an entertaining way.2) She writes believably.3) The book was beautifully edited, a feature that is lacking all too often in free downloads and even in books that you pay for.4) The book moves fast; it doesn't contain too much detail that slows down the read.5) Who doesn't want to read about models and modeling?6) I like reading how God turns lives around.To those of you who sla [...]

    2. No. I'm sorry but just no.I think one of the reasons why I hate this book so much is because of my values. Whenever I read excerpts that put virtues like modesty and purity on an untouchable pedestal, it mades me feel sad. I believe in celebrating our femininity and sexuality. Why should we cover that up? Furthermore, Victoria's Secret is a lingerie line. It's obviously going to beautify its models for the audience in order to sell their products (that's just business). But it knows how to balan [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir. Kylie's story was fascinating from the beginning. It was honest and heartbreaking at times. There was a time when a modeling agency tried to recruit me and I gave them my information and when my mother answered the phone one day, she promptly hung up on them saying I wasn't interested in that. At that time I was devastated and hurt. Reading this account made me ever so thankful for my late mother protecting me from this lifestyle. The real hero in this story is [...]

    4. Wow! What a book! I first heard about Kylie when she was on Good Morning America--sharing her story of how she walked away from being a Victoria's Secret model to becoming a role model. But in "I'm No Angel," Kylie goes deeper into the story. She shares about the negativeness and dark sides of modeling, of how she compromised her convictions by making "excuses"--and how the Lord changed her heart.It is also intriguing to her what her husband, Mike, thought of the entire thing. Not all guys want [...]

    5. I just picked this off the shelf at the library and read it pretty quickly. It reads pretty fast and held my interest. I don't know anything about the modeling world, nor am I usually interested. Since the cover leaflet said she and her husband live in Montana, I decided I MUST read it! Kylie Bisutti tells her story of coming to Christ in high school, but still pursuing her aspiration to become a super model. Finally, when the two worlds collided soon after being selected a Victoria Secret angel [...]

    6. This book is pretty good. Not great but good. I had pretty much decided to give this book 3 stars until I read that last chapter -- that's what boosted my rating on up to 4 stars.I just had a really hard time understanding and relating to Kylie (even if she is almost exactly my age). But she does have an interesting & inspiring story to tell.

    7. It's been awhile since I finished the actual story part of this book. But just today did I finish the devotions in the back. I'm thankful for Kylie and how she stands up for what she believes in and speaks out about her past and the mistakes she's made.

    8. I'm No Angel, Kylie Bisutti revealed the hidden clandestine of the modeling industry and being a Victoria's Secret model winner. She described how she met and married her husband, Mike and the effect her marriage had on her career. The book disclosed how she left Victoria Secret and became a Proverbs 31 wife. She began modeling in Las Vegas at the age of fourteen and she quickly learned that sex sells and the industry knows that men are drawn to this. Throughout the years, she has witnessed misc [...]

    9. Meh, this book was ok, but not all that interesting. Kylie is very young at the beginning and at the end of this book. There wasn't much growth either- not emotionally or spiritually. It also seems like she just moved her search for celebrity from one venue to another.I also have no idea how she is a role model now.It doesn't play at all into my review of this book, but does putting a bible verse on a skin tight t shirt make it less of something to induce men to look at a body?

    10. 3.5 stars. This was a very quick, easy read, but I enjoyed it. It was refreshing to read how Kylie's perspective of modeling changed. I'm very concerned for young girls that focus so much on their beauty that they'll do anything to get their appearance to be "perfect." I hope many teenagers read this and grasp the lesson at hand: outward appearance is not what matters, and you are beautiful the way God made you.

    11. This book gave a wonderfully clear view into the world of modeling and the world's view of it! Kylie explains why she was attracted to modeling, and why she felt God calling her to quit. This is a worthwhile read for every girl over the age of 12. I learned a lot and feel like I understand a lot more than I did before.

    12. I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model by Kylie Bisutti tells the story of her successful rise through the modeling world only to abandon it at the height of her success.As a young girl Kylie was thin and pretty with “freakishy long legs,” and constantly people would tell her she looked just like a model or should be a model some day. Kylie makes an important point when she says:Adults don’t always realize the profound effect their words can have on young kids—girls [...]

    13. Blog: nastassjaloots/20I quit being a VS model to become a Proverbs 31 wife – Kylie BisuttiLEAVING FAME FOR FAITHI’m no Angel by Kylie Bisutti is the story of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, the most glamorous of models, leaving the fashion industry and modeling world behind to honour her husband, and God, with her body. Becoming a VS Angel shortly after marrying the man of her dreams, Kylie and Mike were catapulted into a world neither of them expected. Kylie adequately phrases it as “By tak [...]

    14. Kylie Bisutti's story is marvellous. Through her journey of walking with God and coming closer to Him, it is clear how much God means to her, and how she tries to do her very best to please Him. Her journey from being a model, to now a role model, is incredible to see, and changes your perspective of the modelling industry. 100% recommend reading!

    15. Kylie Bisutti began modeling professionally around age 13, and six years later won a Victoria's Secret modeling contest on national television. One year later, she announced that she would be leaving the modeling industry permanently due to conflicts with her Christian beliefs.I remember seeing the news stories, and finding the idea so unbelievable as to be laughable. How does one even become a lingerie model while professing christian beliefs? The two seem fairly incompatible. As always, the tr [...]

    16. Hang in till the end-- there may be times in the middle where you wonder if her prayers for success (whether in relationships or modeling) reflect a shallow understanding of faith; but remember, she is work in progress (as is all of us!) It was encouraging and convicting to read through Kylie's journey. It must have taken great courage to share her past with such authenticity and openness, and I am so grateful that she did-- it has blessed me greatly. The plot itself was full of intriguing twist [...]

    17. This book tells a pretty compelling story: Kylie Bisutti won the 2009 Victoria's Secret Angel search, but upon discovering that the modeling world, especially at the top, was incompatible with her Christian faith, left it all behind. I was interested in her revelations about that world, but honestly was irritated at her years of naiveté trying to make it to the top. I had assumed that her conversion came after she had achieved success, and at that point she decided to stop modeling. In actualit [...]

    18. I want to start off by saying that I don't like writing negative reviews. However, I'm No Angel by Kylie Bisutti is one of those books that just leaves me scratching my head. A Christian, she applies for a contest to walk the runway in a Victoria's Secret show. In lingerie. Then complains about the fact that they want her to be too sexy, etc. She also posed nearly nude for men's magazines. What did she expect from this "career" of lingerie modeling? And why would a Christian sign up for it? It's [...]

    19. I remember having this book on my list when it first came out so I'm happy it found its way back to me. I saw it on the shelf and immediately had to take it home from the library. I enjoyed the story and admired her bravery. While the story was slow in some parts (as is life sometimes, right?), there are a few worthy takeaways. I also connected with it as someone who struggled with the same insecurities of our shared body shape. It was a good reminder that I'm not alone, that none of us are alon [...]

    20. Read the book on my iPad. Downloaded it after hearing a recommendation from our assistant pastor. This is the autobiography of a young woman who really was fortunate not to fall prey to the demands of a modeling career. She learned a lot at an early age due to her travel and relationships. Would recommend for young ladies and their parents, especially those struggling with self-image issues.

    21. Kylie Bisutti wrote an amazing testimony about her journey with Christ and how she became a role model for all teenage girls by becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. I feel that she is really inspirational and helped me see beauty the way God sees it. I really enjoyed reading about all that she's been through and I find the devotionals at the back very encouraging.

    22. non-fictionI'm No Angel is an awesome read! Not only do we get a peek at what the modeling world is really about, and a wonderful account of one woman's journey to Christ, but a super love story between Kylie and her husband Mike. I can't believe I got this ebook for free. This would be a great book for young women also.

    23. An eye opening experience to the modeling world. What a great testimony of how God an work for His glory and the good of his people. This is a great book for any teenage daughter to learn how women are exploited in the modeling/marketing world. Especially at Victoria's Secret.

    24. A nice personal story that reminds girls and young women that materialism and pretty faces are NEVER as important as faith and values. Kylie is a wonderful role model who portrays what true beauty looks like

    25. I adored this book. I thought Kylie's viewpoint was intriguing and the memoir was a strong testimony and great example of a true Christian being unashamed. The experiences were heartfelt and touching, and I enjoyed Kylie's honest confessions and self-awareness.

    26. I love reading biographies and this book was no exception. Kylie's journey, and the ways in which God guided her, is an inspiration to all that God exists, God is good and God knows what He is doing at all times.

    27. This book is absolutely remarkable and I recommend not just religious people to read it! It is such a powerful book for young women to get into ad fill there values with, most definitely an eye opener about what we are surrounded by and society! Life changer I promise!

    28. Great look into the harsh realities of modeling and the wonderful redemption of Christ! He has a perfect plan for each of us!

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