The All You Can Dream Buffet

The All You Can Dream Buffet Perfect for fans of Kristin Hannah and Susan Wiggs Barbara O Neal s new novel of food friendship and the freedom to grow your dreams brings together four very different women longing to savor the tr

  • Title: The All You Can Dream Buffet
  • Author: Barbara O'Neal
  • ISBN: 9780345536860
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perfect for fans of Kristin Hannah and Susan Wiggs Barbara O Neal s new novel of food, friendship, and the freedom to grow your dreams brings together four very different women longing to savor the true taste of happiness Popular blogger and foodie queen Lavender Wills reigns over Lavender Honey Farms, a serene slice of organic heaven nestled in Oregon wine country LavePerfect for fans of Kristin Hannah and Susan Wiggs Barbara O Neal s new novel of food, friendship, and the freedom to grow your dreams brings together four very different women longing to savor the true taste of happiness Popular blogger and foodie queen Lavender Wills reigns over Lavender Honey Farms, a serene slice of organic heaven nestled in Oregon wine country Lavender is determined to keep her legacy from falling into the profit driven hands of uncaring relatives, and she wants an heir to sustain her life s work after she s gone So she invites her three closest online friends fellow food bloggers, women of varied ages and backgrounds out to her farm She hopes to choose one of them to inherit it but who There s Ginny, the freckle faced Kansas cake baker whose online writing is about to lead her out of a broken marriage and into a world of sensual delights And Ruby, young, pregnant, devoted to the organic movement, who s looking for roots and the perfect recipe to heal a shattered heart Finally, Val, smart and sophisticated, a wine enthusiast who needs a fresh start for her teenage daughter after tragedy has rocked their lives Coming together will change the Foodie Four in ways they could never have imagined, uniting them in love and a common purpose As they realize that life doesn t always offer a perfect recipe for happiness, they also discover that the moments worth savoring are flavored with some tears, a few surprises, and generous helping of joy.

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      154 Barbara O'Neal
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    1. Barbara O'Neal

      Barbara Samuel also known as Barbara O Neal is the bestselling author of than 60 books, and has won Romance Writers of America s RITA award seven times How to Bake a Perfect Life was a Target Club pick and The Lost Recipe for Happiness went back to print nine times Her books have been published around the world, including France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, and Australia New Zealand, among others Whether set in the turbulent past or the even challenging present, Barbara s books feature strong women, families, dogs, food, and adventure whether on the road or toward the heart A native of Colorado Springs, Barbara lives there with her partner, Christopher Robin, an endurance athlete, along with her dogs and cats She is an avid gardner, hiker, photographer, and traveler who loves to take off at dawn to hike a 14er or head to a faraway land, or curl up with the animals in the garden and read She loves to connect with readers and is very involved with them on the Internet Contact the author You many read about Barbara s books at her main website, BarbaraSamuelbarbaraonealBlog awriterafoottwitter twitter barbaraoneal

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    1. Gush-alert.This book is every bit as beautifully evocative as the rest of Barbara O'Neal's stories.Wonderful characters that leap off the page. Cute animals. Food. Friendship. And love.A truly gorgeous story of second chances and life changing friendship.LOVED IT!!!!

    2. I received an ARC of this book for free from Random House Publishing Group-Bantam Dell via NetGalley.The All You Can Dream Buffet is a story about 4 friends, "The Foodie Four" who all run blogs related in some way to food. They are all different ages and at different places in their life but have an unmistakable friendship that enriches the soul. Ginny, an almost 50-year-old, runs a cake blog and is struggling with an adventureless life and an unhappy marriage. Ruby is a 26-year-old whose boyfri [...]

    3. 4.5 stars, a thoroughly enjoyable book! Really liked the women in this story, especially Ginny and Ruby. The author writes descriptively, but not overly so. Just right. I could almost smell the lavender, and the mountain air. I enjoyed this in the same way I enjoyed The Wedding Bees. Sweet stories of women:) I recommend if you're looking for an easy, sweet read.

    4. Lavender, Ruby, Valerie and Ginny are 4 food bloggers who are meeting at Lavenders farm for her 85th birthday. I thought this book was just ok. I didn't think any of the characters had any depth and seemed shallow to me. Recipes included in this book (which IMO were the best part of the book)

    5. I've read a few books by Barbara O'Neal and loved them. This book, not so muchd I don't know why. It has a lot of the elements I generally love in a work of fiction. I love a book about an organic farm. I almost exclusively read books about women and I generally enjoy books about more mature women. Toss in a dog and it should be a jackpot.But even as I was reading the synopsis I was hesitating for some reasonyway, I don't really know why but for me this was just OK. What I will say is the love s [...]

    6. I'm going to have to backtrack and find Barbara O'Neal's The Garden of Happy Endings. Over the years, I've liked some of the novels she's written as Barbara Samuel or Barbara O'Neal, and loved some of them. But, none of them hit home as much as The All You Can Dream Buffet. O'Neal always writes about women finding themselves, and finding the strength within themselves. This time, she writes about four bloggers who find friendship and courage through that friendship. These are women I want to kno [...]

    7. I loved this author's How to Bake a Perfect Life because of her ability to develop her characters to the point that I felt as though I knew them and I felt their ups and downs along the way. The story was woven so slowly and so intricately that it was hard to put down and sad to close the cover on the final page. This book, however, was not for me.Eighty-five year old Lavender owns prosperous Lavender Honey Farms but she knows her time is near. Not wanting her nephews to inherit the land only to [...]

    8. Luscious! The All You Can Dream Buffet tantalizes, tempts, seduces--and satiates. Not since reading The Lost Recipe for Happiness have I loved one of Barbara O'Neal's books so well. Her writer's gift is fully showcased again here, prose that lights up the page, characters that light up your heart, love and dreams and sorrow and food and growing things--friendship and broken hearts, hot sex and broken promises. Yes, and the kitchen sink, too! Several of them, in Airstream trailers, no less. Here' [...]

    9. Four years ago, when I was discovering that Barbara Samuel writes as Barbara O'Neal, I read that Barbara says her "question" (the one she is answering in her novels) is why do some people survive harsh challenges and why don't others. Since then I have read all of O'Neal's novels and I have enjoyed them all.I do think that part of the attraction to me is the survival question. What is it that makes some families come together and others fall apart? Why are challenges good for some people's growt [...]

    10. 3.5 stars. Really good overall story about four women bloggers who meet. I enjoyed the characters that were fully explored, but at least one was just vaguely brushed on. This wasn't terrible, but made those characters seem extraneous. Enjoyed all of the food talk and recipes. O’Neal’s latest is a sweet tale of friendship and love. Two of the four female characters are fully developed, and readers get a true sense of their motivations. Yet the other two remain on the periphery, detracting a b [...]

    11. charlotteswebofbooks.I absolutely adored The All You Can Dram Buffet. So many things resonated with me. The blogging aspect of the story, the internet friendships that are very real, the desire to do something MORE with your life. The whole book just really spoke to my heart. And then there is Lavender's farm, the beauty described by the author left me longing for the Midwest farms of my heart. I also liked how the author highlighted the fact that Lavender was sixty when she took over the farm. [...]

    12. Ok, I did win this in a contest. But it was not a contest. Any book that has descriptions of food, coffee or wine are always good for me, ha ha! Three of my favorite thingsI've never read a Barbara O'Neal book. This is my first and I adored it.It's about 4 women bloggers who become friends [which I can relate too]. They are all different ages, with different lifestyles and things going on in their lives.The oldest named Lavender has a 85th bday party that they all come out to her farm for.Which [...]

    13. Another great book by author Barbara O'Neal, this one centers on 4 food bloggers who call themselves the foodie four. They have become great friends over the years, and Lavender invites the other 3 to come to her farm for her 85th birthday celebration. Each one of them comes loaded with a lot of baggage & big life-changing decisions that need to be made. You will laugh, and cry right along with them, as you get completely immersed in their story. Definitely a must read!

    14. I really enjoyed this novel. It's multidimensional characters and their lives propelled me through the book. I wanted to find out why Ginny hadn't had sex with her husband in 12 years and if Liam was going to come back around after finding that Ruby was pregnant with his child? Does Lavender find someone to hand down her farm to or will it be sold and divided up; never to exist again in it's current state? Some of my questions were answered and some were not quite. but it kept my interest and ma [...]

    15. Four bloggers, The Foodie Four, meet at Lavender's farm in Oregon for Lavender's 85th birthday. Lavender blogs about her farm. Ginny, driving from Dead Gulch, Kansas, wants out of her uninspired life and even less fulfilling marriage. Ginny blogs about cakes. Valerie, a wine blogger, comes as a new widow bearing the loss of her husband and two daughters, with her only surviving daughter, Hannah. Ruby, a 26-year old vegan blogger, pregnant and alone, leaves her protective father behind for this g [...]

    16. This is the second book I've read by Barbara O'Neal and I am liking her more and more. I love how her books have such a mystical feel. She writes so beautifully about the relationships between four very different women in this book and I just couldn't get enough. By the end of the book I felt like I knew Lavender, Ginny, and Ruby personally. Valerie was the fourth of the "foodie four" but we only got to know her a little bit. In fact she was the only one who didn't have any chapters written from [...]

    17. I love the leisurely opening of this story, The All You Can Dream Buffet, and the way each main character is introduced through their blog, and how the author successfully weaves all four stories into one. It's not only a book about lavender, food, and blogging, it's a story of courage, soul, and the chosen family. O'Neal is a master of delicious sensual layering in her stories and this one does not fall short. It's women's fiction at its best.

    18. Any book of Barbara O'Neal's is a pleasure--her writing, her characters, the setting, the FOOD. All together make a reader wish she lived in that book.

    19. Lavender Wills is worried about her family farm. As a young woman, Lavender escaped life on the farm for an eventful career as a flight attendant, but when she finally returned, much later in her life, she fell in love with it. As she turns 85 she's worried that her only heirs, her nephews, will turn around and sell to a developer as soon as she's gone. Lavender has embraced technology in running and marketing the farm, and through her blog she has become really good friends with three other foo [...]

    20. This is just about the best i've read in a good long while!Four foodie bloggers meet, finally, for Lavenders 85th birthday. They are quite diverse and yet of one mind. A great read!!!!!

    21. Original review found at kristineandterri/2* I received an advanced readers copy of this book from Random House Publishing Group- Bantam Dell via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*I was drawn to this book because it is about a bunch of bloggers and although I am nowhere near the blogger that the women in this book are I could relate to their passion.This book is about four different women, all with blogs, who connect through their online passion and call themselves the Foodie Four. All [...]

    22. As a blogger with a handful of blogger friends, I adored reading this fun and quirky novel about four women who blog. They become friends, and then much more than friends - emotional supporters, caretakers, heirs, protégés, mentors. I took special interest in the romantic relationships the women had. One lost her spouse in a tragedy and was lost as to how to relate to her surviving daughter. Another suffered a break-up with a longtime boyfriend - I never thought she'd get over him! But Barbara [...]

    23. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was hooked from the first page. This is a story about four women of different ages and backgrounds and locations who all come together to celebrate one of their birthdays. Lavender is turning 85! These women met through their food blogs and call themselves The Four Foodies. Three of them have something from their pasts to overcome or change. They are each looking for a second chance at life and are hoping spending time with Lavender, who reinvented herself at 6 [...]

    24. It was a lovely book. All four women had different stories, but Ginny's was the most interesting. The recipes looked great, though Ginny's blog posts were surprisingly sparse considering the fact she had such a large following. I get that they were an offset for the actual story but Ruby & Lavenders posts were more lengthy and had their personalities. I felt that I couldnt really picture Valerie, it was more about her daughter Hannah that was apparent. I loved Ruby, she had a very sweet pers [...]

    25. The bonds of friendship can start anywhere, even on an internet food blog. Four women, whose ages range from the twenties to eighty five, live in different parts of the country and all share love of food - whether it's growing it, cooking it or just photographing it. Over the years they've become quite close. So when Lavender decides to throw herself birthday party to celebrate her 85 years, Ginny, Val and Ruby make their trek to the Lavender Honey Farm in Oregon. This tale is about the bonds of [...]

    26. This looked like a cozy little read about 4 friends, who are food bloggers, getting together for an 85th birthday. I was enjoying it until I got into the raunchy romance part and then I actually thought I wouldn't be able to finish it. I was trying to find what genre you would call this - is soft porn too harsh? There isn't a lot but it was scattered enough at the end section that it threw me off. The cover looks so innocent. I don't mean to be a prude, I'm just not into that at this stage of li [...]

    27. Four women from four different walks of life become unlikely friends through their food and wine blogs. These ladies journey across the country to celebrate their "foodie four" matriarch, Lavender, on her 85th birthday at Lavender's farm in Oregon. The journey to Lavender's farm is life changing for them all. Nothing will ever be the same. Well written women's lit. This is the second book I have read by the author. A mostly light, fluffy, likable read with a little romance for good measure.

    28. There are a ton of these women getting together and having their bonding moments books. This is one of them!! This one was a fast read (I started at 9am today and done all ready at 1pm) The characters were quirky and likeable which is why this woman bonding book works for me. I didn't give it 5 stars because I felt it was too predictable.

    29. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I truly identified with aspects of almost every character, but most with Ruby. The book is so full of texture. You get to follow the lives of the four main characters but others as well. It is an easy read and one in which you will find yourself cheering on the women!

    30. put on some lavender essential oil and read this book, it will take you away. you will want to live on a farm, eat good food, visit dear friends, take a travel adventure after reading this. such a great story, but I wanted a little more at the end. fell in love with these characters.

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