Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog

Tuesday Tucks Me In The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog From former U S Army Captain and New York Times bestselling author of Until Tuesday comes what has declared the Best Nonfiction Children s Book of As narrated by Tuesday Tuesday Tucks Me In is

  • Title: Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog
  • Author: Luis Carlos Montalván Bret Witter Dan Dion
  • ISBN: 9781596438910
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From former U.S Army Captain and New York Times bestselling author of Until Tuesday, comes what has declared the Best Nonfiction Children s Book of 2014 As narrated by Tuesday, Tuesday Tucks Me In is a day in the life of this service dog extraordinaire and tail wagging ambassador for all things positive and uplifting in the world The book takes us throughFrom former U.S Army Captain and New York Times bestselling author of Until Tuesday, comes what has declared the Best Nonfiction Children s Book of 2014 As narrated by Tuesday, Tuesday Tucks Me In is a day in the life of this service dog extraordinaire and tail wagging ambassador for all things positive and uplifting in the world The book takes us through a typical day of adventures, starting with Tuesday waking Luis in the morning and greeting him with dog breath in the face, and then ending with Tuesday cuddling up to Luis on their bed, the last moment they spend together before sleep.

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    1. Luis Carlos Montalván Bret Witter Dan Dion

      LUIS CARLOS MONTALV N is an award winning New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and advocate TUESDAY is Montalv n s beloved service dog and the recipient of the American Kennel Club AKC Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence ACE Service Dog.A 17 year veteran of the U.S Army, Captain Montalv n served multiple tours abroad and was decorated with numerous awards including two Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, the Army Commendation Medal for Valor, and the Combat Action Badge In 2007, Capt Montalv n honorably departed the military and in 2010 completed a master s of science from Columbia University s Graduate School of Journalism Recently, Montalv n s inspirational memoir won the 2012 USA Best Book Award in the Autobiography Memoir Audiobook Non fiction categories He was a finalist for a 2012 APA Audie Award beside four other nominees including Tina Fey and Michael Moore Until Tuesday was also a 2012 International Latino Book Awards finalist Luis is the recipient of a 2011 Voice Award and the 2011 Invisible Hero Honors Award for his efforts to educate the public about trauma and the real experiences of veterans and people with disabilities.Montalv n is a vocal advocate His work has been published in outlets including The New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and Military Review, and regularly appears on local, national, and global media Among the outlets that he and Tuesday have been featured on are NPR, CNN, National Geographic and The Late Show with David Letterman.Tuesday Tucks Me In, their first children s book Macmillan , was selected by as the Best Nonfiction Children s Book of 2014 Most recently, the Children s Book Council CBC and the National Council for the Social Studies NCSS selected Tuesday Tucks Me In a 2015 Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People Luis Tuesday frequently lecture and offer dynamic programs about their work and are advocating extensively during travel this year For information, please visit until tuesday or tuesdaytucksmein

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    1. To see this review and to learn more about Luis Carlos Montalván, please visit readrantrockandrollTuesday Tucks me In:is a true story about a service dog and his owner, Luis. The story is told from Tuesday's point of view as he explains their typical day together in NYC. Luis is a disabled veteran. He went to war, and he came back home in so much pain that he couldn't live a normal life. So I do tasks for him. I even sleep with him which helps control his nightmares. Luis has issues like PTSD t [...]

    2. This is the true story of Luis Carlos Montalván and his service dog, Tuesday. Luis Carlos has PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and chronic pain. This book is great because 1.) it's funny, 2.) it's cute, and 3.) it teaches children about service dogs.The book walks the child through Luis Carlos's day with Tuesday. First, Tuesday wakes Luis Carlos up. He brings him the dog bowl, the shoes, the socks and reminds Luis Carlos to take his medicine. Luis is a disabled veteran. He went to war, and he came [...]

    3. How could I not love this book? I took all the photos! And Tuesday is an amazing dog, while Luis is inspiring. Great to read to preschoolers and kinders, and perfect for early readers.

    4. What better way to introduce the concept of service dogs to children than from a book from the dog's perspective? Tuesday Tucks Me In is a great non-fiction title that provides the reader with well-written text and quality information about how service dogs help veterans every day, all nested within a fun narrative: a day in the life of Tuesday and Luis.I appreciate that the story provides an opportunity to talk about the effects war can have on a person and the responsibility we as a nation hav [...]

    5. Tuesday Tucks Me In is pure love right from the start with the gorgeous photo of Tuesday on the front cover! I read about Tuesday and Luis in Until Tuesday and now as a children's book their amazing story is brought to life through the eyes of Tuesday. In it children will be invited into a day in their life together. Tuesday has such an expressive and enthusiastic way of telling his story that kids will no doubt be captivated. And for big kids like myself too! What's especially great to me about [...]

    6. This book is a beautifully done (and badly needed) children'sbook about the day of a disabled vet and his golden retriever service dog -- from the viewpoint of the dog. Tuesday goes everywhere with Luis (even the bathroom stall which has a picture of Tuesday under the stall door that children will love). Some of the words and concepts will need explanation for the very young, but nothing is said in a scary way. This simply describes how soldiers can still hurt, have nightmares and flashbacks, an [...]

    7. Touching, heartfelt and informative.exactly what I expected. With beautiful color photo's and an easy to understand story line, you will be moved and changed by this book. I was changed by the previous book, "Until Tuesday." I encourage everyone, young and older to read it and to share it and its message with all of your friends and family. It is worthy of donating a copy to your local school and local city library. Invite Luis and Tuesday to an event and let them show you in person the bond the [...]

    8. This is a superb children's book that handles the concepts of PTSD and of service dogs exceptionally well. The language used is age-appropriate, but doesn't talk down to kids at all; by using the perspective of Luis's service dog, the story describes the physical and psychological effects of war in a matter-of-fact and grounded way. The photos are beautiful and vibrant as well. There is just so much to love about this book. Definitely a worthy addition to any library or classroom collection.

    9. A very sweet book complete with color photos showing Luis and Tuesday from the time they wake up until the end of their day. This is a great book to introduce kids (and adults) to the important role service dogs play in our lives--especially a veteran living with PTSD. Thank you, Luis and Tuesday, for giving us this glimpse into your lives!

    10. I applaud your decision to do a children's book that teaches our young about service dogs, the help and assistance they provide and what service dogs mean to their challenged owners. Understanding diversity is paramount in our society and this beautiful book will be instrumental in aiding that understanding at an early age.

    11. My whole family loved this story about the bond between Tuesday and the author, the Iraq veteran he serves, who is a writer and an advocate for veterans and for all people with disabilities. The photographs of Luis and Tuesday going through their daily routines are very sweet, yet children who read the book will learn about the struggles of wounded vets, including nightmares, PTSD, fear of crowds and loud noises, and the stress, anger, and pain that they often feel. Man's best friend indeed - th [...]

    12. This is an excellent book about the life of a soldier with post traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury and how his service dog helps him in his everyday life. Any school that has a significant military population needs this book in the collection.

    13. This book tells the story of the relationship between Tuesday, a service dog, and Luis, a wounded Army veteran, as they live one day together. A nurturing relationship, an intimate relationship is, to be honest, rare. Anyone, who has worked hard and long to build such a relationship, treasures it. Anyone, who has risked themself on many on many occasions and in many ways to build such a relationship, feeds that relationship. Any of us, who watches such a relationship, learns from it. Tuesday and [...]

    14. This is the sweetest book I've read in a while. This is told from the point of view of Tuesday the service dog. He describes how he helps former Captain Luis Montalvan get through the day. Luis is a decorated veteran who suffers from PTSD and traumatic brain injury following two tours of duty. Suffering tremendous pain, sleeping difficulty, nightmares, flashbacks, anger and shame about his condition, Luis withdrew from his friends, family and stopped leaving his apartment. Tuesday saved his life [...]

    15. I ordered Tuesday Tucks Me In two months ago from my local library. When I learned that this book was on hold for me on Friday July 25th I was so excited. I started reading this wonderful book before I even left the library.Tuesday Tucks Me In is a wonderful children's book that explains gently to children what the day in a life of a service dog is like. Luis Carlos Montalvan describes his day with Tuesday through the morning routine, trips to his doctors and the stress he has to overcome becaus [...]

    16. I rarely give a book five stars. To me, that requires something special, and this book qualifies.The book tells several important stories. It teaches about the life of a service dog, but also an important story about how disabilities may not be visible and obvious.The photos by Dan Dion were absolutely wonderful, from the close-up photo of what it's like to wake up with a dog's face close to yours, to the joyful and playful aspects of the "off-duty" dog, the photos are an essential part of telli [...]

    17. June is National PTSD Awareness Month. By reading "Tuesday Tucks Me In," children are able to gently learn about PTSD and the challenges that Luis faces. Written from Tuesday's perspective, the beautiful photographs chronicle Tuesday's and Luis' day-to-day activities, and shows how Tuesday encourages and helps Luis to live a fulfilling & joyous life. Luis returns the favor by taking such good care of his constant companion. It's easy for children to understand that the strong bond between th [...]

    18. Great read not just for children but adults as well. Short and sweet; so very sweet. Beautiful photos of Luis and his trained service dog Tuesday. Informative in a gentle way about Luis's struggle with PTSD and TBI. I must confess, Luis story and his relationship with Tuesday made me cry. Kudos to photographer Dan Dion for capturing those daily moments between Luis and Tuesday that will pull at your heartstrings! The note from Luis on the last two pages was interesting as he described the traini [...]

    19. Not maudlin, not sad, not cutesy, not fairy tale, this is a wonderful book for small children. Tuesday Tucks Me In tells the story of a day in the life of the golden retriever Tuesday and his special companion, Luis Montalvan. It handles difficult topics - PTSD and disabilities, shows the responsibilities of dog ownership (grooming and teeth-brushing to name two) as well as the pleasures of the dog park. Throughout, it is illustrated with beautiful photographs.Highly recommended for children and [...]

    20. I love this book, and my upper elementary school students do, too! "Tuesday Tucks Me In" is a very well-told tale that is an age-appropriate companion book for "Until Tuesday." It conveys important messages about service dogs, their importance to those they assist, and that not all wounds caused by war are visible. Written from Tuesday's point of view, this book informs and entertains at the same time. This book needs to be available to every child in all school libraries and public libraries! R [...]

    21. This book is hard to resist, starting right with the front cover photo of Tuesday the golden retriever. Goldens are one of my favorite breeds, and this dog is so smart and so adorable. And kudos to disabled vet Luis Carlos Montalvan, who lets the reader right into his life, with all of its joys, pains, and difficulties.What better way to teach youngsters about caring for those with disabilities, and our canine friends, at the same time? The photos by Dan Dion are masterfully done.Give this to an [...]

    22. The heartwarming story of a golden retriever service dog and his companion Luis who is able to live a normal life with the help of Tuesday who wakes him in the morning and tucks him in bed at night after the two participate in daily activities together. The accompanying photos show Tuesday and Luis as they go about their busy day.As the owner of a "rehomed" golden retriever, I have a fondness for this book and plan to share it with my students when they visit the library.

    23. What an extraordinary book! Beautiful pictures and simple text combine to tell the tale of an Iraqi war vet and his service dog, Tuesday. The reader is taken through a day in the life of Luis and Tuesday - days filled with love and challenges and growth. There is humor, there is evidence of a deep bond between dog and human and there is the ever present love. Every reader will fall in love with this extraordinary dog/human team.

    24. I love this book! The picture of Luis & Tuesday praying together just about did me in. What an amazing story of a beautiful friendship between a man and his dog. The pictures are beautiful and the words are outstanding also. Luis is able to face the challenge of each day living with the aftermath of injuries, both psychological and physical, due to his amazing bond with Tuesday.

    25. Touching story of the bond between a disabled veteran and his service dog. Told from the point-of-view of the dog, Tuesday. This story is one that will stick with you for awhile. I read it to my fourth grade students and they loved it and were touched by it like I was. Just a beautiful story and what wonderful thinking and empathy students were able to elicit after reading.

    26. Tuesday is a service dog who is helping a soldier with PTSD and other physical ailments. Here we have an easy to understand book for children that gives what a day looks like for them together. Wonderfully presented, beautiful story. I will hunt down "Until Tuesday" - the book written for adults by this author. I'm glad I picked this up today.

    27. It's a day in the life through the eyes of delightful Tuesday - a service dog and his relationship with his wounded warrior, war veteran, Luis. The story is about how they assist each other and ultimately how they, in turn serve others. This is wonderful for young and old alike.

    28. I had the pleasure and honor of being able to hear the author read this in person when he was touring here in Denver this summer. This book would make a wonderful gift for children of all ages. Thank you Luis & Tuesday for all your are doing. Happy Holidays.

    29. Not only is this for children, I believe this would help young adults and parents understand the complexity of disabilities.

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