Miss Seeton Cracks the Case

Miss Seeton Cracks the Case It was the perfect day for a coach tour until a band of thugs blocked the road and robbed the passengers It s a tough case to solve but luckily the intrepid Miss Seeton a retired art teacher and a

  • Title: Miss Seeton Cracks the Case
  • Author: Hamilton Crane Sarah J. Mason Heron Carvic
  • ISBN: 9780425126769
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was the perfect day for a coach tour until a band of thugs blocked the road and robbed the passengers It s a tough case to solve, but luckily the intrepid Miss Seeton, a retired art teacher, and a passenger on the ill fated tour, steps in with her sketches of the bandits But when she returns to her tranquil village, she brings trouble along Now suspicion, malice andIt was the perfect day for a coach tour until a band of thugs blocked the road and robbed the passengers It s a tough case to solve, but luckily the intrepid Miss Seeton, a retired art teacher, and a passenger on the ill fated tour, steps in with her sketches of the bandits But when she returns to her tranquil village, she brings trouble along Now suspicion, malice and murder are right in her backyard.

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      393 Hamilton Crane Sarah J. Mason Heron Carvic
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    1. Hamilton Crane Sarah J. Mason Heron Carvic

      Hamilton Crane is the pseudonym adopted by Sarah J Mason when she was invited to continue the Miss Seeton series originally created by Heron Carvic, who died in 1980 Hamilton after her hall of residence at St Andrews University the big red building behind the 18th green on the Old Course and Crane to continue the bird theme a crane has a similar form to a heron.Series Miss Seeton

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    1. This was my first meeting of Miss Seeton and she is just delightful. She is clever and funny and I like that she is kind of dingy. That trait endeared her to me.The crime of the sherry gang and the Bus robbers were both interesting and unexpected. I now know there are several more books about her abilities. I am wanting to read more about her. Reading about her made me smile and admire her knack for connecting the dots. Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an hon [...]

    2. This books sets off the third pseudonymous author of this series. Thankfully, "Hamilton Crane" returns to the characterisation of the original author (even remembering that the doctor is 'Knight' not 'Wright'). Although I doubt the series will ever recapture the glorious bizarretty of Heron Carvic's plotting, this works as a solid light read.

    3. An enjoyable cozy mystery, with a snapshot of small village life where more trouble gets started by the local gossips than anything! A lot of misunderstandings, rabbit trails and sneaking around, plus the unassuming Miss Seeton with her "brolly", lead a merry chase to solve the crimes that have local police stumped.Recommend for readers who enjoy a thoroughly British tale. A fun read!(Book provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.)

    4. The language was not as clean as I was expecting from a ‘cozy’ mystery. It got to be a bit much actually. I finished it but always felt on edge about coming across more or worse words. The language was bad enough I would actually recommend not reading it.As for the story…Have you ever wanted to shake all the characters in a book, or tell them just shut up? Never have I read a book with so much chatter and so little said. It’s one long, very long gossip session. The village gossips got fa [...]

    5. This is actually my first Miss Seeton book. I was told that, if I enjoy Agatha Christie's Miss Marple books, I'll enjoy the Miss Seeton books. While this book was okay, I wasn't blown away or even that impressed by the story or writing. It annoyed me how the author kept going back and forth between the different names for the Nuts. There's no reason to refer to two women by two or more different names each on a single page. Decide on one name to refer to them as and go with that. I was actually [...]

    6. There have been a spate of robberies recently. One is carried out by a group of people called the Sherry Gang because they help elderly people home with their shopping and then ply them with drugged sherry. While the person is out cold they make off with their valuables. The other group have been dubbed The Turpins because they have brought highway robbery into the twentieth century by holding up coaches of old people on a day trip and robbing them of their valuables.The village of Plummergen is [...]

    7. In Carvic Tradition Sarah J Mason, writing as Hamilton Crane, is much truer to the tradition of the Miss Seeton series created by Heron Carvic to spoof detective novels in general and lady detectives in general than those of her predecessor, Hampton Charles. While Mason doesn't quite capture the madcap hilarity of the original books, Seeton fans will at least know she read them. Characters and relationships are true to form as is Miss Seeton herself. In this episode there are highway robberies a [...]

    8. The first Miss Seeton book I've read that disappoints. The main reason is the two nosy scandal-mongers of the village play too predominant a role. I read the books for Miss Seeton's adventures not to spend so much time with two characters who wear on one's good will if exposed for too lengthy a time. And "The Nuts" we're just too, too present throughout. Please let's go back to featuring miss Seeton. I am almost afraid to start the next

    9. Miss Seeton & the hooded criminals.Oh dear. not up to the usual standard. I have given 5 stars to all of the earlier ones. But this one is disjointed. The story is dull and the police seem really incompetent. In a few minutes I will start the next onehoping it is great!

    10. I really enjoy the Miss Seeton stories, they are just so much fun to read. She is always so good for a bit of a giggle and the stories always are very readable, although a bit predictable after reading a few in the series. Always have time for Miss Seeton, wish she lived near me.

    11. An interesting cozy read, reminiscent of old fashioned British village mysteries. I have not read any previous books in the series but I don't think that matters to understanding the premise. Miss Seeton is a bit dozy at times but sharp as a tack at others. Overcoming village gossip as well as helping the police with some puzzling cases, I found her to be a welcome addition to the genre. Curl up on the couch on a cold autumn day and wallow in nostalgia. I was given this ARC free by Netgalley in [...]

    12. Around the village of Plummergen, there are two gangs of criminals who are being very successful. The Sherry Gang focuses on an elderly person struggling with shopping bundles. A kind and thoughtful person offers to help carry the bundles home. Then the elderly person is drugged by a glass of sherry and their home is ransacked. Anything of value is taken as their victim sleeps.The Dick Turpin Gang is stopping tourist coaches and ordering the passengers to “Stand and Deliver.” Each passenger [...]

    13. Title: Miss Seeton Cracks the Case - Miss Seeton Mysreries Book 9 Author: Hamilton Crane; Heron CarvicPublished: 8-25-2016 Publisher: Farrago Pages: 186 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Amateur Sleuths; Crafts & Hobbies; Humor; Cozy MysteryISBN: 13-978-0993576386ASIN: B01JDS09Z0Reviewer: DelAnneReviewed For: NetGalleyMy Rating: 4.5 starsWhen her tour group is robbed by a man and two women, Miss Seeton uses her talents to draw sketches of them for the police. The polic [...]

    14. I would like to thank Netgalley and Farrago for an advance copy of Miss Seeton Cracks The Case, the ninth outing for Heron Carvic's unassuming heroine and the first written by Hamilton Crane, a pseudonym for Sarah J. Mason.It has been a quiet few months in Plummergen until the Nuts go on a bus tour in nearby Sussex and it is hijacked, Dick Turpin style. In the meantime the Sherry gang are helping pensioners home, drugging them with a glass of sherry and ransacking their homes. Chief Superintende [...]

    15. Miss Emily Dorothea Seeton is a sleuth like no other. Trouble seems to follow the sweet, retired art teacher, who is either the law’s greatest asset or nightmare, depending on the officer queried. Armed with her ever-present brolly and her art supplies, she purports to draw culprits, but in fact makes bizarre sketches for Scotland Yard that baffle until fairly eccentric connections are made to reveal the culprit.In Miss Seeton Cracks the Case, Scotland Yard faces not one but two criminal gangs [...]

    16. The village of Plummergen has been beset by two criminal gangs. The Sherry Gang is targeting the elderly, drugging and stealing from them. The Dick Turpin Gang is waylaying tourist coaches to steal valuables from the passengers. Because Miss Seeton has used her sixth sense to help the local police before, she is called in on the case. But, this time, her magical pictures appear to have nothing to do with either of the criminal gangs. Who is waylaying tourists and drugging helpless elderly citize [...]

    17. Two serial crimes are going on at once, but the crimes are completely different. One are highway robbers, who waylay coaches and steal the money and valuables from those inside. The other group of criminals, use a woman to coax her way into a senior citizen's house, in the guise of helping her. Sometimes it is a mother and daughter. After they help the poor soul home they knock he or she out with spiked sherry and rob their house. When asked to consult on the case Miss Seeton somehow sees the ca [...]

    18. I have also received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review from the publisher. I am a huge fan of the Miss Seeton series and it was no surprise that this was another wonderful addition to the series. As usual, Miss Seeton and the cast of regulars are back in a hilarious series of mishaps that lead to the apprehension of criminals thinking they are going to be the ones to put an end to the illustrious MissEss. I doubt that day will even happen. The characters are full of life and col [...]

    19. Miss Emily Seeton is on the case again in Miss Seeton Cracks the Case by Hamilton Crane. Miss Seeton has been asked by Scotland Yard to help solve the rash of crimes happening around the village of Plummergen. A group called the Sherry Gang is taking advantage of the elderly in the area and the Dick Turpin Gang is holding up tour busses to rob the travelers. Scotland yard hopes that the magic drawings of Miss Seeton will give them the clues they need in order to solve the crimes quickly. As the [...]

    20. Miss Seeton has a knack for finding and getting into trouble. She is quite unaware of this and very humble about the occasions when it puts her into a situation where she can help the police solve a crime or two.The police call her in to help as a police artist when a gang of criminals target the elderly for home robbery. Her skills also come in handy with some highway robbery cases.Miss Seeton Cracks the Case was published by Berkley Books and has a 1991 copyright. I think someone else created [...]

    21. An ARC honest review for Farrago Books via NetGalley.Miss Seeton is at it again, armed only with her sketch pad and brolly.With a small group robbing the lonely elderly (for the most part) with the aid of sleeping tablets induced sherry, they have been successful in evading the police in several counties. Who have aptly named them, The Sherry Gang. Have now descended on the Plummergen area.Also happening at the same time in that area, is a gang of highway robbers targeting tour coaches.Superinte [...]

    22. I am a serious fan of Miss Seeton's. I love her innocence and naivete and can laugh at the same story (her dangerous umbrella tactics) over and over again. It doesn't get old for me. . . Just comfortably familiar.So, I pick up a new Miss Seeton story expecting to be amused and diverted and this book did deliver all of that. What I found missing was Miss Seeton. As the protagonist and title character I expect her to be front and center most of the time. I felt that she was somehow sidelined in th [...]

    23. This isn't the first book in this series, but it's my first to read in this series. The main character is on the elderly side but she's a tough old gal that just keeps taking notes & when the "professionals" get stumped, or can't put the clues together, Miss Seeton doesn't give up, she helps to crack the case & figure out who's responsible for the crime. I don't want to write much more on the story as I'd hate to accidentally add a spoilerI very much enjoyed this story & would love t [...]

    24. Another installment in the adventures of Miss Emily Dorothea Seeton, retired art teacher, who produces odd drawings which give Scotland Yard clues about notorious crimes happening around her. Miss Seeton remains as completely clueless as ever and the police as endearingly protective. There was a lot less discussion of my favorite people in the village and more discussion of The Nuts and their most bizarre suspicions about what sort of nefarious deeds Miss Seeton is concocting. Not the best of th [...]

    25. I am enjoying Miss Seeton again. In this book, Miss Seeton has a couple of cases. one the Turpin Gang who is stopping buses and robbing the passengers of their valuables. The Nuts are victims on a couple of the buses, Miss Seeton is on one of the buses. The other problem for the police and the Sherry Gang. A woman offers to help an elderly person with their packages. Then their home is robbed. Miss Seeton drawing mixes the two cases that appeared to have no connection.Disclosure: I received a fr [...]

    26. The writing is as snappy and engaging as the other entries in this charming series; all the more so for the familiarity we have with the unusually perceptive, but deceptively placid, Miss Seeton. Unfortunately, for me, this entry focuses quite a bit on The Nuts, two characters for which I have no time. Mr. Crane has an exceptional talent for dialogue, especially with regard to the double-edged town gossip The Nuts specialize in, and perhaps it is that very true-ness that put me off? This is a so [...]

    27. Loved the books written by Heron Carvic who started this series. I love the characters and the stories are fun. Sometimes you just need a lightweight mystery.I bought the first book written by Hampton Charles and couldn't finish it. It was horrible, I don't think he bothered to read the original books; he had the characters acting and talking out of character. So I've skipped his three books in the series.Now I'm reading the books written by Hamilton Cranewho obviously did her homework on the ch [...]

    28. Back to basics! If you are starting the whole series here, the new author does a magnificent job summarizing the cogent points and bringing in all the relevant characters, relying heavily on the original author's style and manner. What a delight! Not that author #2 didn't do a fair job with the first two of his three efforts but if you enjoyed the original Miss Seeton as designed by Mr. Carvic you. too, will be pleased.Here we are offered two separate crime threads: a hijacking ring and one prey [...]

    29. A light hearted story of the goings on in a small village named Plummergen and the sleuthing attempts by Miss Seeton.For anyone who likes Agatha Raisin or Marple.Highly recommended.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Farrago via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

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