Sins of the Assassin

Sins of the Assassin Colossal in concept dazzlingly plotted filled with vivid jaw dropping violence Sins of the Assassin confirms Robert Ferrigno as the modern master of the futuristic thriller In the second book of F

  • Title: Sins of the Assassin
  • Author: Robert Ferrigno
  • ISBN: 9781416537656
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Colossal in concept, dazzlingly plotted, filled with vivid, jaw dropping violence, Sins of the Assassin confirms Robert Ferrigno as the modern master of the futuristic thriller.In the second book of Ferrigno s spectacular Assassin Trilogy, Rakkim Epps battles radical fundamentalist forces in a futuristic America, now a divided blood soaked dystopia Will he survive CanColossal in concept, dazzlingly plotted, filled with vivid, jaw dropping violence, Sins of the Assassin confirms Robert Ferrigno as the modern master of the futuristic thriller.In the second book of Ferrigno s spectacular Assassin Trilogy, Rakkim Epps battles radical fundamentalist forces in a futuristic America, now a divided blood soaked dystopia Will he survive Can America ever be unified again The year is 2043 New York and Washington, D.C have been leveled by nuclear bombs New Orleans is submerged beneath fifty feet of water and treasure hunters scavenge its watery ruins The United States no longer exists, and in its place two new nations maintain an uneasy coexistence.To the west stretches the Islamic Republic, seemingly governed by a moderate president but hollowed from within by the violent, repressive Black Robes, a shadowy fundamentalist group intent on crushing all those who do not follow Allah s path In this frightening world, freedom is controlled by the state, and non Muslims are either second class citizens, hidden underground, exiled, or executed.To the east and south lies the Christian Bible Belt, itself torn by conflict from warring factions, each claiming to be righteous than the others Meanwhile the former United States is being nibbled away at the edges South Florida, known as Nuevo Florida, is independent the Aztlan Empire, formerly Mexico, encroaches from the south and Canada has laid claim to huge swaths of territory along the United States s former northern border.What stability exists between the warring empires is threatened when the president of the Islamic Republic discovers that a Bible Belt warlord, known simply as the Colonel, is searching for a superweapon hidden inside a remote mountain decades earlier by the old United States regime Rakkim Epps, retired shadow warrior, is sent on a perilous mission to infiltrate the Belt and steal or destroy the weapon Accompanying Rakkim is Leo, a naive nineteen year old whose technologically enhanced brain is crucial to their success.Together they sneak through the Belt, a lawless territory where a bloodthirsty, drug addled militia prepares for the End Times.When Rakkim and Leo finally reach the Colonel s mountain, Epps is forced to rely on his shadow warrior s ability to kill any and all who would halt his quest Opposing him is the Colonel s enforcer, a sadistic, carbon skinned killer named Gravenholtz, and the Colonel s wife, the alluring, sexually rapacious Baby, who wants and gets of everything Meanwhile, the Old One, the ancient and immensely rich Muslim fanatic who seeks to rule both American nations, plots his attack from the safety of his ocean liner Rakkim Epps, he realizes, must be stopped, controlled, or killed.A terrific stand alone read, Sins of the Assassin is a cinematic feast of action and plot, and verifies Robert Ferrigno s Assassin Trilogy as a monumental imaginative work of suspense.

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    1. Robert Ferrigno

      Robert Ferrigno is an American author of crime novels and of speculative fiction I ve written twelve novels in the last twenty years, most crime thrillers Sins of the Assassin was a finalist for the Edgar, Best Novel, by the Mystery Writers of America in 2008, and my comic short story, Can I Help You Out won the Silver Dagger, Best Short Story, by the Mystery Association of Great Britain.Series Jimmy Gage Mystery Assassin TrilogyMy most recent book is The Girl Who Cried Wolf 2013 , a contemporary crime thriller.

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    1. Sins of the Assassin By Robert Ferrigno This novel is set in the year 2043 in a redefined North America. The former USA has been separated by a religious civil war. The South is now known as “Bible Belt” and runs roughly from Texas to Virginia. The rest of the country is a moderate Islamic republic with its capital city of Seattle. There have been dramatic geographic changes secondary to environmental warming as well, including the fact that large portions of the Gulf Coast and most of Flori [...]

    2. The evil genius was foiled in Prayers for the Assassin, but just like in those epic movies featuring Jason.He's not dead yet!!!He's back and he's pissed at being thwarted by the handsome young elite warrior and his side kick, the brilliant, compassionate and lovely (in a properly modest Muslim way) scholar.Rakim has fallen prey to that oldest of chestnuts - "if you kill the killer, do you somehow start to become just as bad as he was" - except in this case, it's a little more tangible. Darwin is [...]

    3. While not as good and engrossing as the first novel in this series, still a good read. The first novel contained a world that was extremely plausible. In this second offering, there were several aspects that seemed a bit of fantasy and made me realize that this was certainly a work of fiction rather than a possible alternate reality. The mystical veiled church in the middle of a burning underground coal mine was one such item. While it the events surrounding the existence of the church were beli [...]

    4. It was interesting to learn about a different part of this world, the Bible Belt. The story in this one seemed a bit more tightly focused than the first book, but still enjoyable. I look forward to the conclusion of the series.

    5. This is the second book in a trilogy. The first book was "Prayers for the Assassin", and really should be read before "Sins of the Assassin".The story takes place in the year 2043 and the United States has ceased to exist and has been split up into several zones. The two biggest Zones being the northern area that is now called the "Islamic Republic", and the southern area known as the "Bible Belt".The book brings together the conflict between these two entities. Rakkim Epps, who is the main char [...]

    6. I read a review of this book that said "There was not a single moment when the reader wasn't entertained'.I wondered who the reader he was speaking about was. I all but put this book down. The series is an interesting idea, and the first wasn't that bad, but this one i just couldn't get interested in. i just couldn't seem to "care". I finally gave in and skipped my way through it to get to the end and see how things "worked out'. But frankly i could have put it down and walked away.In fairness w [...]

    7. Not sure I liked this futuristic, fictional version of the US. Not something I would have picked up on my own, but read because it was an Edgar nominee. One of those sequels that should be read in order to get the full effect & I didn't; may at some time in the future if I live that long. A decent read, but do it in a short time to keep track of what's going on. I'd give it 2 and a half stars if I could; didn't really like it, but it was written better than ok.After a second read I revised m [...]

    8. I found this book on a top-100 sci-fi list. It doesn't really read a sci-fi novelMore like a spy/adventure novel. It is set in a post-WW3 US where the country is half-muslim and half-bible-belt christians. The cultural and political tones in this book are so possible that it is haunting and I keep wondering if the author has come back in a time machine from a scary alternate future. The rich detail and character make the action based themes better than a Bourne movie. Strongly recommended. The a [...]

    9. I loved this book as much as the Prayers for the Assassin, and I can hardly wait for the author to finish the last of the trilogy because the scene has been set for reunification of the USA. The whole idea of this futuristic, alternative history is fascinating to me (see the summary of the book for more details). Check out the author's website with fictionalized news that corresponds to the futuristic scene he has invented. republicworldnews/

    10. Don't let the title fool you. This series of books is a great look into what the future of the US might have looked like if we had taken a different road after 9/11. The insight into our "new life" is thought provoking and makes you wonder what it all could have been like. The author is also from Kirkland and the series is set in Seattle. It's great to actually read a book and know what the highways and landmarks are!

    11. Amazing book! I must admit, this is my first reading of a Robert Ferrigno book. Still, after reading it, I'm gonna be reading them all. The story was great. I must admit, I had a little trouble sometimes because I never read the first book but still, it's easy to pick up and get a sense of who the characters are. I look forward to reading all the books in this series and maybe even some of his other books.

    12. America is just a little turd in a very large toilet waiting for the final flush. Rakkim and Sarah may have foiled The Old One in the first book but he is still around, and as nasty as ever. I felt this to be a good follow up to the first book in the series and was quite happy with the many layers of the story that the author is able to create. And the ending leaves the reader with just enough questions that made me feel I will have to be reading the third installment soon.

    13. One of those quick reads - kinda out there - not written very well - but depicts a sort of "if the tables were turned" and opens up enough of a story line to make this possiblity plausible if for no other reason than we can easily see how sheep are so easily led to slaughter. I would recommend this to anyone just because it's so different, and therefore opens futuristic concepts that I don't normally indulge.

    14. A potboiler, sure, but a well-crafted one. I've known Robert Ferrigno slightly since he published The Horse Latitudes in 1990 and have enjoyed each of his subsequent books. I rank him among the very best genre writers and am pleased to see that he now has Scribners (once home to Fitzgerald and Hemingway) as his publisher.

    15. I didn't realize this was the middle book of a trilogy until I was well into it. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had read the books in order. However, the second book recaps the first in bits and pieces along the way, so that I was able to make sense of the extended plot and the collective cast of characters.

    16. Had I known there was a second book to Prayers for the Assassin, I would have read this a lot sooner. Published in 2006, the first book was a chilling and yet plausible fiction. Reading the second book nine years later, I find that the author's future may be closer to now.

    17. I thought this was a better book than the first one. Most of the action took place in the Bible Belt which was an interesting change. I also liked the introduction of Leo. It made it easier to relate to Rikki.

    18. I really enjoyed this book which is why it got 4 stars. It won't change your life but as far as alternate reality fiction goes it's at the top of it's class. I'm eager to read book #1 and the upcoming #3.

    19. The second 'Assassins' novel. Better than the first. Plenty of action but not so hot on character development.An eyeopener into the psyche of the Muslim mind and actions.Sci-fi only because it is 40 years in the future, but not too far out in the technical development area.

    20. This was really grippinge author's idea of what America might be like 50 years in the future under Muslim control is chillingly realistic.

    21. The sequel to a fascinating story set in a bleak future. The author has once again conjured up a believable world filled with involving characters and plots.

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