Zen Ties

Zen Ties Summer fadingnew friends faceslighten the way home Summer has arrived and so has Koo Stillwater the Panda s haiku speaking young nephew When Stillwater encourages Koo and their friends Addy Michael

  • Title: Zen Ties
  • Author: Jon J. Muth
  • ISBN: 9780439634250
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Summer fadingnew friends faceslighten the way home Summer has arrived and so has Koo, Stillwater the Panda s haiku speaking young nephew When Stillwater encourages Koo and their friends Addy, Michael, and Karl to help a grouchy neighbor in need, their efforts are rewarded in unexpected ways Jon J Muth s warm, engaging story and his luminous watercolors are as freshSummer fadingnew friends faceslighten the way home.Summer has arrived and so has Koo, Stillwater the Panda s haiku speaking young nephew When Stillwater encourages Koo and their friends Addy, Michael, and Karl to help a grouchy neighbor in need, their efforts are rewarded in unexpected ways Jon J Muth s warm, engaging story and his luminous watercolors are as fresh and magical as a summer breeze Readers of all ages will be disarmed by this tale of compassion and friendship that reaffirms the importance of our ties to one another.

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    1. Jon J. Muth

      Jon J Muth is an American comic artist His works include J M DeMatteis graphic novel Moonshadow, Neil Gaiman s The Sandman The Wake along with Michael Zulli, Charles Vess , Mike Cary s Lucifer Nirvana and Swamp Thing Roots Muth has gone on to an award winning career as a children s book writer and illustrator He received a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators for his illustrations in Come On, Rain by Karen Hesse.He has also created a version of the Stone soup fable set in China.

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    1. The one term that comes to my mind when I read Jon J. Muth's Zen Ties that it is "deceptively simple." On the surface, it is simply a sweet story of friendship, one that even the youngest children will easily enjoy and understand. But beneath the seeming simplicity of the narrative, there are not only delightful haikus and plays on words, there also exist sparkling flashes of wisdom and philosophy. For example, when Miss Whitaker talks about the roots of words, one can see that these roots are n [...]

    2. This is one of those stories that made me feel GOOD inside! Even beyond warm-fuzzies, it seems to speak to something deep and true. A very sweet story about friendship and being kind and thoughtful about others—even if they are a little prickly at first! The story of the children and the old lady's developing friendship is sweet and something that many children can relate to as grandparents are sometimes a bit "cranky" due to aches and pains, but truly do love the influence of children in thei [...]

    3. I just read this to my daughter at bedtime and thought it was a great little book. Stillwater is to pandas what Clifford is to big red dogs. It's got several great messages about being kind to your elderly neighbors, being helpful, overcoming anxiety in school, and there's even haiku!

    4. Oh, man, oh, man! I've read this book sooooo many times. My son is obsessed with this book. "Read me the daddy and baby panda bear book!" I think I could recite this book from memory and, yet, I still like it.Though my son, age 2, would insist differently, this is the story of Stillwater the panda, his nephew Koo, his three young friends, and an elderly lady who they all befriend. There is much wordplay that goes on in the book, and even with the title of the book. My husband was reading it out [...]

    5. The paintings are beautiful. It’s a lovely story, that includes haiku poetry and wordplay, about friendship. Great message about looking below the surface for what others have to offer and for giving others second chances. Story with bears and children and an old lady, and balloons.

    6. For those who have still not experienced the Zen Series by Jon J Muth, I guess this is the best time to. Also, might I add, that you are very lucky to have not encountered them yet, because they are wondrous and heartwarming at the same time and you are in for a treat.The books are not really children’s books according to me – their lessons are meant for all and these are things that perhaps we already know of, but do not take the time to ponder or act on. May be that is the biggest problem [...]

    7. I read this book about a year ago because it was extremely popular and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I liked it but I didn’t see what was so special about it.I re-read this book today with the purpose of assessing how well Muth presented the friendships between the characters. I really enjoyed the bond between Stillwater and Koo, although they are family, they still possess a special friendship and bond. Stillwater is very wise and serves as a mentor to his young nephew. Stillwa [...]

    8. Zen Ties is a whimsical book packed with hidden messages to the reader. Upon my first read of the text, the story seemed overly simplistic and unoriginal. Reading the "Author's Note" greatly enhanced my second reading of the story. I gained a new appreciation for the word play and symbols throughout the book. The illustrations are warm and playful. The second time I read the story, I noticed the red neckties throughout the story and their significance. This is a book that could be read over and [...]

    9. Zen Ties by Jon J. Muth is the sequel to Zen Shorts. Stillwater helps Michael prepare for his spelling bee while teaching the neighborhood children the importance of perspective.The book opens with a visit from Stillwater's nephew, Koo, who speaks only in haiku. Stillwater has offered to help a neighbor who is feeling poorly. He invites the children along to help. Although they go, they are reluctant, believing the neighbor is too grumpy to want them visiting. It turns out she is a retired Engli [...]

    10. This follow-up to Zen Shorts has more beautiful, charming watercolor illustrations and Zen wisdom to impart. The story about the children helping their elderly neighbor is simple and sweet, if a little predictable. However, Stillwater (the talking Giant Panda) and his visiting cousin Koo (who speaks only in haiku) add more depth and interest. Since this is a longer story, and the simple language belies some more complex concepts about friendship and compassion, I would suggest this book for elem [...]

    11. This is a wonderful tale, full of good moral lessons, humor and zen philosophy. I love that Zen's nephew, Koo, spoke only in Haiku and that Stillwater had an opportunity to say, "Hi, Koo!" So corny, yet so perfect. Our girls really have enjoyed these stories and so have I. We've read this book a couple of times.This story was selected as one of the books for the February 2012 - Friendship reads at the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at .

    12. Love the illustrations and the clever plays on words in this book. It also has a great but subtle message that we are indeed all tied together and that as we get to know others, we can learn to like themeven those who seem grumpy or weird or different from us.

    13. This is a cute book. I love that they met and befriended an elderly neighbor who seemed grouchy. Great lesson for kids.

    14. Parents need to know that this gentle book shares a terrific message that can be enjoyed by families of many religious backgrounds. It's the sequel to Zen Shorts, but can be read without reading the other book. The publisher likely selected an older target age (9-12) because of the book's complexity, but kids as young as 5 will enjoy the pandas and the relationships even if they miss some of the story's depth.Positive messagesKids learn kindness is its own reward.From commonsensemediaBooklist (F [...]

    15. This book is really Zen in a lovely way. "Hi, Koo" is a wordplay on Haiku; I learned this from the "Author's Note" on the last page =) I was pleasantly surprised to find that the story is unusually detailed emphasising things such as compassion, recycling, affection and kindness to elders and just being there for someone in need. The watercolours are beautiful and add extra layers to the already terse but gentle and warm story. The dialogue between Michael and Stillwater on the spelling bee did [...]

    16. I ADORE this book. You know those nights when the kids are all riled up and jumping around and saying they're not tired?? Those are the nights I snuggle in with this book. It is so calm, so sweet, so gorgeous that I'm not kidding you they simmer down and pay attention and are calmed by it. Go figure, with a title like Zen Ties. I love this book a lot. It's sweet and kind, and one I'll hang onto forever.

    17. I read this at my chiropractor's office while I was waiting. I'm not sure my 4 year old would appreciate this but I liked the message: people are not always what they seem. The kids in the book learned that once you get to know someone, they may be a completely different person than you thought they were. A little bit of compassion and kindness truly go a long way.

    18. Sometimes we think we know someone by the way they treat us, but as we serve and look deeper into who they are as a person, we usually find we have more in common than we think and can bless each other in the end.

    19. The second "Zen" book I have read by Jon J. Muth - just as wonderful as "Zen Shorts". I highly recommend this peaceful and delightful series for youngsters.

    20. Zen Ties by Jon J. Muth is a tale of compassion and friendship that reaffirms the importance of our ties to one another.Stillwater the Giant Panda welcomes his nephew Koo (who speaks in haiku!) for Summer vacation. Stillwater introduces young friends Addy, Michael, and Karl to Miss Whitaker, a neighbor who needs their help. The text features zen, buddhism, and haiku in a story of compassion, friendship and interdependence. An author's note talks of life influences, explains haiku, and gives back [...]

    21. In Zen Ties, it's summer and Stillwater the panda's nephew, Koo (who speaks in haiku!) has come to visit him. Stillwater takes Koo and the children next door (Michael, Addy, and Karl) to visit a neighbor, Miss Whitaker, who has thus far just been that-mean-old-lady-down-the-street, as far as the children are concerned. With Stillwater's loving-kindness-style help, the children and Miss Whitaker realize that they all have things to offer each other, and to learn from each other. It's a sweet stor [...]

    22. "Zen Ties" is a children's book about a giant panda bear named Stillwater. His nephew, named Koo, comes to stay with him for the summer. Koo meets Stillwater's three friends in the park. One of these children is nervous about an upcoming spelling bee. Without saying why Stillwater, Koo, and their friends help a grumpy old woman who is sick. They cook for her, clean, and draw her pictures. It turns out that she was an english teacher and helps the boy study for his spelling bee. This book demonst [...]

    23. Stillwater is this loveable gigantic panda bear. His young nephew, Koo comes to visit him. There is a bit of word play through out the story surrounding Koo. Koo almost always speaks in Haiku poetry. The few times when it doesn't quite work, the form of Haiku is still used to make you think he talks that way all the time. That word play is fun but it's Stillwater who really steals your heart with his gentle kindness and thoughtfulness. There is an old neighbor who is often cranky to the three ch [...]

    24. Summary: Koo is in town for the summer to visit his Uncle Stillwater. One afternoon Stillwater asks Koo and his friends to help him with an old friend, who Koo had perceived as mean and grouchy. The kids end up being rewarded in ways they didn’t know had existed before that short summer. Zen Ties is a loving story about friendship that all students can relate to.Response: I realized this story has a poetic feel to it and also incorporates some cute wordplay (Hi, Koo). I think incorporating hai [...]

    25. Delightfully quirky and beautifully wise, Zen Ties by Jon J. Muth is a book that's both easy and hard to describe. Just like the old saying "Still waters run deep," on the surface this is a story about a group of kids coming to appreciate their grouchy, elderly neighbor by begrudgingly visiting her everyday thanks to the encouragement of Stillwater the panda. But this is a book that requires more than one reading because of all the beautiful word play (Stillwater's nephew Koo who only speaks in [...]

    26. In this book, Stillwater the panda is waiting at the train station for his nephew Koo to arrive. When he does, they go to the park and meet up with Stillwater's friends, the three children from the last book. Stillwater tells them he is going to take soup to a friend, who happens to be a cantankerous old lady who lives on their street. The children are appalled but Stillwater convinces them to go. Over a series of events, the children learn to like the neighbor, and she comes to like them. It's [...]

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