The Wolfen

The Wolfen The savage killing of two New York City policemen leads two detectives a man and a woman bound together by a strange tough passion to hunt down the wolfen called werewolves in former days

  • Title: The Wolfen
  • Author: Whitley Strieber
  • ISBN: 9780380704408
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
  • The savage killing of two New York City policemen leads two detectives, a man and a woman bound together by a strange, tough passion, to hunt down the wolfen, called werewolves in former days.

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    1. Whitley Strieber

      American writer best known for his horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger and for Communion, a non fiction description of his experiences with apparent alien contact He has recently made significant advances in understanding this phenomenon, and has published his new discoveries in Solving the Communion Enigma.Strieber also co authored The Coming Global Superstorm with Art Bell, which inspired the blockbuster film about sudden climate change, The Day After Tomorrow.

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    1. ”The paw. He turned it in his hands, looking at its supple efficiency for the hundredth time. He placed it on the desk, then picked it up again and ran its claws along his cheek. It would do its job well, this paw. The long toes with their extra joints. The broad, sensitive pads. The needle-sharp claws. Almostwhat a human being might have if people had claws. It had the same functional beauty as a hand, a lethal one.”I first became aware of Whitley Strieber in 1987 when he published his firs [...]

    2. The first time that I ever heard of this book was when I was nine years old. I was at a boy scout camp and one of the other children took great pleasure in telling me about this book and how it was about werewolves ripping children apart at a scout camp. I was scared to the point that in the middle of the night, I packed my gear and walked ten miles home through country lanes.It wasn’t until I found the courage to actually read the book, two years later, that I found out that the kid had been [...]

    3. uuugghhhhhhhhThis book was not good. It was recommended to me as one of the scariest books that person had ever read, which, lol. It had enjoyable moments--in the beginning, it seemed like it was going to be a fast-paced supernatural thriller, grounded in the reality of two cops just doing their jobs--but it quickly became very, very boring. Sluggish. Ill-paced. The pacing really was its most damnable trait (though far from its only one). The narrative was bogged down by perspectives from litera [...]

    4. The Wolfen features two New York City detectives (one male, one female) who are investigating the killing of two cops. Their investigation leads them into unknown territory as it becomes clear that the two cops were not killed by humans. So who did kill them? The Wolfen.Strieber has created a new take on the werewolf genre. The Wolfen are not werewolves as such. They are not humans who turn into wolves but more of a crossbreed between humans and wolves. They show characteristics of both species. [...]

    5. Some time ago I made a comment on an online forum that I felt annoyed and depressed at the complete lack of intelligent and readily available horror reading material. Recently I have been pleasantly surprised to discover such gems as “The Concrete Grove” by Gary McMahon and the ultimate werewolf tail (little play on words !) High Moor by Graeme Reynolds a new and rising star in this genre…so belief and a smile are slowly returning to my face.After some difficulty I was successful in securi [...]

    6. Don't be suprised when you find yourself looking over your shoulder and into shadowed areas while the hairs on your neck are sticking straight out. "They now have three minutes to live"Beware the film - it totally misses the mark and the story - it sucked.

    7. Great suspenseful fun.engaging.hard to put downI loved how the author told much of the story from the Wolfens' points of view if in their head, listening to their thoughts read for the Halloween seasonif you haven't read it, get a copy,and save it back for Oct. 2016!

    8. Two cops investigate a series of killings performed by what seem like enormous, intelligent wolves. Fast, enjoyable read, with strange "pack dynamics" meditations on humanity vs. wolves. Not that scary; it has more of an overall tone of an urban fantasy, for all the blood that gets thrown around (by the bucket). Not a masterpiece, but does its job competently and without fuss, which I can only admire.

    9. A mix bag for me. The author sometimes weaves you into the story in a macabre way, sometimes in a weak and flaccid way. I like the story and some of the tricks he pulls in trying to scare you, even though he doesn't. Still I recommend it. There's some great gore in it and an excellent background.

    10. This book was loaned to me by one of the guys at the Nightmare Factory book club. I believe he said something like, this isn't a good book, but its great fun, and he was right. This is the same Whitley Strieber who has sunk into making self-aggrandizing claims about aliens, and launched a completely bullshit-filled career, but before that, he wrote a couple decent trashy horror novels, this being one. It's not literary in any sense, but the plot is good, and the gore is nasty, and the viewpoints [...]

    11. This short book took a while to read because I had to read it twice. The book starts out wonderfully. It's super-fast paced. We're locked into the main characters, and looking forward to seeing how they survive their gruesome situation when all of a sudden at the halfway point we get hit with digression after digression. Starting at page 139 we get all this background and folklore we really don't need or care about. When that finally ends, in comes new characters (a reporter and a photographer) [...]

    12. You think werewolves scare the bejeeber cr#p out of you? These creatures are not werewolves and they have zilch to do with shape-shifting thingys, but, as the hookline on the cover states, they will tear the scream out of your throat.After years of reading about humans who get bitten and are cursed to turning into werewolves who now kill/eat humans and after learning that’s what makes the werewolf such a formidable and terrifying adversary (I mean, how the heck does anyone know who is or is no [...]

    13. I'm not sure what it is about 70s horror novels, but many of them have a certain feel that I just love; Carrie, The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, The Omen all great. Now I can add The Wolfen to that list.This book starts out with a couple of policemen being killed in an automobile pound, under very strange circumstances. This puts a couple of very smart, determined detectives on the trail of the killers, which turn out to be werewolves. These are not your normal werewolves however. They are not peo [...]

    14. I was reminded of this book a short time ago. It came up in a discussion of another book that had an inferior movie made about it.erning it.oh "heck" a bad movie of the same name was made claiming to be an adaption of the book. Who'd a'thought huh? The same is true of this book.The Wolfen is as the synopsis says a twist on the werewolf legend, and a pretty good one. Unfortunately I don't find Strieber's writing to be among my favorite. While there is a great and even original imaginative turn to [...]

    15. The Wolfen is one of Streiber's better novels, unless a reader prefers vampires or aliens that is. The Wolfen falls under the horror genre, but it is much more than the traditional horror story. The wolves in the story aren't supernatural, demonic animals, they're just an ancient tribe of wolves that are trying to keep their pack thriving. Streiber uses the fact that many overlook the poor and homeless and he uses that to make the wolves look more noble. In fact there are times in the story wher [...]

    16. 3.5 stars but I rounded up. A classic, gritty horror story. I really enjoyed reading the wolfen perspective. We usually forget the monster has a side, too. However, I could have done without the love triangle, and the police corruption subplot that really went no where and added nothing to the story for me.

    17. The Wolfen is a creepy little novel that combines police procedural with the hellish and paranormal. I loved the author's writing style, but I think that this book could've been so much more original, it had a lot of potential but it was rather generic.

    18. It's years since I read this, but I loved it and still recall the effect it had on me - the thought of invisible creatures with a superior intelligence living side-by-side with the human race.

    19. That Strieber's 1978 debut novel was a success is no surprise. Great take on the werewolf legend and very suspenseful.

    20. I'd seen part of the movie "Wolfen" starring Albert Finney, which is probably why I picked up this copy of the original novel by certified whacko Whitley Strieber. Trouble is, I've been around this block a couple of times, and I have a tendency to hold werewolf fiction to an unfair standard.Even if I didn't take inspiration from the genre, I'd need the werewolf to be more than a killing machine; if you can replace the werewolf with, say, Jason Voorhees without a significant loss of storytelling [...]

    21. I must admit I never thought I'd catch myself reading a werewolf story, but sometimes you do have to branch out and I ignored all the cliches around the genre long enough to order a copy of The Wolfen. It mixes the kind of cheeseburger and .38 revolver feel of the 70s/80s New York cop genre with an overwhelmingly scary tale of a race that has been working just beneath the twilight of man's perception. The Wolfen.Overall, as you can see by my rating, I did really enjoy this. It tells the story of [...]

    22. I read this in 1979, and remember it very well now nearly 45 years later. It is a powerful science fiction/horror crossover story that gripped me more because of the true science fiction approach that created monsters whose existence was plausible. The "Wolfen" are not Werewolves, but simply a different branch off the canine evolutionary tree. They are wolves with human like intelligence, they exist in our citities and keep their existense a secret by behaiving like large stray dogs when they ar [...]

    23. So, I'm a major horror fan, specifically the boom era, late-seventies to early-eighties. As such, I have been aware of this book for a long while, have owned my copy for about five years, even. Finally, I've read it, and it's very good, but not truly great.It's basically a werewolf story done as a police procedural, which suits Strieber's clinical prose quite well. The premise and mechanics are well realized, the action (especially the climax) is very strong, and the tension ratchets up nicely. [...]

    24. Another of my rare ventures into the horror genre. This book investigatea a species of wolves which has evolved human intelligence and other adaptations for speed and death dealing. They, oddly, hunt humans primarily and are the basis of werewolf legends.The story revolves around a police detective who has unwittingly discovered their secret existance and seeks to solve this bizarre mystery. Thw wolfen, meanwhilw, seek his death to protect their secret. The premise of the book ends up being some [...]

    25. Myeh.It was OK. You could tell by the quality of the writing and the numerous continuity and technical errors (mostly to do with the capabilities of the Mac 11 machine pistol) that this was one of Strieber's first books. He definitely left it open for a sequel. I wonder if he ever wrote it. I don't know. This is my first and only Strieber book. I may try some others, though. Seems he's written a bunch: fantasticfiction/s/w .Oh, and the book was substantially different than the 1981 movie Wolfen. [...]

    26. I originaly bought this circa 1979 from a bargain table at Targetobably based on the cover artwork. I read those first three pages and was hooked. My 9 year old mind was fascinated by the image of those two policemen having their insides devoured in under 30 seconds werewolves! I was equally excited when the film adaptation hit the theaters in 1981. Boy, was that a disappointment. That was my first experience with seeing a movie based on a book I had read and feeling gyped because the story had [...]

    27. This is another book I'm giving a high rating because I remember liking it when I read it many, many years ago, though I have no idea how much I'd like it now. I do remember it had a really interesting take on "werewolves" (they are actually a sapient predator race living among humans, animalistic but intelligent and very good at being choosy in who they kill), and it had some genuinely scary moments. I think I saw the movie, but don't even remember it or how close it came to the book. Anyway, p [...]

    28. A good book in its own wright, but the story has little in common with the movie, which is also very good by the way. About a secret species of sentient wolf like creatures who coexist with humans in secret, feeding on folks who will never be remembered or identified.

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