Battle of Will

Battle of Will At a memorial service meant to honor the dead and mark the beginning of a truce between Skirfall and Morcia Ackley spies a figure who does not belong a mage interrogator whose presence will only caus

  • Title: Battle of Will
  • Author: Sasha L. Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At a memorial service meant to honor the dead and mark the beginning of a truce between Skirfall and Morcia, Ackley spies a figure who does not belong a mage interrogator whose presence will only cause harm should the Morcians realize who he is and all the people he has tortured But the problem rapidly grows much worse than that when Ackley realizes his true purpose is asAt a memorial service meant to honor the dead and mark the beginning of a truce between Skirfall and Morcia, Ackley spies a figure who does not belong a mage interrogator whose presence will only cause harm should the Morcians realize who he is and all the people he has tortured But the problem rapidly grows much worse than that when Ackley realizes his true purpose is assassination of the Morcian crown prince an assassination Ackley prevents, but at great cost Banished from his own country, bound magically to the crown prince of his enemies, Ackley is certain of just one thing whether he can figure out how to break the spell or not, his death is assured.

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      Sasha L Miller spends most of her time writing, reading, or playing with all things website design She loves telling stories, especially romance, because there s nothing better than giving people their happily ever afters When not writing, she spends time cooking, harassing her roommates, and playing with her cats.

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    1. 2.5(this review is vaguely spoilerish)This book is in a favorite genre and boasted an intriguing premise, two solid leads, and an exciting opening scene, but reading the book itself was an experience in frustration. As in most novels, the author plays things close to the vest in order to maintain suspense and develop her dynastic-cum-mystery plot as well as the romance. But at least for me, both key aspects were seriously mishandled: virtually all the significant dynastic events were front-loade [...]

    2. An Excellent read. My first from this author, and I was very pleased.It's M/M fantasy romance, but the focus is on the fantasy, rather than anything else.Also, one of the few m/m books I can run on tts(text to speech) on my reader without having to plug the headphones in. In other words, family-friendly, apart from a bit at the end! *heh*One little niggle; alternate chapters used a particular character's first or last name alternately. Well, I missed the bit early on in the book which introduces [...]

    3. This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review site.When Ackley saves the crown prince of Morcia from possible death, he inadvertently gets magically bound to the prince. Now tasked with being constantly within Prince Ealdwin’s presence, the two must figure out how to counter the spell that brought them together. But what’s a Skirfallan mage supposed to do when he’s in a country that hates his very race and his every action is only met with suspicion?In the m/m genre, one of the thin [...]

    4. !!! - Beware: SUPER LONG review with TOO MANY gifs and some spoilers!Battle of Will is one of those books you can't wait to read.And for very good reasons.Before I start, let me say who should NOT read this book.People who:1) want insta everything2) want sex from page 12) want at least three sex scenes in the book4) do not care about the story, just want the fucking. If you know what I mean.So, now that we’ve addressed that let's continue.I’ve read a lot of M/M fantasy books. Many of them we [...]

    5. During the first 100 pages of the book I was convinced this would be a 5 star read. But in the end I gave it barely 3 stars because I got so incredibly bored during the remaining 200 pages.I didn't mind that there was no big love story, in fact, I would have liked it better if the author had built a friendship between the two MCs instead of a squeezed in romance. Seriously, on the last twenty pages she suddenly remembered that there was supposed to be some romance in this book and it was more li [...]

    6. A long interesting story with a compelling plot and the slowest but sweetest romance aspect, this was everything I hope to find in my stories.Ackley was a snarky moody character that I loved immediately. There was just something under the surface that called to me.Beorn I took a little longer to warm up too. At first he came across as an ungrateful snob but it didn't take long for him to start seeing sense. Leavey was an interesting side character but I was left with a few questions about him. I [...]

    7. This story has a lot of action and not the one in bed. I really enjoyed seeing how two enemies have become friends and slowly progressed to lovers. Battle of Will is a great fantasy story first and it just happens to have two male protagonists. There is a great plot with danger, magic, treason and treachery.Ackley was a bodyguard to a prince before he was banished and unwillingly has become bound to another. I liked Ackley, how he didn't behave differently just because he was with a prince and t [...]

    8. If I was going to describe the book in one word, it'd be: OK.The fantasy plot is rather slow, which is okay, but it needed some tension or pizaaz somewhere that it wasn't getting. I'm okay with a gradual build of romance. Slow cooking is fun, but literally until the last 100 pages, you would assume these men were asexual beings with zero interest in sex, naked bodies, cocks, orgasms, etc. There is like, no attraction built up even when you get to the building romantic nature of their relationshi [...]

    9. I was exited when I started the book, anticipating development of characters and their relationship in unusual magical world. Neither happened. MC were at best two-dimensional, flat and boring, their supposed relationship nonexistent. In very uncomfortable conflicting situation they behaved nonchalantly. There was no embarrassing moments created by forced close proximity, like taking a bath or going to the toilet. No sexual desire whatsoever trough entire book and in epilogue the big love happen [...]

    10. What can I say. I really loved the story. It does not have any kind of insta love, and there is not almost not sex on it. However, the story is so interesting a keep you wanting to know more on every page, that you don't feel the need for steamy hot scenes. The love between our characters develops slowly what makes the story believable. It very well written. I promise you will love it too.

    11. author: I wrote 500 pages about mutual respect, thinking, and clerical work3: ok we'll do it, here is your debilitatingly nondescript cover, you're welcome: not even for Beyoncé tickets./review/show

    12. i like most of it,but the epilogueined my fantasy!!!,especially heir problem by sleeping multiple times with woman,and i don't like the way Ackley react with no jealousy at all or object as if no big deal,thats not what i expected from m/m booksBIG NOOOO.

    13. To be totally honest this book was very good in my opinion; i read many reviews complaining mostly about it being slow paced and / or too vanilla, but i couldn't agree less because not only the almost non-existent sex scenes added depth to the slow burning romance (to me) but also the story pace never really bored me. Nonetheless i'm giving it two *disappointed / okay* stars (which is even higher than what i'd actually give it were i to follow my stormy feelings right now) and not more because t [...]

    14. well, I first discovered Megan derr's golden tongue and after trying a few books/authors of the genre , I was about to give up finding another book enjoyable as that one. I am still amazed how can people put the books I enjoyed in the same category with 'captive prince'. (I wouldn't bother to give any star to that disgusting bullshit). anyway, about battle of wills; I read many people complaining how it was 'slow paced', 'nonsense repetitive actions prolonging the story without any use', 'empty [...]

    15. It's been 5 months since I read this book and I still remember the fun beginning. This whole book was so much fun, except for the last bit and the epilogue. (view spoiler)[ Why would you have the two MCs magically joined so that they are almost inseparable, and able to feel every sensation that the other one feels, but not let them have any sex in that condition? The one sex scene at the end was just meh. In fact I would have preferred not to read the Epilogue at all. It's even more disappointin [...]

    16. Very engaging fantasy plot: a former wizard bodyguard decides to protect the enemy prince from assassination and ends up (sort of) cursed. The enemy prince and the wizard now have to stick close to each other or they both die. The story follows them on their quest to get rid of the curse, while trying to stay alive, working around other assassination attempts, various plots for the throne, trying to secure peace between the two countries, and though all the hardships and constant contact they sl [...]

    17. This review was originally written for Joyfully Jay Reviews.4.25 starsGah! This story is hard to summarize. I promise what I just wrote for you is not even half of what happens in this book, but I couldn’t figure out how to say it all without giving everything away. Battle of Will is a book full of story, full of plot, and full of imagination. It’s definitely a story that kept me on my toes. There is so much to this book, yet this author did a really good job of keeping everything organized [...]

    18. Oh dear I loved the first 75% of this book, almost making this a 5-star review. But the end It went to quickly. (view spoiler)[ all of a sudden they find Daralis, he gives his curse easily, the bond is broken, Beorn and Ackley kiss and everything is solved.(hide spoiler)] And, okay, maybe it's reality, but I really didn't find the ending an HEA because of (view spoiler)[ this whole sleeping with a woman to get a child and letting her join their life and relationship It doesn't work with me, and [...]

    19. DNF at 10%.This book just isn't for me. I can't connect to characters, I don't understand their motivations, they don't seem to have any personality at all. Instead of intriguing mystery and slow-burn enemies to lover romance, there seems to be nothing. Even the politics aren't interesting. There is no tension between the main characters, they seem to be kinda okay with everything and if they end up together, then I don't know how. Not because they would hate each other so much or something, but [...]

    20. This my friends, this, was the slowest slow burn that has ever burnt, and I loved every page of it.The plot was AWESOME. At first, it looks like the simple "stuck together" trope, but it's way more than that, with a good deal of politics, battle, teaching and research. The magic is great, the characters are great.There was a lot of female characters with various major roles, so I really appreciated that, since it's rare in litterature.The main character is bitchy as fuck and I loved that, and hi [...]

    21. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5An deposed mage saves the life of an enemy Prince, one his very own Skirfallan Prince has just tried to assassinate during a memorial service for the war dead of both countries. By counteracting the deadly spell thrown at the Morcian Prince, mage Ackley changes his life and that of Prince Beorn forever. For the spell went awry and binds them together. Sasha L. Miller has written a spell binding book of royal intrigue, assassinations, betrayals at all levels, and of cour [...]

    22. While it used a common enough basic plot line, "bound by magic leads to a relationship", it did it very well. The character development was good, and there wasn't any magical reason for them to get together. Just growing to like each other. I tore threw it very quickly, being heavily invested in the characters. I feel the world was interesting, the side plots were well done and the pace was good. It did seem like the sex was out of place, not needed at all, but it could be considered a reward fo [...]

    23. A great book and a very satisfying read. More of a fantasy novel than an MM romanced that's a good thing!There's a lot of world and character building - although the cast of characters and the story is not so complicated that you need a glossary to understand it - thank God!The romance part is very slow built but it's believable and the resolution left me with a happy smile - all is not perfect for the two protagonists but they simply fit!I recommend it to everyone who loves fantasy and and is a [...]

    24. I liked this, liked it a lot considering I read it in a day. It ended up dragging for me though, and some of the situations were wrapped up nice and neat when I wanted a little more feels from them. I really did like that the romance aspect of the story was very secondary to the plot and didn't really cone into play until the last quarter of the novel.

    25. I was lucky enough to win this book in the January giveaway (score!) and really enjoyed it. I wont go into details because other reviewers have done this much better than I could but what I loved was the slow build up so that you really got to know the characters and care about what happens next. The only thing I didn't love was the epilogue.

    26. It would be better off the epilogue.I loved the emphasis of deep male bonding/kinship. And With too many unanswered question concerning the morcian's consort, the death of Beorn fatherd so onIt needs a sequel.

    27. Everything I love about fantasy & m/m romance. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was that I like living in my fairytale world and the epilogue put a dent in that (view spoiler)[ MC sleeping with someone other than the other MC(s) (hide spoiler)].

    28. good, but not excellent. A truly promising start, than terribly long time of doing nothing, the most dramatic moments placed actually towards the center of the book and romance starts to unfold only few pages before the end

    29. I like stories where two cultures clash.In "Battle of Will" two enemies from warring countries are bound together by magic and have to learn how to deal with each other. In order to resolve the binding spell they need to trust each other which may be the most difficult thing of all.

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