Gigantosaurus All young dinosaurs are warned about the scary Gigantosaurus So Bonehead volunteers to be the dino kids lookout Unfortunately he is the original boy dinosaur who cried wolf or in this case GIGANTOS

  • Title: Gigantosaurus
  • Author: Jonny Duddle
  • ISBN: 9781848771635
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All young dinosaurs are warned about the scary Gigantosaurus So Bonehead volunteers to be the dino kids lookout Unfortunately, he is the original boy dinosaur who cried wolf, or in this case, GIGANTOSAURUS Finally, Bonehead s friends refuse to believe his warnings and the Gigantosaurus really turns up

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    1. Jonny Duddle

      Jonny Duddle has been a concept artist for Aardman Animations and created fantastic illustrations for fiction and novelty books, including ALIENOLOGY He wrote and illustrated THE PIRATE CRUNCHER Jonny Duddle lives in Buxton, England.

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    1. This was an interesting read. I started out loving it, but the ending was too abrupt and left me thinking, that’s it? The overall story is about a bunch of little dinosaurs that go out and play in the jungle. Their parents warn them of the Gigantosaurus. One of the dinosaurs decides to be look out while they are playing and starts testing the others by yelling they see the Gigantosaurus every other minute only to say they were kidding. The idea is the dinosaur is trying to practice for the rea [...]

    2. A fun boy-who-cried-wolf retelling. Perfect for those obsessed with dinosaurs! The illustrations are ADORABLE!

    3. GIGANTOSAURUSWhen reviewing picture books, I firstly ignore the text and flip through the pages allowing the illustrations to talk to me. (It is exactly what a child does when picking a book from the shelf and determining whether or not they will choose this over another.)WOW!! Jonny Duddle’s graphics did more than jump from the pages and put a massive smile on my face, they forced me to quickly return to page one and begin readingGANTOSAURUS is a humorous retelling of the classic The Boy who [...]

    4. The art was particularly good with beautiful dinosaurs and a wild landscape. The story was simple, with repetitions, but the expectations were nice and I liked that the book ended with a touch of humor.

    5. All we’ve heard about for at least the last decade is The Gruffalo (I know it was first published in 1999, but as with most things it took numerous years to become a household word). It certainly is an outstanding children’s book in its own right. Having a small boy (our very own Gruffalo’s Child), my husband and I can confidently recite the book from cover to cover (as can our son, an avid reader who has already loved several copies to death).It was therefore a wonderful surprise to come [...]

    6. Brief review:This book is a cute fiction story, and is a fun twist on the classic 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' fable. This book also has real dinosaur facts in the end of the book describing all the characters in the book that I think kids will really enjoy. It also has a fun pop out feature and incredibly cute illustrations. This book has lots of fun sounds that would make it fun to read out loud.Content Area:This book could be used in English. You could read this book out loud to students, and then ha [...]

    7. Gigantosaurus!My son is dinosaur mad and I am always on the lookout for new dinosaur books and if they feature dinosaur poop then even better! This book doesn't have dinosaur poop in but does have lots of dinosaurs and beautiful illustrations throughout.The included little baby Ankylosaurus plush toy measures approx 10cm tall at it longest length and approx 16cm long from it's outstretched hands to the end of it's tail and so it's not a very big plush toy but it is cute and also resembles the st [...]

    8. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumAll young dinosaurs are warned about the scary Gigantosaurus. So Bonehead volunteers to be the dino-kids lookout. Unfortunately, he is the original boy-dinosaur who cried wolf, or in this case, Gigantosaurus! Finally, Bonehead's friends refuse to believe his warnings and the Gigantosaurus really turns up. This story was a combination of 'Land Before Time' meets 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. I actually felt kind of bad for young Bonehead because unlike t [...]

    9. Published: 2014Dinosaur version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Dino moms warn little dinos of Gigantosaurus before they go off and play. Little Ankylosaurus keeps tricking the others by screaming and telling them to run and hide from Gigantosaurus. On the edge of the page, there are clues as to what dino is really coming toward them which is fun for little ones to point out. This happens several times and finally the friends are fed up. They don't believe it when little Ankylosaurus is REALLY warnin [...]

    10. Four little dinosaurs are playing outside, but their mothers have warned them to watch out for the Gigantosaurus. One of the little ones decides it is funny to continually call out false alarms, but when the real Gigantosaurus comes around, he's almost toast.Obviously, this is a rewrite of the boy who cried wolf. Only this time it's vegetarian dinosaur who cries predator dinosaur. The rhyming is done pretty well and kids will likely enjoy the illustration style and the dino guide at the back. Pi [...]

    11. This is a dinosaur-version of the boy who cried wolf. Kids will love tagging along with these tiny little dinos as they set out for adventure all the while fearing a run-in with Gigantosaurus. Bone-head alerts his friends to the impending arrival of Gigantosaurus one too many times. The three friends tire of hiding once they realize Bone-head is a fibber. Bone-head's lies leaves him to his own devices when Gigantosaurus does appear. He narrowly escapes becoming his lunch. This will make for a gr [...]

    12. In this dinosaur-themed retelling of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," one little dino offers to watch for predators while his friends play. He thinks it's hilarious to falsely warn the others about approaching enemies, just to watch them scurry and hide for nothing. But when the threat becomes real, he learns his lesson. Includes a colorful poster and more information about dinosaurs -- including the eponymous Gigantosaurus.This story has adorable illustrations and a good lesson, and is likely to appea [...]

    13. Although their dinosaur elders warn four youngsters about the fierce Gingantosaurus, they still enjoy playing. But like the boy who cried wolf in the famous folktale, Bonehead doesn't take his job as lookout seriously. Several times he warns his friends of approaching danger, but it turns out to be dinosaur friends. When the scary dinosaur finally arrives, no one listens to Bonehead. Although there aren't a lot of surprises here, the digital illustrations and story are sure to have dino-mite app [...]

    14. Age: Kindergarten-2nd gradeFollowing the path of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, four little dinosaurs are warned by their parents to watch out for Gigantosaurus. Bonehead always insists on being the lookout but enjoys flaunting his power, tricking the other dinos into hiding from friendly dinosaurs. I appreciate the rhythm of the text but there are some boo-boos (but nothing that will really distract kids or puzzle a reader). A note on the illustrations: Duddle anthropomorphizes the characters in a way [...]

    15. This is another fun dinosaur read aloud with digital illustrations. The rhymes are consistent and not clunky, which makes it easy to read. Several dinosaur types are mentioned, but nothing beyond the usual 4 that children know by the time they are three. Paired with Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?, though, it would make a great themed storytime.

    16. This book made me smile the entire time I was reading it! Gigantosaurus is a Mesozoic spin on a Peter and the Wolf like tale full of great rhythm, rhyme, and patterning. The mix of text and speech bubbles enhanced my engagement in the story. Also, I loved, loved, loved the illustrations, especially the facial expressions on the dinosaurs. I just want to open the door, get on the floor, and walk the dinosaur!!

    17. This was a great read and so funny. It's about a dinosaur who "cried wolf" after a while his friends leave him to be eaten by a dinosaur bigger than T-Rex, the Gigantosaurus. I like the back of the book that tells about the different dinosaurs and also about the true Giganotosaurus (yes that's how you spell it).I would read for storytimes about telling the truth, silly or funny, or dinosaurs. I think older kids (in grade school) would get this better then little ones.

    18. The classic "Boy Who Cried Wolf" fable with a dinosaur twist! I think this would work OK in a dinosaur themed story hour for 4s and up. Definitely a good read to a small group or one on one. There's a lot going on in the illustrations. It also provides information on dinosaurs and the acknowledgement that the Gigantosaurus was created just for the book.

    19. Another brilliant book by Jonny Duddle. Illustrations are outstanding (as ever) and the storyline is familiar (basically a dinosaur who calls wolf). Children will soon realise what is going to happen next and help to tell the story. I also like the little facts at the back of the book. I think this is going to become a classic and will be loved by all children (and adults)

    20. This 2014 books is an example of poetry, as the whole story is told in verse. It's essentially a 'boy who cried wolf' but in this case, the young monster was looking for the largest carnivore ever to roam the planet during the time of the dinosaurs. Eventually, the young friends (think 'Land Before Time') do run into the meat-eater and they may not survive! Great for younger students.

    21. Brilliant, informative read with a moral tale to tell -5*The moral element follows the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf but adapted to dinosaurs.All of the dinosaurs in the book are real (with a tiny description at the end) apart from the Giganotsaurus.I really enjoyed it and know my placement class will too!

    22. This is a "boy who cried wolf" for dinosaur lovers. Not only does the text feature dinos, but it has a dino-glossary in the back of all the real types of dinos met in the book.The rhyming is pretty well done, too.

    23. My son loves this book. And I love the illustration. We got it from the library and out of the stack of books we checked out, this one always gets put on the top of the pile to read first. Usually he's not particular about the order of books read, but this one he just can't wait for.

    24. Well again, too much rhyme. At first I thought Duddle was going to do a dinosaur version of the Jabberwock which would have been kind of cool but then it veered off into a little boy who cried wolf type story. Decent art and probably good for pre-k to first grade.

    25. Cute, short book about dinosaurs. My son loves dinosaurs which is why I checked out this book from the library. The story was like a dinosaur spin off of the boy who cried wolf, but everything worked out in the end.

    26. In the vein of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, one little dinosaur keeps warning his little friends of the impending approach of the GIGANTOSARUS! But (almost) every time it proves to not be the case.Fabulous illustrations!

    27. Finally a nice rhyming book, with a "cry wolf" theme, several of your basic dinosaurs named and awesome illustrations. This would work for a dinosaur storytime!

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