The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History

The Churchill Factor How One Man Made History From London s inimitable mayor Boris Johnson the story of how Churchill s eccentric genius shaped not only his world but our own On the fiftieth anniversary of Churchill s death Boris Johnson celeb

  • Title: The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History
  • Author: Boris Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781594633027
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From London s inimitable mayor, Boris Johnson, the story of how Churchill s eccentric genius shaped not only his world but our own On the fiftieth anniversary of Churchill s death, Boris Johnson celebrates the singular brilliance of one of the most important leaders of the twentieth century Taking on the myths and misconceptions along with the outsized reality, he portraFrom London s inimitable mayor, Boris Johnson, the story of how Churchill s eccentric genius shaped not only his world but our own On the fiftieth anniversary of Churchill s death, Boris Johnson celebrates the singular brilliance of one of the most important leaders of the twentieth century Taking on the myths and misconceptions along with the outsized reality, he portrays with characteristic wit and passion a man of contagious bravery, breathtaking eloquence, matchless strategizing, and deep humanity Fearless on the battlefield, Churchill had to be ordered by the king to stay out of action on D Day he pioneered aerial bombing and few could match his experience in organizing violence on a colossal scale, yet he hated war and scorned politicians who had not experienced its horrors He was the most famous journalist of his time and perhaps the greatest orator of all time, despite a lisp and chronic depression he kept at bay by painting His maneuvering positioned America for entry into World War II, even as it ushered in England s post war decline His openmindedness made him a trailblazer in health care, education, and social welfare, though he remained incorrigibly politically incorrect Most of all, he was a rebuttal to the idea that history is the story of vast and impersonal forces he is proof that one person intrepid, ingenious, determined can make all the difference.

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    1. Boris Johnson

      Boris Johnson is a British politician in the Conservative Party and the former Mayor of London Due to his public school, blustering, comedic style, he is generally either loved or loathed by members of the British public.

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    1. You meet Boris Johnson in the pub for a drink. You mention Churchill and 4 hours later you leave the pub, wondering where the time went. That´s what it feels like to read this book. I learned a lot of facts about Churchill that I didn't know before. I certainly learned more about the impact that Churchill had, not only on British politics and life but also on the rest of the world.This book is beautifully written and well paced. I absolutely loved it.NB: 25-06-2016. After seeing Boris Johnson i [...]

    2. There’s a point near the end of the book, when talking to a grandson of the great man, that the author summarises Churchill’s achievements. More published words than Shakespeare and Dickens combined, wins the Nobel Prize for Literature, kills umpteen people in armed combat on four continents, serves in every great office of state including Prime Minister (twice), is indispensable to victory in two world wars and then posthumously sells his paintings for a million dollars. Not bad! There’s [...]

    3. If you are looking for a personal, breezy hagiography of Winston Churchill then Boris Johnson’s THE CHURCHILL FACTOR: HOW ONE MAN MADE HISTORY will be of interest. Johnson’s effort is not a traditional biography of the former occupant of 10 Downing Street, but a manifesto imploring the reader to consider the genius and greatness of Churchill. Johnson is concerned that as time has passed fewer and fewer of the non-World War II generation have forgotten or are not aware of Churchill’s accomp [...]

    4. Moving Portrait Venerating Lionhearted Leader Who Lifted Course of History in Facing Down der FührerThis book is unparalleled in its accessibility on the lengthy and complex history of this legendary world leader. In a clear, conversational tone that overlays an erudite tenor, Johnson measures the near-majesty of a man who played the leading role in stanching the tide of evil threatening 20th Century Europe and from plunging the world into chaos. I was skeptical that this might be another droni [...]

    5. Blood, toil, tears and sweatWinston Churchill needs no introduction and, in the UK, nor does Boris Johnson, but perhaps he does elsewhere. Boris is one of those few people who are known to all by their first names – if you mention Boris over here, everyone will assume that it's this Boris you mean unless you specify otherwise. A leading light in the Conservative Party, he has been the Mayor of London for the last six years and is strongly tipped in many quarters to be a future leader of the Pa [...]

    6. Doubtless people will claim that this book is an act of hubris, Johnson attempting to acquire some reflected glory by yoking himself to another indomitable gadfly who then surprised everyone by becoming the great statesman. Nonsense. Give this topic to most modern politicians, and you would get something like that, a ream of platitudes topped off with a few personal anecdotes bearing the subtext 'It's not for me to compare myself to Winston Churchill; that's for other people to do'. Johnson, tho [...]

    7. Chcete-li se pustit do životopisu Churchilla, tak stojíte před Sofiinou volbou. Na jednu stranu si prostě nelze vybrat vděčnější objekt zájmu (v životě a kariéře Winstona je prostě NAPROSTO vše, co vás jen napadne) a na druhou si nelze zvolit častěji a důkladněji pokrytý objekt zájmu. Johnson na to "churchillovsky" vyzrál tak, že se tomuto problému zcela vyhnul a sepsal v první řadě "strhující dobré čtivo" a až v druhé řadě životopis o životě, kariéře, d [...]

    8. The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History, Boris Johnson, read by Boris JohnsonWritten and read by Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, this book is an in-depth study of what made Winston Churchill great. Until his death, in 1965, Winston Churchill was a man larger than life. There were those that supported him and those that maligned him, but today he is renowned and revered for his analysis of world conditions and for his predictions of what was to come from events and decisions made in hi [...]

    9. I think I have finally worked out the purpose of Boris Johnson - he was born to write this book. The subject matter suits his bombastic oafish style and consummate belief in himself. That makes it a rollicking good read, if not the definitive biography of Churchill.Unusually for a biography, the book isn't written chronologically. We don't start with Winston's childhood and then work our way forwards through time. Instead we are given slices of his life to illustrate a particular point. On the w [...]

    10. I have been fascinated with Winston S. Churchill since I was a child. I try to read everything I can find about him. I was shocked to read in the book that the young people in Britain do not know who Churchill was. Johnson said he wanted to write about Churchill in such a manner as to bring Churchill to the attention of the young. Johnson thought the young might enjoy Churchill’s eccentricity.This book is written by the current Mayor of London. The element of self-identification in Johnson’s [...]

    11. Чърчил, политикът, Чърчил, войникът: knigolandiafo/book-review/fМного повече политическа, отколкото историческа книга, „Факторът „Чърчил” описва пространно агресивния характер, изменчивата лоялност и често арогантното поведение на считания от мнозина за най-велик британски полити [...]

    12. Nedávávám literatuře faktu 5 hvězdiček, ale tady musím. Sir W. Churchill je zcela zásadní osobnost celosvětového formátu a B. Johnsonovi se podařilo napsat výjimečnou knížku. Četl jsem jedním dechem a dozvěděl se hodně nového. Díky pane spisovateli, díky pane Churchille.

    13. Poslech skvělý, obsahová stránka vynikající, nicméně se nemůžu ubránit dojmu, že Boris Johnson mnohdy Churchilla vyzdvihuje až příliš. To adorování někdy hraničí až s fanatickým fanouškovstvím. Avšak jako ucelená biografie je tohle více než dobrá kniha.

    14. On the 50th anniversary of the death of Churchill there probably won't appear a more entertaining though lightweight account of the great man.The book is revisionist in the sense of how it exaggerates the noble traits of Churchill like valour, perseverance, creativity and generosity, not to mention his deeds - we have him fearlessly hurtling into the jaws of danger dodging bullets or propelling himself recklessly through the skies at the controls of early aeroplanes - whilst at the same time glo [...]

    15. Because of the way this book was written, it is worth saying something about the author for those that live outside the UK. At the time of writing, Boris Johnson is the Mayor of London but is expected at some point to become a Conservative Party MP, and is tipped by some to become a future party leader. He is a bit of a character and has a flamboyant and enthusiastic style of narrating which is very evident in his interviews, speeches or writing. Johnson doesn’t hide the fact he is a big fan o [...]

    16. Een naslagwerk wat leest als een roman. Wat een enorm figuur was Churchill. Met net zoals alle grootheden zijn positieve en negatieve kanten. Eigenlijk ben ik van een generatie die wel de verhalen over Churchill zijn beslissingen in de oorlog las en hoorde (vooral tijdens de geschiedenis lessen) maar er was iets aan deze man wat mij intrigeerde. Ik zie altijd zijn bolle toet met zijn eeuwige sigaar voor mij. Dat hij van hoge geboorte was heb ik nooit geweten. Wel dat het een kunstenaar was in zi [...]

    17. K současnému britskému ministrovi zahraničí chovám averzi. Nicméně po jeho poměrně nezvyklém životopisu Churchilla jsem sáhl s chutí (vypadá to, že je ozdrojován lépe, než Johnsonova novinářská praxe, kdy byl několikrát přistižen při lži a vymýšlení článků).Autor nepopírá, že má Winstona opravdu rád a z každé stránky knížky je to cítit. Osobně jsem byl docela překvapen širokým záběrem Churchillovy práce, která se nevztahovala jen na politiku ( [...]

    18. To be blunt: I agree with Boris Johnson's core analysis of Winston Churchill as a great man of history, who gives lie to social historians and their obsessive love of historical "forces" as the driving engine of the human experience. It's written with wit, uses evidence in a persuasive manner that doesn't overwhelm, reveals fascinating nuggets of information that I was unaware ofd it doesn't shy away from Churchill's mistakes & misadventures. I also appreciate how Mr. Johnson manages to pres [...]

    19. Když se řekne životopis, představím si tlustou knihu, která začíná narozením nějakého zázračného dítěte. Seznámíme se s rodinou, vidíme ho vyrůstat, hle, už jde do školy, snad i na univerzitu, začíná slibnou kariéru, zažije pár světotvorných událostí a umře. Tak nic takového od Faktoru Churchill nečekejte. Nejlepší životopis, jaký jsem kdy četla! Čtěte celou recenzi: bit/recenze-faktor-churchill

    20. I am genuinely astonished by how many 5* reviews this has had! I must be missing something because I just felt it went here there and everywhere, backwards and forwards and basically just sang his praises from the first line all the way to the end! There is no doubting just how much he adores WC!

    21. Upřímně čte (v mém případě poslouchá) se to dobře. Ačkoliv z Borise Johnsona na dálku smrdí neobjektivní megafanoušek a kapitola o tom, jestli by Churchill byl pro EU se v kontextu nedávných událostí a Borisovy role v nich jeví úsměvně, je to zajímavá sonda do života člověka, který jako jeden z mála klaďasů dokázal tak intenzivně měnit svět k obrazu, jak ho známe dnes. O Winstonovi jsem věděla relativně málo. A s každou kapitolou mi padala čelist víc [...]

    22. Churchillova osobnost nebyla ideálem kladného hrdiny, řada diskutabilních vlastností a činů poskytuje dodnes střelivo mnoha jeho kritikům. Ale je to právě soubor všech stránek jeho charakteru, které mu unožnily vykonat za svého života to, co by nikdo jiný dokázat nemohl. A zdaleka se nejedná jen o Churchillovu roli během 2. světové války, svými aktivitami před i po ní významně ovlivnil běh událostí ve 20. století.Kniha Borise Johnsona, kontroverzního politika, b [...]

    23. Not the lengthiest or most comprehensive biography of Churchill, for sure, but a great and often witty introduction to a most remarkable man. The scope of all that Churchill accomplished during his long life is truly mammoth; consider this summary by the author:" normal family man produces more published words than Shakespeare and Dickens combined, wins the Nobel prize for literature, kills umpteen people in armed conflict on four continents, serves in every great office of state including Prim [...]

    24. An entertaining book that was written by the current Brittish secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs. It shows a detailed insight into the life of Winston Churchill: 'the greatest man in the history of the world'. Interesting to see how Churchill has had an influence on the first and second world war, nato, the European union, the independence of India and the Middle East. Hence, it has many intersections with other books I have read and gave me a better overall view.

    25. A fairly light read about a great man. It is obvious that the author, Boris Johnson, is awed by the man. Having said that so should we all. He was truly one of the greats of the 20th century and well worthy of this tribute. The book flows fine and presents sufficient details, stories, and quotes from, and about, Churchill. I enjoyed it.

    26. 'Ako postoji tako nesto kao britanski karakter,onda se verovatno formirao po odlikama Vinstona Cercila-cesto saljiv,ali ponekad ratoboran,ne trpi autoritete,ali tradicionalista;cvrst,ali sentimentalan,uziva u jeziku i igri reci svake vrste;rad da zgresi sa hranom a posebno sa picem'

    27. Though many folks right now aren't willing to near anything from Boris Johnson due to his politics in the Brexit vote, he remains an engaging and highly amusing writer and in this volume he turns his attention to a truly singular figure in British history.Though his admiration for his subject is quite obvious, he avoids many of the pitfalls of the admiring biographer merely crafting a genuflecting hagiography that attempts to rewrite historical context. Johnson combines a great amount of genuine [...]

    28. The bl**dy overwhelming brilliance of some people is hard to bear. Churchill may be? The jury, with of course the benefit and burden of hindsight is still out on him. No, the genius in this case is the alarmingly blonde haired blusterer- Ex London Mayor, Member of Parliament, Minister of the Crown, fluent master of a lexicon of languages (including some of the classics) : Boris Johnson. I almost didn't buy his book on Churchill, as 'stuffy old histories of stuffy old politicians'are not my thing [...]

    29. My way through the book was like on the roller-coaster ride.Somewhere in the middle of the book, where Boris non-critically brings up one argument after another, and without much elaboration just proclaims them to be wrong I was just about to finish with it already. At that time I was thinking whether this will be my first two star book.Actually then I decided to go on, and finish it. Somehow he slowly turned in placing the facts on the heap and actually he managed to changed my thinking about M [...]

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