Armor of Glass

Armor of Glass With his head down bulling through various assignments to make his version of the American dream a reality a troubled Marine reaches the end of his rope only to let go and tumble into a turbulent a

  • Title: Armor of Glass
  • Author: R.M.A. Spears
  • ISBN: 9781491899663
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • With his head down, bulling through various assignments to make his version of the American dream a reality, a troubled Marine reaches the end of his rope, only to let go and tumble into a turbulent affair with a high ranking woman on the fast track to general The first woman appointed to the US Air Force Academy has built a tinderbox wall around her salacious past and isWith his head down, bulling through various assignments to make his version of the American dream a reality, a troubled Marine reaches the end of his rope, only to let go and tumble into a turbulent affair with a high ranking woman on the fast track to general The first woman appointed to the US Air Force Academy has built a tinderbox wall around her salacious past and is now one of the good ol boys on the Inspector General team What the Marine doesn t know is that he will be the spark to ignite this powder keg of her past and in the end be left alone to rummage through the pieces.

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    1. R.M.A. Spears

      R.M.A Spears retired from the US Marine Corps in 2009, having served 27 years in the Navy and Marine Corps, as an infantry and intelligence officer and is a decorated Iraq war veteran His educational credits include a BS, MBA, OCS, AOCS, TBS, IOC, AWS, CS, OIF, OEF, DUI, and a cavalcade of inglorious civilian occupations He now resides in rural Missouri.

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    1. R.M.A Spears book is based on a true story but the front cover states it's a novel. A novel concept perhaps as the story reads more like an autobiography. A troubled Marine, married too many times, never in love. In a war with himself and the three women he marries. A high school sweetheart skips in between the marriages and seems intent on spoiling the last one. Brick, the protagonist who's surname is lost in the various time lapses, has trouble making decisions--he throws aside an admission to [...]

    2. Reviewed by Michael McManus for Reader’s FavoriteOn a forty-minute train ride, Brick, the main character in “Armor of Glass: A Novel”, recounts the low points of his life, a life made up primarily of low points, according to him. Brick is searching for a purpose for living. His only fear is ending up a nobody who has never done anything of importance. This fear pushes him through enlistments in three branches of our military, a myriad of civilian jobs, an intolerable marriage and a love af [...]

    3. Brick is a shy, unsure, quiet man who struggles with the dating scene. He can't seem to find a date until one day his mother tells him SHE found a date for him. Not brave enough to ask the woman face-to-face for a date, Brick calls Cameo to ask her out. Cameo agrees to meet him though both she and Brick aren't sure what to expect. When he first catches a glimpse of Cameo, Brick knows he's in love with her. Though they become great friends, nothing ever happens to make their relationship move for [...]

    4. Brick is a fighter, a lover, a husband and a father. Armor Of Glass is the story of how the often lost Marine learns to find his true identity by looking past his titles.The novel begins and ends on a train, where Brick, like many, do most of their thinking. It is told in a series of flashbacks beginning with his childhood. The reader gets to know Brick and his family as told by his point of view. There are lovable characters, and others not so lovable. There are even times when, in the midst of [...]

    5. In great need of editing by someone who is an actual editor. This was a second edition already, so someone dropped the ball here.

    6. I had to force myself to finish this book. It was an Herculean effort. The writing is rambling, meandering, very stream of consciousness. I couldn’t discern any real plot; it jumped from topic to topic, from riding rapid transit and trying to one-up other riders, to child sexual abuse, to combat, to wife hopping. You know, if you can’t convince the woman you want to marry you, after each refusal, you repeatedly marry the next woman you meet. (Yes, he says that several times.) I got the disti [...]

    7. Armor of Glass by R. M. A. Spears is a so-so novel that reads like an autobiography."A lieutenant colonel once warned me I was brutally honest. I considered myself a realist, not a skeptic or cynic. What I thought to be brash and bold, many took as ass and a hole. I think not, therefore I am not. I settled on my first nickname, Brick" Brick is a hard-working every-man. He has been a husband, father, soldier, Marine. Brick feels beleaguered and put upon by almost everyone in his life. He is skill [...]

    8. I received this book through Giveaways, directly from the author. I usually read & write a review as soon as I can. I felt bad because it took me so long to finish and I wanted to write an honest, constructive review but I just couldn't find the words and felt guilty for wanting to give it a 2/3 rating. This book was not easy for me to get through, most likely because I was having a difficult time connecting with the main character. He seemed to always be "the victim". Sure, I could connect [...]

    9. It was hard for me to read this book at times because of how the main character, Brick, reflected on his life. It didn't seem like it focused too much on the love story between him and Cameo. Most of the book was spent explaining how hard his life was, how things never went his way, how he was always the "good guy" that had so many bad things happen to him. Everything was always from his point of view, so you never really knew if his ex-wives were as bad as he made them out to be or not. Just as [...]

    10. If this book had been a short story that just included the last couple chapters, it would have been fine, because that's the truly interesting part of the novel. Everything that comes before that is an unhappy former Marine who spends a couple hundred pages complaining that all of the women in his life are slutty, weak, inferior shrews who would never get anywhere in life if it weren't for him and other men taking care of them all the time. So I guess if reading a chauvinistic diatribe is your j [...]

    11. A beautifully written story in one's perspective about how life can hand you some tumultuous events, and how you can either overcome or lay down and wither away. Shows the realism of life and if you keep fighting the good fight one day things will fall into place and you will see your true path in life and will realize it wasn't all for nothing.Thank you for sharing your story.

    12. It was immensely difficult for me to decide how to properly write this review – how to address things in it that I strongly disliked while still praising its many merits? First of all, I would like to say that the extent of Spears’ writing skill is highly impressive to me, considering how well the book was written and how much I enjoyed sitting down to read it, DESPITE the fact that I could not stand the protagonist or anything he stood for. That, to me, was a huge testament of good writing. [...]

    13. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, which I will gladly provide when I've had the time to finish reading it and formulate my thoughts. Stay tuned!Update: I've finished the book! Wow. That was quite a read. It's gonna take me a bit of time to decide if this is my complete review. Here are some thoughts in the meantime: Armor of Glass is a raw book, told from the perspective of a man that one might call an average American Joe. He's working, going to school, doesn [...]

    14. FIVE-STAR REVIEW by Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite.Armor of Glass: A Novel by R.M.A. Spears tells us the story of a Marine who is troubled and must make his way through a turbulent path in life. Brick (using his first nickname rather than his call sign, Grumpy) has an interesting outlook on life. A great deal of it was formed by events in his past and they have piled up. From an assault as a child that makes him no longer like baseball through to the events of war and being a Marine. He [...]

    15. IndieReader Publishing Service and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Armor of Glass. This is my honest opinion of the book.A troubled Marine rides the rails, contemplating his life from the war, to the women he has loved and lost, and his abusive past that affected his very existence. From ruining his relationships to floundering through life, the man he has become is searching for the man he was meant to be.With a choppy writing style that made the book very hard to read, Armor o [...]

    16. Armor of Glass is written in first person narrative using a stream-of-consciousness technique. Those who are unfamiliar with this technique might find it a bit strange, but I think R.M.A. Spears chose perfectly for this novel. Spears’s prose is at times quite poetic. From the beginning, I found Brick to be a difficult character to like. He had qualities about him that I found anywhere from uncomfortable to downright offensive. However, the author did a wonderful job of not only making me sympa [...]

    17. I was lucky enough to have won this through ! Thank you for the opportunity.This book is definitely written in an unusual way. It was hard to get into in the beginning, but the further I read the more I liked it. And I began to feel more "connected" to Brick. He is a man trying to figure out this thing called life. I would recommend this book to military people, and civilians who have a respect for the hardships that come into the lives of soldiers and the consequences of decisions

    18. This is not your conventional story. It is a Marines version of a love story twisted in with real life. It is a great read.

    19. ARMOR OF GLASS by R.M.A. Spears is a story that follows an ex-military man as he contemplates the events that have shaped his life. The recounting takes place as the man takes his daily train ride to work. It is told from a first-person viewpoint in a stream of consciousness style that, for me, lacked the structure to keep me fully engaged. The book is called a novel, but is described as being based on a true story. The main character, Brick, shares a series of emotional flashbacks to his past, [...]

    20. I won this book for my book group. I found it difficult to get into the book because the main character was not likeable. In spite of myself, I began to care what happened to him.

    21. Good read.This book is not the type that I usually read but I am truly glad that I did. It has a lot of military detail which I found interesting but basically it is a family saga and a love story depicting the many triials and sacrifices made by the men in the military and their families. The characters are very well drawn and the story very well written. I received this book from the publisher to read in exchange for a honest review. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes this gen [...]

    22. Armor of GlassR.M.A. Spears, 2014Author HouseBloomington, IN258 pages, $19.95ISBN # 978-1-4918-9966-3Review by Christina FrancineThe stature of a warrior comes from the ability to fight for what they believe is right, to continue in spite of mental and physical pain, and in spite of high odds. R.M.A. Spears served twenty-seven years in the Marine Corps and U.S. Navy. The battle he shares with his readers are some of the most challenging of his life and none from the time he served in the militar [...]

    23. Reviewed for San Francisco Book Review.(will post link when it goes live)"Armor of Glass" begins and ends on a train. The main character, Brick, boards the DART for a lengthy commute. As he settles in, he journeys back and forth across the ups and downs of his life up to that point. He remembers in vivid details a troubled childhood he turns around through sheer will and dedication, a tumultuous affair with a high ranking officer, and a failing marriage and home life. The officer plays a recurri [...]

    24. This story starts out on the commuter train, the main character Brick takes this commuter train everyday to work. The story is told from Brick pov in a series of flash backs that begin with his childhood, unsuccessful forays in the dating scene and follows him through his life in the military on his quest to be more than mediocre.I will be honest I went back and forth with this book, there were times were I was full of understanding and sympathy for the young boy and at other times frustrated wi [...]

    25. 'I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review'3.5 hearts This was a hard book to get into at first as I really found it hard to connect with the main character, Brick. A book of this length I can usually finish in a day or two. It took me a little longer with this one. I am glad that I am not the type of person to give up on a book. The further into the book I got I was able to connect more with the main character and really get interested in the book. The story [...]

    26. It took me several days to decide what I wanted to say about this book. I didn't just read it, I inhaled it. The themes - a Marine, war, men's midlife issues - aren't ones that I normally gravitate to. And yet, I couldn't put this down. The protagonist, Brick, was too compelling and his story too interesting. Yes, the protagonist is offensive at times. His emotions and the way he deals with situations are uncomfortable and difficult. I wanted to take him into a quiet room and have a nice chat ov [...]

    27. Five star rating from Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite.A very gripping plot with a wide range of emotions that will keep the readers glued to the book. It is a riveting love story laced with corruption and sexual misconduct that prevails in the Air Force Academy. The book has some mature content and explicit language that adds to the crudeness and rawness of the emotions. The passion and emotions expressed by the author are stark and there is an element of mystery surrounding the character [...]

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