Unrequited Nick Sawyer a successful business man has everything he has ever wanted Grateful for the new additions to his life he realizes he has the kind of love that he never knew existed If it wasn t for Li

  • Title: Unrequited
  • Author: Alisa Mullen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nick Sawyer, a successful business man, has everything he has ever wanted Grateful for the new additions to his life, he realizes he has the kind of love that he never knew existed If it wasn t for Lizzie O Malley, Nick would still be sucked up in his day job and the nightlife Lizzie altered his plans just by stepping into his life.Samantha Hughes, a childhood friend ofNick Sawyer, a successful business man, has everything he has ever wanted Grateful for the new additions to his life, he realizes he has the kind of love that he never knew existed If it wasn t for Lizzie O Malley, Nick would still be sucked up in his day job and the nightlife Lizzie altered his plans just by stepping into his life.Samantha Hughes, a childhood friend of Nick s, is back in Boston Following her father s wishes, it is her intention to catch Nick s eye before he commits himself to Lizzie Their plan rapidly becomes reality It just isn t the reality Sam thought she wanted.Unrequited is a twisted love triangle story that goes awry Who will be the one that loses it all This is the third and final installment of The Chosen Series This book is told by Nick and Samantha s POV.

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    1. Alisa Mullen

      Alisa Mullen is the author of the Best Selling Saga, The Chosen Series and the Best Selling psychological suspense novel, Plastic Confidence She is also the author of Following the Sun,77 Steps, One Missing Link,The Business Trip, and many other short stories and novellas She sometimes goes by kaycee veil.Growing up in Down East Maine, Mullen received a BA from Texas AM University and a MS from Our Lady of Lake University in San Antonio, Texas When she isn t writing, she enjoys reading, making necklaces, and spending time with her family Mullen lives in South Texas with her loving husband and their two children.WIP TO DOBoth of HerElastic Hopetsu alimullenbooks

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    1. Once again Alisa never ceases to amaze me. This book is by far the best of the series. I cried even more while reading this book than I did in the first 2 books. Like the rest it was a must finish from the moment I opened the book. In this book we get more of a background of both Nick and Sam. Sam was Nicks close childhood friend, who is up to no good. She's a heartless woman willing to do anything to end a relationship that's just starting to bloom. She goes out of her way to cause Lizzie to le [...]

    2. Another standing ovation for Alisa Mullen! The third book in the series is just as good as the first two. She keeps you guessing at every turn. The ending, again, what a heart stopper. She really knows how to get you going. and yes I am shaking my fist at you right now, saying why me, why me. Lol This conclusion to the story of Lizzie couldn't have ended in a better way. Even though the ending was excruciatingly sad. She and Nick have to fight through a lot more struggles, to get where they want [...]

    3. The good news? I managed to not sob like a baby, although I will admit to a few, quiet tears and a lot of bottom lip biting. The bad news? The end of Unrequited means the end of the Chosen Series and my love affair with a certain red-headed Phish fan. But not really. I'll be putting Lizzie, Nick, Niall and company in the re-read pile. Soon.Nick Sawyer is living the life. He has his perfect girl, a beautiful son and a baby on the way. Everything is right. But then Samantha Hughes waltzes back int [...]

    4. Unrequited is book #3 in The Chosen Series and OMG I could not put it down…ok, I had to a few time so I didn’t shatter my tablet against the wall…but what a ride!!! Poor Lizzie…just when everything seems to be finally working out here comes another steaming pile of crap for her to deal with. Granted she had her moments too…because sometimes being rational just doesn’t happen when you are emotionally spent, and she has a tendency to be a little immature at times…but that’s one of [...]

    5. This being the final book in this trilogy had a lot to live up to, and I can honestly say that I was not disappointed.This was written form the perspectives of Nick and Sam. Sam has been told by her father for years that she is to marry Nick (who is in love and engaged to Lizzie). She is sent back to Boston from Texas by her father to split the happy couple up where she is to then take her rightful place as his wife to be.She gets in between the couple and when the timing is right her father mak [...]

    6. Holy Donkeyballs!!! I just have to say Alisa Mullen is one talented writer and storyteller. Unrequited is the last book in the Chosen Series and it was absolutely incredible. It finally gave us the insite in to what was up with that Sam chick we were introduced to in the end of Unchosen. I hated her with a passion in the beginning and ended up feeling sorry for her in the end. There is definitely some ugly crying and kindle throwing moments of this book. Emotional Rollercoaster isnt even the beg [...]

    7. A brilliant conclusion to Lizzy's story. I've loved these books, O read all three in one sitting, I just had to know what happened in the end. The trauma and tragedy just keeps on coming. Lizzy and Nick are just adjusting to being together when a spanner is thrown in the works in the shape of Samantha - an old friend of Nick's. Just when things don't seem to be able to get any worse for Lizzy she loses her job and she makes the worst decision imaginable. Ourside forces appear to be conspiring ag [...]

    8. given to me in exchange for an honest review with thx to Stephanie's book reports i liked this book a lot i felt it was the best in the entire series, it had me hooked from the get go a strong story of lack of communication that can simply destroy us and remind us that we should not only hear each other but listen , i have to admit from the first book i was not all that thrilled for the series but each book got better and better , i am still a little disapointed that there wasn't an Irish accent [...]

    9. This book is the final book in the series and yeah Nick and Lizzie do get a HEA. There is a lot of drama in this book mainly residual because of Conner's death. We learn how he died. Claire, Lizzie's mother is still not doing well because of the death of her son. Then there is lots of drama stemming from Samantha. Not sure why her father wanted her to be attached to Nick - money okay -- but she is rich too. That was not clear to me. I found the storyline with Sam at the end very disturbing but I [...]

    10. The conclusion of Lizzie's story and the Chosen Series! You will cry, yell, laugh, and go on a full blown emotional rollercoaster with this book. It is well written and stunning. Lizzie and Nick are still working on their relationship when Sam comes back to Boston with a plan of her own. This book is full of surprises and twists and turns. Lizzie will continue to grow right before your eyes. I loved how this book ended and couldn't have seen it any other way. You will be shocked and amazed. This [...]

    11. This is the final book in the Chosen series ~ What an amazing series, the story took me on a real journey of discoverers. I loved each and every book, I felt the love, friendships, pain, tears and laughter.This is the first time I have read books by Alisa Mullen and I will be reading each and every book from the author from now on, a real talent that draws you inILLIANT ~ A MUST READ

    12. This book is written from the perspective of Nick, Lizzie's true love, and Sam, the B attempting to run them off the rails. I love getting parts of Lizzie's story from Nick and I definitely had a hate-hate relationship with Sam. However, the book is well written, and the emotional undercurrent of the characters' relationships makes for a really hard-hitting book. A wonderful piece of closure for these characters, and another great book from Mullen!

    13. Lizzie and Nick. This story is told from Nick's POV. It was great to see into the mind of a male character. Sam, I really don't know what to say about her without giving away spoilers, I will say I hated her; wanted to knock the crap out of her then sympathy and respect. Thi book will put you on an emotional rollercoaster, but not in a bad way. It is very well written and allows for the reader to sink into it, feel the experiences with the characters.

    14. This was my favourite of the series, I loved getting inside Nick's head, learning how deeply and passionately he loves Lizzie made me a little jealous, they aren't just lovers they are soul mates and best friends. I know why Sam did it but christ I really hated her but by the end Alisa turned my opinion round and my heart just hurt for her. This book was a fitting end to their story even though at times I was scared to read what was going to happen next. Can't wait for more from this author.

    15. this book topped all three. i felt it was better than the first two in the series. So much emotion in such a short amount of time. I love reading about Nick and Lizzie from Nick's point of view. I absolutly hated samantha at first, then as things went on she grew on me. i would love to say more about her but it would give too much away. In the end, I reccomend this book to anyone who loves to read love storys that are true to life. Alisa is an awesome author!

    16. I have loved every book in this series and could not be happier to finally know where it all goes. I love Nick and Lizzy, they make such a great couple and seem to have such great chemistry in all aspects of their relationship. We still have some ups and downs in this book but what a ride. All I can say is you MUST read the final book and have your curiosity sated. Nick is the bomb baby!

    17. I am seriously crying too much for a review. An amazing, incredible book that has touched me like no other book has before. There are so many things in this book that are similar to my life and what I've gone through to not be so emotional right now. All I can say fir now is it is a must read!!!! I look forward to more from her.I will add more to this when I am not crying!

    18. Brilliant final book and a beautiful story.I loved the journey Lizzie took me on through her heartache and traumas but then she shared the joys of finding true love and it was beautiful.A really great read.

    19. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book! I actually cried while reading this book and that doesn't happen very often. I feel like I am a part of Lizzy and Nick's life and I would love to catch up with them in the future!

    20. Nick still very much in love with Lizzie but when the past comes back to Nick in the form of Sam things aren't so easy anymore. Nick being pulled in to many ways and didn't understand what was happened he lost everything but found his way back. Lots of tears in this book but it was great.

    21. Wonderful conclusionthis was the best in the series. I loved it. this author is one I will continue to read more by.

    22. Well what can you say to that, I really enjoyed this trilogy, it had lots of omg moment's when you thought it wasn't going to happen, just what's needed, look forward to reading more from this author

    23. loved it bloody amazing i so want more love nick sawyer and lizzy. dont normally like the femails in books as they are whiney and bitchy so love all 3 books well done alisa. xxx

    24. Great readGreat readthis series has been refreshing. I loved not knowing what would happen next. the plots were interesting with many twists and turns.

    25. Okay I was pretty upset on a few parts but I happy that Lizzie and Nick got there happily After :) Sam did piss me off and even thought she changer her mind I didn't like her.

    26. Oh man. I knew Unrequited would have some drama since the whole premise is Sam trying to break up Nick and Lizzie, but phew. At first I was sad this wasn't from Lizzie's point of view like the other two books. I missed her voice and reading her crazy mess of a life. I say that in the fondest of ways. I really like Lizzie even if she has issues and running is her go to when things get rough. Slowly, though, I was happy to see Nick and Sam and what they were thinking about everything. Still missed [...]

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