The Experiencers

The Experiencers Black ops assassin Michael Valiant questions the motives of the government agency that hired and trained him when they order him to neutralize members of a UFO group After his wife dies in what appe

  • Title: The Experiencers
  • Author: Val Tobin
  • ISBN: 9780992093303
  • Page: 498
  • Format: ebook
  • Black ops assassin, Michael Valiant, questions the motives of the government agency that hired and trained him when they order him to neutralize members of a UFO group After his wife dies in what appears to be a traffic accident, Michael, with the help and support of his partner, pushes aside his doubts and immerses himself in the jobs he needs to complete.When Michael leBlack ops assassin, Michael Valiant, questions the motives of the government agency that hired and trained him when they order him to neutralize members of a UFO group After his wife dies in what appears to be a traffic accident, Michael, with the help and support of his partner, pushes aside his doubts and immerses himself in the jobs he needs to complete.When Michael learns the truth about his wife s death, and uncovers the Agency s true motives, he turns rogue, and helps Carolyn Fairchild, one of their targets and a psychic medium, escape capture.Their journey takes them from a town in Southern Ontario to the Algonquin wilderness, where they must elude not only the agency that wants to silence them, but also the aliens who want to retrieve Carolyn at any cost When the aliens come for Carolyn, she is forced to choose between saving herself and saving her daughter, and Michael faces the prospect of losing Carolyn forever.The Experiencers is the first book in the Valiant Chronicles series of novels Book two will be released in winter 2015.

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      Val Tobin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Experiencers book, this is one of the most wanted Val Tobin author readers around the world.

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    1. It's going to be difficult to review The Experirencers without giiving away spoilers but I will try. Firstly it is a well written and edited book, the story is great, fast moving and believeable.What surprised me more than anything is how a woman writer can detail the full on action parts so well and so accurate, I was spell bound at these scenes. Val Tobin is a great writer AND story-teller.Her characters were kept to a minimum which I found helped keep the story tight knit. When I began readin [...]

    2. The Experiencers is a uniquely engaging read that has an extremely interesting protagonist in Michael Valiant, the aforementioned Black Ops operative in the synopsis. If you look at the story from his point of view, you will read the story in one particular way.We are introduced to Michael early on, so readers can tell his role will be a pivotal one. An educated guess says that he is the one on the pretty excellent cover.Later chapters introduce us to Shelly, who is having an affair with a man, [...]

    3. Well-paced character development, action, romance and menace!For anyone who’s ever lent credence to the notion that aliens visit Earth, The Experiencers by Val Tobin is frighteningly real. Michael Valiant is a black ops assassin for a government agency that shields alien presence from public knowledge by silencing UFO researchers who know they’re here among us. Carolyn Fairchild is a psychic medium who functions as a sort of spotter for her local research group, and when they see something t [...]

    4. A pretty rocking story I have to tell you. I read a lot and try not to get put off by the cover, perhaps my only criticism of any significance about this book because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I only mention the cover because it doesn’t match up to the quality of the story telling here and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out because of it. Top marks for originality and flair. It is so difficult to find a writer who can create something this different. Smart simple and direct, this book was ver [...]

    5. Although this is not the normal type of genre I would read, I was excited to dig into this book and see what it had in store. Some may consider it Sci-Fi, some consider it truth, and some just may not like it very much at all. I enjoy science fiction movies, as well as documentaries about government, history, and all things unknown or hard to explain. The paranormal, the mystical; it’s all right here. The thing I enjoyed most about this story was that it wasn’t crowded. You know; when you me [...]

    6. Great story, suspenseful and engaging…I have to admit I do not typically read Sci-Fi or alien abduction novels. However, I read ‘Injury’ by Val Tobin and loved it so I decided to give ‘The Experiencers’ a try. I was not disappointed. This is book one in a series and it does end leaving many questions unanswered. Not exactly a cliffhanger ending, but you will need to read book two to finish out the story. Michael Valiant is a complex character, an assassin with a heart. From the very fi [...]

    7. When you profess not to be a fan of a particular genre, it comes as something of a shock to find yourself breathless as you are reading. Okay, I admit it; I’m becoming a Sci-Fi fan.In this well-woven and intricate tale of black ops, violence, death, romance and intrigue, I was carried along by the superb writing style of the author. The pace was relentless. The characterisation, imagery, detail and plot were all impressive, but the standard of writing throughout was superb. Michael Valiant, th [...]

    8. Val Tobin grabs your attention on the first page of The Experiencers and she keeps you turning pages till the end. As another reviewer said, “You become part of it, feeling the emotions you are reading about, as you are reading about them.”A powerful imagination has produced a good story that gets you involved and keeps your interest throughout. The imagery and detail are impressive and the story flows from beginning to end. Excellent writing skills and top notch delivery.

    9. Val Tobin's "The Experiencers" is a fascinating tale of extraterrestrial abduction, government conspiracy and abuse of power, and individuals making difficult choices and fighting for their values and physical survival. The book's ending will leave you wanting more, so watch for the sequel, which I am told is coming soon!

    10. Aliens and the governmentWho would ever believe it?? Aliens in cahoots with humans.a small group of UFO believers who sky watch and blog about what they see is targeted by the aliens. But what happens when they get too vocal?? Unlike anything else I have ever read. Fantastically addictive reading

    11. This was an exciting read. It kept me on my edge of my seat. I love a good paranormal read and I'm glad I didn't miss out on this one. I loved having back story on the characters. I like having an idea of why they react in the way they do in situations. I hope to read more from Tobin.

    12. “Kept Me Turning The Pages”Michael Valiant works as an assassin for a secret government agency called Extraterrestrial Alliance Project (ETAP), with his partner Gerry Muniz. The agency is monitoring and attacking UFO groups that are too vocal about their sightings. Michael is becoming suspicious about the reason people are being eliminated. Thinking to keep him straight the agency decides to kill Michael’s wife to bring him back in line, making her death look like an accident, but when he [...]

    13. Aliens agencies and action This book has it allTobin has created an amazing world, where alien abductions are real, but talking about them could get you killed.Carolyn Fairchild is a psychic, and abuctee, and her world is about to get turned upside down by a man who works for an agency that aids the aliens. The story explores the journey of an assassin has he finds something worth living for, instead of killing for. But what us the secret his agency is protecting, and why does a particular group [...]

    14. What an interesting premise.I hate giving spoilers, I will say this book was not what I expected. The story was well written with many twists and turns. There is enough left in this book for many follow-on books. Good work!

    15. Okay, this was not at all what I was expecting when I picked up this first book in "The Valiant Chronicles."Judging from the cover (I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover) I was expecting a story about a stalwart hero bravely fighting an alien invasion; a guy relying on his survivalist skills to outwit strange visitors from another planet.Instead, I meet Michael "Mick" Valiant, an assassin who has - for two decades - gone around killing people without really asking why or even worrying [...]

    16. I loved the premise of this book when I read the blurb and the free sample chapters were quite excellent, so it was a quick and easy download choice for me. I was a big fan of the X-Files TV series when it aired on TV, and this sounded right up the same alley. But in addition to cool sci-fi and paranormal concepts, and UFOs and aliens, there was the added allure of the trained assassin hired to go after them. As it turns out, I also love a good assassin-cum-Jason Bourne story. It was one of thos [...]

    17. Whilst UFO and abduction stories rarely make my reading list, I am so glad I picked up this book. The Experiencers was a thrilling read, at times I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. There is an excellent combination of the science fiction, and dystopian genres.The story follows two protagonists on different sides of the spectrum. Michael, an Agency assassin who works to silence those intent of revealing the secrets of UFOs and government plots. He is an executor [...]

    18. I really wasn't sure what to expect from this but Val Tobin had been recommended to me by several people who couldn't praise her writing enough. I am so glad they did, this was an exhilarating read. The genre 'new age sci fi thriller' doesn't quite do it justice as it covers so much more. This book satisfies the reader on so many levels. The UFOs and aliens were very believable and though we see them rarely, their presence and the impact on the characters is a source of tension that continues th [...]

    19. Last summer, I had the opportunity to participate in WCYR’s first annual Bookshelf event. It was there that I had a chance to pick up a copy of The Experiencer’s by Val Tobin. The story follows Michael Valiant, an assassin from a secret organization that covers up alien abduction groups among other things and Carolyn Fairchild, an abductee that is gifted with psychic abilities. The two are thrown into a series of events that leads them to team up against the very organization Michael once s [...]

    20. I normally do not read alien abduction novels. I really enjoyed Val Tobin’s ‘The Experiencers,’ because it is more than alien abductions there is conspiracy, psychic phenomenon, romance, and Sci-Fi. Michael Valiant, an Agency black ops assassin, discovers the government is in cahoots with aliens. Valiant instead of following orders to silence Carolyn Fairchild a psychic, he partners up with her to find a group of aliens who rebel and want to help humans. Now Michael, the assassin, is being [...]

    21. Val Tobin (not the author of the Spirit Guide, BTW) doesn't pull punches with her action or allow her characters to stray too far off into the woods. By adding the psychic element to the classical UFO tale, The Experiencers has a dimension most alien abduction stories lack. The story is tightly paced and full of enough wonder to keep everyone entertained. Amazingly, considering the subject matter, The Experiencers manages to feel grounded and grittily (if that wasn't a word, it is now) realistic [...]

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