Una estrella que no se apaga

Una estrella que no se apaga A Esther Earl una adolescente con un talento y una lucidez excepcionales se le diagnostic c ncer de tiroides cuando ten a doce a os Fue una alegre hija hermana y amiga positiva y entusiasta muri e

  • Title: Una estrella que no se apaga
  • Author: Esther Earl Lori Earl Wayne Earl
  • ISBN: 9788415594352
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Esther Earl, una adolescente con un talento y una lucidez excepcionales, se le diagnostic c ncer de tiroides cuando ten a doce a os Fue una alegre hija, hermana y amiga, positiva y entusiasta muri en 2010, poco despu s de cumplir los diecis is, pero no sin antes inspirar a miles de personas por medio de su creciente presencia en Internet Sus extraordinarias memoriasA Esther Earl, una adolescente con un talento y una lucidez excepcionales, se le diagnostic c ncer de tiroides cuando ten a doce a os Fue una alegre hija, hermana y amiga, positiva y entusiasta muri en 2010, poco despu s de cumplir los diecis is, pero no sin antes inspirar a miles de personas por medio de su creciente presencia en Internet Sus extraordinarias memorias recogen los diarios, cuentos, cartas y esbozos de Esther fotograf as y escritos de su familia y amigos ayudan a narrar su historia, un testimonio conmovedor sobre el mpetu de la vida El autor John Green conoci a Esther en una convenci n de Harry Potter, y entre ellos naci una profunda amistad Tan profunda, que el novelista le dedic su novela Bajo la misma estrella y ha escrito el pr logo a este libro Desde 2010, Green y sus seguidores celebran el D a de Esther cada 3 de agosto, en el que, a petici n de Esther, se expresa el amor hacia amigos, familiares y personas importantes a las que no solemos decir te quiero.

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      Esther Earl Lori Earl Wayne Earl Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Una estrella que no se apaga book, this is one of the most wanted Esther Earl Lori Earl Wayne Earl author readers around the world.

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    1. What can I say? Esther, your writing is wonderful, funny, sad, poignant, silly, and more…Reading your words is like listening to you. Hearing your voice would be better, but having your words is good too. To your "I love you" I respond the way we did many nights as I tucked you into bed: "I love you more."

    2. EDIT: 31/07/2015To the people telling me I am a horrible person/a bitch/unfeeling/not human etc this is what I have to say to you:This is my personal review space. In no way, shape or form am I saying that Esther was "unimportant." What I said was that the book, to ME, MY PERSONAL OPINION, was nothing special MY OPINION, this book was only published the further The Fault in Our Star's sales MY OPINION, although Esther was very loved by her friends and family, this book was only published because [...]

    3. Dear Esther,I just finished reading your published book. Yeah, that's right! Your dream of becoming an author has come true. I feel so honored to be a part of that goal. I woke up at 8:30 this morning to buy this book. I went in and bought the book as soon as the doors opened. (They hadn't even put the book out on display yet!) I felt honored to be one of the first to hold this in my hand. I am amazed at your outlook on life and death. I've never been spiritual or religious, so death is kinda fe [...]

    4. ESTHER GRACE EARL3 August 1994 - 25 August 2010[16 years]Many readers have had the pleasure of reading The Fault in Our Stars by the very talented author, John Green. John actually dedicated his bookTO ESTHER EARL and in his acknowledgments stated "Esther Earl, whose life was a gift to me and many."After reading both the dedication and acknowledgement, I was intrigued to find out just who Esther Earl was. It did not take me long to learn that Esther (meaning "Star") was a phenomenal young lady. [...]

    5. So, like most people, I picked up This Star Won't Go Out because "she's the girl who had some influence on The Fault in Our Stars". And the introduction by John Green made me tear up. That's the only reason I gave it two stars.The story was inspirational, sure, but I just wasn't entirely "wowed" by her story. The way I see it, if you're getting a book, you have to have something worth reading about, and I found myself skipping segments because I just didn't really /care/. It was quite cool how e [...]

    6. 2/5Time for me to be a douche about the "girl with cancer book." I'm not actually, but some will think so from my opinion.The thing is, this book isn't quite what I expected, and something wasn't sitting right with me about the book as a symbol. Halfway through I formed my opinion as to why. I'll explain.This states most of my case:/review/showThe gripes of the above reviewer mirror most of my concerns but there's more to it than that. I have another beef with the publisher, DUTTON, an imprint o [...]

    7. I just know that this book will be beautiful, exceptional, and of course, awesome!It's sad to mention that I didn't actually know Esther when she was alive. I discovered all the Nerdfighter awesomeness when I read The Fault in Our Stars in September of 2012. It has been an amazing experience to be a nerdfighter!Like I said, I didn't actually know her but when I read about her and saw some of her uploaded videos, I couldn't help but feel the immense loss that everyone who knew her felt when she d [...]

    8. I know it’s cliché to say this, but I truly have never been more thrilled to receive a book in the mail. Esther is up there with J. K. Rowling and Evanna Lynch on my list of supreme role models. I’ve never spoken to Esther, but the way her friends, family, and even those like me speak about her is inspiring. She passed away from thyroid cancer when she was my age, sixteen. In those sixteen years, she left a legacy of a loving, caring, and empathetic person. In the words of her friend Teryn, [...]

    9. Iwow. Okay, this is going to be difficult.I mean I'm sure no one is going to see this anyway, because who honestly reads Review #3469, but I'm going to do this anyway.The thing is, for a very brief time, I was the cancer girl. I was the one with a scarf instead of hair, I was the one with a skinny, chemo-ravaged body, I was the one who was bedridden. And as I start to tell my own story on paper, I gradually start to reach out for other people. People who understand what it feels like to be dying [...]

    10. ¿Sabéis qué sensación es esa que se tiene cuando lees una historia terriblemente dura y cruel?Así me he sentido durante todo el tiempo en el que he estado leyendo Una estrella que no se apaga, me sentía rota y no he parado de llorar.Y me he sentido aún peor sabiendo que la historia que cuenta esta novela es real. REAL. Una historia de una niña a la que diagnostican cáncer y pasa en cuestión de meses de estar en el 99% de niñas que sobreviven al 1% que no lo hace.Puedo entender que est [...]

    11. So. So.How do I review this?So, first off, this is really an Important Book. I mean it. It has a lot to say on the nature of life and death, humanity and sickness, and is really, really, real. I think you should definitely read it. But, in terms of literary merit? I was disappointed. It wasn't really the heartbreaking prose I was expecting. It reads like a 400-page eulogy; in memory of a beautiful girl, yes, but not exceptional on its own. Esther-the-person is who lends life to the narrative, ra [...]

    12. I have been a Nerdfighter since almost the beginning (mid-2007), and so it makes sense that I would read this book that John Green has mentioned multiple times and for which he wrote the introduction. But I would not have finished it if it weren't a book club read, and even then I almost abandoned it.This is not so much a "book" as it is a giant collection of everything related to Esther Earl -- her diary entries, her family's CaringBridge updates, transcripts of some of her videos, reflections [...]

    13. This really was a beautiful book. Esther Earl is so real and talented in her entries, letting the reader see what she is really going through. Of course she isn't perfect, but that's the great thing. No one in this book said that Esther was infallible, just a good person.

    14. Well, that was not a rollar coaster that only went up, my friend. That was a very traumatic reading experience. It sucks to review a memoir becausewhat do you say?! This is a REAL book about a REAL person's life. This book inspired The Fault in Our Stars (which is absolutely my favourite book of ever, and obviously that's why I wanted to read this one). So if you're a fan of TFIOSyou probably want to read this. There's this one list Esther makes which is "qualities of a good nurse" and I recogni [...]

    15. Dear Esther,I do not know you, and you certainly don't know me. I mean, I was born four years later than you were and during all our lives, we've been separated by miles and miles, even by borders. I wasn't part of Nerdfighteria when you were and I don't even know if I had a Facebook account when you were still alive, let alone a Youtube account. However, your story touched me so, so, so much. Life is unfair, we all know it. Some of us, like me, have been blessed enough to have a relatively easy [...]

    16. My sister died when I was a sophomore in high school. She was only a few years older than me and her battle with cancer took up much of her young life. Her loss left a hole in the hearts of my brothers and sisters that we still feel to this day. She was the bravest person I know and I truly believe that every ounce of bravery and compassion I have in my body I learned from her. I miss her terribly. I was afraid to read this book. I read the introduction by John Green and started crying. 30 years [...]

    17. Uffff no sé ni por donde empezar. Ah! sí, empezaré diciendo que tengo el alma de piedra porque este libro no me movió ni un cabello.Claramente todos sabemos de qué va, pero yo no estaba preparada para él, toda la lectura en vez de conmoverme simplemente me sentí morbosa y entrometida. Contaba las palabras para que acabara pronto.Lamento decir que la única parte que realmente me dolió fue ver la resignación de la familia al despedir a Esther en su último día, de resto este libro fue t [...]

    18. I don't think any words will do justice for how powerful, emotional and important this book is. I might do a review once I calm down.

    19. Keşke bitmeseydiKeşke Esther'la vedalaşmak zorunda kalmasaydım.Tek söyleyebileceğim, Esther'la tanışamadığım için çok şanssızım ama bu kitap sayesinde 'tanıyabildiğim' için şanslıyım.This star won't go out.

    20. Prepare to shed some tears with this one. The story of Esther Grace Earl's too-short life is beautifully contained with these pages. There are journal entries, transcripts of some internet conversations, commentary from her parents and friends, drawings. What struck me as a reader is that Esther sounds like just an ordinary girl, musing about the things teenage girls think about coupled with some very deep thoughts about life or the loss of her life and what she has and possibly will miss out on [...]

    21. I have to admit that I'm biased, but I thought this book was fantastic. I wish so badly that I still had the option of talking to Esther whenever I wanted, but at least I can read her beautiful words at any time.

    22. John Green schreef The Fault In Our Stars door Esther Grace Earl. Esther (Perzisch voor ''Star'') kreeg op haar twaalfde kanker. Ondanks haar ziekte, bleef ze positief en was ze een vrolijk en creatief meisje. Ze wilde later schrijfster worden, besteedde veel tijd aan bloggen en schrijven en hield ontzettend veel van haar familie en vrienden. In 2010 stierf ze op zestienjarige leeftijd. Hoewel ze niet meer leeft, leeft haar verhaal voort in de harten van duizenden mensen.Dit boek zag ik in de bo [...]

    23. 4.5Este libro me ha hecho llorar, pensar que es una historia real me parte el corazón.Hablemos un poco sobre Esther… a la edad que ella tenía era MUY madura, muy optimista e inteligente. Por no agregar que era talentosa (al momento de escribir y dibujar)Siempre trataba de sacar lo mejor de cada persona, y ayudarlos a aceptar sus defectos, corregir sus errores y sentirse mejor fuera cual fuese la situación.Con lágrimas en los ojos, con un nudo en la garganta y el corazón en un puño puedo [...]

    24. "Y me gustaría que hubiese leído Bajo la Misma Estrella. Me asombra que el libro haya tenido tantos lectores, pero nunca llegará a manos de la persona que más deseo que lo lea". RIGHT. IN. THE. FEELS. Yo es que ni siquiera puedo superar el hecho de que la historia de una persona que no conoces y que nunca conocerás te llegue tanto. Sus palabras en el diario, las cartas que escribe a sus padres, todo. Este libro está diseñado para patear una y otra vez tu corazón, para aplastar todos y ca [...]

    25. I feel for Esther, honestly. It sucks to have cancer and the sky is blue. But full disclosure: my heart cried more listening to Taylor Swift's Ronan than it did reading The Fault in Our Stars. I heard more packets of tissues opening and sniffles midway through How To Train your Dragon 2 than The Fault in Our Stars movie. I highly doubt this book will change my opinion.

    26. I rarely take the time to review books, mostly because I don't tend to have super interesting things to say, but this is different. I had the pleasure of meeting Esther via Skype at Infinitus 2010 and it is something that I will never forget. Cancer is a tough subject for me, as my dad passed away from cancer in April 2010. Meeting Esther just a couple of months later was both hard and touching but I was immensely impressed with how well she dealt with her illness. A year after Esther passed awa [...]

    27. Just a note: I won this in a Giveaway. Thanks Penguin! "But even in her final days, Esther was wholly alive, as alive as anyone else, and so even though everyone who loved her understood she was dying, her death was still a terrible shock to me. She did not leave slowly, but all at once, because even when she could not get out of bed, she found ways to be fully alive: to play with her friends, to crack jokes, to love and to be loved. And then she was gone, all at once." -John Green's introYeah, [...]

    28. 4.5 stars.Does having terminal illness somehow makes people stronger? I wonder a lot about this throughout the book. Having both my parents suffered cancer (specifically my mother who had the same trouble breathing without oxygen nasal cannula like Esther) and having so many friends in net world, I can relate to this book so much. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why I wanted to read this book, to remember my parents, to remember their suffering, so that I still remember to honor and respect th [...]

    29. "But reading the unedited diary entries of a teenager, even a teenager with cancer, makes me want to go burn all my old diaries." — from a review by someone on named Jessica. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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