Cary Grant: A Biography

Cary Grant A Biography Rigorously researched and elegantly written Cary Grant A Biography is a complete nuanced portrait of the greatest star in cinema history Exploring Grant s troubled childhood ambiguous sexuality an

  • Title: Cary Grant: A Biography
  • Author: Marc Eliot
  • ISBN: 9780307209832
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rigorously researched and elegantly written, Cary Grant A Biography is a complete, nuanced portrait of the greatest star in cinema history Exploring Grant s troubled childhood, ambiguous sexuality, and lifelong insecurities, as well as the magical amalgam of characteristics that allowed him to remain Hollywood s favorite romantic lead for than thirty five years, CarRigorously researched and elegantly written, Cary Grant A Biography is a complete, nuanced portrait of the greatest star in cinema history Exploring Grant s troubled childhood, ambiguous sexuality, and lifelong insecurities, as well as the magical amalgam of characteristics that allowed him to remain Hollywood s favorite romantic lead for than thirty five years, Cary Grant is the definitive examination of every aspect of Grant s professional and private life and the first biography to reveal the real man behind the movie star.

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    1. As a long-time Cary Grant fan, I am perhaps biased to enjoy anything related to the actor. This being said, I approached Marc Eliot's biography with great excitement and hope--and was left with my feelings drastically dashed to bits upon the floor.Eliot's biography of Grant is very narrow-minded, gossipy, and tediously obsessed with the details of Grant's supposed bisexuality. Although the actor's sexual orientation is of little interest to a fan of the movie star and Hollywood legends in genera [...]

    2. Marvelous Book on Marvelous ActorAn in-depth look at this great actor. Eliot examines Grant (Archie Leach) from his early years right thru to his death in Iowa while touring at the age of 82.Grant started in vaudeville in Bristol, England and his company came to the U.S. to perform on Broadway in the early '20's. After that, Grant essentially made the rest of his career in the U.S. (Hollywood).Eliot discusses Grant's relationship with other men, like Randolph Scott with whom he lived with for ma [...]

    3. Biographers have to be many things; first and foremost is, of course, a writer, but also a journalist, a storyteller, a scientist. They must wade through all the primary and secondary sources - testing for veracity and reliability, questioning motivations, determining relevance. A great many "facts" accumulate about an individual within their lifetime - a biographer must determine which facts add up to the truth. The biographer must then take these two-dimensional accounts and photographs, dusty [...]

    4. For some reason, I have been on a Cary Grant bio binge. It must have been that dratted NORTH BY NORTHWEST movie, which I saw on the big screen this year, along with a sold-out crowd. Or perhaps it was BRINGING UP BABY. seen on the big screen and with an SRO crowd. Grant appears to be the only movie star, past or present, who can actually fill a movie theatre on his name alone. Even though he's been dead for 26 years. Now that's star power.This bio was actually better than I anticipated. It's the [...]

    5. I can't remember which was the first movie I watched that starred Cary Grant, but I feel like I have always loved him. He was one of those lucky actors who became more attractive as he aged. But throughout his personal life, he openly struggled against his own persona of "Cary Grant." He wanted to freely make his own choices, one of which being his desire to live with a man in a partnership that resembled marriage, but it seems like halfway through his life, he switched from "man" into "star." H [...]

    6. When I made the decision to look into some biographies of Cary Grant, an actor I've loved for a couple of years, this was the first biography to come up and without a second thought I made up my mind to read it. Some of you are probably wondering if I liked the actor so much, then why would I rate one of his biographies so low. Well, that all has to do with the author of this biography, Marc Eliot, a man who I think should never be allowed to pass any more of his books off as nonfiction consider [...]

    7. This is a tabloid-style look at Cary Grant's life and career. Parts of it are interesting, but those parts cover the more gossipy details of Grant's life--much of which is conjecture rather than fact.Otherwise, the book is more a review of his movies than a biography, and the "Grant on the Couch"-style psychological comparisons between his life and screen persona are often annoying and don't really say much about the actor.The book moves slow and is only truly interesting during the (brief) chap [...]

    8. i would recommend this only to someone like me who'd be fascinated to learn all that you can about cary grant. that said, the author's style is not the best -- he interrupts himself mid-thought and seems more concerned with gossip than fact. i enjoyed it for the movie anecdotes and the insight it provided into the man that became cary grant.

    9. Good read if you are a fan of old Hollywood. Grant was always one of my favorites, along with Katharine Hepburn. It was interesting to learn about his life and go behind the scenes of his movies.

    10. The best thing about this book is the cover. The problem is the author's approach to the book and the subject. It is confused and confusing. The areas that I had the biggest problems with are Grant's sexuality, Grant's pursuit for an Oscar, and his role as a "spy."Grant's sexuality has been the subject of much ink and unless there are love letters or diaries out there, I am not sure the subject will ever be settled. He appears to have shared a house and a friendship with Randolph Scott and despi [...]

    11. So I am not sure what exactly I got from listening to this. Grant seemed much bigger than this biographer painted him to be. He was a star. He was a talent. He deserved a competitive Oscar. Grant seemed to somehow elude happiness despite his success for most of his life. Despite this, he made wonderful films that people will be watching for years and years. This book was gossipy. This writer wanted to make sure we understood that Grant was homo/bi-sexual. I say, who cares? Finally, this writer u [...]

    12. This was a thorough and pleasant book, focused on the movies and movie people in the life of Cary Grant. From his early acrobat days in England to his rise in Hollywood, issues with the FBI during the black list period, and his various relationships with both men and women - this is a fascinating story for the movie buff.

    13. Obvious that the author is more obsessed with the post-golden age of Hollywood than with the subject and truth of the biography.

    14. Enjoyable BiographyI love Cary Grant. This is a fun read, gossipy but not unfriendly. Not many photos in the Kindle version. It was first published in 2004.

    15. Cary Grant: A Biography tells the story of how young Archie Leach from Bristol, England grew up to become one of the most successful film actors of the Twentieth Century. Eliot’s book attempts to show how Cary Grant’s lonely early years formed the basis for the film persona which charmed a nation in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Born in 1904 to parents who had already lost one son, Archie Leach was the center of his mother’s life. Her subsequent “death” when he was still a child and G [...]

    16. Cary Grant was a true icon, a Hollywood Superstar, and a huge box office draw, starring in some of the 20th century's most loved films. He deserves a better biography than this.On the plus side - there is lots of information about Grant's films (including some spoilers, so read with caution if there are some you haven't seen yet and are planning to watch). In fact if this book had been exclusively about the making of his movies, it would have been a brilliant read. However, on the negative side [...]

    17. Biographies/autobiographies are easily my favourite my favourite genre of book; I find stories so much more fascinating when they are true. To know that what is encased between the covers (bar a few inevitable uses of poetic licence!) actually happened really thrills me, whatever the outcome of the tale. As you can imagine, the story of a legend such as Cary Grant makes for pretty gripping reading. Eliot has written a brilliantly researched and wonderfully written account of Grant’s life, from [...]

    18. I liked this book my 3rd bio of Grant, I'm a fan Elliot has researched his life meticulously and showed his development and a rather smart, clever man. Grant was a fast study and kept his mystique on tact. Grants sexual orientation is still unimportant in my opinion. This book gets into the weeds of his early life and career, maybe too much, but it does lay the foundation for his later life. I learned things I didn't know, ie, his becoming a citizen and events of that era.It took time but I ende [...]

    19. During a four-decade career filled with outstanding performances (The Awful Truth; The Philadelphia Story; Notorious; North by Northwest; Charade), Grant's greatest creation was the illusion that the suave Cary Grant really existed offscreen. Born Archibald Leach in Bristol, England, in 1904, he was traumatized at 10 when told of his mother's death. Eighteen years later, he learned she was alive (his father had committed her to an asylum). Grant nonetheless succeeded in Hollywood. After making 2 [...]

    20. If you've ever doubted that reality isn't "fixed" but is whatever we want it to be, then try reading several biographies and memories of ex-spouses of a well-known star like Cary Grant (as I have). It's fascinating to see what different perceptions people can have of the same man. After reading three books about Cary Grant thus far, including this one, I'm still no closer to understanding the relationship (platonic "bromance," lover, what?) between Grant and Randolph Scott. How much of the "love [...]

    21. This was an interesting book on (another!) one of my favorite actors from an era gone by.I enjoyed the stories that were told about Cary Grant's childhood (when he was Archie Leach), and how he transformed into the icon that he is today.What I did not enjoy, however, were some of the more gossip-driven stories that were woven into the entire book. The accusations of homosexuality, especially where Randolph Scott was concerned was the biggest and most offensive. I actually watched a documentary o [...]

    22. Okay, confession time. When I was but a wee thing I used to steal my eldest sister's movie mags (Photoplay, Modern Screen, etc.) and read them as if they were soft-core porn (i.e. stealthily, shamefully, gleefully). I was then utterly fascinated by all things movie- or Hollywood-related. Well, some of my penchant for such guilty pleasures still lingers and periodically I dip into a Hollywood tell-all or two. That's where this one came from. On the whole, it's pretty good (I'd have given it 3.5 s [...]

    23. After reading Dyan Cannon's book, Dear Cary, I found Marc Eliot's biography both interesting and, well, a little boring. He went into excruciating detail about every topic, for example, not just a movie Cary was in but how it came to be produced, gossip about Cary and the other stars, how it was distributed and oftentimes how much it grossed. That information on about 35 films became slog I felt I had to wade through. However, that said, a lot of what I learned about Cary's life before Dyan Cann [...]

    24. This biography was not what i expected. i expected more anecdotes and a more personal view of Grant from his friends and colleagues. Instead, it was a very dry telling of Grant's life. i felt as though i were reading a list of how much money it took to make Grant's films, how much he received for each one and how much they eventually earned. To me, that is just boring. The author's choice not interview people who had known Grant, because they might color their recollections of him, was not a goo [...]

    25. So apparently Cary Grant was: fiercely private, litigious, cheap, probably homosexual, definitely bisexual, controlling, and loved LSD. I did learn some things I didn't know; the book was clearly well-researched. But there are some problems with time; most of the book focuses on Grant's early years, but skims over the twenty years from his retirement from films to his death, and his marriage to Betsy Drake, which lasted 13 years, seems very brief when covered here. And it suffers from a scant am [...]

    26. Zbožňujem filmy z doby tzv. zlatého Hollywoodu. Cary Granty vždy patril k mojim naj mužským favoritom. Táto kniha mi dosť zničila ilúzie o síce talentovanom ale arogantnom a značne psychicky nevyrovnanom chlapovi. Je mi jedno, že bol zrejme gay (v tej dobe to určite nebolo jednoduché), ale ani to mu nedávalo právo chovať sa ku svojim manželkám ako hovädo. Ale životopisy týchto hercov väčšinou nečítam kvôli informáciám z ich osobných životov. Vždy ma viac zaujím [...]

    27. This is a perfect example of why I prefer autobiographies - Marc Eliot writes fair enough but tends to lace "tabloid gossip" and snide remarks all throughout this book, which I find a huge turn-off. I wanted to learn about Cary Grant, not what the author thinks of him. I wanted to read a bio that Grant himself would have approved of.That being said, I learned so much about Cary Grant here - some good, some not so much. His amazing career was always overshadowed by the lack of "Academy" support i [...]

    28. Giving this four because it's a biography of a pretty private person who didn't speak very openly to the press about anything; that isn't the biographer's fault obviously but also doesn't make for a clear picture of Cary Grant. That said, I definitely cried in the last chapter and whenever a mention was given of his tender heart and wish to be accepted and loved by people. He sounds like a monstrous husband, but I really enjoyed reading about his relationship with his daughter, with friends, and [...]

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