Blue Gemini: A Thriller

Blue Gemini A Thriller Scott Ourecky wanted to fly he never dreamed he d end up in a secret military space program The year is The Cold War is far from over nuclear annihilation is always only a heartbeat away America

  • Title: Blue Gemini: A Thriller
  • Author: Mike Jenne
  • ISBN: 9781631580475
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Scott Ourecky wanted to fly he never dreamed he d end up in a secret military space program.The year is 1968 The Cold War is far from over, nuclear annihilation is always only a heartbeat away America is racing the Soviet Union to land men on the Moon, a war is raging, and a pivotal presidential election looms on the horizon A child of the early space age, Lieutenant ScScott Ourecky wanted to fly he never dreamed he d end up in a secret military space program.The year is 1968 The Cold War is far from over, nuclear annihilation is always only a heartbeat away America is racing the Soviet Union to land men on the Moon, a war is raging, and a pivotal presidential election looms on the horizon A child of the early space age, Lieutenant Scott Ourecky joined the Air Force with aspirations of going to flight school A brilliant engineer, he repeatedly fails the aptitude test to become a pilot but is selected to work on a highly classified military space program the innocuously named Aerospace Support Project in which Air Force astronauts are slated to fly missions to intercept and destroy suspect Soviet satellites When one of the astronauts in training abruptly falls out of the project, Ourecky is asked to fill in for the two man simulated missions and survival training only, serving with a headstrong and abrasive test pilot, Major Drew Carson, until another astronaut can be assigned By far the most proficient pilot assigned to the project, Carson has a dangerous propensity to engage in pick up dog fighting sessions while on cross country training flights And although Ourecky was only a temporary place holder, not destined to fly in space, he soon finds himself much involved than he ever anticipated and in deepest peril.Based on a real secret space program, Blue Gemini combines high altitude action with edge of your seat storytelling to create a modern Cold War thriller.

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    1. I recently received an advanced copy of Blue Gemini, after reading the first chapter, the various other books I was reading became irrelevant. Blue Gemini is captivating and all-consuming due to its intriguing multidimensional subject matter. The race for space exploration at the dawn of the Vietnam war, the industrial military complex, the achievements and sacrifices made in the quest for supremacy in spaceflight. The author states that "the vast majority of this story is a result of the author [...]

    2. Once in a while a book comes along that has multiple levels that have great appeal, yet each level can stand alone on its own merit. Mike Jenne’s Blue Gemini is such a book. On the surface, it is simply a well written, authentically detailed techno thriller set in a time when that term had not yet been used. On a deeper level, it examines the motivations and emotional price paid by the men and women who brought America through a trying and rapidly evolving time. For Generation X and Millennial [...]

    3. Blue Gemini is a fast, easy read. I was looking for a good read following another space fiction book and this one came through strong. As I started reading, I realized that Mike Jenne took everything I enjoy reading about and put it all into one book. Its part spy novel, part science book, part cold war history, part military life and part spaceflight manual all rolled into one, with a splash of teamwork training, geography, and life in general thrown in.By now, if you’re reading this, you alr [...]

    4. I've said it elsewhere, and I'll say it here: "Take Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton and Clive Cussler launch them into orbit, and you have Mike Jenne!"For the space enthusiast, spy-thriller buff and action aficionado, Mr. Jenne's Blue Gemini has it all: exciting scenarios, technical expertise, and characters that are easy to relate to, Blue Gemini will have you suspended in the zero-g euphoria of that all-too-rare commodity: a great story that you can't put down!

    5. This book tells the story of the top secret Blue Gemini program, the US Air Force's program to fly their own military space missions for intercept and surveillance in the late 60s and early 70s. The story is told from the point of view of a young engineer working on the program who ultimately flies a successful mission.I found the story very interesting and the wealth of detail of the secret program fascinating - just the thing for a space enthusiast like myself. The novel is a thriller and prob [...]

    6. I set aside everything else I was reading and went straight through this book. I liked the characters and the adventure, and I was impressed by the level of research. Fast, fun fiction. Recent world events made the setting and scenario more relevant than I would have expected. I am planning to continue with the series.

    7. Blue Gemini, by Mike Jenne The novel closely follows the American-Soviet rivalry during the Cold War period, focusing on the competing space programs and the suspense of the “space race.” The US space program was a response to Khrushchev’s competitive boasts and taunts, when Americans perceived they had fallen behind. Blue Gemini skillfully captures the widespread American sense of alarm at the time, and vulnerability due to the successful Russian “UR-500” launched in 1965 with an orbi [...]

    8. Meet Scott Ourecky. Scott is an officer in the US Air Force. Scott is an engineer who can do orbital calculations in his head, but is unable to get into flight training to become a pilot. In 1967, Scott is assigned to 'Blue Gemini', a secret program in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in which the Air Force will use surplus Gemini spacecraft to send two men into space to kill enemy satellites.Scott Ourecky says "Okay". In the program, Scott meets a fighter pilot who bullies him, physically abuse [...]

    9. I got my copy of Blue Gemini a couple of weeks ago and read it over 3-1/2 days. As a child of the 60's I grew up following the US Manned Space Program (and still do to this day) and knew of the short existence of the Blue Gemini Program decades after it was cancelled along with the MOL (Manned Orbiting Laboratory) program. As soon as I started reading Mike Jenne's book I was hooked. This is not a book for the casual or "lazy" reader. There is enough technical detail in the book where I felt I ha [...]

    10. Mike Jenne's "Blue Gemini" is a terrific techno-thriller that combines a cold war adventure of Tom Clancy and the space flight accuracy exceeding Martin Caidin's "Marooned". Set in the late 1960's, Jenne builds a credible and exciting world around an Air Force variant of NASA's Gemini (aka "Blue Gemini"). He brings us into this world through the eyes of Scott Ourecky, a young Air Force engineer, initially denied pilot training, but increasingly contributes to (and is consumed by) this "black" Ai [...]

    11. [No Spoilers]Mike Jenne has written a great novel. Characterized in various places as either 'TechnoThriller' or 'Historical Fiction', It tells the story of the early days of Space Exploration, and the Air Force side of the house 're-imaging' the defunct Gemini space vehicle as a space-capable two man crew Interceptor. Mr. Jenne has done his research about the times, mixing fashion, cars, music and Mores of that era to build a Truly believable military program buried in the background of civilia [...]

    12. The best novel I have read in years! Mike Jenne is truly a gifted and talented author. This novel is historical fiction with extreme realism! It makes you feel like you are in the Gemini Interceptor space capsule with the astronauts! In recent years, I have been disheartened by all the "trash" science fiction novels on the market that have no basis in reality. Blue Gemini is different, it is all based on real science and the author has done painstaking research to make it authentic. Although it [...]

    13. This is the first in a series of three, perhaps four books (the author isn’t certain yet) set in the early days of space exploration in the Gemini and early Apollo era. It would be very easy, when creating a book which involves such technical subjects, to fill the work with data and in depth detail which could leave the average reader lost. However, although the book introduces obviously extensively researched technical details and procedures, they are entirely relevant to the story and rather [...]

    14. How could I resist this? A thriller about a secret militarised Gemini programme – that’s right up my street. True, it was published by an independent publisher, and it’s not being sold as genre fiction… but I thought it worth a go. And, unsurprisingly, the book’s prose has all the style and grace of, well, a technothriller. The topic is indeed something that interests me – a Soviet plan to orbit nuclear warheads persuades the US to develop a secret USAF programme of satellite killer [...]

    15. What a fantastic piece of historical fiction. Set during the moon race, Blue Gemini describes a secret military program to identify and shoot down Russian satellites. The realism and detail Jenne puts into this book makes you feel like this could've happened. Where most thrillers concentrate on plot and plot only, the character development in Blue Gemini is solid, at least on this side of the Cold War. I could've used more story dedicated to the Russian counterparts but given the fact that this [...]

    16. I read this book in two days. Would have finished it in one but the lights gave out. I was reading old school as the book Blue Gemini was $14 for Kindle and $18 for hardback book. Hardback won. That is the way this story should be read as it really takes you back to the late 1960's at a time when the world was a troubled place. You follow a number characters as they build their military careers in two different countries, the USSR, and the USA. You learn about two guys, unlikely friends to be su [...]

    17. Blue Gemini is rightly labeled “A Thriller.” The author creates a compelling “What If” story set during a critical period of the Space Race between the US and USSR -- what if the USAF’s planned manned military space program hadn’t been cancelled but had gone forward as a black program? As both nations rushed more and more resources into taking the high ground – recon sats, spy sats, manned capsules and early space stations, and possibly deadly weapons, the author assembles an “Od [...]

    18. As a retired Air Force missile launch officer and space system operator, I can give a testimonial that this is probably the most technically accurate space related “historical fictions” I’ve read! The simulation activities of the crew members and actual operations procedures are spot on, and provide a realistic backdrop to some little known space projects that actually occurred, as Top Secret projects (now, declassified) during the Cold War. Having said that, if you have never been directl [...]

    19. Blue Gemini is an alternate history tale of a clandestine USAF manned space program, that could really have taken place. Being a bit of a sceptic and space cadet, my initial expectations were not high - a novel about a subject I have a long standing interest in, written by an unknown (to me) author. I've been disappointed before, in similar situations.To be frank, I expected to be scoffing at the technical detail, but instead found myself to be very impressed with the attention to detail and the [...]

    20. To say I enjoyed this book would be the understatement of the year. This book hit on so many of my areas of interest that it is uncanny. If you like a tense story with plausible characters that come to life and grow through the course of the story, then this is for you. If you are interested in the international tensions of the cold war, or the immense pressures and technical difficulties of the space program, then this book is for you.I was very reluctant to put this book down once I started it [...]

    21. This story was set in the late 1960s and ended just after Apollo 9, although it was a side story of the Air Force's experiments with intercepting enemy satellites with manned launches of Titan missiles. The two main characters, Drew Carson and Scott Ourecky, went through amazing training to prepare for the possibility of going into orbit. The side story of the Russian secret space program was mostly distracting and I learned to skim it quickly. It never did play into the story of Drew and Scott. [...]

    22. Great book, especially if you are old enough to recall the Gemini program and how it helped us learn the things we needed to know to get to the moon and back. The book has an ever changing plot line. one of the astronauts had tried over and over to be a military pilot and was turned down. Through a twist he ends up being an astronaut on what would be the Air Forces deep secret projects. There are drawings of how the secret project would have worked that are real enough looking, that you could la [...]

    23. This was another of those books that I loose sleep over because I could not stop reading it! I would call this an Alternate History type book, that shows a space program that did not happen in our universe (or maybe it did and we don't know it!) It has the best feature of all great Alternate History books, characters that are so realistic, you believe in them and using real locations. The author, obviously knows a lot about military life, or found some great consultants, and his research into th [...]

    24. I am a techno-geek, and always admired Tom Clancy's ability to spin a heel of a good yarn intermixed with real science and military goings-on. Here is Tom's inheritor of those abilities set against the most exciting time of space exploration and daring-do. A wonder story, real characters, mixed with true world (and secret space program) events. what a thrilling ride.Someone who read this (and the sequel as I have) said they thought the book was "really thick." Well, yes, just like Clancy, when y [...]

    25. I recently had the pleasure of reading Blue Gemini on Kindle.  Generally I am a fan of non-fiction,  but Mike Jenne's fictional account of the Air Force's Blue Gemini program from the 60's could so easily pass for a biography that it was a great read for me anyway. The chapters have very descriptive passages about the modified Gemini spacecraft and the proposed missions, but even more interestingly,  Jenne painstakingly described the arduous training that the crews had to endure to prepare fo [...]

    26. Blue Gemini is historical fiction that reads like a science fiction thriller. The author has drawn from his knowledge in the military to write a novel based on a cold war project that was proposed but never carried out. The project involved sending manned space vehicles of the Gemini type into space. The goal was to have astronauts incapacitate Soviet satellites. Jenne brings to life the psyche of the U.S. government and the military during this time period. His characters are well drawn and int [...]

    27. I liked this book, but I have a problem with any book that does not stand on its own. I understand and enjoy books that are part of a series. However, in this book, the author introduces three major threads: the mission, the emergency support group and the enemy. Only one of them is addressed to any satisfaction. The others are just setting up for another book. It wouldn't be so bad if they were only mentioned, but there are significant portions of the book devoted to these threads that lead now [...]

    28. Received an advance copy of Blue Gemini, and I loved it. The book is about the expansion of the nuclear arms race into space during the Cold War, told from multiple perspectives. The book is historical fiction, but it is so well written and researched that you would think that the people and events are real. The characters are well developed, not through long, boring soliloquys, but rather how they react and respond in different situations. It's a well done book, and I can't wait for the sequel. [...]

    29. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. Excellent story and a thrilling plot that keeps you reading and reading. In fact, I started the book on a Friday afternoon and did not put it down until I finished it late that night.Mike Jenne did a great job capturing the personalities, both good and bad, of astronauts and aerospace engineers. The characters felt real and the story sucks you in from start to finish. This is a must read for fans of historical fiction, manned spaceflight [...]

    30. Just finished Blue Gemini by Mike Jenne last night and I highly recommend it.This is a well researched and written 1960s, Cold War, story focused around Air Force Officer, Scott Ourecky, and a Top Secret U.S. Military program to counter a Soviet space threat. The science of space flight and the military's roll in space is easy to follow through and array of well developed characters. Blue Gemini ends well and appears to set up the second book in this trilogy, Blue Darker than Black, with a solid [...]

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