Fangless In a spooky house deep in the mountains of Transylvania lives Nicu a fangless vampire Yes that s right fangless Teased by his friends taunted by his big brother and almost disowned by his parents

  • Title: Fangless
  • Author: Elias Zapple Reimarie Cabalu
  • ISBN: 9781500338190
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a spooky house deep in the mountains of Transylvania lives Nicu, a fangless vampire Yes, that s right, fangless Teased by his friends, taunted by his big brother and almost disowned by his parents, Nicu will do anything he can to get his fangs and beat the bullies.

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      312 Elias Zapple Reimarie Cabalu
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    About "Elias Zapple Reimarie Cabalu"

    1. Elias Zapple Reimarie Cabalu

      Elias Zapple was not born in 1922, as some would have you believe His date of birth is not really relevant anyway What is relevant is that he arose out of a tulip that was growing in some old granny s garden in Camberwell How he got to be in a tulip is not really clear, nor is it clear how he got out of the tulip and years later wrote the smash hit musical, Love be a Stranger , which was an international flop.After that success, he went on to work as a 19th century Victorian chimney sweep where he was then inspired to write the acclaimed series of books entitled Duke Michel It is believed the fumes from the chimneys did so much damage to Elias that it was a miracle he ever ate a cupcake again Later, he time travelled back to the present and went on a series of trips to many foreign and distant lands During these travels, Elias met and spoke to many interesting people, choosing to ignore all of them He did, however, learn a couple of things 1 The earth is flat and 2 You should never eat a banana when it s not ripe.Many questions are often asked by his adoring public Are you human How many chimpanzees can fit inside a fridge What is that thing growing on the side of your head To which Mr Zapple has always smiled, turned away and swum off into the sunset, only once being bitten by an unfriendly shark.Elias Zapple continues to work towards the unification of Korea and writing children s stories that parents will spend huge sums of money on He wishes everybody to know that every penny made from the books will go straight into his bank account, which he will then spend on a lavish, new tent.

    327 thoughts on “Fangless”

    1. I started laughing the moment I read the disclaimer at the beginning of 'Fangless'. I went on laughing throughout the whole book, except for the times when I felt sad for poor Nicu, the tubby little vampire, bullied because he is literally fangless teeth at all. Oh Nicu! How can your family and friends be so mean?Elias Zapple gives us the full details of vampire life, including (terrible for a vegetarian to read) young fangless vampires being fed with bottles of freshly drained blood. EEEK! And [...]

    2. A fun and enjoyable little book for children with an anti-bullying message. Cute illustrations well done and recommended children's read.

    3. Too Cute. I don't normally read children's books since I don't have any young children, but I couldn't pass this one up. There is nothing to offend anyone in this charming tale. It is also well illustrated. Enjoy.

    4. Great story with really fun characters enhanced by brilliant narration (audiobook narrated by Gabrielle Baker). Made me smile throughout.

    5. Children who are being teased for being "different" will enjoy this story about 9-year-old Nicu who's fangs have not grown in yet. Nicu is bullied by everyone including his parents, brother, friends and school mates. He is advised by the Fang Fairy to ignore the bullies for they will lose interest in teasing him if he no longer allows them to see that they've upset him. Read this book with your kids to find out what Nicu does once his fangs grow in. This is a great book to share with children to [...]

    6. Cute and creative chapter book about a nine year old vampire named Nicu. Poor Nicu is ostracized by friends and family in his native Romania because he is fangless. His bloodthirsty parents and brother Adam are all disappointed in him. Fellow vampires bully Nicu in the school playground. Even the most famous vampire dentist, Doctor Hans Smell Singh is unable to help. When all seems lost, Nicu's friends Felix and Florin tell him about The Fang Fairy. Will she be able to help Nicu get his fangs an [...]

    7. I found myself reading this story of Nicu the fangless young vampire and at times pulling for the little guy then at others rooting along with his friends as they picked on him for it. I'm not sure if that's what I should have been doing or if maybe I just channeled a bit of my inner bully. Either way the story was a delight to read and I find myself looking forward to reading more vampire exploits.

    8. This book has within its pages is about a boy who is a vampire who goes through many obstacles because he does not have what other vampires have-- FANGS and he is called names etc we can all relate, what happens at the end is to be read. A book that is good to read

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