The Life Gift (Last Heartbeat Series #2)

The Life Gift Last Heartbeat Series This is a companion novel for Last Heartbeat Please read Last Heartbeat first Kristen believed her parents were truly happy and wanted a marriage like theirs She really didn t know anything about thei

  • Title: The Life Gift (Last Heartbeat Series #2)
  • Author: T.R. Lykins
  • ISBN: 9781502565822
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a companion novel for Last Heartbeat Please read Last Heartbeat first Kristen believed her parents were truly happy and wanted a marriage like theirs She really didn t know anything about their relationship until she was leaving for college That s when they dropped a heartbreaking bombshell on her They only stayed together to make her happy Now, she t This is a companion novel for Last Heartbeat Please read Last Heartbeat first Kristen believed her parents were truly happy and wanted a marriage like theirs She really didn t know anything about their relationship until she was leaving for college That s when they dropped a heartbreaking bombshell on her They only stayed together to make her happy Now, she thinks she is the reason for their unhappiness, can she trust love Does love even last any Her new college roommate, Alexia, changes her mind about love Seeing how fast Alexia falls for her dreamy guy Phillip, and how fast that dreamy guy falls for Alexia, she then realizes that maybe love could happen in her life Now, Kristen has to change her ways and open her heart up for love Can Kristen do that after watching her parents live a lie for so many years Hoping she can find her true love and not get hurt, Kristen thinks she can find him out there somewhere, but where One tragic moment happens to her friend and it makes her realize that life could end in a blink of an eye Kristen makes a life decision that affects her and her friends Can she go through it This gift is the greatest gift she can give to her best friend, Alexia Nine months of her life is a long time to give up for your friend Will this sacrifice be truly appreciated and will Alexia be able to take care of her precious gift

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    1. Last Heartbeat must be read before reading this book. I loved book one and this was the delicious icing on the cake. We met Kristen in book one and now we get a chance to read her story. Usually I'm not keen on novellas added on to a story but this author has changed my mind about that as I loved this story. This is s beautiful and inspirational story about the strength of friendships. We read what best friends can sacrifice for each other. I love Kristen and Alexia. Such great characters. Let's [...]

    2. Oh. My. Goodness! This book is SO good! I just love these characters---especially the men that Lykins writes about! They LOVE their women! They LOVE their women! Did I mention that they LOVE their women? Plus Lykins shows what true friends do for one another. This book is thought provoking and makes you want to be a better friend and person!Keep up the great work! I want MORE!

    3. I love writing this story which is a companion novel to Last Heartbeat. I only planned for Last Heartbeat to be a stand alone novel but Kristen's character wouldn't let me be finished with her. This is bittersweet because these two stories are now complete. I love the way this book ended up and I hope all my readers will feel the same. This story is about Kristen and why she did what she did in Last Heartbeat. I believe Kristen is a strong woman to put herself through what she did. Time to say b [...]

    4. After gritting my teeth with her character in Last Heartbeat, I found this story to triumph any conceptions I had formed of her. The Life Gift was inspirational from the first page to the last. You'll love the events and the reasoning behind Kristen's choices. An absolute joy to read. Have some tissue in close proximity.

    5. Another great read from T. R. Lykins!! She's got a real grasp on the human element in stories that can either make you live them along with you, or close the book because they are too raw. She's definitely a new author on the horizon to look out for!! Bravo on another great read!

    6. ALERT DO NOT READ THIS UNTIL YOU READ LAST HEART BEAT FIRST--THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES!!The Life Gift is the book that follows right after Last Heartbeat. This book was really good, and there was a message in the book, a very powerful one and as you read it, it will come to you! Kristen is Alexia's roommate in college. She and Alexia establish a strong friendship right from the beginning. This is a friendship Kristen definitely needs, as when she is coming to college her parents info [...]

    7. Ok, so if you don’t already know, The Life Gift is a Companion Novel to Last Heartbeat. Now that’s out of the way, I start off with a summary of the book and then give my review with my likes and dislikes. Kristen wanted what her parents had, the perfect marriage. That was all until she left for college and they admitted the truth, they only stayed together to keep Kristen happy. So will Kristen be able to love when what she thought was perfect and what she longed for her whole life was all [...]

    8. Friendship, True Love, and SandcastlesThis was a terrific follow-up to the book "Last Heartbeat." It picks up with Alexia's best friend Kristen. She wants to find the love of her life the way Alexia and Phillip did. She and Jason settle down and have a baby girl named Shawna. Kristen notices how much Alexia wants a baby but she can't have one because of her heart transplant and Kristen decides to do something amazing for her friend Alexia. This is a testament of true love and friendship. I love [...]

    9. This audible was given to me for my honest review.This is the companion story to The Last Heartbeat.Kristen can't believe her life. Her best friend has shown her that love may be possible. Now she has a great man who loves her and is working on opening her heart to him. When she does life couldn't be better for them. They marry have a great honeymoon. She has the job she always wanted. Now life has given her another gift she couldn't have possibly imagined. While everything going so well she loo [...]

    10. *Reviewed for HookedonBooksForever*5 stars *hands down best books I have read in ages.*In The Life Gift by TR Lykins we join Alexia's best friend, Kristen on her journey of falling in love giving her best friends the ultimate gift of life. I don't even know how to summarize this amazingly touching story without giving it away. All I can is, after The Last Heartbeat (the first book) The Life Gift is an amazing continuation and closing of this story. Kirsten, Jacob, Phillip, Alexia, and Tyler, all [...]

    11. This was a quick read but so full of emotion. Kristen and Jacob have such a strong love that each never thought they would have. After her parents marriage Kristen didn't believe in a happily ever after. Jacob, once a real player until he found his 'forever' girl, treats her like every woman wants to be treated.with so much love and dedication.Alexia and Phillip are Kristen and Jacobs best friends. It is also through them that they met. Alexia is a heart transplant patient and because of this kn [...]

    12. I was gifted this book for an honest review. This book was so inspirational that it affected me in a different way, then I'm used to. Who hasn't wanted to have the perfect family growing up like Kristen thought she had. When Kristen realize her parents lied to her and they only stayed together until she left had to hurt in so many ways. When her best friends offers her something so special like carrying a baby for her it will tug at your heart in so many ways. I did a happy cry during this book [...]

    13. Kristen and Jacob fell in love and got married. Soon, along came baby. Kristen's best friend, Alexia can't have a baby. Kristen does a lot of research and decides she will give an ultimate gift to her best friend, but first she must convince her husband and her friends.Not having read the first book in the series first, I had no preconceived notions about any of the characters. I thought they were very likable and I felt what they were feeling. I really enjoyed reading this book and now will go [...]

    14. ~~~RECEIVED FOR AN HONEST REVIEW~~~Touching story of how one can live a whole life full of a lie as she watches the two most important people in her life love, just to realize the truth. With the truth destroy everything she wanted in loving someone for herself or will she be able to able to overcome and be shown a whole new belief? T.R. Lykins takes you on a journey of what so many have and still face in today's world.

    15. I listened to this book. I loved it though. It was cute and funny, but serious and inspirational. Kristen is a true inspiration for her courageous gift to her best friend. It took me awhile to get used to the tone of voice and the way it was written, but it was cute. It was like you were literally right in Kristen's head. I loved it. I fully recommend this book!

    16. This is the best story of what a true best friend will do. Kristen has the biggest heart of anyone and is my hero! The sacrifice she did for her best friend is phenomenal. TR writes about true love and how men should treat their women. The men in her book are the greatest, sweetest and perfect men! You won't be able to put this one down!!! Thank you for another great book!!!!

    17. Not everyone has a friend who would make a sacrifice like this and but their own life on hold. An excellant read. I want to read more of her books!

    18. The Life Gift is the second installment in the Last Heartbeat YA/NA clean romance series. Book one was Alexia and Philip's story. This book picks up where the last one finished, but this time it is Kirsten's story. It is told all from Kirsten's perspective and covers a five year period. The life gift continues raising awareness of the ongoing issues that organ transplant recipients face and also raises awareness of miscarriage and surrogacy. Themes such as marriage, divorce and good communicatio [...]

    19. This book is about Kristen, a woman who finds love after her parents painful divorce. The story moves rather quickly to her having a child and then wanting to be a surrogate for her best friend whom is unable to carry a baby. This story was way too rushed to me. I did not get emotionally invested at all, and I am usually a sucker for this type of story. Much of the time it feels as if you are reading Kristen's diary, and not in a good way. The premise is touching but it just doesn't go into enou [...]

    20. This book is the second in a series.I wasn't fond of #1 and less so of this one.It's a way too clean love story.Very shmaltzy and predictable.The narrator,Danielle Passantino, was not able to make voices aside from the main character believable.Kristen is married to Jacob.She gives the gift of a child to her best friend from college who has a donor heart.Her husband has a donor spleen.We learned about this in bk 1.Kristen goes on to have a few more children.They all live near the beachfe is good [...]

    21. I'd give this book 3 1/2 stars. This is a quick read and a sequel to Last Heartbeat. Kristen has found her own happiness with Jacob, but wants to give the gift of a baby to her friends Alexia and Phillip (from the Last Heartbeat). This is an interesting story of surrogacy and motherhood.I found the writing good but stilted during dialogue. The story is written in first person Kristen's POV which was fine, but it was kind of hurried through. And while I didn't mind at all that the sex was not gra [...]

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