Brand New Ancients

Brand New Ancients Winner of the Ted Hughes Prize for innovation in poetry

  • Title: Brand New Ancients
  • Author: Kate Tempest
  • ISBN: 9781632862075
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of the Ted Hughes Prize for innovation in poetry.

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      257 Kate Tempest
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    About "Kate Tempest"

    1. Kate Tempest

      Kate Tempest started out when she was 16, rapping at strangers on night buses and pestering MCs to let her on the mic at raves Ten years later she is a published playwright, novelist, poet and respected recording artist Her work includes Balance, her first album with band Sound of Rum Everything Speaks in its Own Way her first collection of poems, the critically acclaimed plays Wasted, Glasshouse and Hopelessly Devoted Brand New Ancients, her self performed epic poem to a live score, won the Ted Hughes Award 2012 and the Herald Angel at Edinburgh Fringe It has sold out tours in the UK and New York and is published by Picador Her second collection of poetry, Hold Your Own, will be published by Picador on October 2014 Her debut novel, The Bricks That Built The Houses, sold in a highly competitive auction to Bloomsbury and will be published in territories including the UK, US, France, Holland and Brazil in Spring 2015.

    825 thoughts on “Brand New Ancients”

    1. I was drawn to this narrative poem by the cover – Ancient Greeks toting briefcases and smart phones. That’s right down my alley. I understand Ms. Tempest is an accomplished musician as well as a poet, and this short book has a lyrical, musical quality. The preface notes that it is to be read aloud. I can see why. The tone and performance elements remind me of the Beat poetry of the 1950s and 60s. “Winged sandals tearing up the pavement” is a line that one can imagine from Lawrence Ferlin [...]

    2. Kate Tempest has been on my list of poets/playwrights/writers to try for a while now, and I'm not even sure why other than her name sounding vaguely Shakespearean. So I was just not expecting what I found! Kate started her writing as a rapper outside London, and that comes across in word choice, rhythm, and the way the poems scream for performance. Just picture her words in a female version of Ed Sheeran's voice and you're almost there although he's quite a bit milder than she is.This book is lo [...]

    3. This is some seriously shitty poetry wrapped around an ethical problem. I fear the culture industry in this country is about to eat Kate Tempest on toast, because she does a lot of things the country at large sort of wants to do: be edgy in a nondescript post Guy Ritchie kind of way, think about foreign countries only when they can sort of be used by British people, and kind of tamp down any possibility for meaningful change. When the narrator announces that, in this world, "There are no clear-c [...]

    4. This is a wonderful collection of poetry from a brilliant and talented writer. Check her music out as well - she is an original rap singer too. i can definitely see why she got a Hughes prize and was so highly praised at SXSW 2014. Check her out! (Concert in Paris 28-10-16 @ La Gaîté Lyrique)

    5. Kate Tempest is a former rapper and this story poem has a great swing and rhythm to it. The story of all of us, it is also the story of infidelity and the children born from it. Two brothers who don't know they're related. We're all gods-we've just forgotten it. Divinity is in all of us-or maybe we're in it. Tempest sings of the extraordinary contained within the ordinary in language that is sometimes elevated but more often the vernacular used by the characters she has created. But what magic s [...]

    6. Amazing. Almost life changing. No, scratch that. Life Changing.If this is what poetry can be, then poetry is about to come back in a big way.I can not stress enough the fact that this book is to be read aloud, as Tempest invites. Easily read it in one sitting. Probably could read it again. Honest, insightful, heart wrenching, fun, philosophical, angry, inspired, revolutionary, hopeful, ironic, and pragmatic all with an internal rhythm that you can't help but be pulled along into.If you find your [...]

    7. There is much to love in this poem, here are some of it:"In the old daysThe myths were the stories we used to explain ourselves.But how can we explain the way we hate ourselves,the things we've made ourselves into""We are still permanently trapped somewhere between the heroic and the pitiful.We are still godly;that's what makes us monstrous.""We are perfect because of our imperfections.We must stay hopeful;We must stay patient -because when they excavate the modern daythey'll find us: the Brand [...]

    8. I know people have very subjective understandings of what is "good" or "bad" poetry, so I don't want to be stepping on anyone's toes. Honestly, I thought Tempest's Brand New Ancients was more mediocre than anything else. I might have enjoyed this better had I watched a performance of it, but I'm not even sure about that. Pity, I like the idea, but this was just not for me Yeah, let's go with that.

    9. I had heard about this and loved other such Ancient-Modern fusion stuff like some of Gaiman's works or Alice Oswald's Memorial or Atwood's the Penelopiad or Anders Nilsen's Rage of Poseidon, etc.In short, this one doesn't really do a good job of living up to the whole Ancient/Modern mash-up because it really just uses the idea of the gods as a mask. There's no real depth to it. There were gods in ancient times, now we are the gods in modern times. The fact that it didn't deliver on this pretty m [...]

    10. One note up front - while I am sure that the prose is powerful on the page alone, I listened to the audio production. Kate Tempest reading her own work, backed by musicians. Really, really cool, and I would recommend it to everyone.Stumbled into this after discovering Kate Tempest's music (which is also well worth seeking out). I do not generally seek out poetry as a genre but if this is what I have been missing, I need to find more.The poems tell a connected set of stories, intended somewhat as [...]

    11. Tempest has an excellent ear for rhyme and this single long poem has flow and flair. I'll read the next thing she publishes if she's so lucky. But this is an imperfect project. Mostly, in that it does not live up to its premise of finding the godlike in quotidian contemporary life. She's doesn't match the ancient to the new. Beyond that, the through narrative is utterly devoid of originality and reads like a social services manual. Now, we are informed at the beginning that this is poetry meant [...]

    12. Perfect. Shoves itself right in there with the contemporary canon. I read this out loud in its entirety (sitting outside on the porch, lying on a bed, waiting for the potatoes to boil in the kitchen, sitting on the couch after dinner), and parts of the poem made me raise my voice and speed up, unintentionally. An oddly transcendent reading experience.

    13. I cannot imagine reading this and not having some boulder in your soul dislodge from its place in its wall and make you stand up so it can properly fall.Holy shit. I think it is a romantic noncomedy, rapped, in print. I wept because I cared about everybody. And everybody loses/wins.

    14. Kate Tempest has such an amazing rhythm to her writing. I’m always a little iffy with rhyme because I feel like it can often come across as silly, but Tempest does it so well. One of my biggest pet peeves in books is when an author creates an unlikeable character with a certain “negative” view point, personality trait, or driving motivation without explaining or giving any indication to why they choose to say or do the things they do. Kate Tempest created flawed characters and shows you ex [...]

    15. kate tempest has written a sort of epic poem, intertwining the lives of two couples and their kids as they grow up. i was reminded that kate tempest writes songs as well, as the lines had rhyme and sound. quite good and interesting, and easy to read.

    16. I particularly love Tempest's book-length poetic works, I feel like putting on my best Nigel Tufnel voice and shouting about how you can hear the sustain

    17. Very little pages and very little words, yet a beautiful story about two generations. Beautiful and touching. I liked it a little bit less then Let Them Eat Chaos, but it was still amazing. O, and that cover; Ancient Greek characters holding cigarettes and iPods; awesome.

    18. "The stories are there if you listen.The stories are here.The stories are youand your fear and your hope is as oldas the language of smoke,the language of blood,the language of languishing love,the Gods are all here.Because the Gods are in us."This is more a story-poem than a straight poetry collection but the story or stories are all compelling and her prose is beautiful.

    19. This is one long poem by Kate Tempest based on modern gods in general rather than what she did in Hold Your Own, where many poems focused on one figure in specific, Tiresias. I followed her directions this time and read it aloud to myself, which took only an hour and brought out the colors of Tempests' internal rhymes and unexpected rhythms. Tempest's language is musical and even Homeric.As for what she's really saying with her language, the closest thematic analogue I can think of is Neil Gaima [...]

    20. After hearing Kate Tempest read her poetry aloud, reading "Brand New Ancients" as words on a page was disappointing. Having said that, even without her passionate delivery imbuing each word with honesty and heft, there are sublime aspects to this extended composition. While I enjoyed the set-up, the narrative didn't quite deliver on the promise. The Brand New Ancients could not live up to their predecessors. The pedestrian problems of the main cast members failed to live up to the myths invoked. [...]

    21. this poem got a lot of talk. Kate Tempest has a great voice, if you listen to her rap or perform. There's a note in the beginning of this lyric poem, or whatever ya wanna call it, to read it aloud and certainly it might have been better had I actually done thate story the poem tells is moving, i had a very strong reaction to it, and there's something to be said for that, but there wasn't much nuance or real poetic objective. It was a story told in pretty sounding rhythm.worth reading, or hearing [...]

    22. I'm fairly certain Kate Tempest is a genius. I love her music and have been wanting to read some of her poetry for a while. This was written to be performed, and as you read it you can't help but hear it in Kate's voice - where she'd pause and the phrases she would stress. I would love to see her live sometime.If you're not into poetry, but you like a good story, give it a go - I highly recommend it.As a card-carrying booknerd I'm delighted and super-excited to hear that she has a novel coming o [...]

    23. Kate Tempest is one of the most talented new generation poets, her poem Brand New Ancients has a heart-in-your-throat plot, and its perfect rhythm catches you from the very beginning. Although set in London telling the story of two families, Tempest tells the story of all of us, our misery, capacity to love and be merciless monsters, and how we forgot our myths, what connects us to all Gods. A book to be read and re-read.

    24. This poem is at its best in my opinion when it's being deeply personal. Tempest shows great empathy for her 'gods', even the cruel, wicked ones. Parts of this poem were felt a bit too preachy and over the top for my liking but that doesn't in anyway detract from its brilliance. The rhyme scheme and pace was controlled brilliantly and the storyline is excellent. Tempest has a great rhythmic flow throughout and a great ear for rhyme. Really enjoyed it, definitely worth a read!

    25. Kate Tempest remixes ancient mythology with contemporary contexts: "the gods can't stop checking facebook on their phones/the gods are in a traffic jam/the gods are on the train/the gods are watching adverts/the gods are not to blame"Kate Tempest is just cool. A rapper, musician, playwright, and artist, we can expect great things from this bright young Londoner.

    26. Picked this up as a quick read and ended up sobbing and reading it few pages at a time allowing myself time to process and pronounce it all properly. A simple story told in a beautiful and intricate way.

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